lighting help


  1. D


    Im about to change from a coil Uvb light to a tube light for a new 100cm tank. What strength should I purchase and how long should it be? 60-80cm? Any recommendations? For a pygmy beardie 5 months old.
  2. lord of snails

    Frilled dragon help

    thinking about getting a frilled dragon in the next couple of months, just wondering what lights do you guys use, was thinking about a exoterra solar glo 160 watt mercury vapor. as an adult I will be using one of those abasco sheds fowl houses from bunnings to house it, as a hatching to juvenile...
  3. E

    New Darwin python

    Hello! I’m looking to own a Darwin python (I have found my breeder) and I just want to get some suggestions for best substrates and best heat lamp/mat arrangements. I have read up a lot about each subject but I’m just not too sure what to do. I’m not too sure on what light set up to have. I’ve...
  4. K

    A couple questions related to housing (heating and enclosure)

    Background: I currently have a Darwin Carpet Python, that I have kept in a 30x30x15 enclosure, being heated with a heat matt, connected with a thermometer. The snake is a hatchling that I've currently had for about 3 months. Q1: I have another enclosure that is 60x45x45 and is practically set up...
  5. H_dog_hills

    Help for my Stimmy setup

    hey all! I am a first time snake owner, and I have just acquired my little Stimmy yearling. I was just wanting to ask a few questions, as I am starting to doubt if the heating and lighting is the best for him, and it’s causind me to panic a lot! The enclosure I have for him has got two...