litoria citropa


  1. C

    Behind the Scenes at Melbourne Museum

    So today I spent time behind the scenes with Simon Hinkley, Peter Mariot, Patrick, and Wendy (last names unknown) at Melbourne Museums live exiberts and entomolgy departments. I also spent time within the museum befire heading behind the scenes looking at a variety if displays from medical to...
  2. C

    Blue mountains tree frogs

    FINALLY. After months of searching and enclosure prep (mostly searching and other delays)I have obtained a trio of Litoria citropa!!!! I love these guys! Awesome.l littlee dudes! Very active and very colourful (and a very big pain to get a hold of)!!!!!! Ahh so happy! - - - Updated - - -
  3. C

    FROGS! - Anything frog related.

    Anyone elese here love frogs? Been planning on getting some for a while haha haven't kept any for a LONG time (at least 5 years possibly 6). I had a brown tree frog when I was little, very cool little guy, can't remeber what happened to him, think he escaped. Pretty cool little fella. I'm...
  4. cheekabee

    Recent 2013 herping

    Just a few recent shots from 2013 before 2014 starts. Early this year I went to the mallee with Nick (richoman on this site), matt(python_owner) and a few other guys who aren't on this site (steve and dan). Bandy Bandy(Vermicella annulata) by Melbourne herping, on Flickr Dark-Spined Blind...
  5. J

    What frogs for my enclosure?

    I have a cabinet (so three side sealed wood, 1 side glass door) that is 80cm x 45cm x 30cm (high, wide, deep). I would like to know what frog I can fit in this enclosure. I will be putting UV etc in so the only constraint is the size.
  6. PythonOwner25

    Hunter Valley Sep 2013 "PIC HEAVY"

    Hey all. I flew up to NSW last week for some herping around the Hunter Valley with a few mates. After getting off the plane, we went for a poke around some spots in Newcastle. First finds were a young Marsh Snake and She-oak Skink. Marsh Snake (Hemiaspis signata) by Matt Clancy Wildlife...
  7. PythonOwner25

    East Gippsland VIC & South Coast NSW

    Went for a month long trip to the East Gippsland area of Victoria as i do over summer every year, and also ventured a little into south coast Nsw. Found many interesting reptiles as usual and also some stunning frog species. Enjoy :D Eastern Tiger Snake (Notechis scutatus) by Matt Clancy...
  8. GeckPhotographer

    Spring Frogs

    I spent the last couple nights doing a bit of frogging in my local area, haven't found much it's been quite dry and no real reptile activity on the road yet. Thought I would post some pictures of the frogs that have started calling. A nice male Litoria phyllocroa sitting on a branch, these...
  9. wasgij

    Blue mountains tree frog - litoria citropa

    Looking for Blue mountains tree frog - litoria citropa pm if you can help, cheers
  10. GeckPhotographer

    Past Weeks Herping

    Well while you haven't seen a hundred threads, that doesn't mean I haven't been out frantically herping every night since my last thread. I've finally gotten some pictures of some snakes and a dodgy shot of a leaftail which I promised myself I would get before making this thread. So here we go...
  11. Icarus

    litoria frogs

    Hi, i'm looking to buy my first frog! i live in the newcastle/lake macquarie area, and i'm wondering if anyone knows someone who sells any of the following near there- Litoria chloris (Red-Eyed Tree Frog) Litoria citropa (Blue Mountains Tree Frog) Litoria gracilenta (Dainty Tree Frog) Litoria...
  12. pythrulz

    Nice froggy

    The Blue Mountains Tree Frog (Litoria citropa) is a moderate-sized species of tree frog, up to about 60 mm (2 1⁄2 in) in length. It is native to coastal and highland areas of eastern Australia, especially in the Blue Mountains (hence its name
  13. oneeyedfrogg

    Wanted litoria citropa female

    Wanted Assorted FROGS + (litoria citropa) Wanted to buy female Blue Mountain tree frogs (litoria citropa) from any state but frogs must be in great and healthy condition :D I am located in Victoria and will pay shipping and or pick up. Am also needing Green and Golden Bell frogs. Send...
  14. Akasha81

    Reptile Postage Stamps Wanted

    Hi all Not sure if anyone out there is a little bit nerdy like me, but I have just started collecting postage stamps (as if i needed yet ANOTHER hobby). :oops: Apart from my main collection, I am starting to build another stamp album entirely devoted to reptiles.. I only have 2 stamps in the...
  15. Daniel_Penrith

    caring for Tadpoles??

    Hi guys/girls. After some info on prime temperatures for keeping tadpoles..... I caught about 150 of them before i bombed mums pool!! Thanks in advance for the info! Cheers, Daniel
  16. F

    WTB Blue Mountains Tree frogs

    Wanted to buy Blue Mountains frogs.Prefer adults but will consider Sub adults or juvies.Need about 10 mixed sex frogs.I already have 4 male adults & they really need a female ASAP.Can travel 2 or 3 hours to pick up,postage prefered for longer distances.
  17. T

    blue mountains tree frog wtb

    looking for some blue mountaints tree frogs have class 2 licence.tank is all set up to go just nead frogs .
  18. T

    wanted blue mountains tree frog

    im looking for some blue mountains tree frogs .can you help:lol:
  19. T

    looking for some blue mountains tree frogs

    hi im looking:D for some litoria citropa can you help me .
  20. dickyknee

    Few pics from last nights frogging .

    Went for a bit of a walk in the back yard last night ... Litoria citropa Blue mountains tree frog Litoria phyllochroa Green leaf frog Litoria phyllochroa Green leaf frog Litoria citropa Blue mountains tree frog Litoria citropa Blue mountains tree...
  21. moloch05

    Mustard-bellied Snake and others

    Spring is here and on Friday, I heard the raucous calls of Channel-billed Cuckoos for the first time this season (see This is a great time of the year...
  22. dickyknee

    Maddens Falls

    Went out frogging tonight with Hobbs and Bugsy . No idea on what types of frogs they are (yet), feel free to post any names if you know them .
  23. moloch05

    More from Wollongong

    Here are a few pics from areas near Wollongong. I visited the hills above Wollongong, Carrington Falls and Dharawal in the last couple of weeks. The weather has been pretty good with mostly warm days and a little rain. The hills above Wollongong are covered with wet eucalyptus woodland...
  24. moloch05

    more pics from Dharawal -- frogs

    Dharawal is a great place for frogs. I visited the park a number of time between late August and November and saw a variety of frogs. I believe that there are many others present that I did not encounter. Please feel free to offer corrections if my identifications are not accurate. First...
  25. Nephrurus

    Herping out Shire way: A short, illustrated story.

    Last saturday night I did the exact opposite of normal folk, I headed away from population centres and went herping. I'd been planning to do this for a few days, and although the day started well (hot and fairly humid) it suddenly got cold as a cool change moved through. Due to the cool temps...
  26. M


    Hi a few Victorians and I are after info on where to get some Blue Mountains Tree Frogs, prefer Victoria, will NOT buy off license or shipped with Aus Post. Thank you
  27. debaig

    Rescued frog not feeding

    Hey Guys, On friday morning I was handed an adult blue mountains tree frog. It had been stomped on or dropped or something and it's tongue was sticking out of it's mouth. I spoke to a guy from WIRES who said to push the tongue back in a monitor it for a couple of days then try to feed it. I...
  28. Adandiluvsmyreptiles

    More Books...Pythons...Lizards...Etc

    "Keeping Series" By Australian Reptile Keeper Publications. $12 each including free postage PM or email me at [email protected] KEEPING CARPET PYTHONS A quality and in depth look at the captive husbandry of Carpet Pythons. It is considered essential to anyone interested...
  29. M

    Heaps Of Old Pics...

    I've just been cleaning up some old files on the computer and found all of these. They were all taken between 4-7 years ago i think, on a film camera and would have been scanned to the computer a few years back. Hope you enjoy them as much as i just did, so many memories.. :)
  30. Rep-Style

    WTB: Blue mountains tree frogs

    Gday, after blue mountains tree frogs (Litoria Citropa), preferably blue phase or other rare phases but common and green phase will also do
  31. slim6y

    Count the turtles....

    Seeing as (in other threads) I notice highly observant readers - I thought an adequate challenge of counting snapping turtles would be the go... Taken in Mena Creek (Paronella Park) today. Then when you've counted the turtles - count the smaller roost of Bentwing Bats (and the giant tick -...