litoria infrafrenata


  1. X

    What lizards would you put in paludarium style enclosure??

    I was looking for input on what others would put in a paludarium style enclosure similar to images attached. I was looking at getting a lizard, not snake (as a member of the household is terrified) I love geckos but don't know of any that live in this sort of environment and have also looked...
  2. princessparrot

    Frogs and hermits

    about how big do GTF get in captivity? I know the wild ones up at my grandmas in qld were as big as my hand not stretched out but I haven't seen any that big in captivity, I've only seen ones about two thirds the size of them at the most and smaller. I think the main thing I'm trying yo ask is...
  3. kwaka_80

    Unusual frog - ID please

    Hey guys, Location : imbil, qld Time : early night / ~8pm Environment : mildly planted acreage with small pockets of densely planted eucalyptus. Situation : after several days of prolonged rain with moderate flooding. Notes : frog was alone and somewhat "brave" allowing me to get...
  4. oneeyedfrogg

    VIC White Lipped Tree Frogs

    Price depending on size! Contact me for prices Scientific Name litoria infrafrenata Common Name White Lipped Tree Frogs Age: Juvenile white lipped tree frogs Size Eating pin head crickets and fruit flies. Quantity Available 40 + Bred By Myself General Description Bred from...
  5. F

    Red Eyed Tree Frog Care

    Just looking for some info on the care of red eyes, because i have only really been finding stuff on the south american kind, and the ones i do find arent very detailed, so any information regarding heating, lighting, plants, feeding, tank size etc would be much appreciated.
  6. Fang101

    CYHS Field trip

    Went on the Cape York Herpetological Society field trip at the Mareeba Wetlands last night, there was only four people in total but we saw four Keelbacks, a Water python, a Darwin carpet python, a Brown bicarinate rainbow-skink, a Northern velvet gecko, a brush tail, about a dozen tarantulas...
  7. D

    extra heating for frogs?

    hi all, just wondering whats your thoughts on placing a normal 100w globe onto my terrarium to heat up my white lipped tree frogs?? i need to boost the temp up from 24 degrees, any do's and dont's?? thanks
  8. GreenLuke

    Hi everyone from Poland

    Hi. I am Lukas and I am 20. I am studying vet science and in the future I want to study in Australia and of course I have interest in herpetology. :) I from Poland but I have been in Australia only once. I am breeding some species of Australian reptiles and amphibians such as bearded dragon...
  9. Lovemyreptiles

    NSW White Lipped tree frogs

    I am after a couple of white lipped green tree frogs for a friend (she does not have the net)
  10. R

    Whites tree frog MOULTING!!!! (pics)

    I came home from shopping and went to put in my frogs new thermometer and hygrometer and one of them was in the final stage of molting!! (they pull of the whole skin with theyr mouth and swallow it) IMG][/IMG]
  11. DionP

    VIC Giant Tree frog/Land mullet

    Wanting juvie white lips and juvie land mullet soon to be breeding pair
  12. M

    NSW WANTED: Dainty Tree Frogs, Red Eye Tree Frogs or White Lipped Tree Frogs

    Hi, I have just set up and Exo Terra Terrarium and am looking at getting two or three frogs preferably Dainty Tree Frogs or Red Eye Tree Frogs. I would like them to still be youngish so i can watch them grow. I live on the northern beaches of Sydney but am willing to drive out to Sydney CBD or...
  13. grannieannie

    Violence, drugs, alcohol abuse, crime in general.

    Every day I see in the news more and more stories of abuse in our cities, in our streets and homes, nasty neighbourhood feuds. So many people seem affected, ordinary good living people, it sounds like life is getting very frightening for our young and old...... have you,.... do you....experience...
  14. J

    Pics of snakes and others

    hey guys, thought id share some of my photos i have taken over the last few weeks of some snakes and others. Enjoy!!! Jordan Burmese Python by Jordan Greathead, on Flickr Green Tree Python by Jordan Greathead, on Flickr Taipan by Jordan Greathead, on Flickr Jungle Python by Jordan...
  15. mike72

    VIC Complete Green/White Lipped Tree Frog Set Up including frogs.

    Scientific Name Litoria infrafrenata and Litoria caerulea Common Name White-lipped Tree Frogs (x4) and Green Tree Frogs (x3) Age 1-5 years Size sub adult - adult Quantity Available Complete Terrarium Set-up and 7 Frogs Bred By Unknown General Description Complete Exo Terra Frog set...
  16. Gaemm

    White-Lipped breeding season/male "pink breeding stripe"

    I've read that White-Lipped Tree Frog males can get a flushed pink look to the leg stripe once it comes to breeding season. I'm still not 100% sure if mine is male or female, so does anyone have any idea as to when breeding season is? Or can I imitate the season by raising the temperature a few...
  17. B

    White-lipped or red-eyed tree frog?

    I've never kept frogs before. The red-eyed looks amazing but is small! I like the size of the white-lipped. I know you shouldn't handle frogs too much, but if possible I would like to occasionally. The size of the terrarium is 45x45x60cm tall. I'd like a pair of frogs, but not to...
  18. D

    NSW WANTED White Lipped Tree Frog morphs

    Hey just wondering if theres anyone out there that have any white lipps for sale. I recently have made a 3 foot vivarium tank but am struggling to find any frogs for it ive searched on the net for a while now but still havnt had any luck hopfully somone can help me out cheers Dave.
  19. carbs

    Cheap thermostats

    Hey guys was just cruising eBay and found these barkmaster thermostats for like $30 . Has anyone used them or know about them cause if they're any good it would make my life alot easier and proberly alot of you guys too, Thanks guys (and girls) carbs
  20. out_of_George

    Giant Tree frog problem

    I have had a Juvenile White lipped tree frog for about 6 months now and all of a sudden the other month i noticed that his bottom lip was hanging open slightly, he is still able to feed properly and seems in perfect health otherwise. I feed him crickets regularly, sometimes coated in calcium...
  21. Jewyy95

    What must you have for frogs

    Hey everyone, im looking into getting an my frog licence but firstly i wanted to verify some things i will need for my frogs if i get them. Can you give me some useful tips and some good facts on what to feed them etc. Im new to the frog scene but im highly interested and will take good care if...
  22. richoman_3

    Angle heads and frogs. opinions

    hey guys, im getting some (10+) white lipped tree frog bubs soon. When they get bigger i want to move them into a big 4 foot tank and setup up a rainforest setup and want to put angle headed dragons in. now, if the dragons and frogs are adults, they would both be too big for eachother too eat...
  23. Gaemm

    Question for all White-Lipped Tree Frog owners

    My frog always 'bounces' almost, after a jump, it looks like an involuntary reflex. Does anyone else notice this or is it just my frog?
  24. Froggiestyle

    White lipped tree frog

    Hello, I'm getting a 105 litre tank made up to pet 2 or 3 white lipped tree frogs, the tank is in the making and won't be done for another 2 weeks. Does anyone know anyone in Adelaide that have some of these frogs for sale??? Would prefer them to be at least 4cm in length And won't need...
  25. heidii


    found this pic and thought it was halarious! NOOOOOoooooo!
  26. reptilife

    Litoria Infrafrenata

    White-Lipped Tree Frogs. I have never keprt this species but would very much like to! Most care-sheets on the www are simply a renamed GTF sheet. Are they really "just the same" to keep? Surely there are some minor idiosyncrasies I should be aware of?
  27. Damiieen

    What are you selling at VHS expo?

    Hey, As many of you know the VHS Reptile Expo is coming up soon. This will be my first ever Expo i'm very excited. I'm just wandering what people are going to be selling there and how much it will cost so I have an idea of how much to money to bring. Cheers, Damien.
  28. Snakeman97404

    Poor Frog Lucky Snake
  29. jaclyndaniel

    biggest amphibian legally kept in australia (SA)

    Hey Out of interest Does anyone know the biggest or some of the biggest frogs/toads that were allowed to keep here? Cheers
  30. K

    "BLUE" Green Tree Frog

    Ok well i was looking through Michael Cermak's site and noticed on hes publishing page that he had writen about the "BLUE" Green Tree Frog and taken pics but it was eaten shortly after. so my question is does anyone own any of these or has anyone seen any elsewhere? and michael i would...
  31. StephenZozaya

    Cape York Peninsula, Queensland

    Salutations forumites, First a few warnings. There is quite a lot of text in this post as a consequence of the amount of material. Feel free to skip it and look at the pretty pictures if you please. Also, the photos in this post were taken with both a Canon DSLR and an Olympus point-and-shoot...
  32. KellieF

    Giant tree frog/ white lipped tree frog feeding question?

    Hi, was just needing some info on how much and what to feed an adult giant tree frog. He is a rescue and i have finally got him eating crickets but was just wondering how many i should feed him and what size and how often. He started eating about 3 medium crickets a day, have got him upto 6...
  33. KellieF

    Look what i found at work today when i opened up a box of bananas?

    I have done some searching on the net and he seems to be a Giant Tree Frog/White lipped tree frog....someone correct me if i am wrong on this though. We went down to living jungle and $450 later he has a nice home..... This is the second time i have found one in the banana boxes at work in...
  34. Slang

    HELP needed with green tree frog ASAP

    Hi I just found a green tree frog in a supermarket on the floor. Its really skinny and so on,as i have no idea about frogs.Looking to find some advice from anyone. I do have a Darwin snake, but don't know much about frogs. Any help on what i can do to make it survive and feed it and so on will...
  35. jessedodds

    Litoria Infrafrenata presenting spots - getting progressively darker

    Hi there everyone, About a month ago I took the leap and bought a 45x45x90 exoterra setup from Upmarket pets in Melbourne. It was already setup, so I just had to take it back, whack in some fresh water, give the filter a clean, and away I went. At teh same time I bought a juvenile White Lipped...
  36. Nephrurus

    New Britain revisited

    In January this year I went back to PNG to spend a month in West New Britain compiling a some bird lists for several sites around the Walindi Plantation Resort. The idea was I (and my friends) recieved food and board at the resort in exchange for alot of bird survey work. Easier said than done...
  37. StephenZozaya

    Wet Tropics and Townsville Area Herps

    I recently joined Gus up north to the Tully area to assist him with his masters project, which involves tracking the endangered rainforest frog Litoria rheocola. His site was near Mena Creek in a patch of secondary rainforest. I first spent time at the site in August 2008 while assisting another...
  38. moloch05

    Tropical Queensland, Wet Tropics pt 1

    My wife and I spent the last 10 days at Mission Beach, Queensland. Mission Beach is a beautiful place and is one of our favourite family holiday destinations. I would highly recommend this area to those of you who visit the tropical north of Queensland. So far, it has escaped the massive...
  39. B

    White lipped tree frogs or green tree frogs.

    white lipped tree frog or green tree frog, cant make up my mind wich one to get. already have one of each, show us some pics of yours and help make up my mind.
  40. JoshMVG

    Show us your froggys

    Hey would love to peoples frog and their setups Rare species especially Ill start off with some of my L,chloris pics
  41. wasgij

    VIC White lipped tree frogs

    after a few white lipped tree frogs at a reasonable price, pm me with details.
  42. ashisnothereman

    GTF color changes

    I have observed color changes in my green tree frogs and I am wondering if anyone has linked certain colors to the mood, temperature, etc of the frog. they range from dark brown to light green then normal looking green and even super dark green. Ive noticed when exposed to UV they maintain a...
  43. RedEyeGirl

    NSW WTB Frogs any species!

    Hi all, I am looking for: Pair of Red Eye Tree Frogs, 2 Female & 1 male white lip tree frog, Pair of Daintys Pair of Southern Brown Tree frogs & 2 pairs of Perons I would prefer if they were adults. If you have any other species just PM me! Cheers Tara:D
  44. B

    heating frogs

    gday, i have had my green tree frog and white lipped tree frog for over a year now, i have been heating them 24/7 with and aqaurium heater in the water set at around 28*. just wondering if it is really nessecery to heat them, the heater is on during the day and room temp is roughly 20-22*, but...
  45. B

    frog enclosure idea help

    how would frogs go in a melamine enclosure, i have a spare one and its looks far better than the glass one my frogs are in now. it is 2 foot by around 45 cm high. i will put in a container with an aquarium heater in it on a low temp though as the enclosure also gets heat from underneath as its a...
  46. froggyboy86

    Sydney to Cairns Frogging Trip

    Hi all, Just got back from a rather long drive from Sydney to Cairns looking for rainforest frogs of the wet tropics. Also saw lots of other herps, mammals and birds along the way. Frogs recorded: Austrochaperina fryi Austrochaperina pluvialis Bufo marinus Cophixalus infacetus...
  47. herpkeeper


    hi all, went for a look last night around the Kennedy area just north of Cardwell and found this Taipan about seven and a half feet laying on the road at 8-38pm. :shock: the tempreture on the road was 30.1 degrees, it was very defensive :evil: as i tried to get close for a cpl of pics. this is...
  48. sarah_m

    Cairns and the Daintree

    Hi All, on Sunday we got back from 12 days in Cairns and the Daintree. On previous trips we have been pretty unlucky with only the odd reptile ever seen, but this time the weather was warmer and more humid. It was great!!!!! Started seeing stuff from our first day there. Spent the first 6 days...
  49. Luke1

    anyone got pics of there frog tanks???

    hey alL!my dads getting a Reptile licence so im putting all my reptiles onto his licence and gonna get a frog licence! just wanted to know if anyone has any pics of there set ups and if they know anyone breeding: dainty green tree frogs - Litoria Gracilenta green tree frogs - Litoria Caerulea...
  50. RedEyeGirl

    White lipped tree frogs

    Any 1 breeding these. Mum is dying she really really want s 1 lol