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  1. J

    aggressive juvenile blue tongue

    about a month ago i bought 2 young eastern blueys, theyre now almost 2 months old. They are just lovely animals, love being handled and always out and about hanging out, after maybe 2 weeks of owning them i started noticing one of them sometimes almost biting the other one during feeding, then...
  2. thatawesomenerd

    Looking to get first reptile

    hi all, I'm planning on getting an eastern blue tongue (my first reptile) and I have been doing some research but I really wanted to ask people with experience rather than just trust Google. What is the best setup/how do I correctly set up an enclosure such as heating and all of that kind of...
  3. N

    Lizard ideas

    So I just got given for free an 60 cm tall, 45 cm wide and 45 long enclosure, I was wondering what lizards in adult size could live and thrive comfortably in that enclosure
  4. Barmy

    How many gallons is the Exo Terra Medium Low terrarium?

    I am getting a bearded dragon and I was wondering what the size of this terrarium was in gallons, and whether or not this size is suitable for a bearded dragon. I’m pretty sure the dimensions are 60cm(l) x 45cm(w) x 30cm(h).
  5. kaylahfaye

    Advice needed please!

    Hi everyone! I hope that someone can help me out. See I have a Blotched Blue tongue. Whose my baby! Anyway I've been thinking of some ideas for her cage. I'm pretty handy with things so I want to make a little corner hide for her. Now I'm just a bit confused on what timber I can use to make her...
  6. T

    Mountain Dragons?

    Hey, i've been looking around to buy my first reptile, and came across some Mountain Dragons. 4 for $60, i don't i have enough space for 4, maybe not even 2, but i would like to know what i would need to take care of them, and some information from someone who owns one as i can find barely...
  7. Ethan

    Need Help !!! Sand Monitor.

    Hey. I'm really wanting a sand monitor but I want to be able to handle it and take it out lots, is this I good idea? I have no experience with keeping monitor only experience handling monitor while volunteering at zoos I just want a really good monitor for a first monitor that I can handle...