1. S

    VIC SALE: Baby Southern Angle-Headed Dragons: $80

    10 young southern angle-headed dragons for sale. Between 2-4 months old. Too young to be sexed. Will not freight; pick up only.
  2. B

    Eastern water dragon outdoor enclosure (penthouse)

    Hey guys, Welcome post from an old member with a new account. Been many years since I’ve been on here but thought I’d come back. Here’s some photos of my eastern water dragon set up. Just moved outdoors he’s not liking it as much as he was inside. He’s become very timid. Hoping he will adjust...
  3. Mitella

    2 days of herping in NSW.

    G'day guys and gals, here's a new video out of part of my big trip I had in Jan this year. More clips will follow up, hope you enjoy! Cheers, Mitella
  4. Renagade

    NSW Small lizard enclosure

    I have previously kept a yearling snake in this tank but for the last 8 years had a Bynoes gecko living in it. Would be good for many inverts too. Has a mesh lid for ventilation. Comes with 3 hides and some wooden furnishings. Bargain. Listed elsware. 400mmL x 300mmH x 240mmW $40.00 from...
  5. PythonMelb

    VIC Must Sell - Price Negotiable - 4x2x2 Ft Full Reptile Enclosure Setup - $280 - Two available

    Get a bargain - Each setup cost me approx. $1,000 in total a few years back. Selling due to relocating to an apartment. Price is negotiable and there are two enclosures available for sale. 4 x 2 x 2 Ft or 1200mm x 600mm x 600mm The enclosure & setup includes: - 1200mm x 600mm enclosure with...
  6. M

    NSW For sale pygmy bearded dragon

    AKA pagona henrylawsoni or black-soil bearded dragon. Only selling to a good home. I do not have the time to spend with my beardie, Falkor. I have also realised i am just not a lizard person. I want him to go to someone who will appreciate him and is better able to care for him than i am. I...
  7. Deanna Spillman

    Should i get Australian water dragon?

    I have a Chinese water dragon. Wondering that should i get an Australian water dragon too? Can anyone give me advice on getting one for myself?
  8. Deanna Spillman

    Hello everyone! Say hi to Lisa.

    Hey guys. My name is Deanna and this is my baby Lisa.
  9. J

    aggressive juvenile blue tongue

    about a month ago i bought 2 young eastern blueys, theyre now almost 2 months old. They are just lovely animals, love being handled and always out and about hanging out, after maybe 2 weeks of owning them i started noticing one of them sometimes almost biting the other one during feeding, then...
  10. Window18

    Help Sexing group of Shinglebacks

    Hello, I'm new to this site and to owning Shinglebacks - but just recently got a hold of a paired couple and 3 of their offspring - which are now about a year old. I've tried to sex them based off the tails/hip scales, but can't really tell clearly. For the parents I thought girl was the right...
  11. TristanS

    Water dragon cage size

    would a 90(W)x120(D)90(H) enclosure be big enough for 1 eastern or gippsland water dragon.
  12. H

    What to put in my tank

    Hi there, I have a small fish tank set up as a desert terrarium in my room which currently doesnt have any animals in it. It is around 30cm long, 20cm deep and 25cm high I can add a heat lad but i dont want to have to deal with uv lighting. It has led lights illuminting it at the moment. I have...
  13. C

    NSW Spinytail geckos

    Spinytail geckos available m and f 50 each location stmarys 2760 nsw (s intermedia)
  14. morgobean

    Which reptile is right 4 me?

    Hey all, looking to get a reptile in the near future and wondering what is the easiest for beginners - I'm tossing up between a bearded dragon, or some sort of snake. Not incredibly well versed however so I am open suggestion! I want to be able to handle my baby to some extent (but also have no...
  15. xXFlying

    Delete thread please

    created this in the wrong place, sorry.
  16. D

    VIC adult blue tongues

    looking for yearling to adult blue tongues(eastern, northern or blotched) nothing over 100 each but there are exceptions. will be for breeding so the nicer the color or pattern the better i have been keeping blueys for 7 years and look forward to breeding in the coming season MUST BE IN VIC
  17. S

    QLD Looking to buy baby Bearded dragon pine rivers

    New owner looking to buy a baby Bearded dragon i live in pine rivers
  18. mrnofear


    Hi I'm selling my awesome Lacey pair (yet to breed) with large outdoor enclosure. Male is 11yo, Sex Verification from Reptile Specialist Dr Tristen at Lortsmith Animal Hospital He has an old scare on he's back from when he had a fight with another male when he was very young Female is 7yo...
  19. Mitella

    Recent herping around Darwin, NT.

    G'day everyone, here's a little 8 minute video of herps from around the Top End recently. It was pretty hectic and I definitely recommend to visit there for a herp if you get a chance!
  20. mrnofear

    VIC Northern Blue Tongues

    Selling 2 Northern Blue Tongues breed by me. In great health, eating, shedding & ****ing fine Just over 3mths old $150 each Located in Melton Victoria Text or call for more info & pickup address 0420761224 Thanks SOLD!!!!!!!!!
  21. C

    Aussie youtubers

    Hi all! I know there has been a few threads on this in the past but none of them are recent so I’m wondering if there is any Aussie reptile youtubers out there that are still active? Tried searching the ones in the older threads but a lot of them aren’t making videos anymore so if there is any...
  22. M

    Sand monitor not eating

    hi guys, I’m new in the forum and also new with sand monitors. Yesterday I bought my first sand monitor, a 4 months old monitor. I’ve tried to feed him today and he didn’t want to eat, it was like he didn’t care that there was a pinky and crickets (I’ve tried to feed him with crickets and a...
  23. J

    VIC Wanted 1x female Amyae

    Looking to buy a female Nephrurus amyae, preferably adult but not required. I'm located in Victoria, happy to pay for shipping if required. PM me if you have one available! Thanks :)
  24. N

    Outdoor Western Bluey enclosure

    Hey all, I'm planning on getting a western bluey soon. I'm located in Perth (Alkimos), and wanted to know if it's possible to make an outdoor enclosure, as I feel the lizard will like it more. Is this possible? If so, how tall will the walls need to be? What will I do about basking...
  25. J

    VIC Wanted 1x female Amyae

    Looking for a female Amyae, preferably 1 year or older but not required Will pay for shipping. Live in Victoria
  26. rainmonitors

    Best first time lizard?

    Hello all! I've been considering getting a lizard before I could even legally get a license for myself, and now it's 7 years later. I'm seriously contemplating owning one soon, and have been doing a lot of research into what species I should get. However, I'm still not 100% sure and would love...
  27. eipper

    QLD Reptile Apparel

    We love animals. We also love quality. All images in our extensive photo library have been taken by Scott and Tie Eipper and are an accumulation of many years work. All images are copyrighted to Nature 4 You. Images from our vast collection are carefully chosen and edited to produce the clearest...
  28. mrnofear


    Hi there I'm currently making Reptile enclosures/setups to suit any Snake or Lizard. I've been into keeping Reptile's for over 20years now so therefore I have great knowledge of what sort of housing they require. I'm happy to build any enclosure to fit ur wants & needs. Whether it's a standed...
  29. mrnofear


    Hi all I'm looking for some black Melanistic blue tongues Any age or size but must be trouble free healthy lizards. I currently hold an Advance Wildlife License n have done for many years. I'm a private collector of Retiles n looking to ad a few to my collection. I'm located in Melbourne Vic...
  30. Nashii111

    Mites on my Southern Angle Headed Dragon...HELP!

    Hey guys, I've had my juvenile Southern Angle Headed Dragons for about a month now and today noticed my little girl had tiny red mites crawling all over her. My male doesn't seem to have it yet. They have a semi bioactive tank and I'm about to take everything out and clean the absolute [email protected]&...
  31. Jarmo Kuhna

    Python, The sly strangler

    I dont know is this right Place to ask but I had looking for some documentary about snakes and I find out it is Python: The sly strangler from year 1997 Does anyone in here have that documentary ? I would be very grateful if I can finally get that
  32. mrnofear


    WANTED---WANTED---WANTED--- Hi there I'm looking for any Scales & Tails Magazines that people no longer need or want. Doesn't matter if they're Old or Resent ones I'm only wanting these magazines for my personal educational use. Please contact me via text, call or email if u have any Scales &...
  33. M

    VIC Blue Tongue Lizard

    Hi, I'm just having some difficulty finding a blue tongue lizard breeder in Victoria, preferably towards the east side of Melbourne onward. If anyone knows of any, please let me know!
  34. C

    can you own red eyed crocodile skink's in Australia?

    Im just curious to know because I cannot find a list that shows all the reptiles you can own in Australia
  35. SpottedPythons

    Gecko ID...

    So here's my gecko... was sold to me as a Marbled but I don't think it is. Not that great with geckos, so here's a picture. The picture was taken during the day when he's in his "dark" phase. He turns lighter during the night. I'd say he's about 9 or 10cm. No spines on the tail or any other part...
  36. J

    QLD Looking for frill neck

    Hello! New around here, i am looking to buy a NT frill neck lizard. Looking for a young male, if too young to determine sex may consider. I am located in brisbane QLD, want to pick up locally if possible. May consider shipping if just out of driving range, he will have a good home :)
  37. H

    Help With Ackie Pair Please.

    Got a male ackie around two months ago, he was used only for breeding. A few weeks ago I saw a female for sale and got her hoping they'd breed. Everything seemed to be going well, they were mating and seemed to like each other only she is constantly on him. She rides his back and climbs all over...
  38. azzmilan

    Aquarium Gravel Into Tank

    Hey everyone any help would be appreciated. I am planning to keep a little pool area with my Southern Angled Headed Dragon (Hypsilurus spinipes). In the pool area I am going to keep it reasonable shallow but I was wishing to inquire if I were to use gravel from my aquarium, (water has been...
  39. Ethan

    Need Help !!! Sand Monitor.

    Hey. I'm really wanting a sand monitor but I want to be able to handle it and take it out lots, is this I good idea? I have no experience with keeping monitor only experience handling monitor while volunteering at zoos I just want a really good monitor for a first monitor that I can handle...
  40. E

    Southern Angled Dragon Life Expectancy!?!?!?

    Can someone please let me know how long these guys live? I cant find out anywhere