1. Sam.fairall1


    Does anyone know of any completely vegetarian lizards, Native to Australia
  2. thatawesomenerd

    Looking to get first reptile

    hi all, I'm planning on getting an eastern blue tongue (my first reptile) and I have been doing some research but I really wanted to ask people with experience rather than just trust Google. What is the best setup/how do I correctly set up an enclosure such as heating and all of that kind of...
  3. mrnofear


    Selling my used hatchling rack as not needed anymore. Made from Malemine, slight damage on the end of top shelf (was like it when got it) but doesn't affect operation. Has been used for Snakes & Lizards. Heat cord on all 9 levels with all 45 tubs included. Controled by Digital LCD display...
  4. mrnofear


    Hi I'm selling my awesome Lacey pair (yet to breed) with large outdoor enclosure. Male is 11yo, Sex Verification from Reptile Specialist Dr Tristen at Lortsmith Animal Hospital He has an old scare on he's back from when he had a fight with another male when he was very young Female is 7yo...
  5. mrnofear

    VIC Northern Blue Tongues

    Selling 2 Northern Blue Tongues breed by me. In great health, eating, shedding & ****ing fine Just over 3mths old $150 each Located in Melton Victoria Text or call for more info & pickup address 0420761224 Thanks SOLD!!!!!!!!!
  6. mrnofear

    VIC Brand New Reptile Heat Globes

    Brand New Reptile Heat Globes 265 X 25w Nocturnal $3 each or $100 per box of 50. 34 X 40w Nocturnal $5 each or $130 the lot. 45 X 100w Nocturnal $5 each or $190 the lot. 54 X 150w Nocturnal $5 each or $200 the lot. 12 X 25w Red $5 each or $45 the lot. 114 X 25w Basking $5 each or $320 the...
  7. R

    Morph? (Bearded dragon)

    Hey I've (hopefully) attached a file of my friends beardie, just wondering what you guys think the morph is? Thanks :)
  8. mrnofear


    Hi up for sale is a heap of Brand New Reptile Heat Globes & Ceramic heat emitters. 266 X 25WATT NOCTURNAL $5 34 X 40WATT NOCTURNAL $5 50 X 60WATT NOCTURNAL $5 93 X 100WATT NOCTURNAL $5 62 X 150WATT NOCTURNAL $5 50 X 25WATT INFRARED $5 140 X 25WATT BASKING $5 18 X 150WATT BASKING $5 38 X 150WATT...
  9. N

    TAS In NW Tas, looking for mountain dragons

    Hi, I'm in NW Tassie and I'm looking for 2 or more mountain dragons, preferably hatchlings or juveniles. I now have my Herpetology Permit, and my setup will be finished within the next few days. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  10. M

    Sand monitor hasn’t been eating

    hey guys, It’s been 2 weeks since I got my sand monitor and he hasn’t been eating at all, usually my reptiles start eating 2-3 days after I got them, so I’m really worried that my sand monitor hasn’t been eating for 2 weeks. I’ve tried to feed him with pinkies, crickets, worms, chicken neck...
  11. mrnofear

    VIC Reptile enclosures & accessories

    7AM-2PM SATURDAY 9TH JUNE 2018 -------------- 1 DAY ONLY------------------- Hi everyone we're having a huge clearance sale on all things related to Reptiles. New & used items available Most items will be under half the price of the shops Items included in the sale are: 2ft, 3ft, 4ft BLACK &...
  12. Jonathanleeroy

    Autumn/winter herping Melbourne

    I know herping around this time of the year can be dead and your most likey not to find much but im bored out of my mind at home any good herping spots i could check out. Dont mind driving im located in melton melbournes western suburbs! Cheers jonathan
  13. mrnofear


    Hi all I'm looking for some black Melanistic blue tongues Any age or size but must be trouble free healthy lizards. I currently hold an Advance Wildlife License n have done for many years. I'm a private collector of Retiles n looking to ad a few to my collection. I'm located in Melbourne Vic...
  14. mrnofear


    Hi I'm looking for any unwanted Reptiles that people might have that they can no longer look after, Maybe ur bored with them or just no longer want them for any reason at all. Willing to take all types of Lizards big n small, Turtles, Crocodiles big or small, Elapids ie: Tigers, browns, Death...
  15. Foozil

    Unique Beginner Lizards

    Hi, I am asking this question for a friend. Do you know any beginner lizards apart from blue tongues or bearded dragons. Thinking of ackies but not sure.