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  1. G

    Lizard waving.

    Hi I have a male in a tank by himself and he's like waving!! What does that mean?? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. shell477

    lizard ID - NT

    hi everyone... well in the short space of about 6 days I accepted a job, packed my bags and flew off to the NT, a big change from Victorian weather for sure... I'm working in a remote community called Wadeye, an hour's flight from Darwin... pretty nice and cruisy so far... am here for 4 months...
  3. moloch05

    Photos from a trip to the Red Centre

    Over the Christmas break, I had the opportunity to make a quick trip to the Red Centre. It is a place that I've wanted to see for many years but never could find the time to get out there. Australia is a big place and the drive to the middle of the continent is a big one from the east coast...
  4. C

    Photo's from my trip, Heavy

    Excuse the underwater photo's I forgot to adjust the white balance, Cheers Leigh
  5. GeckPhotographer

    A couple of recent herping photos part 2 of 2.

    So recently I've been doing a bit of herping here and there. My aim for herping this year was to get my list of species of Australian reptiles seen (and positively ID'd) to 200 species. Having completed this earlier this year (in a thread yet to be posted), I decided to head to Qld with some...
  6. clopo

    A few recent pics from Mount Isa

    A V. tristis from today. Freckeled Monitor by R. Francis, on Flickr Freckeled Monitor by R. Francis, on Flickr Litoria rubella found next to the lake the other day after having a fish. Desert Tree Frog by R. Francis, on Flickr Amphibolorous gilberti found the same night as the rubella...
  7. Tidy_1200

    Can someone pls help me ID this lil fella

    Was found in Dampier Peninsula WA, and bipedals when he runs... http://i1222.photobucket.com/albums/dd481/vt_calais_85/IMAG0780.jpg
  8. M

    What is this creature?

    Caught him in Townsville, North Qld..
  9. T

    Up on the Arnhemland Plateau

    Doing a bit of a stroll around the place last week I managed a few herp photos that might be of interest here. I'm not the best on ID but others will probably know. The only snake I managed to get, almost as thin as a boot lace, Furina ornata, Orange-naped Snake. An interesting turtle...
  10. G

    Anyone know what type of lizard is this?

    Found in Karratha WA (Pilbara) Thanks is it a Gilberts Dragon?
  11. moloch05

    Kakadu/Litchfield in the wet

    Greetings everyone, I went on a brief trip to the Northern Territory last week. I have always wanted to see this area during the monsoon when it is lush and green. It really was a lovely site. The only problem with a visit during the wet was that the highway between Darwin and Kakadu can...
  12. J

    Reptiles in the floods

    G'day guys, I've seen a few people recently mention that the floods will be devastating to reptile populations - this couldn't be further from the truth. The flood water in SEQ is loaded with debris, and generally only several hundred metres wide as Brisbane is quite hilly. I took these...
  13. NicG

    Gilbert's / Ta Ta Dragon

    Hi guys, I'm currently at a minesite in NW QLD and have seen these cute little dragons running around. They're predominantly grey with light striping and run away on their hind legs when startled. Initial research says they're most likely to be Gilbert's or Ta Ta Dragons, but one thing...
  14. Nicole


    I was just reading up on some of the RSPCA policies and general info on their web site, and came across this: http://www.rspca.org.au/ The material I'm refering to is found under Animal Care/Laws/... The last paragraph in particular: The RSPCA is actively opposed to the sale and...