morelia amethistina


  1. Repliz

    Choosing a social / non cat eating snake

    Hi everyone, I've recently got my R1 licence after 5 years of no reptiles. I'm now getting back into them but since having snakes last we now have a cat. The cat is a smaller cat and other people in the house are worried about larger sized snakes for fear that it will eat her. So to make them...
  2. RoryBreaker

    Large Python found in bedroom.
  3. Sam123


  4. Allan

    Scrub Python yearling

    Species Common NameScrub Python, Amethyst Python Age Yearling Length 900mm Quantity Available 1 Bred By Me General Description Typical Scrub temperament with a ravenous appetite. Location Cairns Willing to Freight? Yes Contact Details PM Please...
  5. Ekans

    What's your holy grail of reptiles?

    What's that one native snake, lizard, invertebrate etc that you want to someday own but your skill, its care is slightly intimidating or its rarity is holding you back? :)
  6. A

    Scrub Python Breeder

    Hi chasing a scrub Python breeder in Victoria. If anyone has brought or know someone in Victoria who breeds Scrub Pythons?
  7. Herpo

    Maybe I can Change your Minds...

    I felt saddened to see so many people against cats and wanting to harm them in the scrub caught the cat thread. For no reason other than an animal wandering about, people have formed opinions about these animals that are either untrue or unjust. So I'm just posting some photos of my own cat...
  8. Herpo

    So I'm Going Away and...

    Hi all, For Christmas this year. we are going to Malaney, QLD, to visit some friends. Because it's so far away (around 12 hours nonstop, but at our pace, 2 days) I asked if we could bring Popeye with us. Long story short, his wife is scared of snakes, so it's a no go. Last time we left like...
  9. T

    Bring back the Good Old Stuff

    So I really liked the reading in that old thread Crocodoc Vs IaninOz and it got me thinking. All you guys that have been on here for a while probably remember a bunch of old threads that were a great read. Threads that were interesting, informative and entertaining. Would really appreciate if...
  10. M

    Share Feeding Pictures!

    My fave thread before the server issues was the one with photos of snakes feeding, so I was hoping this could be a new version of that. My new stimson python (7 months) just had his first feed with me, but was a bit shy and only took the mouse after I left the room and I didn't get to see...
  11. mikey_mike

    should chameleons be allowed to smoke pot? "it seemed to calm the aggressive reptile" Anyone prepared to post a you tube video of their scrubbie with a bong?
  12. Herpo

    General Opinion

    Hi all, Just wondering what the temperament of jungle carpet pythons is? I read a few books that said that these snakes are bad tempered and aggressive. Is that true? Bite doesn't bother me. I may be a child, but I can take the pain. So what's the opinion? Is their aggressive reputation justified?
  13. Tinky

    Big Scrubby
  14. A

    Python Bite

    Hey Guys Im having a debate with a friend... What type of Aussie python do you think has the worst bite? Post pics if you have them........
  15. R

    Looking for a pet Gecko

    Hi I hope I'm posting in the right area here, But I really want a pet gecko, I want something I can handle, I've heard leopard geckos are the best and friendliest to be handled but I live in Australia where they are illegal. Can you recommend a good pet gecko that doesn't mind being handled, and...

    Scrub Python Enclosure Size

    Hi everyone I am thinking about getting a pair of scrub pythons, i was wondering if a 7ft, 3ft, 4ft is big enough for one? (they will be housed separately)
  17. Allan

    Scrub Python

    Species Common Name Scrub Python Age1 year Length 1 metre Quantity Available 1 Bred By me General Description One year old hatchling, feeding well on rats and mice. Location Cairns Willing to Freight? Yes Contact Details PM please License Number...
  18. M

    herp for small arboreal terrarium ?

    Hello, I got an exo terra mini tall (its 30x30x45cm) recently, I'm looking for a basic starter reptile that could happily live out its entire life in that terrarium. It'll probably have to be arboreal...are there any? Thanks in advance
  19. P

    Most active, quick, "intelligent" large Aussie python.

    I am a big fan of comparing certain species of snakes. I have researched infrared/thermal detection between some of the boa constrictors here in the Americas compared to some of the pythons with visible heat pits by reading studies, and I've observed activity levels between my boa and other two...
  20. shamat

    Adult Bredli in outdoor enclosure

    Hi all, I'm picking up another large bredli this weekend from a keeper who now finds it too large to handle. Unfortunately I don't have time or room to set up another inside enclosure and was thinking of just picking up an Avery from bunnings and housing the new addition outside. My only...
  21. P

    Arboreal habits of scrubs and hunting strategies.

    I'm curious to know what some of you field herping folks have witnessed or learned about the scrub python's natural feeding habits. Oddly, when researching large constrictors, scrubs and olives seem to be forgotten, and the banter usually is about reticulated pythons, Burms, and African rocks...
  22. P

    Olive python feeding question.

    I have not been able to find much info on this subject but I read the Mark O'shea book BOAS AND PYTHONS OF THE WORLD In the book he mentions the scrub python having a potential predator, and that predator was said to be the Olive Python. I don't think I have seen much other info on the subject...
  23. M

    Amethistina locality ID

    Hi! We are interested in knowing the locality of my amethistina, as we are looking forward to buy a male for her, so I would really appreciate any help with identifying the locality :D Here I put some photos (they are old, but you can see the pattern). The bands on the neck are faded, not like...
  24. Rainbow-Serpent

    Scrub Pythons

    Hey everyone, Is anybody expecting a clutch of scrubbies any time soon? It seems pretty difficult to get a hold of them in Brisbane at the moment. :|
  25. V

    New Product - Pro-Props by The Reptile Doctor & Virides

    New Product - Pro-Props by The Reptile Doctor & Virides We have spent the past few months working closely with Dr. Shane Simpson from The Reptile Doctor on his new product - Pro-Props. After several prototypes and in-house testing with real reptiles, the Pro-Props have officially been...
  26. benkinder83

    to go bigger?

    Hi everyone. I am interested in starting a collection of Morelia. I have kept Antaresia and was wondering what size carpet tend to be unmanageable for one person to handle. Species size is the biggest influence in my decision making at this time and was wondering if you recommend that I get out...
  27. ssnakeboyy

    Aussie vs PNG Chondros

    Hey everyone, Im hopefully going to be able to obtain a green tree python around the beginning of next year with a bit of help from the money made from my currently breeding womas (fingers crossed i get some babies). I have found a few sites, a couple of which sell sorong and biak gtps. From...
  28. Reptiles101

    My new High White Pilbarensis

    Hey everyone, wanted to share my newest addition a beautiful female Pilbarensis I got off of Red-Ink on here and I couldn't have been happier with her :D Down below is a little photo shoot I did earlier today. I'm hopeful to breed her with my little male Leo and get some bubs this season ;)...
  29. AlexandreRoux


    Hi there, I will move to head Cairns in August, I am looking for great places to herp and people to go on the field with. I have the Coastal taipan, Scrub python and Death adder to see before I will head down and every help and share moments will enjoy my stay in Cairns. Thanks a lot !
  30. Y

    Brown snake or Tiger

    Hello all, In advance sorry i dont have a more complete photo but this guy jumped me while on a walk today, i should note that it had a grey hood that can not be seen in the photos, cream / tan and brown large banding.So what ya think? I peronally think its a tiger for these reason one...
  31. daniel101

    Scrub Python In Home Enclosure

    Hey guys, Finally completed the under stairs enclosure i had planned for my scrub python. Me and my Dad built it from mostly reused materials. Took us about 3 months of working on it in our spare time everything from the framework to the styrofoam rock wall and the electrical was done. Glass...
  32. T

    Choice for first python

    Okay, So I've read people saying for a first snake or any I guess not to settle but to get what you want/like. I have become really fond of the water python. I've seen people say that the QLD ones with the yellow belly can be great placid snakes and have heard of people having a great...
  33. andynic07

    Crack down on subspecies crosses Queensland

    It appears that the authorities in Queensland are starting to enforce the rules around hybrids as I have heard of someone getting fined and snakes being confiscated. Has anyone else heard of this happening?
  34. snakegirlie

    can't decide! grrr

    i am looking at getting my first snake and can't decide between a blond spotted python or a tanami woma. what do you guys think? any pros and cons?
  35. Allan

    Scrub Python hatchling

    Species Common Name Age 2 months Length 50cm Quantity Available 1 Bred By Hans Lindahl General Description Feeding well on thawed small mice Location Cairns Willing to Freight? Yes, usually $65.00 with Qantas freight Contact Details PM Please...
  36. AmazingMorelia

    wild scrubbie question

    Having watched alot of programs like python hunters where they find Scrubbies in the wild, a couple of things seem prominent. One is that there seems to be really good wild numbers of them in their range (dont eat toads maybe?) and also alot of the big ones are actually quite docile when...
  37. damian83

    python hunters in oz

    Tonight on python hunter. Are in oz looking at amethestine pythons amd keelbacks
  38. C

    Has your snake ever escaped? Share stories

    Mine did this morning for the first time (and hopefully last) at about 4am. I was fast asleep and woke up out of instinct I guess, then heard a noise and went over to inspect to find Amity was 3/4 through a hole in the wall. I grabbed her tail and tried to slow her moving down while I tried to...
  39. P

    rumours of water pythons temperament

    just like to say, when i was thinking about getting a water python, pet shops, reptile breeders, friends who own snakes, had all told me not to get a water python because of the "natural" aggression. i went out and bought a hatchling, wasn't even a month old, he was in shed and was hating the...
  40. M

    New Scrub

    Hi there! Tomorrow I'm getting my first scrub (amethystine), it's a 4-5ft female from a friend, so I'd like to know what's the best substrate to use (not paper). I like coconout fiber plus some dry leaves, but don't know if it's the best or should I use other kind of substrate. Should I put a...
  41. Djbowker

    Water python vs scrubbie

    Its quite the week for Reptile versus Reptile. This water python deciding to munch on a scrubby. It was apparently found in Cairns, however someone bravely or foolishly seperated the two.
  42. veenarm

    Snake strangles eats crocodile near mt isa

    Amazing images: Snake strangles, eats crocodile near Mt Isa |
  43. Bredli1956

    Pet scrubby photo

    Any one have a pet srubby as I would love to see them and if you have tips for them
  44. Tiliqua

    Scrub Python

    Species Common Name Scrub Python Age 8 years Length 4.1 metres (12 foot) Quantity Available 1 General Description Scrub Python, awesome feeder on rabbits, snappy inside and outside of enclosure. Asking $1,000, OR NEAR OFFER Location Camden, NSW Willing to Freight? NO Contact...
  45. V

    bredli python

    hi guys i have a few questions..... i have a 4 year old bredli and im pretty shore its female i fed her one week ago and she has still not done a poo and also her eyes went blue for a while and then back to clear again also she has become very snappy i cant even open the lid to the enclosure...
  46. T

    Scrub bubs!

    Picked up these little trouble makers yesterday.
  47. Lawra

    That's not food!!!

    Ok so I just fed my woma (12 months old) his rat and straight after finishing he looked around and decided that a piece of paper towel wet from rat juice needed to be eaten. *facepalm* He should be fine, right?
  48. P

    6ft male scrub python

    After a male scrubby must be eating rats guinea pigs or rabbits prefer in Vic but will freight if have to pm me with what u got THANKS!!
  49. T

    WTB scrub pythons

    If you have any coming up these season please PM
  50. ronhalling

    What is it ???

    Hey Guys and Gals, I was trawling through FB a couple of days ago and came across this pic and everyone trying to tell everyone else what it was in their hmmmm expert opinions, some of the opinions were: Scrubby, Diamond, Jungle, King Brown (had to laugh about that 1). I did not comment but i...