morelia bredli

  1. C

    NSW Bredli Pair

    Selling my 6 year old female and male bredlis and enclosure pm or txt 0402028886 for more details.
  2. D

    NSW Looking to buy Centralian Morelia Python - Hatchlings

    Looking to purchase Centralian Bredli Carpet Python Hatchlings. I live in Parramatta, happy to travel anywhere in Sydney or Newcastle. I have my license and ready to go now! Desiree
  3. Cabotinage

    NSW WTB Bredli Yearling+

    Looking for Bredli Yearling+ (hypo if possible) that has a good temperament! Don't have any gender preference. Thanks
  4. L

    SOLD Adult Male Centralian Carpet Python (FREE TO GOOD HOME)

    15-year-old adult male Centralian Carpet Python for sale Good looking, very healthy animal. Not a great handler, as it can be a bit flighty and snappy. FREE TO GOOD HOME! No freight. Pick up from Gold Coast, QLD. Lachlan (0409799241)
  5. A

    aren't hatchlings supposed to hide?

    Hi all, I'm definitely new to owning snakes, only had my bredli for a few days now. I have it in a fairly large enclosure as that's all I had at the time I got it (in the middle of building a Click Clack in case I need it) and I half expected it to freak out over having that much space around...
  6. B

    5yr carpet snake turned aggressive?

    Hey guys i dont understand completely how this site works.. so if i am posting in the wrong place i am sorry. So my question is.. i have a female morelia bredli carpet python in which has turned 5 not too long ago. She is usually so friendly, she goes for walks and kids pat her and hold her she...
  7. K

    Help with controlling heat. During summer

    I've had my Bredli now just over 3 months. And for the most part had no issues keeping the tanks heat around 32 on the hot side and 24-5 down on the cold side. If any of you have been watching the news Adelaide where I'm situated has had the coldest last few months and wettest. Today being...
  8. S

    My Bredli's just shed. Its 3.5m long.

  9. G

    First Snake help

    I'm wanting to get a pet snake (in the near future) but I Don't know which to get. I've never had a snake before so I want to get one that's okay for beginners. I was looking at the Jungle Carpet Python but after being told by many people it's not a good first snake I'm looking into what...
  10. chase77

    NSW Enitire Collection- 5 pythons + enclosures + food Source + accessories

    For Sale is all I have. 5 Pythons. 8yr old male bredli, 7 yr old male stimson, 5 year old female diamond, 4 year old male djarra carpet, 4 year old tri-colour blonde mac. I've have no inculsions to the collection since getting the djarra and Mac as juvies 4 years ago. Included also is their...
  11. K

    Feeding Bredli python quail.

    So as the topic suggests what's everyone's experience or views on feeding your python foods other than rats or mice. I was given a couple of baby quail which are slightly larger than a pinky rat. I was thinking I'd offer one soon to my girl but was unsure how it would go or if I should...
  12. P

    Double down rat feed.

    Jewel has been a great captive and its always interesting when she eats. I've hand fed her early on when she was a wee little one. She seemed to feel more comfortable perched on my hand and just opening her mouth to take the food. She's eaten fuzzy rats up to large (F/T and live) rats. chicks...
  13. southy

    NSW EOI albino carpets, blonde macs, boodarie womas, bredli

    Species Common Name bredli pair boodarie woma pair trio blonde macs normal macs hatchy macs albino Darwin carpet in eggs Age all adults except hatchy macs and albinos in eggs Length various Quantity Available bredli 1 m 1 f adult pair boodarie womas 1m 1f adult pair...
  14. AmyAlker

    QLD Basic Custom Built Enclosure

    Quantity Available 1 General Description Basic Custom Built Enclosure H: 2m x W: 64cm x D: 48cm Comes with ceramic heat lamp and mesh cage Hide box at the bottom of the enclosure Glass door Use to house my Bredli Python Enclosure has been cleaned Moving at the end of October and would like...
  15. P

    My latest "non-Aussie" Python.

    A while back I was really torn searching for something special. I was almost 100% set on another coastal or untapped Bredli. Things changed a bit and I decided a little diversity would keep things exciting here. That said I am still a huge fan of the carpet group and always will be. The new...
  16. I

    whats the difference between murry, coastal, darling pythons

    Hi been going though some old threads and was wondering what the difference is between the murry, darlings and coastal ? or are they the same just different sizes or am I just stupid lol
  17. M

    QLD large hypo bredli proven breeding pair plus 10 young ones

    [/b] bredli Age 6yrs old Length 7ft Quantity Available 12 Bred By me General Description breeding pair plus 10 young ones Location rainbow beach QLD Willing to Freight? maybe Contact Details 0429879363 License Number (Required for NSW and SA Sellers)...
  18. K

    Lets chat poop.

    Average time for a snake to have a bowel movement? Mine has one 2-3 days after each feed. Curious if this is normal. Apologies for prior post, I was on break at work and was clearly tired by the looks of that post.
  19. M

    Bredli update.

    Since shedding 3 weeks ago Boris has gronked 3 medium rats in the last 2 weeks. I also provided a larger ceramic heat emitter in his den. Its a balmy 35 at the hot spot at the end of the day. Thinking I might need to construct a bigger "deeper " hide.Because the current one might be a bit...
  20. Sam123

    2nd snake suggestions?

    Hi y'all im in the market for my second snake and would like some suggestions. my length limit for this snake would be around the 2.5-2.8 m mark, however I would like to look into yellow faced whip-snakes and would like to know if anyone has experience with these guys? p.s I was also thinking...
  21. Shaggz

    Olive Python humidity.

    Ok I have my first olive and have had a bit of a slow start with him. it took 6 weeks to get him to have his first feed for me which I know isn't normally a problem but with Olive's reputations for being aggressive feeders it did start to get me stressed a fair bit. He is feeding now and is in...
  22. K

    My first Bredli, with pictures.

    Hey guys thought I'd posts some pics of my little one. Had her for a few days now and she's settling in nicely. Still a little snappy but considering she's had a feed for me I'm happy. (Would rather her eating than me be able to handle and get her out all the time.) I thought personally she's a...
  23. HerpNthusiast

    Enclosure Furnishings

    Hey everyone well i've received some fake plants, a big hide and driftwood from a friend, he previously used these for his Bredli python and i wish to use them for my ackie and maybe my levis. it's only really the plant and piece of driftwood everything else is too big to fit in his current...
  24. P

    Narrowing things down.

    This ultimately comes down to a personal decision, but I'm looking for experiences with these 2 species. Coastal carpets from the south. Brisbane locality animals, preferably the type that gets the largest, and Morelia Bredli. I'm specifically looking to find which species IN GENERAL, is the...
  25. AmyAlker

    QLD Bredli Python

    Species Common Name Bredli Age 5 Length 2.5m Quantity Available 1 Bred By General Description Regretful sale. Moving to a small apartment. I would prefer my Bredli to go to a good home with a back yard! Really nice temperament, handles well, beautiful snake. Also selling large...
  26. K

    Dimmer Thermostat Ecotech, Heating, Probe placement.

    Hey guys I've spent the last couple of days building myself this 4x2x2 enclosure. I'm now minus some touch ups at the point where I'm testing the lighting and heating with my thermostat. I have an Ecotech dimmer thermostat. It's set at just 31 deg cel for day and night just for trialling...
  27. M

    Bredls Python Help?

    Hey, does anyone have any clues on what may be happening here? A healthy 8 year old Bredls, always eats, in great condition, started spending active time in the water (not just soaking) a few days ago. DOESN'T have mites, have been to the vets already (awaiting blood results) Temperatures good...
  28. HerpNthusiast

    Ackie Enclosure and Diet

    Hey everyone so my ridge tail is going great we've been feeding him on crickets and turkey mince and he's going really well but i was wondering is there anything else that he can eat different types of mince or something else entirely he doesn't seem quite fond of pinkies. He currently measures...
  29. B

    What to get next?!

    Ever since seeing my first snake, I've been hooked. I was lucky enough to get my first snake a year ago, and a couple months ago I got a little Woma Python. And I'm rather pleased to say that I've finally gotten my own R1 reptile license (my mother holds the current license for my two current...
  30. K

    Thermostat prob placing dimmer and temperature needed

    Quick question I have a dimmer thermostat and instructions say place it in the centre of the enclosure. Though I'm confused how I would know when it's reached the set temperature if it all the way over there. Unless I set it at a lower temperature so when it say gets to 26deg in the centre it...
  31. P

    All around favorite?

    I want to ask you folks from Australia what your all around favorite Aussie python is and why. I would love to own another animal here though I doubt my wife will agree. As of now I have a select few snakes that have peaked my interest that include an Olive, a Bredli and a Brisbane, locality...
  32. S

    Novice help needed please - heating/lighting

    My 9 year old daughter and I have recently acquired our first snakes. The more I read, search for products, talk to people, the more confused/unsure I become. The snakes are both 5-6 months old. My daughter has a Bredli, I have a Jungle Python. They are housed together in a reptile enclosure...
  33. K

    Hatchlings and keeping them in a large vivarium? Help?

    So I'm soon to be getting a hatchling Bredli. And I'm in the process of building a large enclosure for the little guy. But because he is only a hatchling currently I was going to get a cheap small enclosure for the meantime. Question is, I had a thought after seeing a few stores reptile or...
  34. Stuart

    So its been over a year

    So it’s been just over 12 months since I took over ownership of Aussie Pythons and Snakes and I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for the patience, feedback, advice and support through the transition period with its up and downs. All site stability issues that I could see at the time are now...
  35. Stompsy

    Kimberley Rock Monitors

    Hi Guys, So, I'm pretty clueless when it comes to the politics of having certain species added to keepers lists, however I have fallen head over heals with Kimberley Rock Monitors but alas, they are not available to keep in Victoria. So, my question is.... what is the process to have any given...
  36. Sam123

    Opinions on hybridization

    Hi everyone, I know this is a very touchy subject from scrolling through old threads on the forums, and banter will probably start up during this thread. Anyways, what is everyone's opinions on hybridization between different species and subspecies? I know from looking through old threads that...
  37. ShaunMorelia

    NSW Mixed Blood Animal Pairs

    Species Common Name Carpet Python Age 6 Months Length 50cm+ Quantity Available 3 pairs Bred By Myself General Description I have 3 paris of mixed blood animals ready to go eating strongly on Fuzzy/Hopper Rats. They are from my pairing of Hypo Bredli to Caramel Jaguar. These animals do...
  38. Ersatz

    First family member

    Picked up this little guy in April (Thanks Shaun) and hadn't yet had the chance to show him off. He's a hypo bredli x caramel jag, 5 months old and is great with handling, hasn't refused food yet and hasn't struck at anyone yet. Has his first shed last week which went without a hitch.... Except...
  39. N

    Can someone please identify this Python!

    Can anybody help me identify what type of Python this is?
  40. T

    Weird shed

    I can only hope when my jungle appears again that he is properly/fully shed. This is what i found this morning, a partial skin and a big squished up roll of skin! Sent from my SM-G920I using Tapatalk
  41. bipolar_bear

    Defecating issue

    Hi all, hope everyone is well. Prior to yesterday, my approximately 6 month old bredli had not defecated in over a month. He was still eating fine over that period and is on 1 hopper every week. So far have not had any issues with him feeding, he's very enthusiastic and hasn't skipped a meal...
  42. KingsReptiles

    Bredli Tank Size

    Hi guys, I am getting a Centralian Carpet Python (morelia bredli) soon and i just wanted to know the recomended tank size for an adult female. Answer by saying 3 foot long, 2 foot tall, 1 foot wide instead of 3x2x1 thanks. Also what sort of lighting and heating do they need and do they need heat...
  43. L

    Snake refuses to eat, is she sick?

    Hiya everyone :) Boots (my albino darwin carpet python) wasnt originally mine but the ex owner (my ex) was a **** owner whod throw her around, so i took her. So i dont know much about snakes, so sorry if this is a stupid advice request. Shes refusing to eat, this is the first time shes ever...
  44. J


    Hey guys. just wondering who feeds of tongs and do other peoples just leave it in the enclosure? Sent from my SM-N920I using Tapatalk
  45. S

    The cons of owning a python

    Hi all I don't think this topic has been posted before and everyone here obviously loves their pets but.. Are there any downsides to owning a python? I would really love a python and I've done my research. I've filled out the wildlife forms which are really to post. Have your say because it...
  46. GBWhite

    How many species of Death Adders are there?
  47. missie66

    Best beginners snake

    Wanting some help pls, would like some advice on the best beginners snake, the least aggressive and doesn't grow to large Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  48. andynic07


    This is my diamond/coastal python that I have had since 2012. The first picture was taken 2 weeks ago. The second was taken on 8th of May this year when I noticed a small lump on her. The third picture is of the increase in size of the lump and was taken on the 10 th of May. At this point I...
  49. Sam123


  50. ronhalling

    Diamond or Olive

    So who has seen the Hyundai Advert where the chick flicks the snake with her belt?? I have not been quick enough nor do i have a PVR so i have not yet been able to work out whether the snake is an Olive or a Diamond, Opinions please....... whatever it is it is a very interesting color. ( ͡° ͜ʖ...