morelia carinata


  1. Harry89

    QLD WTB Hatchling or young male Rough Scaled Python

    General Description Hello All, after many years of hoping and dreaming, the time has come to finally adopt a little roughy baby to give him a forever and loving home. I am willing to travel and will be hoping someone has a spare little baby boy I could take home in the next few months...
  2. P

    NSW Adult Rough-scaled Python pair

    Species Common Name Rough-scaled Python Age 6 years Length 1.5m Quantity Available 1 Pair Bred By John Weigel Australian Reptile Park General Description 6yo mature pair, excellent health, surplus to requirements Location Mid-north coast NSW Willing to Freight? Yes Contact...
  3. B

    What to get next?!

    Ever since seeing my first snake, I've been hooked. I was lucky enough to get my first snake a year ago, and a couple months ago I got a little Woma Python. And I'm rather pleased to say that I've finally gotten my own R1 reptile license (my mother holds the current license for my two current...
  4. G

    NSW Rough-scaled Python hatchies

    Species Common Name Rough-scaled Python Age Hatchies Length normal Quantity Available 8 Bred By me General Description Rough-scaled Python - Morelia carinata hatchlings for sale. Eating well on thawed fuzzy mice. Pictures are of one of my adults and one of the hatchlings available...
  5. M

    Hello I am new!1

    Hi I am new, I have just registered because I am new to keeping reptiles and I have loads of questions. I am hoping this group can help me! I have a baby Albino Darwin Carpet Python named Mango who is an absolute model citizen. He eats, sheds and handles perfectly! I also have two 1 year old...
  6. P

    All around favorite?

    I want to ask you folks from Australia what your all around favorite Aussie python is and why. I would love to own another animal here though I doubt my wife will agree. As of now I have a select few snakes that have peaked my interest that include an Olive, a Bredli and a Brisbane, locality...
  7. Stompsy

    Moving day!!

    Now I know this is a terrible picture but I'm uber excited and just had to share! Winston, the rough scaled Python is now residing in my home! When purchased, I had not obtained my license as my current residence is somewhat cramped and so he was residing at Smittiferous's place up until today...
  8. BrownHash

    World Snake Day

    Happy World Snake Day everyone To celebrate, here's a photo of a Stimson's Python from the Pilbara. Feel free to add more. by Mike, on Flickr
  9. Iguana

    Rough scaled pythons advanced?

    I don't know about the other states, but here in Victoria you need an advanced license to own one, which I find strange considering they don't appear to be rare or difficult snakes, and with some of the other larger more dangerous reptiles you can own on a basic license it's very unusual to me...
  10. Stompsy

    Few pictures of Winston

    Thought I'd share some half decent pictures of Winston, my Morelia Carinata. Enjoy. :) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Ekans

    What's your holy grail of reptiles?

    What's that one native snake, lizard, invertebrate etc that you want to someday own but your skill, its care is slightly intimidating or its rarity is holding you back? :)
  12. Snowman

    WA's new additions to the pet reptile list.

    WA has a very small list of reptiles we can keep. So it's pretty exciting when we get thrown another 6 species. Today the following was added: Childrens Python Common Tree Snake Yellow faced whip snake North western red faced turtle Banded knob tailed gecko Northern blue tongue skink...
  13. Herpo

    Olive or Jungle?

    Hi all, So I was watching a show with David Ireland a while back (Wildlife Man I think), and in it he showed what was clearly an olive python. But with full confidence, he claimed it to be a jungle python. Not Jungle Carpet Python, just Jungle Python. So my question is, is jungle python...
  14. jordos

    Need help with pricing

    Hi there guys and gals! excuse me if this isn't the right forum to ask; I'm new here. i am interested in purchasing an albino spotted Python, and am just wondering how much i should expect to be paying for a hatchling. and how much should I expect freight to be for interstate delivery? cheers :)
  15. Ellise

    price of Rough scaled pythons

    I just jumped back on the scene after a big break from reptiles and i remember prices were going down pretty steadily with roughies, does anyone have an idea of what one pays for them now? And have they changed status in licencing or anything? whats
  16. T

    Bring back the Good Old Stuff

    So I really liked the reading in that old thread Crocodoc Vs IaninOz and it got me thinking. All you guys that have been on here for a while probably remember a bunch of old threads that were a great read. Threads that were interesting, informative and entertaining. Would really appreciate if...
  17. Prof_Moreliarty

    The Freshly Shed Thread

    Hey all seeing as the old fresh shed thread is gone I thought I would start another. First up up is my Dajarra MD some rusty orange starting to come through. - - - Updated - - - And my male black and gold jungle.
  18. MatE

    New enclosure build

    Its been a while since my last post.Anyway ive got a new pair of pythons on hold and i decided they needed a new home.So today i started on a new enclosure for them.Its all pine from bunnings which ive screwed together.Im yet to work out the ventilation as im going to do a 3d background with...
  19. B

    Share your collection

    Hey all, Just looking for some inspiration. Wishing to upgrade my current reptile collection, I was wondering whether you could all contribute and tell me yours? Photos would be fantastic My current collection consists of 2x Central Netted Dragons 1x Central Bearded Dragon 2x Smooth Knob...
  20. Herpo

    General Opinion

    Hi all, Just wondering what the temperament of jungle carpet pythons is? I read a few books that said that these snakes are bad tempered and aggressive. Is that true? Bite doesn't bother me. I may be a child, but I can take the pain. So what's the opinion? Is their aggressive reputation justified?
  21. P

    favourite breed of python!

    hey everyone, just starting this thread to see everyone's favourite breed of python and why!? ill post a picture of my waters when i upload photos to my laptop :) but in the mean time lets see what everyone's favourite breeds are! DONT FORGET TO UPLOAD A PHOTO :)
  22. Tigerlily

    Does the Wildlife Department EVER get back to you?????

    I'm starting to get really frustrated with the Qld Wildlife Department and their lack of communication... how do they expect me to abide by all the strict rules and regulations if they: a. NEVER have anyone who knows anything about ANYTHING answer their phone b. Don't write back to...
  23. A

    Python Bite

    Hey Guys Im having a debate with a friend... What type of Aussie python do you think has the worst bite? Post pics if you have them........
  24. HaberfieldsReps

    VIC NT Frillies, S. Swainii, N. Amyae, Black headed monitors, Smooth Knob Tails (N. levis

    We have the following for sale: ? NT Hatchling Frillnecks ? 6 hatchlings available. Feeding well on roaches and are colouring up well. Robust healthy animals that have been vet checked. $350 each. ? Hatchling Black Headed Monitors (Varanus tristis tristis) ? 4 hatchlings available...
  25. HaberfieldsReps

    VIC Black Headeds and Womas - Hatchlings, Yearlings and Sub-adults

    We have the following available: ? 10 x Hatchling Tanami Woma?s. 7 females and 3 males available. Established feeders on fuzzy mice. All in great health and have been vet checked. Photos of individual animals are uploaded. $250 each or $450 for 2. ? Yearling Tanami Woma Females ...
  26. RoryBreaker

    Senator pushes for Quolls to replace cats as pets This Senator has said some crazy stuff in the recent past but this might be the first elected representative to say this sort of thing publicly. "He cited examples overseas of sugar gliders and...
  27. F

    Breeding. Selling. Dealers license. Farmers license. ?!?!

    Ok so its my understanding that in WA we need a dealers license to sell snakes as pets to the public. If we wish to breed more than 1 clutch per year we need to pay $1000 for a farmers license. However I see ads posted all the time listing snakes for sale and saying the transfer fee is included...
  28. swampie

    QLD Rough-scaled pythons hatchies

    Species Common Name Rough-scaled python Age 3 months Length 30 cm Quantity Available ??? Bred Byme General Description Feeding well on pinky rats. These are the last lot of Roughies I'll have available as I've now sold my adults. Location Deception Bay, QLD...
  29. 5potted

    QLD Rough scaled python hatchlings

    Species Common Name Rough scales pythons Age Hatchlings (began hatching 8th Dec) Length 30cm Quantity Available 12 Bred By Me General Description Rough scaled python hathlings. Pictures once established feeders. $250 for 1, $450 for 2. Unsexed. Photo of Mum. Must have appropriate...
  30. beastcreature

    Rough Scaled Pythons

    Does anybody here have information they can offer me about 'separate lines' of Rough scaled python? Was the founding captive stock segregated into pairs or were they interchangeable? How many of them produced offspring?
  31. Q

    Freight of snakes interstate

    I am considering buying my first pair of rough Scaled Pythons, but they are located in SA and I need them to be freighted by australian air express to melbourne. I just wanted to know what the process is with picking them up from the airport and the risks as I don't want the animals to perish...
  32. markannab

    Reptile Licence Clarification?

    Hi all I have an R1 licence and am purchasing a rough-scaled python so have initiated upgrading my licence. I thought NSW licencing was as simple as R1, R2, etc. and I'd have to go to R2. But the paperwork shows something totally different: Advanced Non Venomous, Advanced Category 1, Advanced...
  33. Vala

    What type of snake is this?

    Good morning :) I was watching my dogs outside this morning because I have been suspecting I had a snake in my back yard for a while now, and it took me a while but I realised I was standing next to this! im in queensland (laidley. Near gatton), and recently moved up here from victoria, and it...
  34. moosenoose

    Rough Scaled Python Photos

    I haven't posted in awhile, but thought I'd share a couple of snaps I took yesterday. I haven't taken any photos of RSP's before, but this ended up a fairly productive...and interesting session. I had two of them on the go, but the boy decided he'd had enough of me. Love the teeth on these guys...
  35. P

    Olive python feeding question.

    I have not been able to find much info on this subject but I read the Mark O'shea book BOAS AND PYTHONS OF THE WORLD In the book he mentions the scrub python having a potential predator, and that predator was said to be the Olive Python. I don't think I have seen much other info on the subject...
  36. B

    NSW Rough Scaled Python Pair

    Species Common Name Rough Scaled Python Age Subadults Quantity Available 1 pair Bred By Snake Ranch General Description Beautiful looking Rough scaled pythons, these were bred by Snake Ranch and come from a rather nice line. $600 for the pair, or best offers, considered. Location...
  37. D

    Regular Carpet Python?

    I spotted this beauty today while kayak today. I noticed he/he was in Shed so I didnt harass it to much. Is it just a regular Carpet Python or is there a special name for this colour? All the others I have seen have note red/brown in them. But this one was more grey. Or maybe the colour was...
  38. PremierPythons

    QLD FOR SALE: Juvenile Rough-Scaled Pythons

    Species Common Name Rough-scaled Python Age Hatched: 1/2/14 Quantity Available 5 left Bred By Premier Pythons General Description All are feeding well and growing quickly. These guys are delightful pythons. They are just starting to show the first signs of...
  39. jedi_339

    Recreational reptile list for QLD

    I have been looking for the QLD species list today to find out if Varanus caudolineatus are allowed under a standard recreational license, I am almost certain they are, however after the numerous departmental name changes that have occured in recent years I can't find the list for QLD anymore...
  40. yommy

    NSW Rough Scaled Pythons

    Species Common Name Rough Scaled Python Age Going on 7 months. Hatched between Christmas and NYE Length 300-350mm Quantity Available 4 Females and 1 Male Bred By Myself General Description These guys are smashing thawed hopper to weaned mice and are ready to find new...
  41. Y

    Brown snake or Tiger

    Hello all, In advance sorry i dont have a more complete photo but this guy jumped me while on a walk today, i should note that it had a grey hood that can not be seen in the photos, cream / tan and brown large banding.So what ya think? I peronally think its a tiger for these reason one...
  42. PremierPythons

    QLD FS: Rough-Scaled Python Hatchlings

    Species Common Name Rough-Scaled Python Age Hatched 1/2/14 Length Hatchling Quantity Available 7 Bred By Premier Pythons General Description All are feeding well and growing quickly. These guys are delightful pythons. They are just starting to show the...
  43. HaberfieldsReps

    VIC NT Frilly Hatchlings

    4 x NT Frilly hatchlings. 6-8 weeks old. Feeding well on woodies. Unable to sex accurately at this age. All are in guaranteed good health. Photos are from a few years ago however are from the same line and are representative of the animals for sale. Freight available for purchases greater...
  44. jordanmulder

    This seasons Hauls (Pic heavy)

    So I thought I'd post a thread sharing some of my photo's from this years sightings. I've been able to find a whole heap of new species for me in my local area, a rather broad definition of the word 'local' too. I will start with reptiles from the newcastle-central coast vicinity... Red belly...
  45. C

    Australian Representative Herp Body

    The whole australian representative herp body thing was to much messing about and not enough action... If they just said what they wanted to achieve and what they needed from people, it would of happened. If people saw what benefits they would personally get out of it, they would get behind it...
  46. T

    Snake ID Sunshine Coast

    Hi Guys, I found this snake in my backyard and was hoping to get an ID. Sorry the photo's are pretty terrible. He is about 60-70cm long, grey-brownish skin which was more matte than shinny and larger scales than other snakes I've seen, distinct black spots/checkers down the body, black tongue...
  47. HaberfieldsReps

    VIC Womas and Black headeds

    We have the following for sale: 2 x 6 month old male BHPs 1 x 6 month old pair of tanami womas All are in guaranteed good health. Photos show parents however not specific animals - can be arranged for serious enquirers if needed. Freight available for purchases greater than $500. $80 to...
  48. HaberfieldsReps

    VIC Amyae, Asper, Levis

    We have the following for sale: 7 x N. amyae hatchlings - $350 each 5 x N. asper hatchlings - $300 each 6 x N. levis hatchlings - $120 each or $600 for all 6. All are in guaranteed good health. Freight available for purchases greater than $500. $80 to AAE major city locations. Willing to...
  49. GlenyseT

    Settling in a new hatchling

    I should be settling in a new Children's or Stimson's python sometime in the next month. I have done some research and I know it best to leave them alone with minimal handling for the first couple of weeks. I work at home as a family day care educator and have 4 children under 5 in the house 3...
  50. ChewyMonster

    Snake ID SEQ, thanks

    Hi Guys Sorry for the crappy quality, but can anyone ID this snake for me? It was by our house at 6pm, right by where my young kids were playing :shock: We live in a rural valley near Mt Tamborine. It was pretty feisty, making me think it could be a juvenile EB (Oh, I hope I'm wrong on this...