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  1. Iguana

    when to start feeding again?

    Hey everyone, I was wondering when brumation 'ends' and I start feeding my pythons again? It's their first year of brumation and i've been reading a couple different times for when it should end. Some say start of September, others say mid, or even October. It's pretty cold here in Melbourne...
  2. Iguana

    Cage Pacing

    hey everyone, it's my first time brumating my reptiles, and it's been a learning curve so far. I've dropped the heat, in time not temperature, and taken away about 2 hours of lighting for everyone. But I don't know if they are actually 'brumating' or not, I say this because both my Diamond...
  3. Iguana

    Should I Brumate?

    Hey all, So as some may know I recently moved my jungle into his 4ftH adult enclosure (about 3 months ago), this enclosure has a CHE and is only on during the day. As opposed to the 24/7 heat pad he had in his last. After I moved him in he fasted for 2 months, and refused to bask, only coming...
  4. Iguana

    Jungle Not Eating In New Enclosure

    hey everyone, I'm having an issue with my jungle not having any interest in food, by that I mean despite doing all my normal tricks to get him to eat, he isn't having any of it. He is sometimes out and about around 9pm or so, an hour or two after the lighting/heating goes off, so I took that...
  5. B


    My JCP is in the blue again. This will be the second molt in a month. I'm not sure if this is normal, or not, or if it's younger than I thought. Anyone able to help? Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  6. G

    First Snake help

    I'm wanting to get a pet snake (in the near future) but I Don't know which to get. I've never had a snake before so I want to get one that's okay for beginners. I was looking at the Jungle Carpet Python but after being told by many people it's not a good first snake I'm looking into what...
  7. jscarlett

    Jungle Yearling

    Female jungle carpet python, 1yr 8 months old and roughly 1m in length. Very nice colour and pattern. Feeding on defrosted mice and excellent feeder. Contact if interest, willing to freight. [email protected] or 0401476044.
  8. jscarlett

    Cape York Jungle

    Beautiful Cape York Jungle carpet pythons female, 9 months old. Very distinct bold makings on this snake. Feeding on defrosted mice. Pickup from northern beaches or freight can be organised. Contact if interested [email protected] or 0401476044.
  9. floweringqueen

    Weird Behaviour Jungle 3yrold

    I'm new to this and learning slowly.. I've had Dayah for a few months and she seemed settled in her new larger enclosure. She has decided suddenly, with change of owner, that she doesn't think rats are pretty enough to eat :oops: So she had 5wks then 7wks no food. Eventually I feed her F/T...
  10. jscarlett

    Jungle carpets

    Cape York pair and 1 B&G female available. All established feeders and ready for a new home. Willing to freight. Contact if interested [email protected] or 0401476044.
  11. UKpythonlover83

    Irian jaya???

    I have to carpet pythons , male is clearly a classic jungle carpet but my female looks very different , iv looked at many sub species and the only one she resembles is the Irian jaya??? What do u guys think ? [emoji4] 1.1 breeding carpet pythons 1 Female het Kahl dwarf boa (Bo) 1 Female...
  12. jscarlett

    Cape York Jungle

    Cape York jungle carpet pythons, both males and females available. All established feeding on defrosted mice. Willing to fright. Contact [email protected] or 0401476044 if interested.
  13. jscarlett

    Jungle carpet python

    Black and gold jungle carpet python male. 1.5 years old eating defrosted adult mice. Handled on a weekly basis. Willing to freight. Contact if interested [email protected] or 0401476044
  14. B

    Hi all

    I'm a first time owner of an adult morelia spilota cheynei. I have no idea of its age, or gender We're doing fairly well so far. S/he feeds once a week on large rats, and has shed once, much to the cats fascination. Looking for advice on care and such
  15. vjungle

    Cowley Female Jungle Python

    Species Common Name Jungle Python Age 2 year + Length 85cm Quantity Available 1 Bred By TruBlue General Description Black and yellow female Cowley Beach Jungle. She feeds and sheds with out any issues what so ever, high contrast colour, handles OK!!! not to bad for a Cowley...
  16. jscarlett

    Jungle carpet pythons

    Jungle carpet python hatchlings, born January 2016. All established feeder on defrosted mice. 1 tableland jungle female and a pair of cape york jungles. Pick up from northern beaches or western suburbs freight can be organised. Contact 0401476044 or [email protected] if interested.
  17. S

    Novice help needed please - heating/lighting

    My 9 year old daughter and I have recently acquired our first snakes. The more I read, search for products, talk to people, the more confused/unsure I become. The snakes are both 5-6 months old. My daughter has a Bredli, I have a Jungle Python. They are housed together in a reptile enclosure...
  18. jscarlett

    Jungle carpet pyhons

    Jungle Carpet pythons 6 months to 1.5 years old, males and females available. Black and gold, cape York and other types. All feeding well and ready to go. Contact if interested 0401476044, [email protected]. Pickup from northern beaches or Penrith area. Freight can be done if needed.
  19. mattG

    Jungle Pythons

    Species Common Name Jungle Carpet Pythons Age 18 months Quantity Available 7 Bred By myself Location Sunshine Coast, Qld Willing to Freight? Yes
  20. jscarlett

    Jungle carpet python yearlings

    2 Females advertised. both yearling and established feeding on adult mice or rats. Contact if interested. [email protected], 0401476044. Pick up from northern beaches or freight can be organised.
  21. floweringqueen

    Rehomed Jungle Python Feeding Conditions

    I've had my 3yr old Jungle for 4wks now, my first, so it's a steep learning curve. Her viv is a large aquarium with a temp gradient of 34 - 22. She didn't feed until just yesterday, it had been 5wks. I am using a feed plastic box but she just wasn't interested in dead rat. She's been fed frozen...
  22. AusReptiles

    Big Downsizing Sale! RP Blondes, Albino Darwins, Womas, Jungles, Native Greens

    General Description We have decided to downsize and therefore have a good selection of holdbacks and Breeders available. Reduced Pattern, Lined Blonde Spotteds Juvis – from $200, Holdback 18month olds – $450 & Breeding Trio available $500ea or $1300 Trio Tanami Female 18 month old – $200...
  23. deebo

    Caramel Zebra Female

    Species Common Name Caramel Zebra Female Age 7 months Length 20cm Quantity Available 1 Bred By myself General Description Caramel Zebra female feeding well on fuzzy rats and growing well. Parents were a palmerston jungle and a caramel zebra. Pictures of parents and the hatchling...
  24. B

    What do you do with uneaten rodents?

    Unthawed a pair of rat fuzzies and a mouse for my two snake- the older one is a consistent feeder and just shed last week and already taken one feed the day after. The other snake I got a week ago and thought it would be best to feed him. well imagine my suprise when I noticed my older snakes...
  25. Nero Egernia

    Old Age in Reptiles

    Today was a rare sunny day, but it was still rather chilly. Somehow the Netted Dragons knew this and this morning after almost two months of brumating they were waiting on their basking rock for me to turn the lights on. The female looked alright but the male looked a little worse for wear. They...
  26. A

    Jungle Pythons

    Hello, just wondering in regards to Jungles if there is anything other then attitude i should expect from them? I have recently sold off my other pythons and am looking to get into more visually appealing pythons and have landed on Jungles (yellow & Black). Just looking for any experiences...
  27. A

    Melamine vs Cabinet

    I am planning to get a bearded dragon at the end of the year, so am planning to start building my enclosure so it's all ready. I have built two melamine enclosures, though I was wondering if there is any preferences/benefits between melamine or an old cabinet?
  28. Telescopus

    Jungle Python For Sale ref: RFJX1

    Species Common Name Jungle Python Age 18 Months Length SVL 500 mm Quantity Available 1 Bred By General Description High yellow and black. Holdback. Not too snappy. Location Kewarra Beach Willing to Freight? Yes at your expense Contact Details 0499784030 License Number...
  29. T

    Confirmation please

    I am a bit dubious about my seller and purchase. Just hoping someone can confirm/advise on what species/subspecies my fella might be? Sent from my SM-G920I using Tapatalk
  30. Iguana

    Jungle not striking?

    My Jungle has always been kind of a finicky eater, but lately he has been refusing to strike at the rat. He will sometimes nip it if I annoy him enough with it but he won't grab a hold of it. As of now I'll put it in a coil and he'll constrict, later he will eat it when the room is quiet. Any...
  31. PythonMelb

    Are these mites ?!

    Hi guys, I've noticed a number of these little bugs in my two enclosures and I fear that they are mites. See attached photos - is someone able to confirm what these are? And if possible give me some info on these and how to get rid of them. Thanks in advance. Dave
  32. Virides

    Need help understand Jags

    Hey all! It would be really appreciated if you could help out below, even if you only know a part of the puzzle :) So we have had a customer add "Jag" to our species list for the Name Plates. We know that a Jag is essentially a coastal but can also be a hybrid. This creates problems because...
  33. T

    Intro and Handling Question

    Our family has recently welcomed our first reptile - an 18mth Jungle Python, which we have named Noodle (sex unknown!) I am a bit concerned about his previous care, with the owner saying he was only on one rat fuzzie/week to "keep him small" - he is very thin and last week I offered him two...
  34. jscarlett

    Jungle Carpet Pythons

    Variety of jungle carpet pythons all in great health, feeding on defrosted mice and over 1yr old. Some with really good temperament. Also a few that have been crossed 75%jungle 25%Diamond. Contact if interested. $200 each or $350 for a pair. Pickup northern beaches or willing to freight...
  35. M

    Is my carpet python julatten or axanthic?

    Pretty straight forward question I guess. How do I know if my black and white jungle is julatten or axanthic? I have done some research and from my understanding, both the julatten and axanthic jungle carpet pythons are black and white but one is worth over 3k while the other is worth about...
  36. K

    Hi Everyone

    Hi I am just starting out in Pythons and my question is what type of Python would you say is good for a Newbie to start off with. Cheers Kevin
  37. B

    Jungle Carpet Python behaviour

    Hi there all, I'm somewhat of a newbie, only having owned our Jungle for about a year, and I didn't know about this forum until recently, so I thought I'd join and post a curiosity. We have a 2yo Jungle, around 1.2m long and very chilled out. She (no idea of sex, although we've called her...
  38. ninja_snake

    2x Jungle Pythons and Enclosure

    Species Common Name Jungle Python black and gold Downsizing my collection and sadly time to let my two beautiful black and gold jungles go. I have had them both since hatchlings (born late 2011 by Col Johnson at Col’s Reptiles). Age 5 years Length 1.2 to 1.4m approx Quantity Available 2...
  39. alichamp

    New Intro - working our way to a snake

    Hi everyone, Thought I'd introduce myself since I'll be lurking for a while. My 8 yo daughter is in to reptiles in a BIG way and has been for a couple of years. She is a very responsible kid who craves knowledge so I'm doing everything I can to support her in her interest. We are members of...
  40. StunningMorelia

    Photos of my Jungle Carpet Pythons

    Thought I'd put a thread up just to show some photos of my Jungles. Main line I am interested in is the Montgomery Palmerston, if anyone sees any pop up, please let me know! Monty the Montgomery Palmerston Python from Pure Reptiles aka Vixen on here (first three photos by PureReptiles, last one...
  41. callumsikone

    BHP, Jungle Carpets

    Species Common Name Jungle Capet Python, Black Headed Python Length BHP-6ft Male Jungle-3.5ft Female Jungle-6ft Bred By Male Jungle-SXR Line (B&G) Female BHP-have it written somewhere if interested let me know and I will try to find it. Female Jungle-Unknown. General Description Female...
  42. BredliFreak

    What have you been bitten by?

    What have you been bitten by? Categories apply Skink: Small skinks (i.e eulamprus, saproscincus pseudemoia lampropholis). Blueys have tried (inlcuding pet one), haven't been bitten yet and am very paranoid lol Dragon: Many jackies Geckos/pygopods: Christinus marmoratus, once Monitors: none...
  43. S

    Getting Fat?

    Hi There, I have a for and half year old Jungle Carpet and I feed her a large rat every 12 or so days and took this photo today because I think I maybe over feeding her as she is looking portly :) Am I wrong or just over worried? Usually when she starts roaming around her enclosure I find that...
  44. G

    Heating newly built tank

    hey guys, so i recently built a tank with melamine that's 1000x600x800mm (LxWxH) and was looking for some help in regards to heating. I intend to use a single ceramic heat emitter (with a cage around it of course) but was unsure of how strong to get it so as to maintain decent temp gradient...
  45. Paintedpythons

    Palmiston jungle pythons

    Species Common Name palmiston jungle pythons Age hatched late 2012 Length Quantity Available 2 Bred By General Description high contrast black and yellow pair He is a real striker but she is reasonable to handle Location Brisbane north side side...
  46. J

    jungle Python owners please read :)

    Hi everyone just needing opinions on what type of enclosure to get for my jungle I know they like to be up high etc. I would like to see other owners enclosures to give me a rough idea and advice is greatly appreciated! I'm getting it custom made so need ideas :) Thanks
  47. Iguana

    Signs of illness in snakes

    I know of scale rot and RI's, things like that. What I'm really worried about is stuff like DPS, IBD, Sunshine virus ect. I have a diamond and have heard the horror stories of all the neurological problems they can have, so I will admit I'm somewhat paranoid about it. He has exhibited some...
  48. J

    New to Pythons

    Hey guys I'm new to AussiePythons and the whole python scene, I know this might sound a bit silly but I'm wondering if someone could inform me on a few things. I'm interested in purchasing a nice yellow jungle python and I'm wondering what the differences are when someone says the likes of...
  49. ShaunMorelia

    Been a while, So here's an update.

    Hey all, It's been a long time since I've visited and even longer since I've contributed, so here's an update. These are just the animals that I have pictures of, some aren't recent but most were taken over the past week. If you're on Facebook, you may recognise them. First up is one of the...
  50. Herpo

    Olive or Jungle?

    Hi all, So I was watching a show with David Ireland a while back (Wildlife Man I think), and in it he showed what was clearly an olive python. But with full confidence, he claimed it to be a jungle python. Not Jungle Carpet Python, just Jungle Python. So my question is, is jungle python...