morelia spilota mcdowelli

  1. bluedragon

    python ID

    this was last month i saw this python on the beach a guy came on beach and got it off.
  2. O

    Is my coastal carpet python undersized/underfeed??

    I brought my coastal carpet Gini from a breeder last August, who said she was born in February that year. With that said she's only 3 months shy of being too, but she seems really really small when I compare her to other snakes her age and breed. I'm worried she might have worms or that I've...
  3. Tim-morelia

    Outdoor Averies

    Hey guys Anyone have snakes living in averies can you post some pics as I'm about to go down that road with diamonds and coastals
  4. P

    NSW Striped Coastal Carpet Python male

    Species Common Name Coastal Carpet Python Age 5 years Length 1.5m Quantity Available 1 Bred By me General Description Nice healthy animal, good temperament Location Mid-north coast NSW Willing to Freight? yes, at buyer's expense or can deliver locally Contact Details PM or 0421...
  5. dragonlover1

    Ballot winner

    Hi everyone,got an email from OEH the other night offering a chance in a ballot for confiscated reptiles.So I entered and I actually had a win,scored a beautiful coastal carpet python.Here is first pic; more pics to follow as he/she is in quarantine ATM
  6. I


    I now have lights in my tank its a moonlight I have on at night and I turn it off during the day if its gonna be hot. my hot end is between 29 and 32 and cold end is about 27 to 29. night time with the light is 30 to 32 and cold end is still about the same 27 to 29 humidity is about 50%. he...
  7. T

    Help needed ASAP for CCP - Red scales?

    I have a nearly 3 year old, 5-6 foot long Coastal Carpet Python. Tonight while watching her feed, I noticed she has reddish/pink blotches (almost like pale skin would look after you slapped it) running near her underbelly. My first thought, after being shocked, was scale rot or burns. I...
  8. I

    whats the difference between murry, coastal, darling pythons

    Hi been going though some old threads and was wondering what the difference is between the murry, darlings and coastal ? or are they the same just different sizes or am I just stupid lol
  9. M

    QLD Large male coastal carpet (proven breeder)

    Species Common Name coastal carpet Age 7 years old Length 7ft Quantity Available 1 Bred By me General Description large, healthy, placid male coastal. Very healthy, feeds and sheds perfect. No tyre kickers. Don't contact me unless your are genuinely interested. After...
  10. J

    Snake acting STRANGE !!!

    Hi Guys, i have a coastal carpet 22 months. She has been acting strange lately. when she is moving, suddenly she would burst out with energy and move really fast hitting the sides of the cages and stop again as if they were involuntary mpavements... U can tell that she is not comfy as once that...
  11. kittycat17

    Problem feeder.

    I've got an almost 2 yr old coastal who just has no food drive and never has since she hatched... She will take adult mice and quails but usually only when being held. When offered prey she shows no interest after smelling it once and it's a real battle to get her to take a mouse to the point...
  12. P

    Narrowing things down.

    This ultimately comes down to a personal decision, but I'm looking for experiences with these 2 species. Coastal carpets from the south. Brisbane locality animals, preferably the type that gets the largest, and Morelia Bredli. I'm specifically looking to find which species IN GENERAL, is the...
  13. B

    What to get next?!

    Ever since seeing my first snake, I've been hooked. I was lucky enough to get my first snake a year ago, and a couple months ago I got a little Woma Python. And I'm rather pleased to say that I've finally gotten my own R1 reptile license (my mother holds the current license for my two current...
  14. P

    All around favorite?

    I want to ask you folks from Australia what your all around favorite Aussie python is and why. I would love to own another animal here though I doubt my wife will agree. As of now I have a select few snakes that have peaked my interest that include an Olive, a Bredli and a Brisbane, locality...
  15. Rox.n.Lix

    VIC Amazing enclosure and 11yo Coastal

    Species Common Name Coastal Age 11 yrs Length 8ft Quantity Available 1 Bred By General Description MAKE AN OFFER Will consider selling snake/enclosure separately. It is with great regret I’m selling my 11 year old coastal carpet python, Lix, and his custom made, Angkor Wat inspired...
  16. A

    What subspecies of carpet python is my snake?

    Just got my second carpet python, the breeder didn't really know what type of carpet he/she was. Its around 5 months old and 40cm long give or take
  17. pinefamily

    SA Coastal python pair

    Species Common Name Coastal python Age 2 Length Appropriate Quantity Available 2 Bred By URS General Description Healthy pair of coastals, female confirmed by vet, male by visual confirmation only. Good temperaments. Location Adelaide Willing to Freight? Yes, at buyer's expense...
  18. M

    NSW Diamond and Coastal Carpet Python Hatchlings

    General Description I'm looking for one Diamond Python and one Coastal Carpet Python hatchling. Location NSW Willing to pay for Freight? Yes Contact Details 0468404676 - Please text me as I will not be able to take any calls. Other Details
  19. C

    Selling Coastal Carpet Python procedure(QLD)

    Hi All, I am hoping to get some helpful advice on the correct procedure for selling a 2 meter Coastal Carpet Python in S.E QLD on behalf of someone else. It is our daughters snake but she has moved over seas, initially she was only going on holiday but has now decided to stay a few more years...
  20. A

    Jungle Pythons

    Hello, just wondering in regards to Jungles if there is anything other then attitude i should expect from them? I have recently sold off my other pythons and am looking to get into more visually appealing pythons and have landed on Jungles (yellow & Black). Just looking for any experiences...
  21. M

    Looking for two McDowell's Carpet python hatchlings

    General Description Hey fellas, I was looking for two Morelia spilota mcdowelli hatchlings. I'm looking for them to have already had their first feed and roughly 1 - 4 weeks old. I am also happy to be put on a waiting list if you are able to get some in. Location Ryde, Sydney Contact...
  22. Rox.n.Lix

    VIC Amazing enclosure and 11yo Coastal

    Species Common Name Coastal Carpet -Brisbane locale (?) Age 11 yo Length 8 feet Quantity Available 1 Bred By Unknown General Description MAKE AN OFFER *Could deliver on May 22 if not too far* Will consider selling snake/enclosure separately. It is with great regret I’m selling my 11...
  23. pixie

    My Partner wants me to "get rid" of my snake!

    So I've been living with this guy for a year, we are engaged and about to start ivf. Recently he's asked (well no, he's TOLD me) to rehome my 10y/o coastal carpet python. He then got the grumps that I compared it to making him choose between me and the kid he's already got! Totally...
  24. T

    Confirmation please

    I am a bit dubious about my seller and purchase. Just hoping someone can confirm/advise on what species/subspecies my fella might be? Sent from my SM-G920I using Tapatalk
  25. Striker94

    What next?

    Hey all i am new to snake keeping but am already hooked and so fascinated by them. currently have a stimsons python that is just over a year old but am already thinking about another addition. I would love to hear people opinion on what the bet snake to keep is? I would like something that will...
  26. Chris1

    Snake ID

    Hoping some of you wonderful aps-ers can identify the snakes in this pic. They were found under a tent at treachery beach camping ground. (near seal rocks) Thanks in advance, Chris
  27. andynic07

    Finally bred my diamond/coastals

    I have finally bred my diamond cross coastals and this is the mother , father and one of the babies. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  28. S

    NSW Coastal Carpets - some striped - from $100

    Species Common Name Coastal Carpet Pythons Age Feb 2016 Length young Quantity Available 10 Bred By myself General Description Nice little carpet pythons, some with partial striping and one or two with near full-length dorsal stripe. Ranging in colour from reddish/orange...
  29. Toska

    One year on

    It has been nearly a year since I was surprised with my little Noodlette She was about 3 months old and a whopping 20 something grams. When I first got her I freaked out about everything, "is she warm enough?", "What if the thermostat isn't working properly?", "She won't eat"(it took her 5 days...
  30. K

    Hi Everyone

    Hi I am just starting out in Pythons and my question is what type of Python would you say is good for a Newbie to start off with. Cheers Kevin
  31. alichamp

    New Intro - working our way to a snake

    Hi everyone, Thought I'd introduce myself since I'll be lurking for a while. My 8 yo daughter is in to reptiles in a BIG way and has been for a couple of years. She is a very responsible kid who craves knowledge so I'm doing everything I can to support her in her interest. We are members of...
  32. Smittiferous

    Anyone get anything from the VHS expo?

    Went there unsure of what was available, was hoping for a Spencer's.... Instead I made off with an RSP, a pair of N. Levis and a V. Indicus (latter two from Haberfield's Reptiles) What (if anything) did anyone else pick up??
  33. S

    Coastal carpet with stiff upper body section HELP

    Hi we recently acquired a 8ft coastal carpet 2 months ago. He was a previous education animal at a wildlife zoo, there was no feeding history or any details given. Looked like a very healthy snake. Has shed once badly and still has some on chin required help water spray and herpa shed. Has only...
  34. Herpo

    Slipped Skin Disease

    Hi all, I don't know if it was resolved on the other thread, but is it possible that the injuries on Starlords Diamond Python are from Slipped Skin Disease? As soon as I saw the pics, that's what I was reminded of. I don't wanna start an argument, just curious. Cheers, Herpo
  35. Herpo

    What Snake?

    Hi all, So I might be moving to Tumut in future, and if we do move, I'll be able to get a new snake. Which one is my question, I'm looking for something different, and olives do impress and interest me. Do you think they would suit me as a second snake? Size isn't an issue, my family is always...
  36. cirice

    Another Case of Tape On Snake

    My current enclosure had (not has, HAD) duct tape on the back in little segments, to keep the thermometer attached. I got up around 2 this morning, checked on my snake (Coastal Carpet Python), and saw he had a tiny bit on his back. No big deal, I thought. A bit concerning but it was barely...
  37. B

    Bredl's python - not feeding, getting worried.

    Ok, so here are the basic details: -Male -Approx 2 metres long -Had for 4+ years -Has been a fussy feeder in the past but nothing like this Feel like I have tried everything - he hasn't eaten now for approx 8 months. Nothing has changed e.g. temps are good, tried different kinds of food, have...
  38. P

    NSW Various pythons. Prices negotiable!

    Selling collection as partner doesn't have time to handle them much any more and we are moving interstate. All prices are negotiable as we need them gone ASAP. Wheatbelt stimson python Male 2-3ft long $150 Hypo Centralian python (bredli) Male 5 1/2-6ft long $350 Proserpine...
  39. Iguana

    Diamond care help (DPS)

    I recently acquired a 2yr old diamond python, never had one before and don't have too much experience so I thought it would be like keeping a Carpet. The guy at the store didn't tell me about DPS or Diamond python syndrome, which after heavy reading I now know exists. He is in a 4X2X2 (indoor)...
  40. jeffc

    Snake's Habitual Characteristics

    Hello everyone, I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask my question, since most you guys are having snakes as pets, you might be able to help me out. (admin, please let me know if this is the wrong place to ask questions) I recently moved into a new house, there's a bush at the back of...
  41. AmyDefty

    In need of someone experienced enough to sex an adult coastal carpet python

    Hey guys I have recently acquired an adult coastal carpet and would like it sexed. I am located in Mount Gravatt, Brisbane. He/she is approx 4 years old and about 1.5 metres long, haven't actually measured yet. Looking for someone experienced in sexing and breeding carpets as I want to make sure...
  42. cirice

    Changing my method of heating?

    Hey all. I have a two year old Coastal Carpet Python who is 1.7m long right now. I don't know it's sex (I'm suspecting female) so I just refer to it as a he. He's the only reptile I've ever owned (so far, at least) and so I haven't had any experience with heat lamps for different species...
  43. J

    problems regulating temperature in tank

    Hey everyone after some advice..we have recently moved house after 4 years of living in one house. Have moved a 6 year old coastal carpet python with us, she never had a problem with temperature in the previous room in this enclosure but this house gets a lot hotter.. She seems alright...
  44. Kitah

    QLD 4yo Reduced pattern Proserpine Coastal Carpet pair

    Species Common Name Proserpine Coastal Carpet Age 4 Quantity Available 1m 1f Bred By Keyarna (Vixen) General Description 4yo locality pure Proserpine Coastal Carpet Pythons with reduced patterns- they have a nearly complete dorsal line. They aren't the best to handle, the female is just...
  45. Herpo

    Filling out Those Blue Licence Forms

    Hi all, Here in NSW, you have a page to fill out a send to the licencing bodies every year regarding things like number of reptiles in your possession and things like that. Now, we have to give it in before April every year, and my question is this; how do I class Popeye (as he is a cross...
  46. W

    Lake Cathie

    I have been staying around Lake Cathie for the Christmas break and got to play with my new lens, a Tamron 150-600mm, and had some fun with it. Not many reptiles but this thread may be added to. Eastern Water Dragon (Intellagama lesueurii) Lace Monitor (Varanus varius) I have found two of...
  47. 5hane

    herping and relocating photos from the mooloolah valley

    Thought i'd start a thread to share pictures of the reptiles I find while herping in Mooloolah Valley. I'll also include photos of reptiles I relocate from residences in Mooloolah Valley, I offer a free service for local residents. First call out, Morelia spilota mcdowelli, coastal carpet...
  48. BredliFreak

    Snake catching experiences

    Hi everyone, As my herp addiction continues, I have realised I want to learn how to deal with venomous snakes, so I was wondering: -What was the first snake you caught, and how/why? -What tips / experience do you have to share with beginners who want to deal with vens? My personal experience...
  49. Herpo

    So I'm Going Away and...

    Hi all, For Christmas this year. we are going to Malaney, QLD, to visit some friends. Because it's so far away (around 12 hours nonstop, but at our pace, 2 days) I asked if we could bring Popeye with us. Long story short, his wife is scared of snakes, so it's a no go. Last time we left like...
  50. ViperReptiles

    Thoughts on UV Lights?

    So I'm in the process of building a snake rack, I've watched quite a few videos about them and although they all tell me about heating and all of that, none say anything about lighting. What are your opinions on lighting for a snake? Do you think they need a UVB Light?