morelia spilota spilota

  1. D

    How long do Diamond Python's live for in captivity?

    How old were your diamond pythons when they died of old age? I've read some places that they normally live to about 20-25 years, however I have heard some second-hand anecdotal evidence that people have had them live to 50 or 60 years old. What experiences do people here have?
  2. J

    NSW Diamond python juveniles, $220 each (SOLD)

    Diamond Pythons (Morelia spilota spilota) juveniles from black/gold/white parents (see photo). These three were held back from last year’s clutch because they were slow to start feeding. They are all feeding well now on hopper mice and are ready to go. They will make great pets as the have a...
  3. Iguana

    Medical Mystery- Diamond python

    Hey everyone, long time no post... I'm hoping to see if anyone else has experienced what I currently am with my 3-4y.o diamond python. Yes, this is also the same one with the burns, but that has been sorted and his scales are mending nicely :). New problem though unfortunately, He has these...
  4. LilithLeChat

    Eating a mouse butt-first pics

    Female Diamond Python (7 months old) eating a weaner mouse butt-first, probably ready to move onto adult mice.
  5. LilithLeChat

    Juvie Diamond Python behaviour

    Hello, A complete newbie here. After wanting a snake for years, and researching information of what would be a best beginner snake, plus what do I need to get and do for its physical well-being, I have finally bought a juvenile Diamond python about a month ago. She* is a great feeder and...
  6. Iguana

    Python behavior changes

    Hey everyone, I'm a little worried about some behavior my diamond python is exhibiting and was wondering if it's normal or caused by something. He used to be very energetic and curious, almost constantly roaming around his tank. But lately he seems very lethargic, he lays half in and half...
  7. Iguana

    when to start feeding again?

    Hey everyone, I was wondering when brumation 'ends' and I start feeding my pythons again? It's their first year of brumation and i've been reading a couple different times for when it should end. Some say start of September, others say mid, or even October. It's pretty cold here in Melbourne...
  8. Iguana

    Cage Pacing

    hey everyone, it's my first time brumating my reptiles, and it's been a learning curve so far. I've dropped the heat, in time not temperature, and taken away about 2 hours of lighting for everyone. But I don't know if they are actually 'brumating' or not, I say this because both my Diamond...
  9. C

    Diamond Python Help

    Hi all, I'm rather new to this and there seems to be a lot of different opinions out there about diamonds. So, I was wondering what an appropriate set up would be for a 12-18 month old diamond python. What I'm interested in is what size enclosure, what heating/lighting equipment, and...
  10. Iguana

    Stuck Shed Diamond,

    Hi all, So my Diamond python has had shed troubles in the past, but nothing like this. He is covered in small and medium patches of retained shed, which is persistent on not coming off. I left him completely alone during his cycle, and did try to maintain the humidity as high as I could...
  11. Iguana

    Skin shedding issues/skin issues

    Hi everyone, my diamond python isn't a great 'shedder', and has a history of skin problems with a few more recent ones, I am wondering if this is a husbandry problem and if so how I can fix it. He doesn't soak in his bowl, and as a result I have to constantly spray his cage when he is about to...
  12. Pauls_Pythons

    VIC Diamond Pythons

    Species Common Name Diamond Pythons Age 8 Months Length Age Appropriate Quantity Available 4 (2M 2F) Bred By Me General Description Choice of 4 advanced hatchlings startng to colour up nicely showing a high level of yellow & green through their markings. Handle quite well for hatchies...
  13. B

    Diamond Python Care

    Hi guys! Its that time of year again when im looking at snagging a new snake at next years Expo- and as of now I've narrowed my list down to a Diamond Python (or perhaps a Jungle, but I'm 100% certain it will be an arboreal species). Just a few general questions- I would really appreciate any...
  14. E

    NSW Adult Diamond Pair free to good home

    Quantity Available 2 General Description I have recently been offered an interstate job and need to find a new home for my adult diamond python pair. The male is Black and White and the female is black and yellow, both are rarely handled but have good temperments. They feed awesome on adult...
  15. A

    RI Treatment

    Hi I've just come home to find my 18 month diamond Python has what looks to be RI does anyone have home treatment tricks? I've found on google a way to treat them with Vicks vapor rub in hot water put them in a tub with it so they inhale it is this safe? Has anyone got any other methods? I've...
  16. nick_75

    QLD Log Book Recording stimsoni subspecies

    Hi, A quick question for any stimsoni keepers in QLD, have you recorded the scientific name of species to the subspecies? eg Antaresia stimsoni stimsoni or Antaresia stimsoni orientalis Has orientalis been officially recognised? Cheers, Nick
  17. Iguana

    Any advice for diamond keeper?

    Hey everyone, I know I've asked about this stuff a few times, but I wanted to get some feedback on some setup ideas, I haven't implemented any of them yet, I just wanted to make sure i'm not going to do anything wrong. My diamond currently is kept at 24-27 on the hot end constantly 24/7 via...
  18. H

    NSW Diamond Python and 4ft enclosure

    Species Common Name Diamond Python (green) Age 4 - 5 Length 120 - 130cm Quantity Available 1 General Description Hi everyone have forsale a diamond python and enclosure, was originally bought as a learning aid to take to school with me which the kids loved but new principal has a...
  19. W

    Snake needed for photoshoot- help out a student (and make her husband's life easier!)

    Hello All: My wife is a photography student and is looking to do a shoot ideally with something patterned and in earthy tones (but beggars cannot be choosers). Thinking of a diamond python but it is not of major importance. Very flexible in terms of location- our place, yours, a...
  20. benc63

    Footprints in the sand

    Footprints in the sand Come for a walk with me. We will start out on the beach at sunrise and head out for the day, explore and delight at the wonders along the way. Pied cormorants stalk the tidal shelves and pools where a pretty Rose Petal Bubble shell glides amongst the kelp. A...
  21. B

    Diamond python help scale issues

    DIAMOND PYTHON HELP My python is coming out of hibernation and we have notices a few red scales on his belly. He hasn't shed for a while but im not sure whats going on. We gave him a dip in a luke warm bath today and that the drips in the photo is bath water. Can someone help??
  22. pythonmum

    Gravid Girls 2016

    I enjoy the excitement of breeding season and seeing the females inflate like balloons (esp womas!). I'll start us off with my girl who is getting dusky in preparation for her prelay shed. It's not just the angle, she is getting very nice scale spread in her lower third.
  23. Tim-morelia

    QLD Diamond Python

    Species Common Name Age 18mths Length 40cm Quantity Available 1 Bred By myself General Description Location Brisbane Willing to Freight? no Contact Details 0499826537 text only License Number (Required for NSW and SA Sellers) Other Details
  24. B

    Defensive Diamond Python - Adult

    Hey guys I recently acquired a 6ft diamond python in a ballot and as such don't know it's history other than it was seized in a raid. Initially handling it definetly was uncomfortable and seemed to be getting defensive. One I put in a temporary tank it just sat there and tried to strike...
  25. P

    All around favorite?

    I want to ask you folks from Australia what your all around favorite Aussie python is and why. I would love to own another animal here though I doubt my wife will agree. As of now I have a select few snakes that have peaked my interest that include an Olive, a Bredli and a Brisbane, locality...
  26. timmy

    Diamond Pythons Attack Each Other - Need Advice Please

    Hey guys, My diamond python just bit the other one over the front half of its head and it took some intervention to get them apart. The one who was bitten now looks like it's jaw is out of place it is open wide on one side and not the other it is also missing some skin. Just looking for...
  27. jscarlett

    NSW Diamond Pythons

    Pure Diamond pythons from high yellow parents. Yellow colouring starting to come through. All feeding on defrosted mice. Great to handle! Contact if interested 0401 476 044, [email protected] Pickup from northern beaches or Penrith area. Freight can be done if needed.
  28. Z

    NSW Female Diamond Python

    Species Common Name Diamond Python Age About 7 1/2 to 8 years old. Length Around 6 feet (~ 1.8m) Quantity Available 1 Bred By Unknown General Description She's a yellow/black diamond (photos were taken close to a shed, she is a higher yellow than the photos show). She has never been...
  29. M

    NSW Diamond and Coastal Carpet Python Hatchlings

    General Description I'm looking for one Diamond Python and one Coastal Carpet Python hatchling. Location NSW Willing to pay for Freight? Yes Contact Details 0468404676 - Please text me as I will not be able to take any calls. Other Details
  30. B

    New Diamond enclosure. Advice needed :)

    Hi All, I have just purchased a new tank for my High Yellow Diamond Python. Its a Reptile One 1200 x 600 x 1200 and I was just looking for your advise on what UVB and Heating I should add. I've been told 5 different things from 5 different reptile shops so I wanted to ask here. There is mesh at...
  31. D

    Best way to start off - diamond python

    Hi there! In the next week or 2 I'm picking my new diamond hatchie up from the airport. As a newbie I'd appreciate any advice for settling the little guy in. He's coming to brisbane from melboune so very interested in temps/best heating equipment given that its much warmer/sunnier up here and...
  32. jscarlett

    NSW Diamond Python

    SPure diamond python’s hatchling from high yellow parents(parents Last Photos). Born February 2016. These snakes are very tame and have a great temperament. Establish feeder on defrosted mice. Males and Females available for pickup from Northern Beaches or freight can be arranged. Contact...
  33. Nailsinside

    NSW 5yr Old Diamond Python for adoption

    Hey there, I've had a diamond python since she was a hatchling from a breeder in the Central Coast NSW, I currently live in Western Sydney 2765 however can no longer maintain her needs. I'll take some to date photos tomorrow and post them. If interested let me know via pm here. Thank-you Jared
  34. Jackrabbit

    NSW Diamond Python Babies

    Species Common Name Diamond Python Age Born 31 January 2016 Length Quantity Available 9 Bred By Me General Description Location Sydney Willing to Freight? No Contact Details 0424 001 590 License Number (Required for NSW and SA Sellers) Available on Sale Other Details All...
  35. K

    Diamond Python temps

    Hey guys just curious what what temps other diamond Python owners keep their cages at through Sumer / winter or same year round?
  36. P

    Hi everyone

    Hi everyone. I'm new to this site and to reptile keeping. I have (from what I believe) a coastal/diamond python that's a little over a year old. He/she has only just started to let me handle it without being snappy. It's name is George (four year old stepson named it).
  37. Widdup

    NSW Diamond Python hatchlings

    Species Common Name Diamond Python Age couple of months Length 25cms ish Quantity Available 20+ Bred By me General Description Healthy hatchling diamond pythons feeding on defrosted pinkie mice amazing little snakes beautiful marking some rich creamy Browns other dark black all...
  38. snakegirlie

    Quiet snakes

    I love when I get my snakes really tame like this girl. I have 1 other like this girl, my Murray darling yearling male. And I have a yearling roughie that's almost at the same stage. Still have a bit of work to do with my new diamond Python but she is only new. I also have two 2yr old jags but...
  39. R

    Diamond Python Heat & Handling HELP

    Hey guys! New to the forum. Used to be big into my snakes and had a few but after a break I've decided to stick to just one this time and have gotten myself a 6 month old female diamond. I've set up the tank and she moved in today. So heres my scenario: (check photos to understand) in a 1.5ft x...
  40. Sam123


  41. B

    breeding question

    has anyone ever bred an albino Darwin carpet python with a jungle X diamond python? or anything similar..
  42. J

    Breeding "diamond pythons" & "Bearded Dragons"

    Hi my name is Josh, I am currently working on a project at TAFE in the Web Design & Development area. I am creating a website with information about reptiles. One of the areas is creating a "Breeding Program" for these two types of reptile. I am having trouble trying to find specific...
  43. F

    Diamond python won't eat.

    Hey guys, Just need some advice to get my diamond python to eat. She's about 6 years old, never really had trouble feeding her before. The temps seem about right. She hasn't eaten for about 2 months now. She will strike and strangle the rat for a few mins, but then just lets go and leaves it...
  44. R

    Diamond on RI treatment - heating requirements

    I am a week into antibiotic treatment for a diamond Python with an RI. He is in a sterilised plastic tub and taking daily oral treatment. I am using a heat mat to keep him warm. The tub is elevated a few centimetres about the mat; keeping the tub at roughly 28-32 degrees 24 hours a day. Is...
  45. Princey85

    NSW 2 Snake Collection with Enclosures and Accessories

    Species Common Name: Diamond Python and Centralian Carpet Python ( Not Hypo) Age Diamond and Bredli Unknown Length: Diamond approx 5ft and Bredli 3-4 FT Quantity Available 1 or Each Bred By: Unsure General Description: 2 Snakes plus Enclosures with some new accessories. Location...
  46. A

    Diamond Python how urgent do I need UV

    Hi all, I know this question always has been issue between keepers. Do diamonds need UV or not but this is not about that as I have already decided I will be using UV. But my question has to do with a rescue Dimond Python I have taken off a lady that didn't have the right conditions for keeping...
  47. Pauls_Pythons

    VIC Diamond Python Hatchling Pair

    Species Common Name Diamond Python Age 2 Months Length Quantity Available Pair Bred By Me General Description The first of this years hatchlings are now ready to go. From unrelated tri-colour parents. Vet checked & sexed by Shane Simpson. This pair have already had 7 unassisted...
  48. TeeDee

    First Snake, First Shed Questions

    I've got a 2m diamond python about a week into shed. His eyes are blue/clouded and have noticed little to no activity. When is he supposed to sit in his waterbowl and should i turn on the humidifier to help him or will it just cause more problems?
  49. TeeDee

    Diamond Python Enclosure

    Gday all, im a new to snakes and this is my first snake so obviously i want to give him the best of everything. Done a ton of research and asked my freinds millions of questions trying to ensure im offering him the perfect environment while keeping it aesthetically pleasing (as its located in...
  50. Iguana

    Burns or stuck shed???

    So my diamond shed a few days ago, and when I got him out recently I noticed this patch of about 4 scales are are completely hard and dry to the touch, almost like a burn, but there is a cage around the lamp so I have no idea how he could of done it. There isn't any discharge or blood, they are...