morelia viridis

  1. Close up head shot

    Close up head shot

    He has a lil remaining shed on his neck. Damn you winter. Household heaters and dry air.
  2. M


    I've bought an Exo Terra large tall enclosure to modify into a display for a green tree python. I've replaced the mesh with a piece of acrylic with a heat panel attached. Some people are iffy on whether this is a suitable enclosure, if it will stay warm enough (it's in a heated room, which is...
  3. Thewildlifeco

    Green Tree Setup Help

    Hi Guys, Im looking into a more naturalistic looking home for my green tree. Im currently really struggling to find what soil/bedding I should use that wont mess with my animal. Ive been to Bunnings, but it seems to me also every potting mix contains fertilizer?
  4. MatE

    NSW Aussie gtp

    General Description Looking for a native gtp any sex ,hatchling to sub adult Location Coffs harbour nsw Willing to pay for Freight? You bet Contact Details Ph mat 0429325550 Other Details
  5. M

    Green Tree Python Import NSW

    Hi - I am just wondering if anyone has been asked by NSW Office of Environment (National Parks) to prove from the seller that the python that your are purchasing is from Australia? This is what the email said: I refer to your application to import a green python (Morelia viridis) from...
  6. Thewildlifeco

    QLD WTB Green Tree Python Hatchling/Yearling

    Hi, Just on the search for a hatchling and or yearling green tree python. I'm located on the Gold Coast in Palm Beach. Best contact phone number is 0434088478. Looking within the $800 -$900 Thanks
  7. K

    Power outages. Keeping tanks warm.

    We're currently having a storm here in SA and I've realised that with no power I have no heat. What do you guys do to keep your Scaled friends warm? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. S

    WOMA Python Temprature confusion...

    Hey all, i will be getting my first snake in about 3 weeks a Woma python. i am in the process of setting up the tank. im very confused about the temperatures however and how the day night cycle work. i have been told that i run the heat lamps for 10 hours a day but im not sure what im allowed...
  9. PrecisionPythons

    NSW Gtp 3yo female

  10. Prof_Moreliarty

    Irian jaya's..

    Just noticed someone on RDU selling irian jaya's far as I'm aware they are not legal to keep? (Although they let GTP's in from offshore....)
  11. B

    What to get next?!

    Ever since seeing my first snake, I've been hooked. I was lucky enough to get my first snake a year ago, and a couple months ago I got a little Woma Python. And I'm rather pleased to say that I've finally gotten my own R1 reptile license (my mother holds the current license for my two current...
  12. banana_loki

    yellow GTP

    Hi guys, I am just wondering how much would cost an yellow GTP like this.
  13. P

    All around favorite?

    I want to ask you folks from Australia what your all around favorite Aussie python is and why. I would love to own another animal here though I doubt my wife will agree. As of now I have a select few snakes that have peaked my interest that include an Olive, a Bredli and a Brisbane, locality...
  14. H

    What Australian snakes might eat insects?

    I'm interested in any species of Australian snake that may feed on invertebrates, it is for a small art project! :D Preferably if it is fairly common within that species... but species that may do so on occasion are fine! Thanks in advance!
  15. P

    NSW & GTPs...

    Just wondering - in conversation with Waterrat a couple of weeks ago, he mentioned that NSW was only allowing the import of Aussie GTPs into this state now, and I saw somewhere else a similar condition being applied in departmental correspondence. Does anyone know when this restriction came into...
  16. snakegirlie

    Night tiger/ brown tree snake

    Are you able to keep a night tiger/ brown tree snake on a qld recreational license? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. eipper

    Let's see herp rooms and cages.....

    Hi all, Due to risk of disease etc I very rarely have people over and are even less likely allow people into our herp room. However you cannot get bugs from photos so.....
  18. Herpo

    My Next Enclosure

    Hi all, So with our move fast approaching, I realise Popeye will soon need a new tank. And I must admit the idea of a bioactive/semi bioactive tank seems quite attractive. I'm looking for any plant that is low maintenance and can live in low light levels. So far, dwarf cordylines seem a good...
  19. Nero Egernia

    Birth Defects

    What is everyone's experiences with birth defects in reptiles? How does it happen? Is it a genetic issue or perhaps something to do with the environment during incubation? If a lizard or snake were born with kinked or curly tails would it effect the reptile's health and life, and would it be...
  20. L

    Snake refuses to eat, is she sick?

    Hiya everyone :) Boots (my albino darwin carpet python) wasnt originally mine but the ex owner (my ex) was a **** owner whod throw her around, so i took her. So i dont know much about snakes, so sorry if this is a stupid advice request. Shes refusing to eat, this is the first time shes ever...
  21. whiteyluvsrum

    Reptile leather.

    I have started doing some leather work recently, seen some youtube clips with people using exotic leather for inlays and such. It got me thinking about giving it a go myself with some cane toads and possibly my pet snakes when they pass away. Has anyone tanned than own reptile leather? Whitey
  22. Iguana

    Rough scaled pythons advanced?

    I don't know about the other states, but here in Victoria you need an advanced license to own one, which I find strange considering they don't appear to be rare or difficult snakes, and with some of the other larger more dangerous reptiles you can own on a basic license it's very unusual to me...
  23. G

    Green Tree Python breeders NSW?

    Dose anyone know of any breeders that breed and sell colour variations of gtp's in NSW, such as leamons or blues?
  24. G


    This is a basic question with multiple answers but I would like to ask it as I'm stressing about it... so im building a 2 enclosures (4x2x2) for some adult Darwins and the only bit I'm stuck on and concerned about how i should go about heating.. The climate were I live it can be anywhere from...
  25. sara_sabian

    QLD Yearling GTP

    Species Common Name Green Tree Python Age 1 Quantity Available 1 Bred By Trent Rennex General Description Young male gtp, feeds and sheds perfectly. Handles well. Pictures of parents attached, If you have any questions let me know. Freight available at buyers expense. Location...
  26. jscarlett

    NSW Green Tree Python Hatchlings

    2 x Sorong Green Tree Pythons 2 x Aussie GTPs. In great condition and health. Feeding on defrosted pinky mice. Contact if interested [email protected], 0401476044. Willing to freight. All relevant information available to interested buyer. SORONG 1 SORONG 2 ASSIE 1 ASSIE 2
  27. Ekans

    What's your holy grail of reptiles?

    What's that one native snake, lizard, invertebrate etc that you want to someday own but your skill, its care is slightly intimidating or its rarity is holding you back? :)
  28. M

    Anycontrol AC-211 Thermostat Review: Very Affordable!

    Hey again guys! I just wanted to give a review of our latest purchase, a thermostat! As you all probably agree, it's a very, very, valuable and practical thing to own for both your herps safety, and peace of mind, but unfortunately they can be extremely expensive and complex. We bought this...
  29. A

    Get what you want!

    Constantly there is threads popping up with people asking whats the best reptile to get first.. In my opinion you should get what you want.. Do your research and be prepared with what the future may hold. If you want a GTP get one or if you want a Perentie get one lol maybe the Perentie comment...
  30. BredliFreak

    What have you been bitten by?

    What have you been bitten by? Categories apply Skink: Small skinks (i.e eulamprus, saproscincus pseudemoia lampropholis). Blueys have tried (inlcuding pet one), haven't been bitten yet and am very paranoid lol Dragon: Many jackies Geckos/pygopods: Christinus marmoratus, once Monitors: none...
  31. Herpo

    What Snake?

    Hi all, So I might be moving to Tumut in future, and if we do move, I'll be able to get a new snake. Which one is my question, I'm looking for something different, and olives do impress and interest me. Do you think they would suit me as a second snake? Size isn't an issue, my family is always...
  32. N

    Show us your: Forgotten Reps / Reps you would like to see more of or in captivity

    I agree with @BredliFreak for the Delmas, and I personally would love to see some more Pygopus. The common scaly-foot, especially with the variety of colours it can be, is gorgeous and would make a very interesting animal to own ("thrives on banana in captivity" -Cogger 2014). Also think...
  33. A

    Green Tree Python housing question.

    Hi I'm looking at buying my first Green Tree Python next month at the Melbourne reptile expo. I know he will be happy in a small container for his first year but I want to be prepared ahead of time. My questions is do people still house them in melamine enclosures even with the high humidity? Do...
  34. C

    Living Terrarium Help

    Hi Guys, I have just acquired a spotted python hatchling and am keeping him in a small enclosure with some basic furniture until he is a bit bigger. When I do upgrade him I would like to have him in an enclosure with some live plants. Can anyone here give me any pointers around what plants might...
  35. Murph_BTK

    Getting back into Herps

    Gday all came across this forum on tapatalk and loved what i have read.. many beautiful animals up too look at and the topics are awesome. A bit about me, i was a bredder many years ago mainly NT Black headeds, Childrens and Carpets. Lived in Darwin so i also had my hands on many salt and...
  36. jscarlett

    NSW Green Tree Python Hatchlings

    Green Tree Python Hatchling. Both pure Australian and Sorong type available, D.O.B - 15.12.15. All are feeding on pinky mice and are unsexed. If interested contact [email protected] or 0401476044 for inquiries. Pickup from northern beaches or freight can be organised.
  37. A

    Pond pumps Vs aquarium pumps

    I'm in the process of getting my display up and running and it has an aquatic theme in it. I've been looking at water filters/pumps and noticed that pond pumps are cheaper and claim to have crystal clear water and aquarium pumps are double the price. My question is do aquarium pumps provide...
  38. sara_sabian

    QLD Aussie x Sorong GTP Hatchies

    Species Common Name Green Tree Python - Chondro Age 3.5 Months Quantity Available 8 General Description Robust Aussie x Sorong GTP babies Available. Feeding very enthusiastically on large, hydrated pinky mice. Feeding video available and follow up advice a pleasure. Please get in touch for...
  39. U

    Green tree python

    Looking for a hatchling to yearling GTP. Preferred QLD breeders but not a necessity. Cheers. Pm me :)
  40. U

    GTP breeders.

    hey guys. just wondering who still breeds gtp's. looking to buy some shortly. Thanks heaps
  41. U

    What happened?

    Hey guys just thought I'd check into the forums out of boredom being away from the hobby and I can find the Australian reptile forum or any of the threads I use to follow?... What happened? cheers
  42. littlemay

    Green Urates

    Hi there, been a long time since I've posted on these forums but I'm in need of some advice. I have a 4 year old gammon ranges carpet python who has had a history of health issues. About two years ago he suffered a reasonably serious bacterial infection, which he was able to recover from with...
  43. Smittiferous

    Next project: Conversion!

    Found this half an hour ago on my street with "Free to good home" stuck to it. Instantly saw potential, so claimed it, as a very good lady friend will be getting her own Variegata soon and will need a home for it. Going to test out some ideas for mounting easily removable vertical branches...
  44. tahniandshae

    QLD gtp yearling

    Species Common Name green tree python Age 13 months Length Quantity Available 1 Bred By me General Description amazing yearling gtp. held back for the colour change. beautiful green with white scaling, has sky blue undertones. great to handle, sheds perfectly, eating sub adult mice...
  45. tahniandshae

    QLD green tree python hatchies

    Species Common Name gtp, green tree python Age hatchies Length normal Quantity Available Bred By me General Description stunning gtps, feeding well on hydrated pinkies, northern locale, father is a great looking ARU of vivid green and gloss white scaling. Mother is a...
  46. jscarlett

    NSW Green Tree Python 9 months old

    Aussie Serong green tree python 9 months old. Established feeder on deforsted fuzzy mice. Nice white scale pattern. Starting to go through its ontogenetic colour change. Perants are the last 2 photos, Aussie Male and Hormonal Blue Female. Contact if interested. willing to freight.
  47. Tigerlily

    Did it become legal to crossbreed in some states?

    I came across some people selling "mix carpets" and at first I thought they were dodgy small scale but I was wrong; they have a huge following, YouTube channel etc... Only a few years ago I remember reading a devastating article about how a bunch of crossbreeds were seized and euthanised. Have...
  48. A

    Green Tree Python Care

    hey So i am considering getting a green tree python, the only problem is i dont have much room at home so im thinking i can put an enclosure in my office, its boring in here and a good display animal would be awesome.. my only concern is the heat in summer.. i live in Brisbane... and the only...
  49. Stuart

    New APS Logo - The Vote

    Hi All, Diamond-python has very kindly taken time out of his week to design some mock ups of the new APS logos. Needless to say, I am overly impressed and very grateful for the excellent designs he has sent through and I am sure you will be impressed too. On that note, could you guys have a...
  50. W

    Gentleman of his word

    I saw this young female GTP at the Castle Hill Expo in 2008 and it immediately caught my eye. I asked the owner if it's for sale .... it wasn't, so I asked if I could have any of her progeny should he breed from her and the owner agreed. We know how long-term promises often go but this time...