newbie help


  1. beanster

    Advice Please!

    Hai, Im just looking for some tips and advice. I've been researching and ogling after snakes for years and have finally decided to properly researching actually getting one lol. I like the look of a Stimson's but they aren't exactly in abundance where I live so Im pretty open to anything else...
  2. HerpDerp

    What is that one piece of advice that you wish someone had given you when you first started keeping snakes?

    Hi all, My name is Matthieu, I'm in Melbourne and I've always wanted a pet snake. There is nothing more frustrating for me than people who intentionally or unintentionally abuse their animals because they are ignorant or because they want to join the latest fad. This has lead me to be...
  3. T

    Reptile one hatchling starter kit review

    Hi everyone! I have my very first snake, a hatchling stimsons python coming in a few weeks, after it's eaten 8 times and shed properly, so probably ~2-3 months old. I am now in the process of getting a hatchling/ click clack style set up ready so I have it right for when the snake comes. I...
  4. D

    New fella with an age old question.

    Hey guys and girls hope you are all doing okay in this time of pure covid chaos. Ive recently gotten back into the reptile game after years of being out and well i cant seem to stop getting new animals. My question is as old as time itself. How can i maximize my heating to multiple enclosures...
  5. A

    Newbie with question about humidity for children's python

    Hi everyone! I am very new to keeping snakes, I recently purchased a marbled children's python (about 8 months old) and I just have a quick question for anyone about humidity. The temperature of the tank is fine - usually around 30 degrees but the humidity is often in the mid to low 40s. I am...
  6. KingTommo719

    How to "tame" Snappy juvenile?

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the python keeper's game. I got a South-Western Carpet python 2 weeks ago, currently 16 months old. I have handled him a few times already for short periods (3 - 5 minutes). He does not enjoy this at all. Has anybody else had this problem? Should I just stick with it...
  7. S

    Darwin Carpet Python

    Hi Everyone, I'm looking for a little more information on the breath capacity of carpet pythons. Tonight my boy decided to body slam his rat into his water dish, and is holding both himself and the rat underwater. I was wondering really how long he could keep this up for and if I should...
  8. E

    New Darwin python

    Hello! I’m looking to own a Darwin python (I have found my breeder) and I just want to get some suggestions for best substrates and best heat lamp/mat arrangements. I have read up a lot about each subject but I’m just not too sure what to do. I’m not too sure on what light set up to have. I’ve...
  9. Jessicatt1

    Heat sources

    I’m looking at getting a snake, potentially a woma python currently. After doing some research I’ve found articles recommending lamps from above but noticed in the Facebook groups heat mats are more so recommended. Can you please tell me what the contributing factors are when choosing a heat...
  10. morgobean

    Which reptile is right 4 me?

    Hey all, looking to get a reptile in the near future and wondering what is the easiest for beginners - I'm tossing up between a bearded dragon, or some sort of snake. Not incredibly well versed however so I am open suggestion! I want to be able to handle my baby to some extent (but also have no...
  11. K

    First snake, need help please

    hey all, im new. and i dont really know much when it comes to caring for a snake. hoping some of yous could answer my questions. so i recently got a snake, henry. we got him from a family member who was too scared to look after him. he hasn't had his cage cleaned in 2 years and hasn't eaten in 3...
  12. snakebort

    First-time owner. Accurate temperature readings?

    Hi all, As of yesterday, I am caring for a 4-mo. old Woma python. She's lovely. I have a small Exo-Terra breeder box set up with a heat mat, two hides, and a MicroClimate B1 thermostat for her. I don't want to keep bothering her for temperature readings but the sensor on the thermostat is in...
  13. I

    Snake questions

    HEY I’m wanting to get a snake but I have some questions. If you guys can where them thank. Q1: How king do I need my reptile license/Do I need to have lizards before a snake. Q2: what would a good begginer snake be. Q3: how much attention does a snake need/how expensive
  14. W

    Best repltile/amphibian for newbie?

    I'm interested in getting a new pet and have a length wise tank just under 200L (55 gallons if preferred) - I was hoping for suggestions on little critters that would both be suitable for my type of tank as well as my still developing knowledge about their care. I've done research and the sort...
  15. K

    Trouble shedding

    Hi guys I'm new to snake keeping and have got most of advice from my breeder,this forum and unfortunately U tube. Anyone I have a jungle Jag that's going through her first shed since I got her she is 10mnths old and has shed her head section and maybe half her body not a full shed should I be...
  16. D

    hi i'm considering getting my first python

    im thinking of getting either baby stimson's or baby spotted p.s i'm in vic so if there is anyone in vic who has either on of those for no more than $100 with this sort of pattern i'd gladly take it off your hands
  17. L

    Newbie question

    Hey, so just a quick newbie question, i have a 5 month old stimpson python, he seems to want to eat 1 pinky every 3-4 days, i know in the wild they could go a hell of a lot longer than that between meals, my question is, will it hurt him/her to feed that often? Also just wondering what other...
  18. A

    Eastern or Central Bearded?

    Hey, so we were sold this little guy a couple days ago as an Eastern bearded dragon hatchling, but have been told that he may actually be a Central, just wanting to get more experienced opinions please :) thank you. IMG_6787 by Allie posted Feb 25, 2018 at 4:50 PMIMG_6815 by Allie posted Feb...
  19. A

    My First Reptile!

    Hi guys, I’m in my final year of school finishing in less than 6 months. My parents finally agreed to let me get a reptile after years of begging. They wouldn’t let me get a snake but they said a skink is ok, and I am allowed to get one after I finish school. So i’ve been looking at getting a...
  20. AndrewspenLL

    Will My Turtle Care be Adequate?

    This would be a long one.. I lived in Indonesia and if you love aquatic turtles or owned them there, you would know how we keep them..<outdoors in ponds or big plastic tubs with barely any filtration or UVB. Since Indonesia is a tropical country, I house them outside with the Sun as the primary...
  21. T

    new bloke here with a question

    g'day anyone reading this. I am new here to the forum and just had a question i was wanting answered if possible. i got a darwin carpet about a month ago he is a great little bugger, really energetic, great to watch and handle. But the past two days he has gone into his hide and has not come...