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  1. mikitfence

    Hi from a complete snake newbie

    Hi all, I'm Mik. I'm an Aussie in my late 20s, and I've loved snakes since I was little thanks to my dad (he never had any but always taught me they weren't to be feared but to be respected). I decided to join here because I've wanted a snake for ages but never actually put in the proper...
  2. Laefiren

    Beginner Reptiles

    Hi. I've kept fish (tropical and cold water) since I was a child (now mid-20s) I've currently got 3 juvenile Green Tree Frogs in a bioactive tank (see DP). I love them and they're gorgeous energetic babies who absolutely do not mind my hand intruding into their space to clean and feed them. Now...
  3. C

    Stimsons python juvenile not eating please give advice!

    Hi Everyone, I’m new on here! I’m just coming on to get a bit of advice. I have a juvenile Stimsons python, his about 35cms long. He is in a 60x40cm reptile one enclosure with the sides blacked out. He has a heat mat and 4 hides. Snake aspin for bedding. When I first got him he was in a plastic...
  4. E

    New Darwin python

    Hello! I’m looking to own a Darwin python (I have found my breeder) and I just want to get some suggestions for best substrates and best heat lamp/mat arrangements. I have read up a lot about each subject but I’m just not too sure what to do. I’m not too sure on what light set up to have. I’ve...
  5. Jessicatt1

    Heat sources

    I’m looking at getting a snake, potentially a woma python currently. After doing some research I’ve found articles recommending lamps from above but noticed in the Facebook groups heat mats are more so recommended. Can you please tell me what the contributing factors are when choosing a heat...
  6. K

    First snake, need help please

    hey all, im new. and i dont really know much when it comes to caring for a snake. hoping some of yous could answer my questions. so i recently got a snake, henry. we got him from a family member who was too scared to look after him. he hasn't had his cage cleaned in 2 years and hasn't eaten in 3...
  7. Conner the dragon

    is this normal

    hey i'm new to keeping a reptile and this is my first and loving it. i got a bearded dragon only a few months old got him on the 16th of may. i noticed his tail been a bit dark on the lower half i'm worried it might be tail rot but not sure. he had it from they day i got him. he eats fine he...
  8. G

    I need some help!

    Hello! I am Currently 16 and am starting to get interested in snakes... (also a newbie) I’m trying to find a Decently small snake that doesn’t eat rodents and legal in Australia. If anyone could tell me some so I could do some more research would be great!!! thank you so much
  9. I

    Snake questions

    HEY I’m wanting to get a snake but I have some questions. If you guys can where them thank. Q1: How king do I need my reptile license/Do I need to have lizards before a snake. Q2: what would a good begginer snake be. Q3: how much attention does a snake need/how expensive
  10. rainmonitors

    Best Beginner Snake - WA

    So I've owned my first reptile - blue tongue skink - for almost half a year now, and definitely want to buy my first snake this year. What do people think is generally the most docile and curious species of snake available in category B for WA? Are they the 'best beginner snake' too? (Not too...
  11. LittleButterfly

    First Feeding Day - Stimmie

    Today is my first feeding day for my 9 month old stimmie. He is my first snake and I got him a couple days ago. He has reacted really well to handling so far. Any tips for feed him.