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  1. D

    Juvenile diamond python not eating

    I Recently bought home my first snake a juvenile diamond python about 8-10 months old and have had him reasonably undisturbed in his enclosure for about a week my temps sit between 31 degrees on the hot side and 27 on the cool side my issue is he hasnt been fed for about two weeks and i am...
  2. T

    Stressed Central Netted Dragon

    I got a Central netted dragon a few weeks ago and he was very happy running around, eating, pooping, basking and happy to be handled for the first day or two but now is not eating properly and running away and then closing his eyes. I'm not sure why he's suddenly gotten so stressed out but I'm...
  3. B

    Rosenberg's Monitor - Not Eating / Feeding Tips & General Care

    Hi everyone, I'm hoping I can gain some knowledge regarding my 1.5 year-old Rosenberg's Monitor (Heath Monitor). 1. It's been 2 weeks now and she has only eaten once and didn't eat very much at that. I'm wondering if anyone has experienced the same issue or has any ideas how to get her feeding...
  4. F

    Coastal Python not eating - advice needed

    Hello Community, im after a bit of advice if possible I have a 5 year old coastal carpet python, have had since a yearling, he has been a regular guts eater and never missed a feed. The last time he ate was new years eve. since then i have relocated him from his 4ft fish tank enclosure to a...
  5. B

    Help, baby murray darling

    First time snake owners. Thought we were doing really well, now not eating and has patch of broken scales near neck. Here's her history... dob 19/12/21. Shed 5/1/22. Pinkie fed by breeder Jan 6, 9, 16, 18, 19. We picked her up 21 Jan. Breeder gave us the tub she had been using. Took pinkies...
  6. X

    Stimsons Not Feeding

    Hi there, I’m a first time snake owner with a 7 month old Stimsons Python. He was feeding relatively well for the first 3-4 months. He’s shed twice (both clean full sheds) and the last shed was just before winter. Now I haven’t been able to get him to eat for almost 3 months. He shows interest...
  7. Noureldebal

    Children’s python not eating ADVICE

    ADVICE PLEASE:Hi I have a 5 month old children’s python that I was feeding a pinky to once a week that he would happily take, after his shed I upped his meal to a fuzzie and gave him a few extra days before feeding him so around 12 days between each feed, I have noticed since switching the size...
  8. S

    Hatchling won't eat

    Ive got a 9 month old childrens python and i originally got it for a friend/housemate but they handled the python a lot, didn't let it settle in and was pretty rough with the python. Said friend has since moved out and left the snake in my care. I have been trying for over a week to get it to...
  9. SmudgeDaz

    Adult python suddenly doesn’t want to eat

    Hi guys, I have a Stimson python which I have owned for 8 years. She would be around 9-10 years old and i haven’t had any issues until recently. I need some advice as I’m worried something might be wrong but just want others opinions! She has suddenly stopped eating. which is very unusually...
  10. K

    Childrens Python gone off food

    Hi All my son has a 12 month old childrens fed well on pinkies onto fuzzies have increased size again it ate one but did appear to struggle with size took nearly 14 minutes to get completely inside mouth did notice he had to re locate his jaw with a few stretches after eating but is fine his...
  11. Aria abedinnezhad

    Albino Darwin not eating

    Hi guys, So I've had my Albino Darwin for about 4 weeks. She's 6 months old. The first couple of weeks she was eating really good (1 mice per 7-10 days). When I tried to feed her for the third time on Tuesday (3 nights ago), she stroke at the mice and wrapped her coil around it for a minute...
  12. N

    Albino Darwin 'scared' of new snake?

    Hey guys, I recently purchased a big water python who has been great. Problem is, my albino darwin has been going nuts since the newcomer arrived. They have separate tanks but the newcomer is on a lower level as its a floor to ceiling type set up with three big glass tanks. Anyway, the albino...
  13. Peppa

    Amyae gecko hasn’t eaten yet

    Hi I really would love some tips on a 2-3 month old Nephrurus Amyae gecko, I received him 5 days ago and he still has not eaten. He is being kept in a 40x60cm enclosure with 3 hides, a cool side and a hot (about 31-33°C). I have tried feeding crickets, woodies and Calci Worms, the breeder had...
  14. N

    Help needed urgently - Ackie

    G’day all, I needed some advice semi-urgently. Or I might not, depending on if this is normal in your experience. I have a male Ackie/ ridge tailed monitor I obtained him a week ago now, and have him housed in a 5 x 2 x 2 enclosure. I run a single 150W basking globe in...
  15. Kutt Abul

    Spider Wont Eat.

    Hey, super new here but would like to know (Since little experience) why my Ph. Crassipes will not eat. (Nearly 1 and a half Months.) She is moving in her burrow and NOT lying on her back for molting, but still not sure if she is in Pre-Molt. She is about 18 Months and almost mature. Thanks, Aiden