oedura marmorata


  1. Geddon

    SA Marbled velvet gecko (oedura marmorata)

    Hi guys I am interested in a young marbled velvet gecko in the Adelaide region. Thanks in advance.
  2. BredliFreak

    RIP Oedura marmorata

    Anyone read the paper on the split? I skimmed through it and it seemed interesting, however still waiting on the NT Marms/Gemmata being split, can't wait to see how that goes. What is going to happen to Marms in captivity?
  3. Iguana

    Good Gecko for beginner

    I'm looking to get a group of about 3 gecko's not really intending to breed them but if it happens it happens. They will be treated more like pets than breeders so the occasional handling will occur. So what is the best type to get? I'd rather they be a large/meduim size and not too expensive...
  4. C


    Hi everyone! Thought I would start a little bit of a debate here. Whats everyones opinion in regards to the use of thermostats, 100% necessity or just personal preference? I think it comes down to personal preference. I use a thermostat for my Oedura marmorata but all my other animals require...
  5. K

    Show off your geckos

    Do it! I love my little geckos. I have 4 thick tailed geckos and a bynoes and soon getting a southern spiny tail. After being misted Need to get some better photos of the bynoes
  6. C

    Eye problem in Oedura Marmorata

    Hi everyone, sadly my newly acquired Oedura Maramorata (marbled velvet gecko) has one eye that is significantly larger than the other. I have spoken with Dr Danny Brown and he believes this to be either abscess or a tumour behind the eye pushing it outward. Due to tha fact that this only...
  7. N

    Marbled velvet geckos

    Hey fellas so I was considering getting a marbled believer gecko as they are good starter reptiles and don't need a license. could you tell me the requirements for them cheers
  8. C

    Marbled velvet gecko passing

    Sadly I came home today to find something very upsetting. My beautiful male Marbled velvet gecko who I bought when he was a hatchling, had died :'( . Even more upsetting is that he was not adult :'( . I believe the cold is responsible for this, it got to -4 degrees, I than moved him and his...
  9. M

    hiya all

    Hi just a quick hello, Im just new into the hobby and loving it =) So far have 2x Marbled Velvet Gecko/Christinus Marmoratus, 2x Lesueur's Velvet Gecko/Oedura Lesueurii and 4x Thick Tailed Gecko/Nephrurus Milii. Anyway looking forward to learning more and sharing yours and my experiences with...
  10. GeckPhotographer

    2 weeks in Central Australia.

    So just after Christmas I spent several weeks in the arid inland around Alice Springs and Yulara. I managed to find a few herps to take pictures of and thought I'd post them up here. Unfortunately flickr has recently changed how images are copied into forum threads (Making it much harder) and...
  11. Boof47

    Gecko paralyzed?

    My marbled velvet gecko doesn't seem to be able to move his back legs or tail, I've tried soaking him in warm water to see if he's impacted, but nothing happened. He seems fine otherwise, alert and trying to run and climb. Don't know what to do now, anyone know what may be wrong?
  12. Reptiles101

    Marbled Velvet gecko & Enclosure Questions?

    So I've got my Thick-Tailed gecko in an Exo Terra Terrarium that's 45x45x45 cm, I've started to think of all the upper space I'm wasting as he doesn't climb, so I'm going to purchase one of those Low Exo Terra Terrarium 45x45x30 and put him in that instead so I'm not wasting any upper space...
  13. Brony

    NSW 2 Marbled Velvet Geckos, plus entire enclosure set up

    Scientific Name Oedura marmorata Common Name Marbled Velvet Gecko Age Approximately 6-7 years old Size Approximately 15cm long Quantity Available 2 geckos, male and female. Will only be sold as a pair. General Description 2 Marbled Velvet Geckos, along with their entire enclosure...
  14. chimerapro

    Darling Downs Herp Society

    Thought I'd start a specific thread to see what interest people have in joining The Darling Downs Herpetological Society. This society will mainly focus on education and field herpetology with a strong aim towards local and national reptile conservation projects and beginner education in regards...
  15. A

    VIC Marbled Velvet Gecko Breeding Pair

    Common Name Marbled Velvet Geckos Age 3 years Size Adult Quantity Available Pair General Description Two very healthy geckos already dropping eggs for the season. Location Mount Martha Willing to Freight? no Contact Details email [email protected] License Number...
  16. Ephemera

    Oedura marmorata (Marbled Velvet Geckos) INFO from other owners.

    Hey there, just throwing a thread to all the owners of Oedura marmorata or past owners with their experiences with them. I'm planning to buy a pair when they are available, but for now whilst waiting, was just wondering what type of things to expect with them? Anything I should be aware of? Any...
  17. W

    How to post blue tongue from Queensland to NSW

    Not sure if posting in the right forum but I was wondering if it is possible to post a blue tongue from Queensland to NSW If there is could you possibly let me know of how to do it and roughly how much it is going to cost
  18. Ephemera

    Marbled Velvet Gecko Enclosure SETUP

    Hey all, not too sure whether this goes here or not, but here it goes; Just wondering whether or not my enclosure in your opinion, is a good set up for Oedura marmorata. Purchased it all today. :) Note this isn't the end result, still have other things to apply. Thanks, Brock.
  19. NickGeee

    VIC Wa marbled velvet gecko + setup!

    Scientific Name Oedura marmorata Common Name marbled velvet gecko (WA form) Age 18 months Size 15 cm Quantity Available 1 Bred By General Description great lil gecko feeding on medium crickets and woodies- comes with 30 X 30 X 45 reptile one enclosure with small exo terra heatmat...
  20. D

    Simple Geckos

    Looking at keeping a pair of Geckos :) I love how they look and really want to keep one. What would be a good one to start with? I want something that is cheap and easy to maintain. What do you think would be a good species to keep? would prefer something that requires very little maintenance...
  21. GeckPhotographer

    Recent Western Herping

    So a couple weekends back I finished a couple of large assignments and decided it would be a good opportunity to spend a couple weekends in a row herping. Yay! The first weekend I headed out to the Hunter Valley for a night, my parents were going to some bush dance out there, so I just tagged...
  22. tasdevil

    Nano Exo Terra ...escape proof ????

    I have a nano exoterra that I use keep small skinks, it is empty now so I was thinking of placing my 2 month old diamond python in it. However, I was told that this type of enclosures is not advisable for small hatchlings, because they will just escape. I checked the gaps at the front door and...
  23. Jarrod_H

    QLD oedura marmorata x2 and 30 x 30 x 30 cm exoTerra x1

    Scientific Name oedura marmorata x2 Common Name marble velvet gecko Size adult Quantity Available oedura marmorata x2 30 x 30 x 30 cm ExoTerra terrarium General Description $120 oedura marmorata and 30 x 30 x 30 cm ExoTerra terrarium. $70 oedura marmorata Location Gold Coast...
  24. spongebob

    NSW Marbled Velvet Gecko (NT Fat Tailed Marm) Pair plus spare female $320/pr. $100 spare

    This pair have bred for the first time this year. NT fat tailed form. Feeding easily on crickets and woodies. Spare female a little smaller and not yet showing full adult colouring. Needs to be kept separately until adult. Pick up Ryde. Freight by AAE only $70 + $30 export licence if required...
  25. mad_at_arms

    VIC Oedura marmorata - Marble velvet geckos WA form

    Scientific Name Oedura marmorata Common Name Marbled velvet gecko Age Hatched 11-13 Feb Size Appropriate Quantity Available 2 Bred By Me General Description Healthy little hatchies smashing small crickets. $240 for pair. Choose out of 4 geckos available (clutch mates or unrelated)...
  26. BDkeeper

    gecko help

    was wanting to get a gecko but wanted to set its tank up as a rainforest setup and know that marbled geckos are an option but was wondering if thers any other gecko out the that that are arbourial and need a rainforest setup. any help appreciated thanks
  27. Reptiles101

    Care sheet Marbled Velvet geckos

    Hey all, I am thinking of getting some marbled velvet geckos and wanted to know if anyone had a good care sheet or some info? Thanks
  28. Reptiles101

    Marbled Velvet Gecko Care

    Hey all I'm getting 2 Marbled Velvet Geckos soon, I had a few questions though. What's a suitable sized enclosure for housing 2 of these geckos? Do I need a heat mat? UV? heat lights? night light? What is a preferred substrate? What do they eat? How many times a week should they be fed? Are...
  29. J

    Room temperature question

    Hi there, Newbie here looking to get my first lizard. I live on the 2nd floor of a poorly insulated apartment in Melbourne. Usually the room temp is about 7-8 degrees warmer than outside. I'm thinking about getting a bearded dragon or a gecko but I understand they need a cool spot in the tank...
  30. KaotikJezta

    Gecko question

    Can anyone tell me if occelated velvet geckos occur in Heathcote, Central Victoria and if not what would be a similar species.
  31. GeckoJosh

    NSW Female Fat-tailed Marbled Velvet Gecko

    Hi Im in need of a Female O.marmorata, Darwin Fat tail form, I am only after that specific locale type, Lyn Crehan AKA Lynfrog sold a number of them on here so if you have any from her of their offspring that is what I am after. I am happy to swap for Northern Spiny-Tails and Golden-tailed...
  32. Gecko

    Marbled velvet gecko

    Hows it going? I would like to see some pictures of your Marbled Velvet Gecko (if you have one), because I thinking of buying one :D. Cheers.
  33. Reptiles4me

    Heat cord

    Hey I was just wondering if anyone has had any problems with heat cords? I want to use a ow wattage cord for my geckos but just wasn't sure if there is certain things I should be worried about. P.S I had a look through the forums and found a few good ones on this topic but they were a few years old.
  34. GeckPhotographer

    A couple of recent herping photos part 2 of 2.

    So recently I've been doing a bit of herping here and there. My aim for herping this year was to get my list of species of Australian reptiles seen (and positively ID'd) to 200 species. Having completed this earlier this year (in a thread yet to be posted), I decided to head to Qld with some...
  35. mad_at_arms

    VIC Oedura marmorata - Marble velvet geckos 1 pair

    Scientific Name Oedura marmorata Common Name Marble velvet geckos - WA form Age 7 mths Size Good Quantity Available 1 pair Bred By Parents (NOT FOR SALE) General Description WA form, adult colours coming through. Feeding well on crickets, woodies and occasional mealworms Location...
  36. Reptiles4me


    Hey dose anyone know any big expos or anything like that that are coming up next year?
  37. Reptiles4me


    Hey guys one of my geckos is showing strange behaviour that I have never seen before in all my years of working with reptiles. He is not eating and he is chasing his tail I've checked for mites and I have put him in a smaller feeding enclosure. Please help
  38. Xeaal

    Legless Lizards

    Can anyone please point me in the right direction for information about keeping (and where to buy) legless lizards in Victoria? Thank you.
  39. moloch05

    Lake Eyre Basin, Central Western Queensland, Nov 2012

    I recently had a week break from work so decided to visit a couple of my favourite areas in the eastern deserts. The first destination was the Lake Eyre Basin near Winton in central western Queensland. This is one of the relatively close places for me to herp but it was a 26 hour drive from my...
  40. Variety

    Extreme gecko morphs?

    Hey guys, ive decided to branch out and extend my collection of reptiles beyond pythons. I'm looking to get a trio of geckos and would love some eye catching morphs, so far my knowledge of geckos extends to a gecko book by Rob Porter so I can only base my decision off what ive learnt and so far...
  41. L

    Reptile Expo Tomorrow :)

    Hey guys as the title says yeww reptile expo tomorrow really excited just wanted to ask a quick few questions: Are the supplys alot cheaper then the stores? Are they tanks/enclosures alot cheaper? do we have to pay for parking? to have an awesome day and buy lots of good would 200 cover it? i...
  42. Boof47

    Gecko Troubles

    I picked up a Marbled Velvet Gecko and an enclosure cheap at the VHS expo. Tonight I went to check on the little guy, feed, change water, etc; and nearly had a heart attack when I couldn't find him. Pulled everything out, sifted through the substrate, nothing. I moved the enclosure to the...
  43. Sarah

    VIC WA Oedura marmorata

    Scientific Name Oedura marmorata Common Name wa velvet marbled gecko Age juvenile Size 7cm Quantity Available 1 Bred By me General Description feeds great on small to medium crickets. Location west subs Melbourne Willing to Freight? no Contact Details...
  44. kaoss

    Marbled Velvet Gecko Breeding?! W.A

    ooookaaayy, So I love my little Velvet Gex soooo much that I want more more more! Just wondering if anyone can give me tips in regards to breeding them i.e *enclosure requirement (do they need to be kept separate etc) *incubation? *lighting/heat? *average number of successful births per...
  45. L

    Need Help With Geckos

    Hi everyone was just wondering whats a good beginner gecko to start of with i have this exterra cage 60cm high by 45 by 45 was suppose to be for a pair a green tree frogs but decided to change now just need abit of help and right requirements for them as iv looked at several sites they all say...
  46. P

    VIC WA Marbled Velvet Gecko, Male

    Scientific Name Oedura marmorata Common Name Marbled Velvet Gecko Age Adult (1+ years) Size 16cm + Quantity Available 1, Male Bred By Unsure General Description Stunning Male - Handling, like most Marbled Velvet Geckos, you don't. Not his actual setup he's in. Location Inner...
  47. F

    For sale on another site.

    This marbled Velvet gecko is for sale on another site. The person is asking money for this animal that is obviously in poor condition. She is looking to re-home it, but you have to pay for the privelege of owning the extremely underweight animal. A good indication is that the head is broader...
  48. crocka79

    herping camera reccomendations

    to all the herp photographers out there taking all those awesome close up shots of there herps. I am looking into getting a new camera soon and would appreciate some advice on what to buy, need it to function as an everyday point and shoot camera for mrs then take good quality close ups of...
  49. Nephrurus

    A.P.T- Another Pilbara Thread

    Hi all, After a brief hiatus I'm going to try and post a little more, upload more stuff to flickr and my other site (that i'm not allowed to have in my signature), or, in the very least, catch up and write up a few of the field herping threads that should have gone up here and there. I...
  50. Belv6

    What age can Marmorata's climb glass ???

    Hey Just got a 4 Oedura marmorata's, 2 fat-tale form and 2 wa form, they are around 2-5 months old, i have noticed they cant climb straight up the glass walls of the exo terra terrarium but can climb furnishings and the vines well, how old do they to be till they can climb glass ? couple...