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  1. Holly.13

    Thoughts On Mixed Oedura In One Tank

    Hi All, I am hoping to get some Oedura gecko hatchlings soon and have heard mixed responses to whether different Oedura species can be kept in the one enclosure (ie. castelnaui and/or tyroni /or coggeri) I've done a bit of research and keep coming up with differing answers. Would really...
  2. Virides

    Name Plates by Virides Reptile

    Get the museum look at home! We now have a wide range of popular species including snakes, lizards, turtles, amphibians and crocodilians! Over 120 in fact. We also now have over 40 popular species of invertebrates! The Name Plate is customised with your pet's name, the species' common...
  3. BredliFreak

    What have you been bitten by?

    What have you been bitten by? Categories apply Skink: Small skinks (i.e eulamprus, saproscincus pseudemoia lampropholis). Blueys have tried (inlcuding pet one), haven't been bitten yet and am very paranoid lol Dragon: Many jackies Geckos/pygopods: Christinus marmoratus, once Monitors: none...
  4. GeckPhotographer

    Recent-ish Photos.

    Some pictures from herping and random adventures over the past while I guess. Done a bit of stuff here and there and photos some places and what not. Post is somewhat lengthy already so not much info with each picture. If you want a bit more follow the flickr link and most have a more lengthy...
  5. C

    In a turn of events

    Despite yesterdays death of my loved rock dragon, pockets, an event occurred roughly 10 minutes ago that has cheered me up quite considerably (none the less I'm still upset). So just over a year ago I purchased an Oedura tryoni from Amazing Amazon and lost in the second week (squeezed through...
  6. mad_at_arms

    Is WTB subscriber only?

    Sorry it's been a while since I was a frequent user of the site. So is WTB ads subscriber only? or am I just having a moment? Thanks in advance. Bonus bite picture
  7. M

    Legal trading of wild caught reptiles

    which states are you allowed to catch wild animals?
  8. Fuscus

    Gecko ID please

    Found this guy a the wall above a bar. Must be a gecko as it is stuck on the wall but none of my gecko books can ID it ;)
  9. domo83

    southern spotted velvet gecko

    I was just thinking about getting a southern spotted velvet gecko and was just seeing what people know about them
  10. PythonPete21

    Best geckos to handle

    Hi everyone, I am looking to buy my partner a gecko or two as a gift. Just wondering which, if any are best for handling. I've heard they shouldn't be handled too much. But a) what is "too much" and b) which would be the most tolerant when it comes to handling? Thank you!
  11. HerpNthusiast

    Bynoe's or Southern Spotted Velvet Gecko Care Sheet.

    Hey my mum wants me to get a gecko and accessories within a tight budget so I am considering to purchase at the expo in 2014 a pair of Bynoe's or a pair of Southern Spotted Velvets now I've seen the caring requirements and would like to know a size cage for a pair of these two animals and since...
  12. J


    I am lookin to buy a female or 2 of both southern spotted velvet gecko, and southern leaf tail gecko, msg me on 0403628236 and we wil talk, preffer to be close to bankstown and i am happy to pick it up, thanks
  13. J

    Southern spotted velvet gecko female

    Would like to purchase 1 or 2 southern spotted velvet gecko females, msg me on 0403628236, live in bankstown area, do not want to travel too far, thanks
  14. D

    Simple Geckos

    Looking at keeping a pair of Geckos :) I love how they look and really want to keep one. What would be a good one to start with? I want something that is cheap and easy to maintain. What do you think would be a good species to keep? would prefer something that requires very little maintenance...
  15. sandfireackie

    can you keep southern spotted velvet geckos

    I was thinking about what lizard to get when I stumbled in the southern spotted velvet gecko but I don't know if you can keep them as pets if you can where can you get them from
  16. B

    Southern spotted velvet geckos

    Hi just wondering on keeping southern spotted velvet geckos wether I would need to give it additional heating keeping them on the mid north coast of NSW?
  17. Xeaal

    Legless Lizards

    Can anyone please point me in the right direction for information about keeping (and where to buy) legless lizards in Victoria? Thank you.
  18. Gibblore


    Scientific Name Common Name Northern Spotted velvet gecko male, Southern Spotted velvet gecko male, Thick-tailed gecko Hatchie Age Size Quantity Available 1 of each Bred By General Description 2 male velvet geckos both for $50.00 Hatchling Thick-tail $50 Location Ormeau Qld...
  19. GeckPhotographer

    Past Few Weeks of Herping

    So I thought I'd post some pictures I've taken over the past 3 weeks herping in Southeast Qld and Sydney Olympic Park. Firstly some Bell Frogs, part of the population in Sydney Olympic Park's Brick Pit. Most people seem to like this frog because of the striking colours, but I honestly find...
  20. geckoman1985

    tell us your excape /found reptile story

    we have probley alll experance an excape of one of our pets over the time we have been keeping them meny are found a few meters away from were there enclosuers are i want to here about other peoples excapes and were thay found them again and how long thay were missing its no a nice feeling...
  21. SamNabz

    Breeding pairs of various Velvet Geckos for sale!

    Name & Pricing - Breeding pair of Ocellated Velvet Gecko (Oedura monilis) - $170 pair - Breeding group (1male 3females) of Southern Spotted Velvet Gecko (Oedura tryoni) - $320 group - 2x Breeding pairs of Marbled Velvet Gecko (Oedura marmorata) - $170 each pair OR $300 for both pairs Note...
  22. snakes123

    New Southern Spotted Velvet Geckos

    On Sunday at the expo I got there as early as i could (ended up in the line waiting for it to open), intending to only get a hypo/red female levis. And if not i would seek it out elsewere. But as you all know, you can be very tempted at expos, and eventually i was offered a very good deal. I...
  23. mrs_davo

    Quartet of Southern Spotted Velvet Geckos

    Scientific Name Oedura Tryoni Common Name Southern Velvet Spotted Geckos Age Mature Size Quantity Available 4 - (3 females and 1 male) Bred By Warren Cossell General Description I have for sale a quartet (4) Southern Spotted Velvet Geckos.. I am selling as I just dont have the...
  24. Jamisgec

    FS Breeding Pair of Oedura tryoni (southern spotted velvet gecko)

    Price: $220 Sex: Male, Female Scientific Name Oedura tryoni Common Name southern spotted velvet gecko Age 18 months Size adults Quantity Available Pair Bred By Me Location Port Macquarie NSW Willing to Freight? Yes. Freight Sydney to QLD border $16 Overnight Contact Details Contact...
  25. T

    Various from Queensland

    Since arriving in Australia 4 months ago, I've had the chance to spend a lot of time herping in and around SE Queensland, and have been lucky enough to be shown some fantastic spots by a mate local to the area. Our time is coming to an end in this area, as we're heading north to Cairns for Xmas...
  26. Gibblore

    Southern Spotted Velvet Gecko

    Scientific Name Oedura tyroni Common Name Southern Spotted Velvet Gecko Age Not Sure Size 15cm total length Quantity Available 1 Bred By Unknowen General Description 1 male Southern Spotted Velvet Gecko great eater is excess to my needs has been cooled for breeding this year...
  27. B

    Housing two species of Gecko together?

    Gday Folks I have wondered if i have an enclosure big enough, can i house a terrestrial species and an arboreal species together. Im assuming they would inhabit different niches within the enclosure. im just wondering if anyone has ever done it before and recorded inter species fighting...
  28. ParanoidPython

    southern spotted velvet geckos - Oedura Tryoni

    Scientific Name Oedura Tryoni Common Name southern spotted velvet geckos Age 8 months and 3 year old breeding trio Sex both and breeding trio Quantity Available 3 and 1 x breeding trio Price $65 ea, $225 for breeding group Bred By us General Description active and feeding...
  29. warren63

    Breeding Quartet Southern Spotted Velvet Gecko (White Rock locale)

    Scientific Name Oedura Tryoni Common Name Southern Spotted Velvet gecko Age 3-4 years Sex 1 male + 3 females Size About 15cms tl Quantity Available 4 Price $240.00 for the group Bred By Gecko Dan/Myself General Description Great bunch of geckos, easily kept and...
  30. M

    Southern spotted velvet gecko with small to medium size terrarium perfect starter kit

    Scientific Name oedura tryoni Common Name southern spotted velvet gecko Age nearly 3 years Sex assumed male Size 14cm Quantity Available 1 Price 80 Bred By General Description had this guy for i think a year now has never been sick always eats his crickets...
  31. M

    Southern spotted Velvet Gecko

    Wanting a southern spotted velvet gecko female (Oedura Tryoni) over a year old
  32. M

    southern spotted velvet gecko and terrarium

    Scientific Name oedura tryoni Common Name Southern spotted velvet gecko Age 2-3 years Sex assumed male Size 15cm Quantity Available 1 Price 150 Bred By ---- General Description oedura tryoni eating well on crickets... regretful sale... terrarium comes with...
  33. TomsPhotos

    southern spotted velvet gecko breeding

    i need help because we think one of our (meaning me and boxhed) 2 geckos is gravid pls help all answers ar apreciated
  34. M

    Female southern spotted velvet gecko

    Oedura Tryoni wanted, Female about 2 years old in wollongong area will drive to sydney or nowra
  35. M

    Easter? Herping seems like the thing to do...

    These are a few pictures of the animals I managed to photograph whilst herping over Easter with Dan (Dantheman), unfortunatly a few species would rather run instead of posing...including a fairly large Red Bellied Black snake and a pair of Spotted-Tail Quolls! Small-Eyed Snake Cryptophis...
  36. Kylerules999

    southern spotted velvet gecko enclosure

    I want to know how big of an enclosure I need for a southern spotted velvet gecko:)
  37. Kylerules999

    southern spotted velvet gecko licensing

    What license do you need to keep a southern spotted velvet gecko in QLD
  38. geckos_are_great

    Oedura Tryoni in melbourne??

    is there anyone in melbourne who keeps Oedura.Tryoni.im looking into getting some if you have any avalible or will have later this year pm me. also if anyone has any spiny tailed geckos for sale in melbourne pm me looking to buy next week when i get paid.
  39. M

    Southern spotted velvet gecko with terrarium set-up

    Scientific Name Oedura Tryoni Common Name Southern Spotted Velvet Gecko Age approx 2-3 years Sex Male Length 15cm Quantity Available 1 Bred By n/a General Description Eating well, healthy, male, on license Pics are in my profiles album wouldnt upload for some reason. Terrarium...
  40. Kylerules999

    tyron's velvet gecko

    I was just wondering which licence I need, to have a tyron's gecko:lol:
  41. andyscott

    Frillies dead at full term, any ideas???

    My 1st clutch of Frilled Neck eggs for the season was a bit over due, I decided to pip an egg to see to see what was going on. When I couldnt see movement, I decided to cut it right open to check it out. The poor little hatchy was dead in the egg, I checked the rest, with the same result...
  42. JrFear

    "northern beaches!"

    Hay all, Just wanting to know how many members of APS live on the northern beaches area! as im also from the beaches id like to meet n chat to others in my area! nothing wrong with having more herping buddies! Thanks!
  43. M

    Recent herping pictures.

    These are a few pictures from two nights of herping that myself and DanTheMan have done over the past week. Brown Tree Snake Boiga Irregularis We came across one of these on each night we went out both crossing the road. Coastal Carpet Python Morelia spilota mcdowelli We found one juvie...
  44. Gecko75

    Southern brigalow belt and Granite belt of Queensland (DUW)

    Just another of my recent herp threads, put them up else where and decided to put them up here just for anyone who missed out or doesn't use other forums. enjoy Have been lucky enough to have spent the last 3 nights in the south east brigalow belt of queensland, found about 30 species, went to...
  45. N

    To all the Gecko keepers...

    Do you actually ever see your geckoes during the day or are they always in their hides? Wouldnt they be boring or do you view them with moonlights? Cheers nam
  46. ParanoidPython

    New Babies

    Just thought i'd throw some pictures on of some of our new babies Major Skinks - Egernia Frerei Eastern Blue tongue - Tiliqua Scincoides Scincoides Cunningham Skinks - Egernia Cunninghami
  47. Jill

    Southern Spotted Velvet Gecko pair

    Scientific Name Oedura tryoni Common Name Southern Spotted Velvet Gecko Age 1 year Sex 1 Female & 1 Male Length Quantity Available 1 Female & 1 Male Bred By Me General Description Sexed pair of Southern Spotted Velvet Gecko that hatched last season. Could breed this...
  48. I

    Pics of your Favourite Herp

    post a pic of ur favourite herp!! :):):):):):):):):):):) show off your snakes, pythons, dragons, geckos or anything to everyone on Aussie Pythons and Snakes!
  49. ashisnothereman

    Gecko ID

    found this fellow tonight, unfortunately his tail was missing. Anyone know what species? Cheers Ash.
  50. JasonL

    Lizards for sale

    Broad Banded Sand Swimmer hatchies, Eremiascincus richardsonii (6) Northern Velvet Gecko hatchies, Oedura castelnaui (2) for sale, Pick-up only (Sydney), Must have Lic. Phone 0409485527 or PM.