oxyuranus scutellatus


  1. Mitella


    G'day guys & girls, I know some of you enjoy youtube videos so here's one I made from a few of my outings looking for Coastal Taipans (Oxyuranus scutellatus). There's also a lot more filmed in it than just taipans!
  2. C

    Snake identification

    Good day, I found this beauty in August near Tunnel Creek, Western Australia. Can someone help me and identify the snake ? It was around ~80 cm long and very thin. Thank you very much :)
  3. Grogshla

    Inmate keeps baby ven brown snake in cell. Story shows Antaresia LOL

  4. vampstorso

    Show us your Elapids!

    I think these beauties certainly need their own dedicated thread for everyone to centrally drool over :P So show us those beauties!
  5. Stuart

    Elapid Relocation Thread

    Considering the old thread was unfortunately lost, I'll start a new one with some original pictures of Elapids that have been relocated here .
  6. Luke_G

    Coastal Taipans

    Some of My Coastal Taipans ( O.scutellatus). They are by far my Favourite snake to keep. Feel free to post pictures of yours.
  7. AlexandreRoux


    Hi there, I will move to head Cairns in August, I am looking for great places to herp and people to go on the field with. I have the Coastal taipan, Scrub python and Death adder to see before I will head down and every help and share moments will enjoy my stay in Cairns. Thanks a lot !
  8. M

    tree snake compatibility?

    I am planning a large, semi-terrestial feature tank for a tree snake or two and was wondering if there are any species of turle/frog/lizard that might be compatible? Unfortunately these plans are still a year or more from being realized but I figured I might as well start looking into it. So any...
  9. S

    5 snakes in Australia - ID requested, please

    Hi all, Last november, I've encountered several snakes. Could you please help me identify these creatures? I tried to catch them on camera. Not all of the pictures are showing the entire snake, but I hope it's clear enough to analyze. Myself I thought that these are 1. Eastern Brown, 2...
  10. Endeavour

    Dry bites is it a conscious choice or just a lottery?.

    Been reading a little about venomous snakes delivering dry bites. It would appear some do this more than others. My question is. Is this something a snakes makes a 'choice' to do or is it just the luck of the draw as to whether your day is going to turn bad?. Kindest regards Endeavour
  11. AlexandreRoux

    New in Brisbane, let's go herping !

    Hi everybody, As I already said in my presentation message, I'm a french herper coming to Brisbane (yes I'm gonna live there one year long) ! I don't know Australia, and I don't know Australian species that's why I'm looking for some people who can come or invite me to come on the field next to...
  12. Stevo2

    Few pics from last night around Townsville

    First night out for the year, after a bit of rain the past couple of days. 4 Carpets, 1 Hatchling ven that was either a Coastal Taipan or Brown (off the road and into the grass before we could get a decent look), a Gecko that we found while looking for the ven off the side of the road (lol) and...
  13. M

    Show off your Pride and Joy !!!

    Lets see what you have !!!! All species and ages . Please give age and species , so we all know what it is :):D
  14. moosenoose

    Taipan Bites Handler at Portland Christmas Picnic

    When I first heard this I thought it must have been an escaped pet (being the snake was an inland taipan in Portland Victoria). The first report said it was a person bitten whilst at a picnic. Then further clarification revealed it was a handler whose demonstration went a little off the rails...
  15. saximus

    Live vs Dead Food for Elapids

    I was recently thinking about the pre-digestion role certain toxins in venom play when elapids kill their prey. That made me start thinking about the fact that almost everyone feeds dead things to their snakes which made me start to wonder how that affects their digestion. This may be me lacking...
  16. S

    Not exactly an ID... territory size question

    I have what I am quite sure is a coastal taipan visiting my chicken pen. Unlike the big carpets we also get here, I don't run into him much. He also doesn't seem to trouble the chickens like the carpets do and prefers the rats (which kind of endears him to me despite his lethality). The other...
  17. K

    Snake ID?

    This little guy made his way through my front yard today... Is it a brown snake?
  18. T

    How many different snake species have you seen in your own yard?

    I was just reading another thread which got me thinking about how many species of snakes I've spotted in my yard. On an acreage block in SEQ, I have seen a couple of RBBs pass through. There was a communal nest of yellow-faced whip snakes under the thicket adjacent to the house. I once removed...
  19. damo77

    ID on a snake i bumped into this arvo

    Saw a snake on our property near Toowoomba this afternoon. Unfortunately no pics however it was arounf 5ft long, had a dark brown to slate coloured body with a small tan coloured head. It was quite a thick heavy body. It looked at me and i looked at it for a while then when i took a few steps...
  20. Merkinball


    Sometime it takes a pic like this to make you realise how awe inspiring the King Cobra is. I think we should make this species an honourary Australian, just for being awesome.
  21. E

    QLD Female Coastal Taipan (Bred by Shane Black)

    Species Common Name Coastal Taipan Age 6 mths Length 60 cm's Quantity Available 1 Bred By Shane Black General Description Cutting down on our elapids collection... Female Coastal Taipan from Shane Black. 6 mths old, smashing down velvet/fuzzy rats, approx. 60...
  22. N

    QLD 6month old unrelated pair of coastal taipans

    I have a pair of six month old coastal taipans unrelated one bred by Shane black, not willing to separate $500 for both can freight at buyers expense - - - Updated - - - $400 for both - - - Updated - - - Sold
  23. $NaKe PiMp

    Get on to youtube and comment on this idiot

    people killing snakes and gloating about it in Australia How to beat a taipan snake - YouTube mind you this peanut thinks this is an "Inland Taipan" omg WARNING-May Offend! Dying Taipan... Deadly Snake will KILL!!! - YouTube heres another one
  24. BiteAndSqueeze

    Snake Identification Kakadu, NT

    Hi guys. Just wondering if you can help me identify the attached snakey seen on a road side in Kakadu NT. Pretty snake about 1.5 m long
  25. ShaunMorelia

    How many Species were to be Re-Classified or Re-Named since 2000?

    Thought I would share some information that I have come across in my scientific paper research. The below is an exerpt from "Best Practices: In the 21st Century, Taxonomic Decisions in Herpetology are Acceptable Only When Supported by a Body of Evidence and Published via Peer-Review" published...
  26. Crotalid

    Some pictures of my collection.

    I can't remember which pictures I posted last time round, so sorry for any reposts! Baja rattlesnake White lips Arizona black rattlesnake I think this is the best photo I've taken. Let her get some natural sunlight, she was happily basking for a good few hours. Gabs Malayan...
  27. PythonOwner25

    A weekend at Kakadu!

    Hey all, flew up to Darwin then headed to Kakadu National Park for the weekend (25th - 29th April). Here is just some of what we found, hope you enjoy the photos :). Fresh Water Crocodile (Crocodylus johnsoni) by Matt Clancy Wildlife Photography, on Flickr Frill-necked Lizard (Chlamydosaurus...
  28. SteveNT

    Todays purchase

    Phlogius sarina "black presley" 150mm :):):)
  29. longqi

    Oxyuranus scutellatus

    Just played with a Papuan taipan Never again Less than 3 metres but what an attitude Cobras are easy Most Aussie elapids not toooo bad either [although Im not keen on brownies at times] This thing was like trying to hold a length of barbed wire running 240volts Using hook and tail to start it...
  30. matthew.21

    What's your favourite snake/python?

    Out of all the snake and pythons in the world what would be your favourite , mines the green tree python or jungle.
  31. montysrainbow

    The vent thread.....feel free to whinge, sigh or brag!

    lol i LOVE the describe your words in 3 days thread but lets face it its hard to do with just 3 words! SO i thought i would start this one and have it a free for all lol a place for people to get things off their chest or share their excitment! whatever you like I will pop my head in later...
  32. Delicateskink

    Keeping RBBS - venom question

    Hi, I am thinking about getting a Red-Bellied black snake. I have worked with them (and all other venomous snakes) before, but I have not owned one myself. I am really hands on with my reptiles, and I don't want a display snake. My only question regarding keeping one, is about their venom...
  33. Stevo2

    Herping around Townsville

    First successful evening drive tonight :) Dodgy photos though... Still trying to get the hang of the whole night herp photography thing.... :oops: Here's a few of the critters we saw - We also saw a number of owls, a wallaby, a dingo, a fox and some bats :)
  34. dodgie

    Warning read this

    This is something that had never entered my mind. I was in with the snakes feeding and i had one of the Tiger tubs out getting ready to feed it so i opened the tub and the snake came up flat out as they do looking for a feed and the next thing the power went out and i was left standing there in...
  35. Vikingtimbo

    Any Terrifying Tales Anyone?

    Hi, I was looking for Tiger Snakes the other day (as I often do) and finally managed to accidentally step on one! I was incredibly lucky in that I seem to have stepped right on its neck, making a bite impossible. I found the snake again later and he seemed Ok as far as I can tell. I was being...
  36. S

    What don't snakes like?

    Don't get me wrong, I like snakes. I grew up with lovely black snakes and tree snakes in NSW. The browns in Qld here are a little harder to love, but I investigated online and we've had success with steering them away from the house and yard by providing 'snake corridors' of low shrubs and...

    did a venomous snake handeling course today

    hey guy i did a venomous snake handling course today and if i hadnt been doing the course just to get the certificate then i would have been pretty disappointed. I have been catching vens for 17 years and thought its about time i get it on paper and legal, so i wasnt going there to learn how to...
  38. SteveNT

    A week on Coburg

    Just got back from a week at Gurig Garnik Barlu National Park on Cobourg Peninsular, North West Arnhem Land. Second most northerly point on mainland Australia (after Cape York). It is about 3,000 square km of terrestrial and marine national park and RAMSAR listed Wetlands. There are about 30...
  39. tyson001

    story's that are total rubbish

    OK so i decided to start a thread for people to add story's that are total bull that people against reptiles have told you to stop you from getting them. my most recent one is the my uncle story example one of my mates say i was talking to my uncle and he says he new a lady who had a carpet...
  40. W

    Photo thieves

    I just came across this very poorly done clip: Top 10 Deadliest Snakes In Australia - YouTube and there is a photo reproduced from my book Spectacular Snakes of Australia - no permission, no copyright release just bloody theft. I also recognised John Weigel's photo of an Inland taipan. Well done...
  41. J

    considering my first snake

    Hi everyone, considering getting my first snake very soon. Any ideas on what type I should get?
  42. waruikazi

    Taipan found in Brisbane suburbs

    Having lived in Queensland’s south east for 17 years and providing snake relocation services I’ve heard more than my fair share of supposed ‘taipan’ sightings in properties throughout Brisbane’s western suburbs and Ipswich. Amongst the hundreds of suspected taipans none have ever eventuated in...
  43. Levold

    Taking Pet Snakes out into front yard. (VIC)

    I have been taking my Pythons out front to do their Poo and Pees on the lawn, and get some suns rays etc. They are on MY property and under constant supervision... Was just told today by a family member that my neighbor complained to her that her husband saw one of my snakes on MY lawn and had...
  44. J

    Pics of snakes and others

    hey guys, thought id share some of my photos i have taken over the last few weeks of some snakes and others. Enjoy!!! Jordan Burmese Python by Jordan Greathead, on Flickr Green Tree Python by Jordan Greathead, on Flickr Taipan by Jordan Greathead, on Flickr Jungle Python by Jordan...
  45. R

    Complete Snake Newbie - What's a good starter?

    Hey guys, I've always had a fascination with reptiles & amphibians, I went from my first pair of toads at the age of 10, to keeping geckos for afew years and now I have cut down to just one bearded dragon (who is my pride and joy!) My partner has been very good to me, being patient whilst I...
  46. CamdeJong

    The best kind of snake call!!!

    I was called to a local mulch packing business a few days ago. Apparently one mummy Eastern Brown thought - quite sensibly - that the middle of a few hundred tons of haybales would be a perfect place for her eggs. She didn't take into account that the place was running full time, and these were...
  47. Black.Rabbit

    Survivor Party Ideas

    So... I have my 25th coming up in March and I have decided to have a survivor themed party, where all the guests will be put into 2 teams and battle it out with challenges and eliminations and there will be a winner who wins a prize etc... I'm calling it Survivor: Quarter Century Island... I...
  48. Poggle

    Understanding Identification.

    Hi all, I am making this thread to assist with people making I.D's of snakes. Have been alot of threads lately and people guessing at I.D's. So i am making this thread for it. Please feel free to post pics of snakes for peopleto try and figure out what it is. Please explain your reasons for...
  49. News Bot

    Snake bites man at Melbourne home

    A SNAKE hidden under a door mat has bitten a man at his home on Victoria's Mornington Peninsula. Published On: 19-Dec-11 08:37 AM Source: AAP via NEWS.com.au Go to Original Article
  50. R

    Most venomous land snakes in the world??

    hey guys, got a competition to see who knows the top ten most venomous LAND snakes in the world, results vary ALOT, just wanting to see, what you guys think.