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  1. M

    Wanted a Pygmy bearded dragon baby

    Hi guys we are after a female baby dwarf bearded dragon. We are in vic We are only after one thanks
  2. M


    I'm looking at keeping a couple of small lizards - thinking gecko's or dwaf bearded dragons but I really don't know what's out there - can any live without a heater inside the house in perth - any suggestions on where to look for sale in perth - I think here is quite small compared to over east...
  3. BredliFreak

    I'm bored, let's do another guess the herp!

    https://aussiepythons.com/forum/showthread.php/124499-Guess-The-Herp! Original idea, no pictures. Can only be reptiles and NO exotics. Ok here are the clues: Its a lizard Found in WA Insectivorous
  4. Nero Egernia

    Epic Lizard Video!

    Yeah, I was having a bit of fun here. When in one of my previous threads "Netted Dragon Body Language" kingofnobbys mentioned making a video, and I thought that would be a great idea! I mean, who doesn't like watching videos featuring reptiles (with the exception of non-reptile lovers, of course...
  5. Nero Egernia

    Genuine Seller?

    Hey, I think I might need some help here. I am wanting to buy a lizard over east but for some reason, as I communicate with the seller, I am having a few reservations. I'm not naming any names. I don't know if it's something to worry about or if I am just being suspicious. Have bought over east...
  6. silatman

    Dragon in my backyard??

    Just hoping someone on here can ID this little guy for me, he is happily living in my backyard in WA about 60kms south of Perth on the coast. I'm presuming it's a dragon of some description? He is pretty small, only around 20 - 22 cm long, We discovered him about a week ago and he is very...
  7. chelle0568

    Help needed for new owner of baby, 3 months old, bearded dragon! Is he/she sick?

    Hi All hi i am after some advice about our new baby bearded dragon. Im not sure its well and wanted to ask someone what their thoughts were Its 3 months old. We picked it up on sunday. To date, i am not sure it has eaten anything, certainly not any crickets that we have offered daily. tonight...
  8. K

    Dragon photos

    Hi, I didn't see anywhere recent where people could share pictures of their dragons. I'd love to see everyone's dragons! Here are some of mine. Gippsland water dragon Baby gippsland Central netted Central beardies Eastern water dragons
  9. S

    Best type of lizard on a basic license

    Hi everyone, I have owned a few marbled geckos for a while now. I am wondering what is the best type of lizard for me that is on the basic license for victoria. My tank is 2 foot by 1 foot and I would much rather a lizard that will be active during the day. Cheers everyone
  10. GeckPhotographer

    Kimberley Australia

    So over most of January and February of this year I was staying in the southern Kimberley region of Western Australia. I was here to assist an honours student working on V. panoptes and while this took up most of each day I also managed to get around a little of the local station I was staying...
  11. F

    Beardies - Refuse to eat veggies

    Hi Guys, Have 2 new beardies (Age, unknown, but there ~10cm long..had them now for ~3weeks), and they refuse to eat any veggies....I've tried: carrots/lettuce/peas/corn/broccoli and even tried putting some baby food on the veggies... They will only eat crickets atm. Should I try some...
  12. andyql88

    Pogona Minor Minor feeding help!

    Hi Guys, I've had a Pogona Minor Minor for a couple of months now - he was born in September though. The guy in the pet shop said to feed him around 3-4 small crickets a day, which i have been doing - When should I up the amount? When do I start feeding him every other day? Also he currently...
  13. zuesowns

    Cost of keeping bearded dragon

    How much do you spend on your breaded dragon per week, month or year on insects? veges and heating i'm not to concerned about.
  14. R

    Small Dragon Species

    Hey guys, I'm looking to add to my mixed species enclosure by adding some more of the smaller varieties of dragons, such as the Mountain Heath Dragon and Painted Dragon, just wondering what peoples thoughts are on the topic, they would be going in with JUVIE Eastern Water Dragons and some jacky...
  15. U

    ARR! My electricity bill doubled!

    This time last year i did not own reptiles. This year i have 3 ceramic heat emiters running 24-7 and 2 UV lights running in the day. My bill has doubled compared to this time last year. Do ceramic heat globes suck THAT much power up!?!?!!? I only have 3!
  16. U

    Substrate question? What is safe?

    I'll get to the point - what substrate it safe for baby bearded dragons ? (Pogona minor minor). I have been told simple white sand pit sand from bunnings. But wont they eat it when they lick up the crickets?? Or shall i just use plain kitchen paper towels?
  17. U

    li'l dragons not eating :(

    I have 2 Pogona minor minors (Perth W.A. lizards). They are just over 3 months old so they are still very tiny. They have the correct lighting and heating (basking temp on 32 as they are still babies). But they just dont seem to want to eat. The one eats a little better than the other. But the...
  18. U

    How many crix for tiny dragon?

    I have 2 Pogona minor minors. They are 3 months old and they are very tiny. Being tiny i dont expect their tummies to hold much. One had 5 crix yesterday and the other ate 2. Crix are medium sized and fat. Today they dont seem interested in food at all. Is 2 to 5 crix a dragon a normal amount...
  19. U

    Vibrating food bowls, do they work?

    Just wanting to know if those vibrating food bowls actually encourage dragons to eat dead insects. Has anyone had any luck with them???
  20. U

    Basking spot temp for minor minor?

    I have just bought 2 Western Bearded Dragons (Pogona minor minor) and am wanting to know what basking temp i should set the thermostat to. I can find all the deatils in the world on the central inland dragons, but no info in the little minor minors from the W.A. area. Any suggestions?
  21. Icarus

    dog/cat food for pogona henrylawsoni?

    Hi, I have one adult and one juvie dwarf bearded dragon. At the moment they eat about 60% crickets and 40% vegies. I've read on a few overseas sites saying you can feed them dog and cat food with their vegies, but I havent found anything on any local (Australian websites). So i thought i'd ask...
  22. Icarus

    tank mate for dwarf beardie

    Hi all, We have an adult dwarf bearded dragon (pogona henrylawsoni). Not sure if it is a male or a female (we call it a he). We've had him since he was 6 weeks old, he's about 2 years old now, very friendly, great eater, never any trouble. We have him in a 3 foot tank by himself, and would like...
  23. MiddleOfNowhere

    My Pets. Pic Heavy

    Well i have a bit of a menagerie, but here's are a few of what i have. Frilly Carpets (Morelia Spilota Imbricata) Stimmies Womas Beardies (Pogona Minor) Frogs Galahs Pomeranians Lorikeets MON
  24. davobmx

    Mine Doesnt Look Like Other Beardies.

    posting agian sorry but i have had no help yet and lizards arnt my forte: my beardie does not look similar to most i have seen around, i think he is a pygmy but im not sure cause i dont no his age, hes over a year thats all i know. .
  25. L

    Western Bearded Dragons (Pogona minor minor)...

    Hey all! :) I'm chasing some information for a mate of mine over in WA - is there anyone here that breeds (and ultimately sells) Western Bearded Dragons? He had a P. vitticeps while he was here in SA that he adored, and now he's in WA, he'd really like to get back into them, but of course, he...
  26. Marzzy

    Dwalf bearded dragon Help Plz

    Hello Recently I got 2 Dwalf bearded dragons I got them freighted from Victoria to NSW. Ive been abit worried since they got here, I have a few questions to ask all input it welcome. 1. How hot does the enclosure basking spot have to be ? 2. What type/ colour do you use for the basking spot...
  27. G

    Lizard ID

    I bought a bearded dragon and the seller said he was a "western bearded dragon". I am trying to put him on the ebook online and there are two options... pogona minima and pogona minor. the seller is not being helpful. Can someone please tell me which he is? He is 12 months old.
  28. GeckPhotographer

    WA The Southwest Section. Heaps of reptile pics.

    So not so long ago I was over in WA for a bit more than two weeks. The trip was with my family celebrating my finishing school and was primarily with the aim of finding as many geckos as possible. We started off in Perth where I got to see a couple new species for me, both little brown...
  29. 6

    back yard visitor!

    Had a nice little bearded dragon on our fence will he stick around or leave?
  30. 6

    Reptile videos PLEASE LOOK!

    Hay could you all check out me and Lizardman5s Youtube channel we have lots of great videos http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_profilepage&v=ny8Zvasuj64 ^^Video of a western bearded dragon we found diging holes to lay eggs we think,This is one of are best finds yet...
  31. Justdragons

    Welcome home little ones

    So Today was the big day when i was to get 2 new baby bearded dragons. i did a lot of research and managed to get on to some rick walker red beardies. after a lot of emails and questions and a little waiting today was the day. However last night i got an email saying that because i had...
  32. miveson

    Dwarf Bearded Dragon Breeder

    Hi, I'm looking for a breeder of Dwarf Bearded Dragons, obviously breeding isn't until October but I'd like to get my name down on a breeders list to acquire a Dwarfie. If anyone could point me in the right direction. Thanks Mark
  33. T

    Bringing pet Bearded Dragons from abroad

    Hey there, I will be moving to Perth, AU from Miami,FL and have a few pet bearded dragons. I was wondering if I would be able to bring them over to Perth? I read online that AU is pretty strict about bringing pets and pretty much only allow horses, dogs, and cats. But maybe beardeds are...
  34. Nephrurus

    iPhone Herping...

    You don't need a dedicated SLR to get decent reptile photos. The quality that comes from modern camera phones is quite respectable. This is a shot I took with my iPhone4 on a recent trip to the Pilbara. I took a heap of images with my Nikon DSLR as well, but this shows the results that can be...
  35. S

    Dwarf Bearded Dragon

    Looking for a or a number of dwarf bearded dragons. Dont wish to freight so NSW only please
  36. K

    housing beardies???

    hey just wondering if im able to house pogona mitchelli (north west dwarf) with pagona vitticeps(central)???? am after a pair of both and thought i better ask the question any help appreciated thanks
  37. G

    Pilbara Dwarf Bearded Dragon - Pogona Mitchelli

    Scientific Name Pogona Mitchelli Common Name North-west Bearded Dragon Pilbara Dwarf Bearded Dragon Age 7 months Sex 4 males, 2 unsure (possible females) Size Small as they have been cooled down through mid winter. SVL 7-8cm. Quantity Available 6 Price $70ea...
  38. A

    Chasing a Male Dwarf Bearded Dragon- Cairns

    I am looking for a partner for my female, I live in Cairns, any help would be greatly appreciated!
  39. CarpetPythons.com.au

    Tips for Newbies thread!

    I dont know if this has been done before, but maybe this can be turned into a sticky thread? 1. Never buy a snake on impulse! Read up about them and make sure you know whats involved before you get it or them. 2. Dont be tight when it comes to the caging and equipment needed to look after...
  40. chameleonz

    My first Reptile...advice

    As per the title I need some help making quite a big decision. This will be my first reptile, and I have learnt this requires a whole other level of skill in terms of care. I have my heart set on a Bearded Dragon, Eastern or Pygmy however the enclosure it requires is quite large and I don't...
  41. G

    Pilbara Dwarf Bearded Dragon - Pogona Mitchelli

    Scientific Name Pogona Mitchelli Common Name North-west Bearded Dragon Pilbara Dwarf Bearded Dragon Age 5 Weeks Sex Unknown Size SVL 4-5cm Quantity Available 6 Price $50 Bred By Me General Description Great little lizards. Feeding well on crickets and...
  42. G

    Pilbara Dwarf Bearded Dragon - Pogona Mitchelli

    Scientific Name Pogona Mitchelli Common Name North-west bearded dragon Pilbara dwarf bearded dragon Age 5 weeks Sex Unknown Length SVL 4-5cm Quantity Available 6 Price $50 each Cheaper for 2 or more. Bred By Me General Description Great little lizards...
  43. B

    Worried about New Beardie

    hey guys i just picked up my 1st ever reptile (Western Bearded Dragon) its been only 24 hours and i have a question hopefully you can set my mind at ease i have heard that if a beardie begins to go dark colour (black) its in bad shape and will be sick?? the one i have atm is a dark colour...
  44. nevtalath

    Difference between beardies and dwarf beardies?

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone knew the differences and if you can get a throw back from normal beardies?
  45. C

    female dwarf bearded dragon

    looking for a female dwarf bearded dragon. any age. email me if you have, with prices and so on. thanks.
  46. Kristy86

    Wanted Female P.Minor Minor

    I am chasing an adult female P. Minor Minor (Western Australian Dwarf Bearded Dragon) I am in Cairns so will prob need to be freighted. Please PM if anyone has some! Willing to pay good money for the right animal!
  47. absinthe_616

    It's That Time of the Year!

    After having a little chat with Gabe, I;ve decided to start this thread. Everyone knows its "that time of the year" for certain species, so come on everyone, lets see your new babies! My bluetongue just popped out nine lovely banded bubbas. I know i've only just recently posted these pics...
  48. Sweetheart

    Pilbara Dwarf Bearded Dragons

    Does anyone know where I can get dwarf bearded dragons (pogona mitchelli) in high red colours. Similar to those in the latest Reptile Australia Magazine
  49. reptilefan95

    Pygmy beardies

    Rankins, Lawsons, Black Soil Dragons, Pogona Minor Mitchelli or just the P. Henrilawsioni (wow spelling must be really off) Lets see some pictures any colour phases? Take some pics of your tanks as well! Lets see who has the nicest set up and the nicest pygmy!!!!!!!!!!!
  50. WomaPythons

    how many females have reptiles

    i have found with all girls i talk 2 they hate reptiles but there seems 2 be alot of ladys on this site can the females tel me what herps they have...