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  1. News Bot

    Doesn't Make Scents? Snakebite Causes Man to Lose Ability to Smell

    After a brief encounter with a poisonous snake, a man lost his sense of smell. Published On: 04-Mar-16 05:37 AM Source: Associated Press Author: Go to Original Article
  2. Cunninghamskinks

    Why are reptile enthusiasts in Australia not allowed to keep exotic reptiles

    i was just wondering why Cunninghamskinks
  3. eipper

    Reading list

    Just a thought re identification might be worth a sticky thread on recommended reading. If you guys would like me to put something together let me know. I could also put up notifications and references to new taxonomic papers as they are released. Let et me know and btw I hope everyone has...
  4. Barrett

    Broken Hill Herping

    Hey everyone. I am making this thread to upload photos of each time I go herping in my local area; Broken Hill. I had a few good photos from a year ago, though not sure if I made a post for them as my laptop died recently, so lost a few photos. A few landscape photos from the past couple...
  5. saximus

    Live vs Dead Food for Elapids

    I was recently thinking about the pre-digestion role certain toxins in venom play when elapids kill their prey. That made me start thinking about the fact that almost everyone feeds dead things to their snakes which made me start to wonder how that affects their digestion. This may be me lacking...
  6. GeckPhotographer

    Fun Snake ID

    So guys, this has actually already been ID'd for me from multiple trusted sources, but I didn't ID it myself. I thought since the photo quality was pretty poor I'd put it up here and see how you guys went IDing it, and I'll let you know if you're right or not. Untitled by Stephen Mahony, on...
  7. Rocket

    Some SA herping...

    Just thought I'd show off some of the photos i've taken of local, SA herps over the past ten or so years. I am not a photographer - don't expect perfect photos. This is by far, not everything I have seen but these show some of the animals where I managed to have a camera (not a great one I might...
  8. Wombok

    Cane Toads.

    Just thought I'd share a few pictures of this cane toad that comes into the laundry and eats our cat food every night. My mum insisted she held it. So I was like. "YES, AND I'LL TAKE PICTURES."- Over enthusiasm. Anyway, here they are. Oh, and by the way, we don't kill them, as my family have...
  9. apprenticegnome

    Is the use of latin names in posts always necessary?

    I am not that versed in what I assume are Latin names for snakes and lizards and after reading replies to some posts over the last few years I felt it would be a good question. Why do some people tend to use Latin names when replying to posts that have been using common names, eg: rattling off 8...
  10. mcloughlin2

    Herping out Nyngan/Cobar way?

    Does anyone have any experience with herping out Nyngan-Cobar way? I'm just trying to gauge whether it's worth the drive out there for Sydney siders or whether just as many species can be found in locations around Sydney. I go out that way each year hunting on a friends property but I've never...
  11. clopo

    More of Mount Isa

    Ill start from last night and go backwards a few weeks. First up last night was a young Olive python. Olive Python by R. Francis, on Flickr I then found a DOR black headed python which i was disapointed about as i really wanted to see one. I then came across this little mulga snake...
  12. moloch05

    Photos from a trip to the Red Centre

    Over the Christmas break, I had the opportunity to make a quick trip to the Red Centre. It is a place that I've wanted to see for many years but never could find the time to get out there. Australia is a big place and the drive to the middle of the continent is a big one from the east coast...
  13. moloch05

    Lake Eyre Basin, Central Western Queensland, Nov 2012

    I recently had a week break from work so decided to visit a couple of my favourite areas in the eastern deserts. The first destination was the Lake Eyre Basin near Winton in central western Queensland. This is one of the relatively close places for me to herp but it was a 26 hour drive from my...
  14. Deyendran

    will i die

    hey guys i just came across a pretty reasonable deal for a white lipped tree viper, i know its poisonous but i would just like to know the magnitude of its poison, will i die ???
  15. cathy1986

    is there a difference between a snake and a python

    if so what is it ??? im a tad bit confused :s
  16. Nephrurus

    A.P.T- Another Pilbara Thread

    Hi all, After a brief hiatus I'm going to try and post a little more, upload more stuff to flickr and my other site (that i'm not allowed to have in my signature), or, in the very least, catch up and write up a few of the field herping threads that should have gone up here and there. I...
  17. damian83

    does anyone know how true this is?

    10 most deadliest snakes?Top 10 Most Venomous Snakes! - YouTube
  18. stomk4

    unknown snake

    Hey guys/girls today my dad and i went to brisbane and back in that time there was a snake that tryed to come into the house my mum was that scared she is still crying the discription she gave to me was a light yellowey creamy color around 1-2 meters long and about 3-5 cm wide anyone know what...
  19. J

    some none Australian snakes in my collection

    bullsnake Pituophis catenifer sayi another bullsnake on her eggs Western hognose snake Heterodon nasicus nasicus Filesnake Mehelya capensis Pituophis deppei deppei, young animals paternless ghost bullsnake tangerine albino Honduran milksnake Lampropeltis triangulum hondurensis...
  20. moloch05

    Wild Queensland -- Nov 2011

    I had to use lots of accumulated leave this year and I never like to waste it at home. So, after returning from Italy, I set off on a photography trip with a friend (Ted) and his son (Andrew) from Arizona. Ted and I explored the deserts in California and Mexico 40 years ago when we were in...
  21. Fuscus

    Police race anti-venom to victim

    Police race anti-venom to victim | Sunshine Coast News | Local News in Sunshine Coast | Sunshine Coast Daily
  22. waruikazi

    Another drive and ID lol

    There must be something about the weather atm that our drunk friends love (legless... get it? No? Wow tough crowd!). Another Burtons in a completely different area. This one was in Kakadu, from that side they seem to have a more prominent white stripe. I also found this fella back in...
  23. snakeluvver

    Killing cane toads

    Whats your views on killing cane toads? I personally think freezing them is ok as its humane, but some people I know will go out on a hunt with a golf club and sledgehammer and beat them to death. Just because theyre pests doesnt mean its okay to torture them and kill them horribly, theyre still...
  24. Elapidae1

    Snakebite accounts.

    I'm hoping someone or hopefully a few people will be able to point me in the direction of some literature on snakebite. Specifically accounts of bites from highly venomous Australian Elapids or where bites from so called less venomous snakes have caused potentially life threatening symptoms...
  25. M

    Mulga Snake vs King Brown Snake

    Some would say I'm pedantic. I say I'm fastidious... What gets my goat is that so many people, including users of this fantastic site, are still, to this day referring to Mulga Snakes as "King Browns"... I thought the general concensus about ten years ago was to remove the name King Brown from...
  26. F

    East coast VS West coast

    Why are there so many people selling WA snakes over east and none selling in WA? How come you guys can get our snakes but we can't have yours? Can I get one from you if its originally from here? Doubt it. I have only find a couple of reptile-only sellers from WA (minus pet shops) with very...
  27. My_Snakey

    No Grinner in WA :-(

    My husband and I are moving to WA, but I have just been told by Domestic Quarantine that my Bredli Python, Grinner, isn't allowed into WA. Is this right? Is there no way that I can bring my much loved pet into WA? The man on the phone told me "Well atleast you know now and have time to give him...
  28. Elapidae1

    Whats a False Brown Snake.

    I've never heard of one until today, what is it?
  29. StephenZozaya

    Cape York Peninsula, Queensland

    Salutations forumites, First a few warnings. There is quite a lot of text in this post as a consequence of the amount of material. Feel free to skip it and look at the pretty pictures if you please. Also, the photos in this post were taken with both a Canon DSLR and an Olympus point-and-shoot...
  30. snake_freak

    Herping in Witchelina, South Australia

    Just got back from a week of mid-winter herping in Witchelina, South Australia. Bit of info for anyone interested (Full thing available from Witchelina is a vast conservation area in the arid heartland...
  31. goneself

    Rock Python

    Hey all- I've recently been offered a nothern territory rock python (liasis oenpelliensis) Haven't seen any aound and just wondered if anyone here kept/bred/knew anything about them..
  32. wizz

    Mugla snakes often travel in pairs ???

    Pseudechis australis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia .... Ha :? ??? Reproduction Female mulga snakes produce a clutch of around 8–20 eggs, which may be laid in a disused burrow or beneath a log or rock. There is no maternal care for the eggs once they have been laid. Eggs take about...
  33. Bench_Warmer01

    Snake ID - Kimberley Western Australia

    I saw this snake over a 3 day period at night in the staff accomodation area at work, and after the last king brown here had boiling water and huge rocks thrown on it, ( before I arrived) There's no way i'd let any reptile suffer that fate here. Anyway, I caught it and relocated it after...
  34. M

    Snakes 2010

    Seeing its getting colder which leads to a decline in herping threads (plus I'm just bored on a Sunday night) I thought I'd throw up some pictures of the snakes I have photographed so far this year. Majority of pics have maybe been seen before. Cheers. Bandy Bandy Vermicella annulata Brown...
  35. SouthSydney

    Female Ven Keepers?

    Ok, so I was talking to a mate of mine and flicking through the elapid thread, and it got me wondering, how many female ven keepers are actually out there? That actually own them on their license and not just their other halves owning them etc...? And got into keeping hots, on their own accord...
  36. redbellybite

    Interesting ...

    I found it interesting in what type of anti vens are used for different species .... Immunotype Treatment of snakebite in a clinical setting depends in part on the immunotype to which the speces belongs. The Snake Venom Detection Kit (SVDK) helps with determining this information...
  37. M

    SW QLD Herping Trip Part 4 - Snakes

    These are the snakes we encountered on our trip. Unfortunatly we didn't see a great deal and only one managed to escape without a photo but it was the only live Western Brown Snake that we came across. Would also be interested in hearing any records of just how far west Coastal Carpet pythons...
  38. Stefan

    Current status of Pseudechis weigeli

    Hi there! Does some one have some information on the current status of Pseudechis weigeli? When I am searching around for information about Pseudechis I sometimes see the name weigeli. This would be a pigmy mulga from Australia. The pigmy mulga from PNG is mostly called Pailsus rossignollii...
  39. Shannon

    Latest Snake Photos

    For those who are interested here are some snakes I've photographed lately :D More photos added to me archive. Enjoy © All rights Reserved. Shannon Plummer. Scrub Python (Morelia amethistina) Mainland Tiger Snake (Notechis scutatus) Common Death Adder (Acanthophis...
  40. yoyo101

    guess the herp

    hey guys im kinda bored so thought i would get a photo for you to guess what it is :D
  41. moloch05

    Tropical Queensland, Cape York

    This report covers the animals that we saw along the road between Cooktown and the Iron Range. The drive takes about 8 hours or so. The road is mostly dirt with a few sections of paved road. The dirt track up Cape York is well maintained but dusty. We could average between 80-90kph over most...
  42. pigysus

    Eastern Brown V King Brown

    Given the variations in size and colouration of brown snakes, what is the definitive method of telling the difference between Pseudechis australis, the King Bown or Mulga and Common or Eastern Brown Snake Pseudonaja textilis. The snake I'm trying to identify Is olive brown top side with neatly...
  43. K

    Gravid help!!!!

    i currently have a diamond pythons and a coastal carpet housed together, and have been under the impression that they were both females(first mistake lol) and yesterday i found them both heavily intrawled in mating, (they def did mate we saw the hemipenes come out n all) now i know that she...
  44. Retic

    What makes a Jungle a Jungle ?

    It's a simple question but the answer seems to be very complicated and probably more complicated than it needs to be. When is a Jungle a Jungle and not a mcdowelli ? For example what is the snake in this photo ? Is it mcdowelli or cheynei and why is it one and not the other ? It is a few years...
  45. colooch

    top 10 most dangerous snakes

    I was recently having a discussion with mate about the top 10 most dangerous snakes in the world, he does not think Australia is home to more than half of the top10. so can anyone name the top 10 most dangerous snakes in the world?
  46. J

    My grandfather the herper.

    G'day guys, My pop is one of those eccentric grey nomads...his 4x4 and caravan are worth more than my last house! Earlier this year he drove from Brisbane to Alice Springs via the Simpson Desert, and then went and did the Canning Stock Route. It was in winter, but he still managed to find the...
  47. Col J

    What snake is this?? Mk II

    I was at Teemburra Dam the other day (50km west of Mackay) & spotted this guy cruising around in the middle of the dam. It was difficult getting close enough for the shots & not let him in the boat. He's carrying a bit of livestock as well. I assumed he was a Taipan because he looks so different...
  48. moloch05

    Photos from North West Cape, WA -- pt 2

    This is part 2 of the Exmouth area report. Once again, it is a combined report of animals that I found with my son in November, 2005, and with a friend in February, 2007. We saw a number of Burton's Snake-lizards (Lialis burtonis) in November but none in February. All of those in the...
  49. moloch05

    pics from Karijini NP, WA

    My son and I visited Karijini National Park in the Pilbara of Western Australia for several days in November, 2005. This park is famous for its beautiful red rock gorges. Some of these gorges have permanent water and of course, where there is water, there is abundant life. Here are a few...
  50. smacdonald

    The Pilbara, WA

    Hi all, This the final installment from my WA trip. Earlier episodes: The Pinnacles and Lesueur National Park Numbat alert! Perth Zoo Tiger snakes Into the Rat's nest Shark Bay Monkey Mia and Hamelin Pool Cape Range National Park and Exmouth In this exciting...