pseudonaja textilis


  1. andynic07

    Who is into reptile photography?

    I love photographing my reptiles and wild ones. Here are some of mine.
  2. NickGeee

    Recent Melbourne Herping

    Some more herping pics - who could have guessed it! Heres an old Delma impar slough from Central Victoria, Wouldve been cool to frame! Delma impar sloughed skin by Nick Gale, on Flickr And a baby stumpy tail from Bendigo, nothing is better than seeing one of these after finding nothing for two...
  3. NickGeee

    More Vic Herping

    Here are some older and more recent pics from Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula, which is SE of Melbourne. Little brown from the hills around Melbourne Airport. Eastern Brown Snake (Pseudonaja textilis) by Nick Gale, on Flickr A cute and gravid Marbled Gecko from my Backyard, in Melbournes...
  4. NickGeee

    Recent Herping Pics

    Some pictures from the last month or so, ill try to add some story in with them... I went up to Mt Buller in Victoria with my family for a ski trip earlier last month, and after seeing afew thawed out ski runs, I went to investigate. McCoy’s Skink ( Anepischestosia maccoy) by Nick Gale, on...
  5. M

    Breeding a Stimmy to a Spotted

    Hi, has anyone tried it? Is there any reason why we don't see many of these around? Cheers
  6. M

    Share Feeding Pictures!

    My fave thread before the server issues was the one with photos of snakes feeding, so I was hoping this could be a new version of that. My new stimson python (7 months) just had his first feed with me, but was a bit shy and only took the mouse after I left the room and I didn't get to see...
  7. baker

    Some photos of my snakes.

    Figured I would put up some photos of some snakes I own to see if we can get this plan on a roll again. Annoyingly the uploader was not working correctly and was failing to load most of my images so most of these are old photos. Cheers Cameron
  8. NickGeee

    Basalt herping and more

    Some recent photos I have taken in the last month or so. These shots are in no way sensational :P Delma impar- which is an endangered species. Awesome things! Striped legless lizard (delma impar) by nickgalereptiles, on Flickr Striped legless lizard (delma impar) by nickgalereptiles, on Flickr A...
  9. NickGeee

    Melbourne basalt plains W/ pics

    Headed up to a very nice spot in Cragieburn and found some cool skink species. There were two main parts to the area, the Merri creek and the grasslands. Around the creek we found some hibernating large-ish skinks Ctenotus robustus by nickgherping, on Flickr This robustus had some nice scars on...
  10. B

    What snake is this?

    I was working in Western Sydney Parklands on Friday and found a very lethargic snake on the footpath in the bush. At first me and my work college were startled and thought it was an Eastern Brown. We had a bit of a look at him and he coiled up but didn't show the aggression typical Browns do. He...
  11. thomasssss

    ID please

    ok so there is a catcher on the way for this one but a friend just sent me this pic asking what i thought it was , my first thought was a juvy brown but im not that great with ids and the pic isnt the best , so intrested in others thoughts , as i said there is a catcher on the way apparently and...
  12. S

    5 snakes in Australia - ID requested, please

    Hi all, Last november, I've encountered several snakes. Could you please help me identify these creatures? I tried to catch them on camera. Not all of the pictures are showing the entire snake, but I hope it's clear enough to analyze. Myself I thought that these are 1. Eastern Brown, 2...
  13. C

    Carpet snake in roof

    Hi there, I'm a concerned mum about to move into a house my husband has renovated in a semi industrial northern suburb of Melbourne. He found small eggs in the roof cavity and a few nights ago thought he heard movement in the roof cavity. He cleared a backyard overrun by black berries and car...
  14. D

    common blue tongue eggs in my garden, and how do I ensure they hatch?

    I live in Castle Hill, and a herp since a kid. I uncovered 11 Blue Tongue eggs whilst planting a new tree, and I wish to make sure they hatch and ensure they survive. I have them carefully recovered in same soil in a large straining dish, and within an open cardboard box! I have occasionally...
  15. billiebeeev

    Please help indentify this snake?

    I have found this snake and a few others the same in my brothers backyard in Qld I was wondering if anyone knew what type It is? And if it's deadly or venomous as I am worried as they have kids and dogs Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. Djbowker

    Snake ID

    Found in a CQ kitchen, on a local buy swap and sell page. I think it's either a baby brown, or an orange nape snake. Despite numerous calls from people that it's actually a BHP.
  17. cheekabee

    Recent 2013 herping

    Just a few recent shots from 2013 before 2014 starts. Early this year I went to the mallee with Nick (richoman on this site), matt(python_owner) and a few other guys who aren't on this site (steve and dan). Bandy Bandy(Vermicella annulata) by Melbourne herping, on Flickr Dark-Spined Blind...
  18. saximus

    Live vs Dead Food for Elapids

    I was recently thinking about the pre-digestion role certain toxins in venom play when elapids kill their prey. That made me start thinking about the fact that almost everyone feeds dead things to their snakes which made me start to wonder how that affects their digestion. This may be me lacking...
  19. K

    Snake ID?

    This little guy made his way through my front yard today... Is it a brown snake?
  20. princessparrot

    Bookham snake ID

    Does anyone know what this snake is? I would suspect eastern brown
  21. bradles73au

    Brown snake or tiger

    This nice snake was found dead nearby home. Im thinking its a brown snake, not a hundred percent sure though. It was taken on the nsw vic border in Albury Sent from my GT-I9300 using Tapatalk 4
  22. T

    How many different snake species have you seen in your own yard?

    I was just reading another thread which got me thinking about how many species of snakes I've spotted in my yard. On an acreage block in SEQ, I have seen a couple of RBBs pass through. There was a communal nest of yellow-faced whip snakes under the thicket adjacent to the house. I once removed...
  23. PythonOwner25

    Melbourne and surrounds Sep/Oct

    Just a few recent pics from various days herping throughout the suburbs of Melbourne, September and October 2013. Enjoy! Little Whip Snake (Parasuta flagellum) by Matt Clancy Wildlife Photography, on Flickr Eastern Brown Snake (Pseudonaja textilis) by Matt Clancy Wildlife Photography, on...
  24. richoman_3

    Recent Melbourne Herping

    just some of my more recent pics start with the snakies Little brown Juvenile Eastern Brown Snake (Pseudonaja textilis) by Nick Volpe, on Flickr Juvenile Eastern Brown Snake (Pseudonaja textilis) by Nick Volpe, on Flickr Big brown! Eastern Brown Snake (Pseudonaja textilis) by Nick...
  25. HerpMad

    Looking for some papers.

    Hey guys, I'm trying to find the paper Whitaker, P.B. & Shine, R. (1999a) When, where, and why do people encounter Australian brownsnakes (Pseudonaja textilis, Elapidae)? Wildlife Research 26, 675 688 Whitaker, P. B., and R. Shine. 1999. Responses of free-ranging brownsnakes...
  26. damo77

    ID on a snake i bumped into this arvo

    Saw a snake on our property near Toowoomba this afternoon. Unfortunately no pics however it was arounf 5ft long, had a dark brown to slate coloured body with a small tan coloured head. It was quite a thick heavy body. It looked at me and i looked at it for a while then when i took a few steps...
  27. saximus

    Are textilis really that bad?

    I have a query that's been in the back of my mind for a while and I'd like to hear mainly from the field herpers and/or snake catchers if possible. I find that even with reptile friends and people who have a healthy respect for snakes that EBs are the only snake they won't trust and that they...
  28. Chicken

    Recent herping (Pic heavy)

    Hi everyone, heres just some of the herps i've found over the past 4-5 months. Start off with some snakes - Eastern small-eyed snake (Cryptophis nigrescens) by James Lowe Reptile, on Flickr Lowlands copperhead (Austrelaps superbus) by James Lowe Reptile, on Flickr Dwyer's snake (Parasuta...
  29. cheekabee

    Few pics with my new camera

    Just a few shots from around Melbourne through the winter Snakes Eastern Brown Snake by Melbourne herping, on Flickr Eastern tiger Snake by Melbourne herping, on Flickr Eastern Brown Snake by Melbourne herping, on Flickr Eastern Brown Snake by Melbourne herping, on Flickr ittle whip...
  30. voodoo

    Boris Updated pics

    For you IV, A few recent pics of Boris the lace monitor. For those who are not aware of his story, Boris was hit by a car early last year and was rescued by Richard or Imported Varanus. Richard cared for him untill he recovered from his injuries. Boris now lives with us in Sunny Brisbane.
  31. cheekabee

    Recent Herping pics

    Just a few of my recent herping pics from around vic that I haven't posten on APS, ps some might be from last year. Snakes from around Melbourne Eastern Brown Snake(Pseudonaja textilis) by Melbourne herping, on Flickr Eastern Brown Snake(Pseudonaja textilis) by Melbourne herping, on Flickr...
  32. J

    What snake is this?

    My niece found this snake on her property in Malanda QLD. Is it a keelback?
  33. ShaunMorelia

    How many Species were to be Re-Classified or Re-Named since 2000?

    Thought I would share some information that I have come across in my scientific paper research. The below is an exerpt from "Best Practices: In the 21st Century, Taxonomic Decisions in Herpetology are Acceptable Only When Supported by a Body of Evidence and Published via Peer-Review" published...
  34. ronhalling

    dirty jobs

    Hmmmm, watched Dirty jobs downunder the other night and was horrified by some of the statements Mike Rowe made in regards to killing our native snakes ie browns etc, thankfully the snake catcher from Adelaide that was with him kept telling him how illegal it was to kill them but it did not seem...
  35. B

    Snake ID Please: Murrmabateman, NSW (north of Canberra)

    Hi, I found what looks like a baby snake in one of my crocs on the verandah. I live on a 2 acre block in a rural residential ares, backing onto a sheep paddock. At first I though it was just the tail of a large penny lizard: I have moved it to the edge of my yard (at the end of a shovel)...
  36. Rocket

    Some SA herping...

    Just thought I'd show off some of the photos i've taken of local, SA herps over the past ten or so years. I am not a photographer - don't expect perfect photos. This is by far, not everything I have seen but these show some of the animals where I managed to have a camera (not a great one I might...
  37. PythonOwner25

    March Herping Melbourne

    Hey all, Have been herping quite a bit around Melbourne recently. Few new species to add to the list which is always nice! Enjoy the photos. :) McCoy's Skink (Nannoscincus maccoyi) by Matt Clancy Wildlife Photography, on Flickr Coventry's Skink (Niveoscincus coventryi) by Matt Clancy...
  38. Chicken

    Latest Herping pics.

    Hi Everyone, some lastest pics. Am what-so-ever hopeless behind a camera but here goes. Everything here was found in suburbs around Melbourne. Swamp wallaby by Jlowe Reptiles, on Flickr Limnodynastes tasmaniensis by Jlowe Reptiles, on Flickr Eulamprus tympanum by Jlowe Reptiles, on Flickr...
  39. Y

    What am I?

    Found these guys in a very bad place and was wondering what they are any help be great? I live on the Northern Rivers NSW. So let me know what ya think? Cheers Yogi
  40. S

    ID this snake please

    Found this little fella around my garden hose so i took some pictures and am pretty keen to find out what he/she is cheers The underbelly seems to be greenish from what i can make out though im not touching it incase UPDATE : Here are some better photos for ID
  41. cheekabee

    More herping pics Melbourne

    Just a few more Melbourne herping pics from these summer holidays which are unfortunately over and which went way to quick. Can't complain though as I had a good time. Lizards Weasel Skink(Saproscincus mustelinus) with eggs, in shared laying site by Melbourne herping, on Flickr Delicate...
  42. P

    Everybody loves browns, right?

    Thought I'd throw up a few photos of some of the Eastern Brown Snakes (Pseudonaja textilis) that I've come across in the last year or so. Some of the pics have probably been seen before, but oh well. I really wish I'd put in the effort to photograph a lot more of them.
  43. I

    An unusual relocation!

    Some texty eggs from a building site:)! Good on the contractors for the callout and the careful lifting of a few ton of rock without squashing any eggs. Interesting to see who hatches out, all look pretty good at this stage:). Anyone after some known locale (down to the nearest few MM)...
  44. T

    Python wrapped around little girl in Lismore

    Greetings all, I woke up to hear this item on the news headlines this morning... "A NSW mother has described the shock of waking to find a 3m python coiled around her two-year-old daughter and biting the little girl as she lay in bed. Mum, 22, of Lismore in the state’s north, was asleep with...
  45. Sleazy.P.Martini

    Frog and snake ID

    Hey guys, sorry about the lowsy photos, the snake was sent to me via phone from someone else and I was drunk when I took the one of the frog. Anyway the frog was found in Townsville, and the snake found North shore Sydney, Hornsby to be precise. Thanks
  46. M

    Snake Identification from Shed Skin

    Hi All, I found a snake skin today in a garden bed near my house. I've done a bit of reading and checked out AROD - AROD > snake scale count search | - however i'd love to get some more opinions as to what kind of snake you think this skin might belong to. I live in Brisbane QLD...
  47. cheekabee

    Some of this season's finds, Melbourne

    These are just some of this seasons finds around melbourne and its surounds Unfortunately didn't get any good pics of copper heads and tiger snakes although I did see a few. And still haven't encoutered a white lipped snake to photograph. Enjoy, Akash Cunningham skink(Egernia cunninghami)...
  48. thomasssss

    golden crown or other possibilities

    ok so just failed at attempting to catch a small snake about 15 cm(make that 20/25cm just looked at a ruler ) that looked very much like a young golden crowned snake , only thing thats got me thinking that it might not be is that it was in a very dry/hot area in my backyard in amongst a heap of...
  49. phatty

    hatchies in the wild

    well the local male female Darwin have breed this year again :) found this little fella in me bird cages might have to use some vermin mesh to keep them out.
  50. sd1981

    ID confirmation please

    Hi there, I found a 2-3 ft snake on the road, which had been run over and was being attacked by a crow. It had olive brown scales with a bluish hue over its scales and creamy brown belly scales.... I'll attempt to attach a pic... Found in Ipswich SE QLD and was well and truly dead when I got to...