1. T

    SA 2 yr Black headed Python

    Hatched around Jan 2020. Have not been able to successfully probe as tenses, but has been suggested they are female. Have had it attempted twice. currently sitting around 8ft, big thick snake. Fabulous feeder, can be tank reactive, not too bad to handle but isn’t big on it. If hungry...
  2. X

    Heating Lamp Recommendations

    So I’ve been using a reptile one heating lamp bulb and it just blew (only 3 weeks of having it). After reading reviews apparently this is super common with all reptile one bulbs. Does anyone have any recommendations for good heat lamp bulbs? I use a heat mat as well of course but would like the...
  3. X

    Murray Darling Care

    Hi everyone, I bought a 2 year old male Murray Darling Python (he’s over 1m long) about 2 weeks ago. He’s been an absolute dream. Great temperament, easy handling and eating really well (Adult Rat once a week). He’s in a large enclosure (120cm x 45cm x 100cm) with a heat lamp and a heat mat...
  4. B

    NSW Wanted: woma python

    Was wondering if anyone has any young Woma pythons for sale in the northern rivers area?
  5. HerpDerp

    WANTED Jungle Carpet, well established hatchling, early to mid december

    MatthewKeating submitted a new resource: WANTED Jungle Carpet, well established hatchling, early to mid december - wanted to buy Read more about this resource...
  6. M

    Help! Python not eating!

    My diamond python (5yrs, male) won’t eat. He at first starting being a bit weird with his food a couple times in a row- being interested and striking but guarding before eating, or not eating until I left the room or turned out the light. He’s never had problems with eating before this. But...
  7. R

    Just a little question re: mouth remaining open after an [attempted] feed.

    This little guy's mouth appears to be stuck in some sort of an open position and I'm unsure why. There was an attempted feeding session last Friday, but he chose to reject the food. This isn't too surprising as he had just come back from the vets for an unrelated reason (lacerations on his...
  8. P

    Lighting, heating and thermostat for Stimson's python

    Hi guys! I am planning on getting my first snake (a hatchling Stimson's python) in the next couple of weeks and I was hoping that you could provide me with some advice. I have done a lot of research and i am getting very confused about the heating and lighting requirements for pythons. I...
  9. W

    Twine to Chain Feed Snakes?

    Hello, trying to get a fussy hatchling to eat mice/rats and have read about chain feeding them to help them transition, but wondered what everyone used to tie them together? Thanks!
  10. H

    First time snake owner

    Hi all, first time snake owner here. I have a roughly 8 month old Children’s Python, I have had it for around 5 months. It always handled well and only tagged me once when I scared it. A few weeks ago I went to pick it up to handled it, but it was around feeding day and it mistook my finger...
  11. razorbill

    Aspidites ramsayi beginner questions

    Hello! I am a novice keeper and will be getting a hatchling Woma next month. Have tried to review as much information as I could independently before asking, but still have a few questions: Brumation/feeding/temperature - In SImon Stone's care guide that was recommended on here he wrote that...
  12. Alana Stevens

    NSW Expression of interest/ looking around for macs

    I'm looking around for a new spotted python and just wanted to see what's available. I love the little guys
  13. R

    SOLD Green Tree Python (+Enclosure, Lamp, Humidifier) $800

    "Monty" our GTP is for sale. Originally acquired by my wife for our classroom at school (yes, we work together!) however due to starting a family and her on leave from work I have too little time to dedicate to all our animals. Monty is ~6 years old, a very bright and lively display snake who...
  14. LisaMelb

    VIC Looking to buy ~100-150cm ~3yrs+ python. Preferably with enclosure, beginner friendly. Open to offers and suggestions

    Hi there, Am looking for a beginner-friendly snake that is 100cm - 150cm. I am looking for something that is larger than just a yearling, which is why I've put 3 years old - but am flexible with age. Would love carpet pythons, diamonds, or even jungles with a good-ish temperament. Open to...
  15. PythonMelb

    VIC Must Sell - Price Negotiable - 4x2x2 Ft Full Reptile Enclosure Setup - $280 - Two available

    Get a bargain - Each setup cost me approx. $1,000 in total a few years back. Selling due to relocating to an apartment. Price is negotiable and there are two enclosures available for sale. 4 x 2 x 2 Ft or 1200mm x 600mm x 600mm The enclosure & setup includes: - 1200mm x 600mm enclosure with...
  16. K

    QLD Darwin male roughly 2 years

    Searching for a MALE Darwin python roughly 2 years of age or older. Either a HET or albino. I'm located north good Coast.
  17. G

    NSW WANTED: Female Albino Darwin/Northern Carpet Python

    Hello, I am looking for a female Albino Darwin/Northern Carpet Python (morelia spilota variegata). I am located in Northern NSW and would be happy to drive up to 3 hours to pick up, otherwise could arrange freight to the local airport. I hold a valid reptile licence. Please let me know if you...
  18. D

    VIC Platinum Spotted Pythons

    I've been looking for a breeder that specialises in Spotted Pythons and their morphs but I can't seem to find any. I've seen photos and videos of Platinum Spotted Pythons and they look so beautiful.
  19. J

    WA Female SWC wanted

    Female SWC
  20. W


    After 1x male and 1x female Wheatbelt Stimsons pythons. I am Located in nsw Will Need freight. Would prefer breeding age animals but willing to consider hatchies or yearlings. Prefer not related.
  21. E

    Male Woma Python interesting behaviour HELP!

    Hi all, I have recently acquired a 5 yr old male woma and have noticed an odd behaviour. I've researched the hell out of it and can't find anything that matches it. Basically, when I pick him up out of his enclosures he will start almost uncontrollably trembling (like if you were to tense your...
  22. daniel101

    VIC EOI Female Scrub Python 4m ++++

    Hi Guys, Just posting an expression of interest for the sale of my 8 year old Female Scrub Python. Regretful sale as I will be moving out in a few months and the snake is just to much of a handful for my father to handle alone (typical scrub python behaviour). The snake is a very good feeder...
  23. D

    How long do Diamond Python's live for in captivity?

    How old were your diamond pythons when they died of old age? I've read some places that they normally live to about 20-25 years, however I have heard some second-hand anecdotal evidence that people have had them live to 50 or 60 years old. What experiences do people here have?
  24. T

    VIC Looking for female children's

    Looking for female children's python breeding age. Preferably reduced pattern or patternless. Located wyndham vale.
  25. Atlas

    NSW Pygmy/Anthill Pythons

    Hey guys! I’m looking for contacts to buy am anthill python; I’m willing to pay freight or do pick up (my limit is three hours drive..) based on the South coast of NSW. I don’t move out of home for another month or so and as of yet I’m just looking for breeders that will have or already has a...
  26. S

    Hatchling won't eat

    Ive got a 9 month old childrens python and i originally got it for a friend/housemate but they handled the python a lot, didn't let it settle in and was pretty rough with the python. Said friend has since moved out and left the snake in my care. I have been trying for over a week to get it to...
  27. Codie

    Belly scales lifted!!

    Ok so my jungle carpets belly has these lifted scales (you can see and feel them). When I got her she had mites which I have successfully gotten rid of and she was also underweight. She still is a bit skinny now and that's why I'm thinking they could be raised from that. But like I'm not sure...
  28. C

    VIC VIC, Looking for a juvenile JAG Diamond or Jungle

    Hey everyone! I'm currently on the market for a hatchling or atleast a young Diamond or Jungle python. I'm based in Melbourne, so I'd prefer to pick one up in Victoria but I'm happy to have one freighted if interstate. Please contact me on 0421033608 or [email protected] if you can help! :)
  29. sebiimams

    Python Respiratory Problem

    My new Banded Pygmy hatchling seems to have some respiratory problem. It yawns and sneezes regularly, but there’s minimal mucus that I can see. I uploaded a video of the problem on YouTube: Does anyone have any experience with this? Just thought that I would post an update for anyone...
  30. P

    Children's python not eating

    I've had my children's python for just over a month now and he's always been a breeze to feed, and overall a very calm snake even when I unintentionally handled him whilst in shed; but for the past two weeks he has been refusing to eat and showing no interest in the mouse at all. Upon pulling...
  31. HeatherWinter

    ACT Seeking unusual Antaresia pythons

    I'm in the market for a few Antaresia (preffered Stimson) pythons. Anything visually unusual. Age preferred hatchling -2 years. Gender not fussed. Not in a crazy hurry so if you have a clutch coming I'm all ears :)
  32. A

    Which python is this?

    I caught a python i don't know if it is pet material or which phthon is this , care, safety, handle ? Can any one tell me
  33. G

    my new olive python wont eat

    hey just posting this thread here as well I recently got an olive python from an expo nearly 2 weeks ago now and she has yet to eat i messaged the breeder and he said to leave it in her cage either on her or near the entrance to her hide and neither has worked she has pooped so i know she has...
  34. Snakebreak

    Do snakes get worse before getting better (RI)???

    My snake seems to be more mucusy since giving him the antibiotics prescribed for him. Is it true that he will get worse before he gets better? Is he just bringing up the mucus so it rids his body of it? It's been 2 weeks now. His a albino Darwin 4 years old. QUICK BACK STORY Temp and...
  35. Earthchild13

    SWCP body condition

    Hi guys. Newbie - apologies in advance if I'm asking daft questions. Got our SW carpet in November and it was extremely thin. 80cm, 14mths old and was getting 1 hopper every 14 days. We upped it to weekly feeds of same and he put on some weight. Went through a very easy, trouble free shed a...
  36. F

    QLD Older Children's/Stimson/Spotted Wanted

    I'm thinking of buying a snake- but because of personal reasons cannot commit to their 20+ lifespan, so I'm looking for older snakes, preferably 10+. I am a beginner to snakes but not reptiles. I have a glass enclosure that is approx. 1m long and 60cm wide and tall. I have the funds available...
  37. Scarlett

    VIC For sale Australian carpet python

    Rosie has been a delightful family pet for the past 3 years, and we have been the sole owners since she was 3 months old. She is likely a coastal variety and is in great condition. We are selling her with habitat with lights, gauges etc. She has out grown our family and needs a great new home...
  38. T

    NSW WTB Water Python

    I am fascinated by their cultural connection and colours and really want to add one to my collection. However 6 months of scrolling reptile pages has not returned any leads I have access to. Yes there have been a number for sale, however owners were interstate and not prepared to ship them. I...
  39. P

    Jag Jungle often have nero problems? What is hypo jag?

    Is this true? Is it the same risk for all types of jungles?
  40. A


    Looking for an olive python i am in sydney but will travel for the right snake Pic for attention
  41. P

    What makes it a palmerston jungle pythons

    Whats specific to palmerston jungle python? thanks
  42. P

    Diamond Jungle Cross

    Hi, what do people think of this carpet cross? I have seen the Zebra version and it looks great! (If it was female I would have purchased it on the spot!) Do they have problems with temp or shedding? What do people think? Thanks
  43. S

    Darwin Carpet Python

    Hi Everyone, I'm looking for a little more information on the breath capacity of carpet pythons. Tonight my boy decided to body slam his rat into his water dish, and is holding both himself and the rat underwater. I was wondering really how long he could keep this up for and if I should...
  44. S

    QLD Spotted python breeders Brisbane

    Looking for a spotted python hatchling. Have licence and wanted before Christmas. Hope someone can help :)
  45. R

    Jungle jag scale issue?

    Hey guys, So I’m fairly new at snake keeping and my partner has had snakes his whole life. We recently got Kaa our jungle jag python of 2-3 years old from a friend who could no longer keep her. She is roughly 1.5m at the moment. We have her in an enclose that’s 2.5m H x 1.5m W x 1.5 L we use...
  46. StunningMorelia

    Montgomery line Palmerston Jungle Pythons

    I'm putting out a Request For Information, on any leads for Montgomery line Palmerston Jungles... I wish I knew more about Montgomery himself, so if people know him and if he is still breeding, that'd be great. Would love to keep that line going.
  47. I

    New Stimson's Python Won't Hide! (Newbie)

    Hey there! I'm a new snake owner and purchased a Stimson's python three days ago. He is about 5 weeks old and quite aggressive but I know through proper handling each day he will grow out of it. He lives in a 3ft tank and climbs up into one of the lid corners instead of basking or hiding. The...
  48. Seasaltstudios

    Large python wanted for photoshoot at Smiths Lakes, north of Newcastle NSW.

    Hello, Once every decade or so I rely on the awesome members here to help me out, so sorry to be a consistent pain! :D I have a fine young lady whom I have known for over 5 years who works part time for a leading modelling agency, who is very bush savvy, environmental science, heaps of field...
  49. D

    NSW Female striped and spotted coastal carpet python

    She can be a bit cage defensive especially at feeding time but once out she's placid. Also have a 3ft reptile one enclosure as seen in the pictures. Pickup Harrington Park 2567 NSW PM if interested.
  50. Aria abedinnezhad

    Albino Darwin not eating

    Hi guys, So I've had my Albino Darwin for about 4 weeks. She's 6 months old. The first couple of weeks she was eating really good (1 mice per 7-10 days). When I tried to feed her for the third time on Tuesday (3 nights ago), she stroke at the mice and wrapped her coil around it for a minute...