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  1. B

    WTB - Female het marbled or marbled adult

    Looking to get a het for marble female children's. Preferably adult but would settle for a larger yearling or juvenile. No hatchlings. Prefer get het but would be willing to get a full marble for the right price A good handler is also a plus! Located VIC, local pick up preferred but freight is...
  2. R

    Reptile Vet Recommendations in Sydney

    Hi all, Wondering if anyone has a preferred Vet or clinic in the Sydney metro area they can recommend for reptiles, in particular pythons? This is a general question and not in relation to a specific issue\species so apologies if it should be in a different forum. I've read the pinned list on...
  3. S

    Wanted python hatchling

    Looking for a jungle carpet hatchling in particular. NSW can travel, happy to pay freight.
  4. Snakebreak

    No antibiotics are working RI

    My snakes had 3 different types of antibictics now and still has RI. It's better but not looking like it's going to go away. It's been 3 months on trial and error or antibioctics and the vet has ruled that it is bacterial via blood tests. His also had a bunch of other tests and they couldn't...
  5. xXFlying

    Aggressive bhp?

    hey guys, I’m new to this site and semi new to the reptile hobby but have done a lot of research. A couple weeks ago I bought a 1 and a half year old black head python (female) and was told she handled well and didn’t bite for the 8 months the previous owner had her. When I got her home she was...
  6. S

    Breeding Woma pythons

    Hi, I am looking into possibly breeding Woma Pythons, and cant find anything about captive breeding online. Any information would be appreciated, My understanding is they only mix with black head pythons but I cant even find anything about that either. I may just resort to Bredlis, Darwins, and...
  7. copper.eyes

    Stimsoni localities?

    Hello friends :p I went to a reptile expo (Show me Snakes) a few days ago and picked up a Stimmie ;) She's a very sweet and curious little scalebaby, but I can't help but wonder what locality she resembles..? Does anyone have any guesses? :eek: Thanks, I appreciate it! Her name is Adelaide :p
  8. A

    Water Pythons

    Hi. I'm looking to buy my first snake, and the water python really calls to me. I was wondering if anyone would recommend them as beginner snakes, or if I should get one after I have more experience with owning snakes.
  9. Shikito123

    Species that can go in the same enclosure

    Hi all, so I've just got back into the hobby a few months ago. I have a young coastal carpet that's about 50-60cm long. however, I really want to get a jungle carpet too. can they live in the same enclosure or are there requirements too different? *I have done a bit of research but I've heard...
  10. O

    1YO Stimson’s Python not pooping?

    Hey guys! I’ve had my lil stimsons for about 2 weeks now. She’s had two successful feeds with me, and loves to take her food straight away - but I’ve noticed she hasn’t pooped yet? I know it’s probably such a simple answer as to why, but I can’t find any info, so I thought I’d ask here! I’m...
  11. cheesecake10001

    Beginner/ First Snake suggestions please

    Hi guys! this is my first time on this forum and also my first time getting a snake. I've been looking into the Murray Darling Carpet Pythons, Centralian Carpet Python or Children's python which are the ones they sell near where I live. I also have a few questions: 1. Which one of these snakes...
  12. pyalda

    Diamond intergrades

    Hi Im not able to upload photos here again, please PM for them, ill be happy to send them. 3 diamond x coastals left 1 currently on hold. 2left Both eat/poo without any issues, both handle well, about 2yrs old Unknown sex Make me an offer Negotiable Need more Info please PM me Must have a valid...
  13. mrnofear

    Reptile enclosures & accessories

    7AM-2PM SATURDAY 9TH JUNE 2018 -------------- 1 DAY ONLY------------------- Hi everyone we're having a huge clearance sale on all things related to Reptiles. New & used items available Most items will be under half the price of the shops Items included in the sale are: 2ft, 3ft, 4ft BLACK &...
  14. Jake B

    Juvenile spotted python $100

    Born november 2017 Parents are wild x ebony Located in VIC
  15. Sanic66

    Need help sexing snakes, Qld Flagstone 4280

    Hi guys ,I'm hoping to find someone in my local area that is experienced in sexing Pythons, I have 7 snakes I need help, Thx
  16. A

    SOLD 3 Albino Darwin carpet pythons Full Stripe breeding trio ONO $3,000

    Selling 3 Albino Darwin carpet pythons. One female has a full yellow stripe. All hand raised and never had them bite. Excellent investment for breeding. Price also includes a full setup custom made glass enclosure with carved wooden lid. Pythons are 1m+ in length. 2 females and 1 male. – 1...
  17. Barmy

    I'm hoping to get a GTP! Any tips?

    Are GTPs aggressive? I know they have longer teeth than most pythons but are they okay with being handled? What size enclosure is necessary? I have heard something about a 'fragile stage'...? Any other useful info?
  18. G

    Bredli pythons

    Hey Guys, Since I am soon to get my new Bredli hatchling, I would like to see some of the Bredli carpets you have as pets. Thought it might be a good idea to interact with people and see a range of different colours, Patterns etc. - Ginger :)
  19. G

    Looking for Centralian Carpet Pythons ( Bredli ) Hatchies

    Hey Guys, I am looking for Centralian Carpet Pythons ( Bredli ) Hatchlings, Preferably in Sydney and preferably a male if possible. Please contact me on 0410241630 if you have any, to discuss prices. Thank you Ginger