1. Atlas

    Moving Herps from QLD to NSW

    yo! I live in NSW but have been staying at a friend's place in QLD for personal reasons. As it happens, their mum is selling me their 13yr old spotted python. Unfortunately i have absolutely no clue about QLD laws and finding info has proven sort of difficult. I'm driving home in a few days, and...
  2. Chills

    Brown Tree snake different licensing classification in different states.

    Hi all, I'm moving into QLD shortly from NSW and I've been flicking through the QLD licensing page. It looks like I could keep a Brown Tree Snake (mildly venomous) under a standard native animal keepers license. In NSW they are a class R2 reptile (either because they are venomous or because...
  3. Chills

    Transferring states (NSW to QLD)

    Hi folks, I am currently moving house and will end up living in Coolangatta, QLD just over the border. I've been in Banora Point in NSW about 6kms south of the QLD border. Not a big move but I'm now on the other side of the invisible line. I have a companion reptile keepers license in NSW for my...
  4. Shikito123

    Elapid and Colubrid Species List

    Hey guys, Just curious if anyone has a list of breeders that breed elapids or colubrid snakes in aus? I live in QLD so the allowed list if quite large, however, I know a few species on it of other animals we don't have in captivity (or are super super rare). So was wondering if anyone knows...
  5. R

    Do I need a license for Stimmie python in QLD?

    Hi, I'm just unsure and i cannot find much information on it. Wanted to check here to be sure.