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  1. Rocket

    Some Gekkota

    Here are some random photos of some of the lizards (Gekkota) in my collection. They are pretty bad photos... Carphodactylus laevis - chameleon gecko. This male was sleeping under a hide - yes, I am a terrible person for waking him up. Delma tincta - excitable delma. Lialis...
  2. S

    Northern Leaf Tail Gecko Adult Trio

    Scientific Name saltuarius cornutus Common Name Northern Leaf Tail Gecko Age 2 Size Fully grown huge geckos Quantity Available An adult trio, 1 male and 2 females Bred By I purchased them off a locale breeder 18 months ago General Description A large pair of geckos, eating great...
  3. mad_at_arms

    Victorian DSE Regulatory Impact Statement:- New gecko species

    Hi Guys no doubt most of you have heard that/had a chance to review the DSE's recently released RIS (Regulatory Impact Statement). It is a utter disappointment that the submissions for new gecko species: Nephrurus wheeleri, Oedura filicipoda, Saltuarius cornutus and Carphodactylus laevis have...
  4. D

    Herping 2012

    Last year I looked for snakes and lizards. I found some. Cairns Dry Season Morelia kinghorni by J. Kelk, on Flickr Morelia kinghorni by J. Kelk, on Flickr Morelia kinghorni by J. Kelk, on Flickr Junguy by J. Kelk, on Flickr Stegonotus cucullatus by J. Kelk, on Flickr Lepidodactylus...
  5. Benskene

    Young Wheeleri Pair

    Scientific Name N.Wheeleri Common Name Banded Knobtail gecko Age 6-8 months Size 6-8cm Quantity Available there is 4 pairs Bred By myself General Description I have 4x pairs of wheeleri. come from a mix of 2 females bred with a male for the 1st clutch then a different male for the...
  6. mad_at_arms

    ITT: We name herp species only using pictures

    Thought I'd start off a fun thread for the weekend. As the title suggests in this thread using only pictures, we name herp species. (common or scientific names) Make the species association to the image as simple as the name of the thing in the image,(how it is spelt or how its pronounced)...
  7. david.dix

    What should i keep in my empty enclosure?

    Well i have two 2ftx2ftx2ft melamine enclosures and one 3ftx2ftx2ft enclosure and i don't know what to put into the enclosures any ideas? I have x2 Central bearded dragons, x2 nephrurus amyae, x2 golden tailed geckos, long neck turtle and x2 children's pythons. I am thinking of getting two more...
  8. R

    Broard tails and southern leaf tail geckos, Whats the difference/?

    I was looking at my reptile books and it says thier are broard tailed geckos that live in NSW and another book says thier is southern leaf tailed geckos in NSW, just wondering if anyone knows the difference between the two species and if you have any pics feel frre to share :) Aaron
  9. braids

    Gecko I'd please

  10. IzzyBeardieLover

    Reptile suggestions!

    Please everyone i need suggestions for reptiles (not snakes) (maybe amphibians?) That could live together in a big complex (not in same enclosure) and does anyone have any ideas where i could get a caging complex (like enclosures [different sizes] stacked together?) Thankyou! :)
  11. S

    northern leaftail geckos

    Saltuarius cornutus adults (trio), breeders, regenerated tails on these 3. 1:2:0 price $1499 for the trio Sydney willing to freight intra-state, not prepared to wait for export permits, so NSW only, sorry. Sydney buyers preferred.
  12. Jk888

    largest gecko?

    being bored as hell got me thinking what is the largest native gecko in Australia? feel free to post images all posts are welcome
  13. B

    various gex

    1:1:0 Cyrtodactylus louisiadensis $499pr 0:0:4 Cyrtodactylus louisiadensis $150ea 4:4:0 Oedura robusta $250pr 6:0:4 Oedura marmorata...
  14. Kurto

    Australia's largest Gecko??

    Bit of a slow day around the office, to much time to sit around and think about pointless crap! With me being not to schooled in all things gecko and not wanting to do any research..... Anyone care to tell me what Australia's largest gecko species is?
  15. gecko-mad

    how much and who?

    hey guys i was wondering how much these geckos fetch for and if anybody breeds em? Diplodactylus byrnei - Gibber Gecko Diplodactylus conspicillatus - Fat-tailed Gecko Diplodactylus damaeus - Beaded Gecko Diplodactylus tessellatus - Tessellated Gecko Diplodactylus granariensis - Western Stone...
  16. gecko-mad

    what geckos do you have

    ive just got christinus marmorata, what about you guys?
  17. gecko-mad

    show of your geckos!

    show me your gecko pictures!
  18. smacdonald

    Days 9 to 11: Atherton Tablelands

    After Tully, we headed to the Atherton Tablelands. We spend three nights there, during which time we saw a ton of stuff. We went to: Millaa Millaa Falls, Malanda Falls, the Curtain Fig, Lake Barrine, Wooranooran National Park, Mobo Creek Crater, Chambers Eco-Lodge, Yungaburra. Here are...
  19. Z

    hatchy corns

    one of my females just laid her 4th clutch since 5th September, three others about to this week. 5/9 clutch hatched 2/12, 6/9 clutch hatched 7/12. 12/9 and 13/9 clutches due this week.
  20. moloch05

    Far North Queensland 5 -- Atherton Tablelands

    My wife and I spent a few days in the Atherton Tablelands. Unfortunately, it was cool with a steady drizzle for the first couple of days so it was definitely not good reptile weather. The tablelands are much cooler than the coast. Long ago, much of the tablelands was covered with rainforest...
  21. WombleHerp


    just wanted to know which aussie species is the largest: A) terrestrial gecko B) arboreal gecko all info appreciated thanks! regards, Nat ;)
  22. gold&black...

    WTB... Leaf-tail Gecko (Saltuarius cornutus)

    Hi All, haven't had much luck with the WTB section of APS the last few times but thought I should try again....... I'm after some Leaf-Tail Geckos (Saltuarius Cornutus) the Mt Elliott form...... I'm getting a few juvies this December but can't wait till then...... This is the form that I'm...
  23. chilli

    S.wyberba wanted

    does anybody have any for sale? top dollar paid.
  24. Reptilegirl

    southern leaf-tailed gecko requirements

    g'day all just wondering about the requirements of the southern leaf-tailed gecko (saltuarius swaini) cheers Megz