snake advice


  1. unclebarry

    i need some help on picking a first time snake

    hey everyone i’m going to be getting a snake within the next year and i’m aware of the commitment but i wanna know any suggestions of calm snakes that don’t mind being handled often, fella would need to be legal in victoria of course and i’d rather a medium sized snake, nothing too massive but...
  2. HerpDerp

    What is that one piece of advice that you wish someone had given you when you first started keeping snakes?

    Hi all, My name is Matthieu, I'm in Melbourne and I've always wanted a pet snake. There is nothing more frustrating for me than people who intentionally or unintentionally abuse their animals because they are ignorant or because they want to join the latest fad. This has lead me to be...
  3. M

    Please help me! I’m not sure if my snake is sick!

    Hello I have a 8month old children’s python and I lately noticed a tiny bit of a stain on the corner of his mouth and I’m scared he is sick so can someone please look at the photos and tell me firstly if he is sick, and secondly what to do (whether that be going to the vet ). Sorry if this is...
  4. C

    Olive python hatchling being snappy

    Hi all, I recently got myself an Olive Python hatchling and I’ve found that it’s a bit snappy, to the point where when I offered food it was going for my hand instead. Also when I walk into the room it starts turning into an ‘S’ shape. Also when I’m trying to change the water and I use the hook...
  5. S

    Black headed python. Respiratory infection

    Hello everyone my name is Sean from Raleigh NC USA, I have a 3.5 year old black headed python who is starting to show symptoms of a respiratory infection as of now just some light whistles when being handled or moving too quickly and a small amount of mucus in her mouth. I've already made an...
  6. T

    WA where to buy a stimpsons python in perth

    i have looked everywhere and can't find anything i am trying to buy a stimpsons python does anyone know where i can find one for sale
  7. E

    What size should I feed my Albino Darwin Python?

    Hey Guys, I’m a young reptile enthusiast and I’m looking for a little help about what I should feed my Darwin python. I recently got my Darwin python (at the start of the year in January). When I received him he was feeding on pinkie mice. He is now roughly 8 months old and I’m still feeding...
  8. Laikin

    Can't decide what snake to get

    Hi everyone just wandering what your opinions are on a good "beginner" snake. i've been looking at diamonds and spotted pythons but not really sure for i want a snake that gets to a good size but is still manageable. so please put your opinions in the comments and any good links to info on the...
  9. Laikin

    Wanting To Get Snake

    Hi everyone i've been wanting to get a snake for awhile now but not really sure what snake i should get. preferably a "beginner" snake that is friendly and fairly active (because i would like a change in pace because my blue tongue hides for days on end) and gets to a decent size but nothing to...