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  1. Tsuchinoko

    Adult Spotted python food size

    Hey guys, I just got a 3 year old spotted python a couple of months ago and have been feeding her medium rats which she's taken to well. I recently switched up my supplier and the medium rats I've gotten from them seem significantly larger than the ones I've been feeding her - I'm a little...
  2. E

    What size should I feed my Albino Darwin Python?

    Hey Guys, I’m a young reptile enthusiast and I’m looking for a little help about what I should feed my Darwin python. I recently got my Darwin python (at the start of the year in January). When I received him he was feeding on pinkie mice. He is now roughly 8 months old and I’m still feeding...
  3. R

    Frozen rodents

    Check out RR Rodents. All size frozen rats and mice available. Based in Lockyer Valley, delivery possible in SE Qld.
  4. Kieran Revell

    Rodents for Snake Food

    Revell's Reptiles is proud to offer Wollongong and the surrounds with high quality rodents for your snakes, monitors and dragons. Mice: Pinky 0-3 grams, $7.50 pack of 10 Fuzzy 4-7 grams, $10 pack of 10 Hopper 8-12 grams, $12.50 pack of 10 Weaner 13-17 grams, $12 pack of 8 Adult 18-27...
  5. R

    Rats for sale

    Frozen Rats for sale Pinkies .70 cents Fuzzies $1.20(15-25gm) Hoppers $1.80 (25-45gm) Weaners $2.20 (45-70gm) Small $3.00( 70-100gm) Medium $4.00 (100-140gm) Large $5.00 (140-190gm) Xl $6.00 (190-250gm) Jumbos $7.00 (250-350gm) Super jumbo $8.00 (250-350gm) Please contact Karen text or call...