1. P

    Berrington top

    Hello, Guys hope you all are doing well. I m planning to visiting berrington tops. Can you please tell me guys which track I found maximum number of reptiles or snakes for the photography and research. I saw on internet that it's too much tracking are on berrington tops. Waiting for your...
  2. sharkboy

    TAS Looking for snakes

    hey all im from Tasmania and hold licence for reptiles was just looking to see what's about not a really fussy let me know if you have any reptiles u would like to sell or give thanks .
  3. LittleButterfly

    Can Snakes Bond with their owners

    Hello all I have been absent from the forum for a while due to school and such. I am currently doing a research task for agriculture and I (unsurprisingly) am doing it on snakes. So I have a question, In your opinion, can snakes bond with their owners? Please give explanations and examples...
  4. Kieran Revell

    NSW Rodents for Snake Food

    Revell's Reptiles is proud to offer Wollongong and the surrounds with high quality rodents for your snakes, monitors and dragons. Mice: Pinky 0-3 grams, $7.50 pack of 10 Fuzzy 4-7 grams, $10 pack of 10 Hopper 8-12 grams, $12.50 pack of 10 Weaner 13-17 grams, $12 pack of 8 Adult 18-27...
  5. mrnofear


    Selling my used hatchling rack as not needed anymore. Made from Malemine, slight damage on the end of top shelf (was like it when got it) but doesn't affect operation. Has been used for Snakes & Lizards. Heat cord on all 9 levels with all 45 tubs included. Controled by Digital LCD display...
  6. mrnofear

    VIC Brand New Reptile Heat Globes

    Brand New Reptile Heat Globes 265 X 25w Nocturnal $3 each or $100 per box of 50. 34 X 40w Nocturnal $5 each or $130 the lot. 45 X 100w Nocturnal $5 each or $190 the lot. 54 X 150w Nocturnal $5 each or $200 the lot. 12 X 25w Red $5 each or $45 the lot. 114 X 25w Basking $5 each or $320 the...
  7. O

    Heathcote Herping

    Hey Guys, Im going night herping in heathcote national park. It may not be until late March/April though. Am I still likely to see many snakes? From Oli
  8. mrnofear


    Hi up for sale is a heap of Brand New Reptile Heat Globes & Ceramic heat emitters. 266 X 25WATT NOCTURNAL $5 34 X 40WATT NOCTURNAL $5 50 X 60WATT NOCTURNAL $5 93 X 100WATT NOCTURNAL $5 62 X 150WATT NOCTURNAL $5 50 X 25WATT INFRARED $5 140 X 25WATT BASKING $5 18 X 150WATT BASKING $5 38 X 150WATT...
  9. D

    Heating advice for Albino Darwin Carpet Python

    Hello! I have an (approx 1 year old) albino Darwin carpet python in a 60x40x40cm enclosure. I have a heat mat on during the day whilst he’s in his hide, highest temp reaches 32 degrees & then a CHE on during the night whilst he’s up & about which is set to 31 degrees on a thermostat with a 3...
  10. T

    QLD Looking for Antaresia

    I’ve been consistently looking for a Spotted Python, Children’s Python or Stimson Python preferably hatchlings although I’m located on the Sunshine Coast and cannot locate anyone or place that is selling snakes if you have any information please email me or use this thread EMAIL -...
  11. E

    Help identify this snake please

    Hey guys, I found this snake in the road and wanted to remove it safely before it was harmed. Though airing on the extreme side of caution due to my own theories that it could be a dugite, king brown or western brown i did NOT want to be bitten. However through all my research I’m finding it...
  12. Brooklyn

    Help// Albino Darwin Carpet Python.

    Hello! I apologise if I have posted this in the wrong thread, but I have received an albino Darwin carpet python today. Her first feed was on the 28th of the 5th month, and the next 13th of the sixth month, she has been fed six times and happily had her first shed today. Should I continue to...
  13. Jake B

    VIC Juvenile spotted python $100

    Born november 2017 Parents are wild x ebony Located in VIC
  14. Jonathanleeroy

    Autumn/winter herping Melbourne

    I know herping around this time of the year can be dead and your most likey not to find much but im bored out of my mind at home any good herping spots i could check out. Dont mind driving im located in melton melbournes western suburbs! Cheers jonathan
  15. Jarrad_lee420

    Tank temperature.

    Hey everyone!! I live in Adelaide South Australia and I’m still new to handling snakes. I have a 5 month old coastal carpet python and it’s beautiful. It’s quite a hot day today here in Adelaide and I need some tips on keeping my tank at the right temperature so it doesn’t over heat it while the...
  16. S

    QLD 2 coastal carpet pythons

    New to forums so apologies if not posting correctly 2 coastal carpets - 10 years old One of the snakes is a fussy eater Not handled enough anymore - life has gotten busier and busier In the Logan area
  17. Jafar

    How to: Labels for reptile cables without label maker HD review ✔

    Hello guys, just a video of how to label your reptile cables for quick identification. Hope you find it interesting and helpful! Visit my channel for more videos!
  18. mrnofear


    Hi I'm looking for any unwanted Reptiles that people might have that they can no longer look after, Maybe ur bored with them or just no longer want them for any reason at all. Willing to take all types of Lizards big n small, Turtles, Crocodiles big or small, Elapids ie: Tigers, browns, Death...
  19. G

    New Snake Owner, Anyone have any tips?

    Hi Guys, I am about to be a new snake owner, I am thinking of buying a Bredli Centralian Carpet Python male hachling, I live in Sydney. Was wondering if there is any information I should know about before buying my snake and enclosure, how long do I need to keep it in a tub before I can place...
  20. J

    Research On Reptiles & Other Pets

    Hello. My name is Julia and as part of my Psychology Honours Dissertation, I am doing research looking into how the relationship between pet owners and their pets impacts on the physical and psychological health of pet owners. I am particularly interested in getting information from owners of...
  21. SpottedPythons

    Spotted Pythons!!! :)

    Been seeing loads of new threads on snake species (such as the new "Darwin Thread") and since I haven't seen one yet on Spotted Pythons, I had to start one (I mean, just look at my username... :))! Spotteds in my opinion are great snakes but are massively underappreciated by many breeders, and...
  22. SpottedPythons

    Herping In Sydney

    Does anyone know of any reptile "hotspots" in the Sydney region? I often herp in a nice patch of bushland in Galston and at Ku-ring-gai Chase NP, but all I've found is a shed skin from a gecko, a few lacies, a lyrebird, turtles and crabs. So does anyone know any good places to find snakes?
  23. S

    New To This

    Hi as the title says I'm new to this, I live in Australia and I would like to own a pet snake. I'm looking for some information on: what is the best Australian snake for a beginner, what this snake eats and it's size and where is the best place to buy snakes in Australia? Thanks
  24. H

    Black Headed Python Tips? - First Snake

    So, I just got myself my first snake, he's a Northern Territory Black Headed Python, about a year old and around 90cm long. I've only had him for 2 weeks and he feeds well so far and is getting used to being handled. I don't have any real concerns, I am more just after some husbandry tips or...
  25. W

    Reptile Rehab Workshop This Saturday In Sydney

    Last call for Wildlife Secrets's Sydney Reptile Rescue/Rehab Workshop this Saturday 21st in Annandale. Call 0400 809 922 or About the workshop: Dr Teela Brown is a veterinarian with a keen interest in...
  26. Cjwooster

    Substrate Suggestions?

    I am looking for the best substrate I should put in a black headed python enclosure? Some breeder said to use shredded paper, but I have heard that isn't the best nor the safest to use (no idea why though?). Also what would the best substrate be for a click clack set up? I was going to use...
  27. W

    Sydney Venom Workshop Sunday 11th December

    Hi all Sydney reptile enthusiasts. Just letting you know we have a venom workshop in Sydney this coming Sunday. There are still a few places left for those keen on getting some serious venom knowledge from the renowned Peter Mirtschin. Details can be found on Facebook or the web site...