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  1. T

    2 yr Black headed Python

    Hatched around Jan 2020. Have not been able to successfully probe as tenses, but has been suggested they are female. Have had it attempted twice. currently sitting around 8ft, big thick snake. Fabulous feeder, can be tank reactive, not too bad to handle but isn’t big on it. If hungry...
  2. A

    WANTED: Pygmy Mulga Monitor / Gillen's Monitor

    Scientific Name Varanus gilleni Common Name Pygmy Mulga Age Younger the better Quantity 1 Bred Captive Bred Location Adelaide Contact Details [email protected]
  3. TristanS

    Water dragon cage size

    would a 90(W)x120(D)90(H) enclosure be big enough for 1 eastern or gippsland water dragon.
  4. TristanS

    Crested Dragons

    Sadly in november my bearded dragon (P. Minor) died and im looking for a new reptile, im considering Crested dragons. They appear to have similar care to beardies and the same size as my dwarf bearded dragon. Will they be a great second pet lizard and are there any care tips.
  5. P

    Looking for Albino Darwin (Female)

    Looking for hatchling to about one tear old is there any about currently or becoming available?
  6. Jarrad_lee420

    Tank temperature.

    Hey everyone!! I live in Adelaide South Australia and I’m still new to handling snakes. I have a 5 month old coastal carpet python and it’s beautiful. It’s quite a hot day today here in Adelaide and I need some tips on keeping my tank at the right temperature so it doesn’t over heat it while the...
  7. The Hiss-issippi River

    How To Apply For A Snake Permit

    I was wondering how do I apply in sa. I was reading a bit about and I can have one animals on the basic keeping permit list without one but... I have a bearded dragon so I have to get one. Thanks ;)