spotted python


  1. V

    My Spotted Python's belly scales are flaking?

    Hi there, thanks for checking out my first ever post! I have owned several species of pythons before but this is a new one for me so I am hoping for some insight & advice. I got this gorgeous four year old female spotted python off Gumtree only a couple of weeks ago, and have noticed that her...
  2. P

    Adult Spotted python food size

    Hey guys, I just got a 3 year old spotted python a couple of months ago and have been feeding her medium rats which she's taken to well. I recently switched up my supplier and the medium rats I've gotten from them seem significantly larger than the ones I've been feeding her - I'm a little...
  3. M

    QLD Wtb 100% het albino spotted female

    Wtb 100% het albino spotted female ready to meet my visual male. Ph 0410442245. Cheers Pic of my boy
  4. S

    Worried about my spotted python

    Our spotted python has had what's looked like a dent on the top of his head recently. It didn't seem to be bothering him and wasn't a open wound etc so we've just been keeping an eye on it. He started a shed yesterday and we've woken up this morning to a little bit of shed stuck where the dent...
  5. antaresia2021

    What are the pre-shedding signs to look for in a juvenile spotted python?!

    I'm back, and still stressing out because my juvenile hasn't had food for 2 weeks (and isn't that too long?!?). I know people have told me to not feed him for days or weeks longer if he's being reluctant. But he's still very young and they can only go without food for 2-4 weeks this young. I've...
  6. N

    Help needed! Chipsi substrate & humidity in a click clack container for a juvenile spotted python + soldering holes

    I'm setting up my click clack container for my very first snake - either a stimson's or a spotted python (most likely spotted). I just wanted to know: 1. If the Chipsi Beechwood XXL substrate is appropriate. The pieces of wood are quite large and I'm worried that would be damaging. The...
  7. Alana Stevens

    NSW Expression of interest/ looking around for macs

    I'm looking around for a new spotted python and just wanted to see what's available. I love the little guys
  8. D

    VIC Platinum Spotted Pythons

    I've been looking for a breeder that specialises in Spotted Pythons and their morphs but I can't seem to find any. I've seen photos and videos of Platinum Spotted Pythons and they look so beautiful.
  9. G

    Jungle carpet python for inexperienced person

    Hi, this is my first ever post! I'm planning to get a blonde spotted python soon but I've always wanted a jungle more than any other snakes. Problem is I've never owned a snake before (hence, I'm planning to get the spotted python) and the only reptile experience I have is with my current pet...
  10. Wynona_Jane

    VIC Looking for granite morph spotted python breeders and/or woma python breeders

    Hello! Title explains it all, just wanted to look for breeders as the breeding season starts, thanks!
  11. Wynona_Jane

    Creating a very lush and green artificial enclosure for a spotted python?

    Hello! I will be getting my first snake at the end of this year, a granite morph spotted python, I'm really excited! I'm currently designing the snakes first enclosure, I'll be keeping it in a click clack for the first 6-10 months, I'm just excited and want it prepared before I get it. I...
  12. Laikin

    Spotted Python INFO wanted

    Hi, can anyone please share some links to recommended info on Spotted python care as i'm having a hard time finding good articles or videos on the specific snake. Cheers Laikin
  13. Laikin

    Spotted Python Advice WANTED

    Hi everyone, after some thought and consideration i've decided to get a spotted python! the only problem is I need some help with the basic husbandry and general cost of things. I just want to know what everyones opinions are on things like bedding, tanks size, what heating method is best, food...
  14. F

    QLD Older Children's/Stimson/Spotted Wanted

    I'm thinking of buying a snake- but because of personal reasons cannot commit to their 20+ lifespan, so I'm looking for older snakes, preferably 10+. I am a beginner to snakes but not reptiles. I have a glass enclosure that is approx. 1m long and 60cm wide and tall. I have the funds available...
  15. Dexter_


    Can someone please explain how to tell apart anteresia species from one another? Looking to learn more about them so thought this would be a good place to start, TIA :)
  16. chloe.j.f

    Handling a fiesty spotted python

    Hi everyone, this is my first post here so please forgive me for sounding like a twit :( Ive had my spotted caesar for just over a year now, he is around a year and 5 months old. i was very uneducated when i first bought him but since then have come along way. When i first got him he was like...
  17. M

    Spotted Python belly discolouration

    My spotted python has got these rough, dark brown (where normally creamy white) scales on his belly. I've tried washing them off but they're not budging. I'm not sure what it is, but I'm just hoping it's not scale rot. There is a chance he has retained a full shed. He has been looked after by my...