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  1. richoman_3

    Couple herping shots

    Draco sp. (Flying Dragon) by Nick Volpe, on Flickr Northern Ridge-tailed Monitor (Varanus primordius) by Nick Volpe, on Flickr Slaty-grey Snake (Stegonotus cucullatus) by Nick Volpe, on Flickr Roth's Tree Frog (Litoria rothi) by Nick Volpe, on Flickr Saltwater Crocodile (Crocodylus...
  2. Davesgonefishin

    ID please

    In the garden pebbles. Port Douglas QLD. Very fast. Fiesty. Can get more pics if needed as I now have him in an old hatchy tub.
  3. Fang101

    Tableland Herping

    Hi Everyone, here are some photos I've taken recently up around Mareeba/Tablelands, hope you enjoy the photos. Tommy roundhead Diporiphora australis by Kieran Palmer, on Flickr Diporiphora australis by Kieran Palmer, on Flickr Dead Robust blind snake Ramphotyphlops ligatus by Kieran...
  4. Chondrobsessed

    Mossman gorge far north QLD RBB?

    Hey all saw this big black boy cross my path (exactly where by foot was going to be) yesterday in the daintree rainforest right by a creek. It was about a meter possibly bigger and about 5cm in diameter at the widest part, his scales where thick, and he looked up at me just after I noticed I was...
  5. V

    Late Night Visitor

    Hi Guys, Stepped outside and found this guy (see attached picture) with what I thought looked like an imminent case of death. So I just moved him out the front of the house (with my long rake :) ) so the missus wouldn't stand on him in the morning. He wasn't moving much but was still alive...
  6. phatty

    snake ID

    thinking might be a Secretive snake/northern small eyed Cryptophis pallidiceps what do you guys think
  7. D

    Herping 2012

    Last year I looked for snakes and lizards. I found some. Cairns Dry Season Morelia kinghorni by J. Kelk, on Flickr Morelia kinghorni by J. Kelk, on Flickr Morelia kinghorni by J. Kelk, on Flickr Junguy by J. Kelk, on Flickr Stegonotus cucullatus by J. Kelk, on Flickr Lepidodactylus...
  8. A

    help identifying snake skin head!

    Hi there, I found this snake skin head in my yard a few days ago, can anyone help me identify what type of snake it could be?
  9. bugeye23

    Snake id please

    Hi guys, I got home from work today to my elderly neighbour asking for my help because she had seen a snake in her back yard, this was my first capture and release anyway I think it might be a green tree snake but i just treated it like a poisonous one i'm not too familiar with other breeds...
  10. AllThingsReptile

    2012 Vic Reptile Expo

    just a few weeks to go :D who is going? who is selling and what are you selling? plans on buying new additions? cant wait got some money coming and going to get something, plus my mate is getting something beautiful and expensive , going to be great :)
  11. Black.Rabbit

    Slaty-grey snake

    Hey all I am reading into this species and I am finding it hard to find much information on its needs etc... even using the search function, not really much comes up... I am very intrigued! Can anyone tell me a little more about the Slaty-grey? Is it difficult to keep? Any info would be...
  12. Poggle

    Understanding Identification.

    Hi all, I am making this thread to assist with people making I.D's of snakes. Have been alot of threads lately and people guessing at I.D's. So i am making this thread for it. Please feel free to post pics of snakes for peopleto try and figure out what it is. Please explain your reasons for...
  13. cactus2u

    id please

  14. D

    Herping Darwin, November 2010

    In addition to my previous threads Here is a post from the Darwin area copied from...
  15. potato matter

    Species wanted

    I'm looking for anyone with a Stegonotus cucullatus or a Furina diadema for sale. PM me.
  16. S

    New snakey!

    Shes super cool.. er and nice and stuff :D I hope my male likes her next season Thanks Sonia
  17. G

    Mouse Thief!!!!!!!!

    Hello All, A few days ago I noticed that my prize breading buck mouse had gone missing. The mesh at the top of the tub was slightly lifted and I assumed he had somehow escaped and was amongst my camping gear. Today I decided to unpack the gear to try to locate my mouse. When I picked...
  18. F

    True or False - Eric Worrell Book

    We have this book by Eric Worrell. It is called 'Things that Sting'. Published 1976. Reprinted 1980,1983. It says on page 21. Quote FROG ' Some frogs exude a whitish fluid from their skin if they are meddled with. This fluid can cause irritation. Green Tree Frogs are the only Australian frog...
  19. T

    What snake is this?

    I saw it in Cape Tribulation, north of Cairns. Is it a Slaty-Grey snake? Small-eyed Snake?
  20. gecko-mad

    how much? everything else

    well the last 2 threads i did the research AFTER posting so this time i did the research BEFORE posting, the question is whats the average price? all help is appreciated. Stegonotus cucullatus-Slaty-Grey Snake Dendrelaphis punctualata-Common Tree Snake Drysdalia masterii-Masters’ Snake...
  21. smacdonald

    Some colubrid picts

    Righto. I want to usurp The Other Thread and make a new 'longest running thread' on this site. Who wants to help? Unfortunately I've only seen four out of Australia's approximately eleven species. Hopefully I'll add to my count later this year with a trip up north. Brown tree snakes (Boiga...
  22. smacdonald

    Days 9 to 11: Atherton Tablelands

    After Tully, we headed to the Atherton Tablelands. We spend three nights there, during which time we saw a ton of stuff. We went to: Millaa Millaa Falls, Malanda Falls, the Curtain Fig, Lake Barrine, Wooranooran National Park, Mobo Creek Crater, Chambers Eco-Lodge, Yungaburra. Here are...
  23. smacdonald

    Day 8: Tully Gorge

    We left Charters Towers and headed back to the coast and up to Tully. We arrive mid-afternoon, and went for a short walk to see what we could see. Down by the river I saw a little head peeking out of a hole in a tree stump. I waited patiently for the body to emerge. Saproscincus sp...
  24. trogdor1988

    slatey grey snakes.. can anyone get em?

    hey all i was just curious about slatey grey snakes i think there an absolutely gorgeous snake.. but the only problem is no one seems to sell them ever.. would anyone here know anyone who breeds them or who might be able to get there hands on one?.. and maybe a rough price to.. cheers.. steve :)
  25. K

    A little advise for someone considering getting a snake?

    Hi, I've never had a snake or any other reptile before but I've always liked them and was considering replacing my fish (which are getting to be a bit of a pain - won't stop breeding) with a snake. My current fish tank/prospective snake enclosure is (just copied and pasted from product specs. I...
  26. wiz-fiz

    what do you prefer?

    which 1 is most popular? find out in 365 days! I prefer turtles Cheeers, Will ________________________ God always saves us, he never kills us! ________________________ Got 1 Cat 2 Dogs 1 Fish and 2 Yabbies
  27. Kitah

    Brown snake?

    Tonight I decided to go for a walk and kinda half-heartedly look for some herps... on one road, a friend and walked partially down, then turned around and started to come back. We noticed a snake on its back, with a very, very pale belly; only reason we saw it was because it was nearly white...
  28. M

    My first elapid

    Hi My name is Miles I am an Aussie living in Dublin currently Just quit my job and coming home in a month or two I am keeping a lot of colourbrids (corns, kings, milks, bulls, gophers, trinkets, etc) and a rear fanged (boiga cyanea) currently. I treat the boiga like a hot even though it is rear...
  29. brad12212

    Venomous Lizards

    I was looking on the internet when i stumbled onto this atricle about venomous lizards. It says that little bearded dragons ar evenomous. MUST READ!!!! ITS WEIRD Cheers Brad
  30. G

    common tree snake... feeding?

    Hi all, I am interested in getting a common tree snake but have heard that in captivity they are buggers to feed and some will only accept frogs and skinks... Is this true? or after some effort will they except mice? Thanks all, Shane
  31. K

    snake ID please

    Hey everyone. I work in a child care centre and one of my littles guys brought this in today. It was found yesterday in a spiders web already dead. can anyone tell me what it is please? Sorry about the bad quality of the pic.
  32. scam7278

    slatey grey????

    i was watching snake hunter the other day on austar and he had to do a rescue in a pub,and i think the snake was called a slatey grey.My question is..... is there another name for this snake cause i have never heard of it (not that i know the name of every snake) but it was absolutly beautiful...
  33. Hoppa1874

    the range of slatey grey??

    just wondering whereabouts in Australia u find these snakes???
  34. croc_hunter_penny

    Slaty-Grey Snake Q's

    Hi everyone, a mate of mine is buying an adult slaty-grey snake. it is about 5 feet long, not sure of it's age but it is apparently very placid and it feeds well on chicks and mice. So here's his questions that I couldn't answer: 1. is $500 a fair price for this snake? (i said it sounds good...
  35. D

    venom info plzz

    hey guys ive latly been deep in thought of buying a venom ive gotten permision frm parents and the licence ive talked to people who have seen how i handle nasty snakes such as my waterpython and an old coastal who will bite given half a chance and ive had heaps of suggestions so i want to know...
  36. Mysnakeau

    Slate-Grey Snake

    :D Does anybody have a picture of a Slate Grey Snake (stegonotus cucullatus). How common are they and what is their average $$$? Thanks Kathy :D
  37. pugsly

    How Many??

    Different Sp. of pythons are there? Or rather how many different Pythons i.e Morelia Spilota Chenyei and Morelia Spilota McDowelli count as two not one. Obviously not including morphs, also say scrubs for example they come from different parts like the tanimbar, and halmahera and Moluccan...
  38. Meg

    Lets keep it friendly - but what's the fav??

    Hey all, hope you're all doing well! Just a quickie, i'm getting a snake real soon, first timer, open to suggestions on breeds, but at the moment really tossing up between a carpet (coastal), or a diamond. I am aware of the size they grow to, i'm aware of the temperaments (even though...
  39. toxinologist

    Information on Snakebites

    Hi all, I am currently looking for information on the clinical effects of bites by a range of snake species including: Demansia papuensis and Demansia vestigiata (black whipsnakes) Rhinoplocephalus nigrostriatus (black-striped snake) or any other Rhinoplocephalus spp. Furina tristis...
  40. Parko

    Book recommendations

    Hi there, I've got myself a book voucher now I just need the right book. Problem is I'll have to order it in as the selection at my local Angus&Robertson is dismal. So can you bookworms out there tell me what you think the ultimate Aussie reptile book is. Must be packed with photo's and reliable...
  41. wattso

    What is this beautiful snake?& how much would you pay?