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  1. C

    sick stimson

    Hi, I have a 16 year old stimsons python who was showing signs of severe sickness however has recently shown a lot of healthy signs and seems to be nearly back to his full health. But some relevant back story, he stopped eating for many months but skin seemed healthy so didn't worry to much, but...
  2. M

    Thermostat/heat mat for hatchie Stimson Python

    Hi everyone, I’m getting set up for a Stimsons Python hatchie and having fun comparing and weighing up all the different information. I’ve settled on the Reptile one starter kit, as I prefer it to the plastic lunchbox systema option and think I’ve heard enough good reports to be confident it’s...
  3. S

    Lighting for Stimson's Python in 90X45X60.

    Hi All, I'm about to setup a forever home for my 15 Month old Wheat Belt Stimson's Python, ill only be using the x2 light fixtures in the middle opposed to the x4 usable along the entire light array. I have a ExoTerra 26W Natural Light 6700K UVA CFL & an ExoTerra 26W 150 UVB CFL (UVB 10.0) i...
  4. C

    Stimsons python juvenile not eating please give advice!

    Hi Everyone, I’m new on here! I’m just coming on to get a bit of advice. I have a juvenile Stimsons python, his about 35cms long. He is in a 60x40cm reptile one enclosure with the sides blacked out. He has a heat mat and 4 hides. Snake aspin for bedding. When I first got him he was in a plastic...
  5. LittleButterfly

    Accidental Constriction????

    So my Stimmie just turned one yesterday, feb 2 if anyone forgot the date. I took him out and he seemed kinda finicky and just not very happy. He started wrapping around my fingers like he usually does but he started squeezing around my pinky (Ill insert pics). I got worried because I was home...
  6. Dexter_


    Can someone please explain how to tell apart anteresia species from one another? Looking to learn more about them so thought this would be a good place to start, TIA :)
  7. LittleButterfly

    Stimsons Python Feeding size

    Hey all, Ive had my 10 month old stimmie for around 5 weeks now. When I bought him, I also acquired a hatch setup that the breeder sold and he also give me 10 pinkie mice. The breeder said to start from the smallest pinkie and go from there. I am confused because he didn't give me an idea where...
  8. LittleButterfly

    Approx sizes on a stimsons pythons

    Hi all Im curious to see how big a year old stimsons python gets. I currently have a nine month old stimmie and I want to see approx how big he'll be when he's one. Its also alright if its a little over or under one years Thanks
  9. O

    1YO Stimson’s Python not pooping?

    Hey guys! I’ve had my lil stimsons for about 2 weeks now. She’s had two successful feeds with me, and loves to take her food straight away - but I’ve noticed she hasn’t pooped yet? I know it’s probably such a simple answer as to why, but I can’t find any info, so I thought I’d ask here! I’m...
  10. S


    Looking for a male hatchling Stimsons python. Located in the Sydney metro area but willing to drive or have it freighted interstate. Many thanks Nic
  11. Gold Coast Pet Centre

    Childrens and Stimsons for sale $150 each!!

    Gold Coast Pet Centre is having a renovations sale on all pythons. Most are around the 2 year old mark, some a little older, some slightly younger. All healthy and eating adult mice, with feed charts. Come in store to 4/110 Kortum Drv, West Burleigh and mention this ad to receive the special...
  12. S

    Stimsons Python Growth

    Hi, I've had a stimsons Python for about 5 years and it's a very stron feeder and has been fed consistently (apart from winters) for its whole life. Despite this, it has only grown to about 50cm when every other stimmy I've seen gets considerably larger. It's feeding on hopper mice at the moment...