strophurus ciliaris


  1. Virides

    Name Plates by Virides Reptile

    Get the museum look at home! We now have a wide range of popular species including snakes, lizards, turtles, amphibians and crocodilians! Over 120 in fact. We also now have over 40 popular species of invertebrates! The Name Plate is customised with your pet's name, the species' common...
  2. Kit_fox

    keeping Exotic animals in Australia

    Hi guys, one thing that has always really anoyed and confused me is to why we're allowed to keep all sorts of exotic birds and sea creatures, but not one exotic reptile or amphibian (other than axolotls). I mean, it makes perfect sense when people say that exotic imported reptiles and amphibians...
  3. W

    VIC Strophurus ciliaris Katherine form chocolates and reds for sale

    I have a number of juvenile chocolate and rare red form Katherine ciliaris available from 2014/5 breeding season. $200ea. Pics are of parents; willing to ship at buyers expense. At this stage 4 chocolate and 3 red available. You may also contact me on 0497657358 or [email protected]
  4. M

    herp for small arboreal terrarium ?

    Hello, I got an exo terra mini tall (its 30x30x45cm) recently, I'm looking for a basic starter reptile that could happily live out its entire life in that terrarium. It'll probably have to be arboreal...are there any? Thanks in advance
  5. B

    Snake ID, Coober Pedy

    Hello, I am from Germany and right now here in Australia on a roadtrip through the outback. A few days ago I saw a snake on a gravel road whilst driving. I have no experience with identifying snakes and limited internet here so I would be really happy if you could help me. At the moment I can...
  6. GeckPhotographer

    Kimberley Australia

    So over most of January and February of this year I was staying in the southern Kimberley region of Western Australia. I was here to assist an honours student working on V. panoptes and while this took up most of each day I also managed to get around a little of the local station I was staying...
  7. GeckoJosh

    NSW WTB Northern Spiny-tailed Geckos

    WTB Northern Spiny-tailed Geckos I would prefer females but if you have a really nice male I may want it. I am located in the Gosford area but I am happy to travel or have them shipped. Please pm me or call 0435940579 Thanks Josh
  8. GeckPhotographer

    2 weeks in Central Australia.

    So just after Christmas I spent several weeks in the arid inland around Alice Springs and Yulara. I managed to find a few herps to take pictures of and thought I'd post them up here. Unfortunately flickr has recently changed how images are copied into forum threads (Making it much harder) and...
  9. A

    Anyone know ideal breeding weight for ciliaris?

    Hello, We have 5 strophurus ciliaris, 4 females and 1 male, all are over a year old, 1 female is too small for breeding but the other 3 are all a good size. We recently purchased the larger 3 females, they are 2 years old I believe. We introduced our male a month and a half ago and they didn't...
  10. Saz

    WANTED - female Strophurus ciliaris ciliaris/Northern Spiny Tailed Gecko

    Looking for female Northern Spiny Tailed geckos. Located in Brisbane but willing to pay freight.
  11. B

    Strophurus Ciliaris Mating

    Put this new boy in with two girls last night. Even though he is half the size of the biggest girl it didn't stop him getting right down to work. Little champion.
  12. GeckPhotographer

    Awesome Winter Herping

    So it's winter. I hate winter. It's cold, wet, bleak and worst of all, all of the reptiles around me become inactive. Fortunately over the past couple weeks I managed to escape some of winter. These are some finds from the Simpson Desert of far western Qld. Disclaimer: It is is illegal to...
  13. GeckoJosh

    Wanted to swap, male Ciliarus for my female

    Hey, I am looking for a male Northern Spiny-tailed Gecko, I am happy to swap for a juvie female. I am located in Gosford and will consider freighting. PM or call me on 0435940579 anytime I am not interested in selling the female separately nor do I have any others for sale at the moment...
  14. B

    New Northern Spiny-tailed gecko enclosure

    Hi guys, Just finished rehousing for my northern spiny-tailed gecko pair (and their U.milli house mate) Pretty happy with how it looks. Thoughts?
  15. S

    could I get an id on this guy?

  16. GeckoJosh

    NSW Northern Spiny-tailed Gecko hatchies for sale

    Price: 120 each, 2 for $220, 3 for $300, 4 for $380 Sex: Unknown Scientific Name Strophurus ciliaris Common Name Katherine locale Northern Spiny-tailed Geckos Age 1 month Size 70mm Quantity Available 4 Bred By Myself General Description Great little...
  17. GeckoJosh

    NSW Golden-tailed and Northern Spiny-tailed Gecko Hatchies For sale

    Scientific Name Strophurus ciliarus & Strophurus taenicauda taenicauda Common Name Katherine locale Northern Spiny-tailed Geckos & Spotted-tail Form Golden-tailed Geckos Age 3-4 weeks Size >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> <that big Quantity Available 2 Spinys and 2 Gt's Bred By Myself General...
  18. clopo

    Week in Longreach

    I went to Longreach this week for a conference on the Lake Eyre Basin, great conference with some big names from the scientific community. Including Angus Emmott and Arthur Georges from the reptile world. If anyone is interested hop on their facebook page and show your support for protecting the...
  19. R

    Top 10 Lizards

    Hi guys, What is your top 10 favorite lizards of Australia???
  20. emmadiamond

    Some photos of my scaly family out and about

    My northern Spiny Tailed geckos
  21. Ausage

    Hello from the Great White North

    Just a few quick words to introduce myself. My partner and I have been keeping herps for many years. Our many interest is turtles -- we have 11 species from 3 continents including an Australian Painted Turtle, Emydura subglobosa. We also have a several other reptiles, including a Bearded Dragon...
  22. GeckoJosh

    NSW Northern Spiny-tailed Gecko hatchies for sale

    Price: 120 each, 2 for $220 Sex: Unknown Sex: Unknown Scientific Name Strophurus ciliaris Common Name Katherine locale Northern Spiny-tailed Geckos Age 1 month Size 70mm Quantity Available 2 Bred By Myself General Description Great little geckos...
  23. GeckPhotographer

    A few recent reptile pictures part 1 of 2. Arid South Eastern Lizards.

    So a little while ago I finished all my Uni exams for the year and my mother decided this meant we should visit the family in Adelaide. Since I'm such a keen herper I convinced her the best way to do this would be to drive from Newcastle to Broken Hill, and then down from there to Adelaide. This...
  24. moloch05

    Lake Eyre Basin, Central Western Queensland, Nov 2012

    I recently had a week break from work so decided to visit a couple of my favourite areas in the eastern deserts. The first destination was the Lake Eyre Basin near Winton in central western Queensland. This is one of the relatively close places for me to herp but it was a 26 hour drive from my...
  25. GeckoJosh

    NSW Northern Spiny-tailed Gecko hatchie for sale

    Sex: Unknown Scientific Name Strophurus ciliaris Common Name Katherine locale Northern Spiny-tailed Geckos Age 1 month Size 70mm Quantity Available 1 Bred By Myself General Description Great little gecko, feeding nicely. This species make perfect...
  26. GeckPhotographer

    Herping in the Kimberley

    Recently I spent 3 weeks volunteering in the Eastern Kimberley with a scientific project radio tracking monitors, both Varanus panoptes and Varanus mertensi. The research was being conducted at El Questro Station a popular tourist destination in the East Kimberley and involved many different...
  27. Frozenmouse

    Good first gecko for experienced to intermediate keeper?

    Calling all geckophiles I have carpets ,blueys and some monitors. I was thinking of trying geckos of some sort, i don't want ones that are too small. I was thinking of one of the knob tail types , levis or amyae ? any suggestions.
  28. Smithers

    Blue Eyed Strophurus ciliaris

    Morning all, This is my Stroph with blue eyes....has anyone else got one or know if any others in the hobby or in the wild?? Cheers, Brett
  29. GeckoJosh

    NSW Northern Spiny-tailed geckos

    Price: $100 Sex: Unknown Scientific Name Strophurus ciliaris Common Name Katherine locale Northern Spiny-tailed Geckos Age 1-2 months Size 70mm Quantity Available 3 Bred By Myself General Description 3 healthy...
  30. J

    VIC Spiny Tailed Geckos

    hi, I am after a northern spiny tailed gecko, I will hopefully be getting my license soon and want one after i do. Just wondering if anyone breeds and sells in victoria?? Come on guys someone has to know someone???
  31. mad_at_arms

    ITT: We name herp species only using pictures

    Thought I'd start off a fun thread for the weekend. As the title suggests in this thread using only pictures, we name herp species. (common or scientific names) Make the species association to the image as simple as the name of the thing in the image,(how it is spelt or how its pronounced)...
  32. tarafritz2011

    where are all the herp loving men?

    Is it too much to ask that a man doesnt shake in his boots when he sees my snakes? Its getting ridiculous! Come on guys! :P
  33. H

    First Post/New To The Country

    Hi, I am new to the site................ I am about to make the move to Australia. As part of this move i have had to sell my entire collection of reptiles here in the UK of nearly 100 pythons and boas. That said i am looking forward to continuing my hobby in Oz and i would appreciate some...
  34. G

    NSW Katherine Form Northern Spiny-tailed Gecko Male

    Scientific Name Strophurus ciliaris Common Name Katherine Form Northern Spiny-tailed Gecko Age 2 years Size 11cm Quantity Available 1 Bred By General Description Katherine Form Northern Spiny-tailed Gecko Male for sale. The male is the one closest in the picture. NSW buyer...
  35. GeckoJosh

    NSW Northern Spiny-tailed geckos

    Scientific Name Strophurus ciliaris Common Name Darwin locale Northern Spiny-tailed Geckos Age 1-2 months Size 70mm Quantity Available 3, more will be ready soon Bred By Myself General Description 3 healthy hatchies avaliable, all strong feeders. I am charging $100 each or...
  36. moloch05

    Wild Queensland -- Nov 2011

    I had to use lots of accumulated leave this year and I never like to waste it at home. So, after returning from Italy, I set off on a photography trip with a friend (Ted) and his son (Andrew) from Arizona. Ted and I explored the deserts in California and Mexico 40 years ago when we were in...
  37. Jamisgec

    NSW Geckos for sale: Grey S.ciliaris, D.Steindachneri and O.tryoni

    2 x juvenile Grey spiny tails ( Strophurus ciliaris) $ 50 each 2 x Box pattern gecko juvenile $60 each or both for $100 2 x Oedura Tyroni (adult breeding pair) $190 No time wasters. Genuine enquiries only. Freight Sydney to QLD border $16 Overnight Contact email: [email protected] Phone...
  38. GeckoJosh

    NSW Northern Spiny-tailed geckos

    Scientific Name Strophurus ciliarus Common Name Darwin locale Northern Spiny-tailed gecko Age 2 hatchies, 1 sub-adult Size hatchies 50mm, sub-adult 11cm Quantity Available 3 Bred By Myself General Description 2 unsexed hatchies and 1 female Northern Spiny-tailed geckos...
  39. D

    Not sure what they are called

    Hey guys! I've seen a few pictures of some geckos that have some wicked spikes on them? Does anyone know what they are? And how much they are?
  40. Mo-Cheynei

    The Wild Thread

    I would love to see pics of wild animals that people have caught on camera themselves all in the one spot, i will start as soon as i have some, so hopefully we can see some cool animals in their natural evironment and give people another reason to get outdoors!!! Cheers Mo :D
  41. S

    WA is asking for your help!!!!!!!!!

    What’s in it for the other States? When reptile keeping became legal in WA nearly 10 years ago a large number of animals were able to be exported to the other states of Australia. Animals such as: Pilbara Stimson pythons Wheatbelt Stimson Pythons Pilbara Woma’s Pilbara BHP’s Kimberley BHP’s...
  42. Smithers

    Show Us Your,.....Strophurus Species

    I'll start,
  43. Twitch_80

    David Attenborough

    So I scored brand new copies of 'Blue Planet' special edition 4 disc box set, and 'Life in Cold Blood' for 13.69 GPB which works out at about $21.40 Aus delivered off Amazon UK. I reckon thats not bad so thought Id share.
  44. patrick_vieira4

    N.Levis Levis Newbie

    Hai guys, PV4 here from Novocastria NSW! I'm new to reptiles in general. Am looking to get a N.Levis Levis Smooth Knob-Tailed gecko and there's a list of questions I have that either youtube, google or forums have brought up and I'm kinda interested to know. Thanks in advance for any answers...
  45. Jamisgec

    NSW Geckos for sale: Various spiny tails, bynoes, Box patterns, Marms and dtella pairs

    General Description 2 x juvenile Grey spiny tails ( Strophurus ciliaris) $ 50 each 2 x Juvenile and hatchling Katherine spiny tails $ 60 each ($110 for both) 5 x Adult Bynoes geckos (1.5 years old) $ 30 each (all 5 for $140!) 2 x M/F Adult variegated dtella pairs $ 60 each pair!!! 2 x Wa...
  46. R

    VIC Bonded Trio of Northern Spiny-tailed Geckos

    Scientific Name Diplodactylus Ciliaris Common Name Northern Spiny-tailed Geckos Age 1.5 years Size 5 - 6cm Quantity Available 3 (Trio - 2 males and 1 female) Bred By Paul Eagar General Description For sale is my Trio of Northern Spiny-tailed Geckos Location Melton, VIC Willing to...
  47. C

    heres some more

  48. AshleighMarie

    I want to put a face to the names!

    Post photos of yourselves so we know who we are talking too! :lol: I like to put a face to the names!
  49. IzzyBeardieLover

    Reptile suggestions!

    Please everyone i need suggestions for reptiles (not snakes) (maybe amphibians?) That could live together in a big complex (not in same enclosure) and does anyone have any ideas where i could get a caging complex (like enclosures [different sizes] stacked together?) Thankyou! :)
  50. B

    what and why is your reptile named?

    hi all. just wondering what your reptiles name is and if there is any reason for this. i recently got two snakes. a darwin for the mrs and a jungle for me. the mrs called hers SAM (just coz) and says its a good name. yet i had to go through 40+ until she agreed on DIMIT. think you should guess...