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  1. Lizard750

    SOLD - Woma python Tanami - female

    Woma python Tanami locale female, approx 3 and 1/2 yrs old about 4ft/130cm Handles well, never bitten, very placid nature. Eats, sheds and poops fine. Would make a great 1st snake, good with children also. Regretful sale, she is a great snake. Can sell with enclosure 4x2x2 melamine with glass...
  2. Woody's Pythons

    Tanami Woma Hatchlings (Aspidites Ramseyi) $220ea

    Hi All, Up for Sale are our 2 gorgeous Tanami Woma Hatchlings (Aspidites ramsayi). Perfect for a first Reptile Pet, or first breeding pair/project. We have 1 Male and 1 Female for $220 Each. - Hatched in Late October 2018 - Feeding Regularly on Fuzzy Rats with no issues at all. - Shedding...