1. DaNReD

    VIC 6ft Aquarium tank with custom built lid, light fittings, hides, stand, and accessories. Mornington peninsula / south of Melbourne CBD $380 ONO

    Tank 38cm / 15inches deep 184cm / 6ft wide 1cm thick glass, so I'm assuming it was designed to be filled with water. As it was resealed at some point before I owned it by someone who wasn't an expert (beading not the neatest) and I have never filled it with water, I cannot guarantee it won't...
  2. Renagade

    NSW Small lizard enclosure

    I have previously kept a yearling snake in this tank but for the last 8 years had a Bynoes gecko living in it. Would be good for many inverts too. Has a mesh lid for ventilation. Comes with 3 hides and some wooden furnishings. Bargain. Listed elsware. 400mmL x 300mmH x 240mmW $40.00 from...
  3. Lukecee

    NSW 4 x Glass tanks/enclosures

    I have a total of 4 aquarium tanks/reptile enclosures. They have been used as terrariums but also still hold water. Available is a 3ft tank, 4ft, 5ft and a 6ft. Negotiable on prices send an offer if interested . Located Spring farm 2570 Nsw Cheers
  4. M

    NSW W.T.B. red or black morph bearded dragon and tank

    I am a new R1 lisence holder and I am looking to buy my first lizard. I have my heart set on either a red or black morph bearded dragon, preferably female. I am happy to skip the baby stages if you have an adult one needing a good new home. If i could get a tank as a part of the deal that would...
  5. H

    Heat Set Up

    Hi, So I got a Yearling Children's Python. I got a Thermo Hygrostat connected to a Heat Lamp, temperature set to 30°C. But it says 22°C where the Temperature Probe is. I have the probe set under where the heat light is, same level as the top of his hide (the hide is big enough for him to bask...
  6. H

    How do I know if a snake is relaxed

    Hi, So I just got a yearling childrens python. I have looked online how to tell if a snake is relaxed or stressed when he is in the enclosure and it's not exactly clear on the difference. The only thing I definitely know is if its not eating its stressed. So please help me by giving me signs of...
  7. S

    Cunningham Enclosure Size?

    Hi! So I’m reasonably new to reptile keeping, (reasonably because I’ve done my fair share of research and have babysat reptiles) and I was wondering about housing a Cunningham indoors. I can’t seem to find any care sheets/videos regarding the tank size for a Cunningham and I was wondering how...
  8. billygt

    Wobbly Basking area for turtles *suggestions*

    Hey guys, Just need some help with basking areas. the other day i went out and obtained a new floating turtle dock, as my emydura macquari had recently outgrown his/her old magnetic ramp one. when i put the dock in the water it is very wobbly and i think my turtle has trouble getting up it. As...
  9. ellehcore7

    IMIT Thermostat issue - not turning back on?

    I bought a Stimmy and a whole set up today and I'm worried already about his home :( The enclosure had this IMIT thermostat built into it: https://www.amazingamazon.com.au/imit-thermostat.html I have hooked up two 75w infrared heat bulbs to it with mesh cages around them. Set it to 30C and...
  10. B

    New from St Kilda

    So after many years I have finally decided to own a snake finally. My interest began when I was a kid growing up in QLD and a primary school teacher of mine use to come to class with a carpet snake draped over her shoulders (she set up a tank in the classroom for it to stay when in school). I...
  11. Cjwooster

    Set Up Help

    Hey guys, I have a 900mm(W) x 400mm(H) x 400mm(D) enclosure that I am going to set up for my little woma python. He isn't ready to move out of the click clack yet, but it won't be too long now. How do I set this up? I was told to use a heat cord, what wattage heat cord do I use and how do I put...