tiliqua rugosa


  1. Window18

    Help Sexing group of Shinglebacks

    Hello, I'm new to this site and to owning Shinglebacks - but just recently got a hold of a paired couple and 3 of their offspring - which are now about a year old. I've tried to sex them based off the tails/hip scales, but can't really tell clearly. For the parents I thought girl was the right...
  2. Nero Egernia

    WA Researchers at Murdoch University Discover Virus in Bobtail Lizards

    Link to article: http://www.perthnow.com.au/news/western-australia/wa-researchers-at-murdoch-university-discover-virus-in-bobtail-lizards/news-story/2f272619e342c2ec1ce7b557e2f44d96 Link to investigation...
  3. bipolar_bear

    Tiliqua rugosa research

    Hello all, I'm currently doing a uni assignment on sleepy lizards, Tiliqua rugosa, and was wondering if anyone knows of any good publications on them in relation to their biology, ecology or overall behaviour. Would be muchly appreciated! Thanks ​all
  4. D

    Found a baby shingleback in my tank this morning. Help please

    Hi guys, I came home from work to find my Shinglebacks have had a baby while I was at work. I did see them attempt to mate however thought the attempts had been unsuccessful. This is my first baby reptile and this was unexpected so my questions are as follows: Can the baby remain in the...
  5. Sam123

    NSW Shingleback pair wanted

    General Description pair of shinglebacks wanted, one female one male. Does not need to have bred, just need to be sexed. Location Sydney Willing to pay for Freight? For right animals Contact Details PM me. Other Details these animals will be a very loved addition to the home
  6. Sam123

    Shingleback care?

    Hi all, I am still rather new in keeping reptiles, but I have seem to be addicted. Anyhow, I am looking into getting a pair of shinglebacks with the eventual purpose to breed them, but I cannot for the life of me, find that much about them. So it would be greatly appreciated if some people...
  7. BredliFreak

    Lizards that don't require live food?

    Hi guys Seeing as I'm not allowed pets that eat live food, I was wondering what lizards can be fed on things like veggies/dog and cat food etc. I have heard of raising EWDs and Cunninghams skinks without crickets but I would also like that confirmed. Cheers, BF
  8. NickGeee

    Recent Melbourne Herping

    Some more herping pics - who could have guessed it! Heres an old Delma impar slough from Central Victoria, Wouldve been cool to frame! Delma impar sloughed skin by Nick Gale, on Flickr And a baby stumpy tail from Bendigo, nothing is better than seeing one of these after finding nothing for two...
  9. Ekans

    What's your holy grail of reptiles?

    What's that one native snake, lizard, invertebrate etc that you want to someday own but your skill, its care is slightly intimidating or its rarity is holding you back? :)
  10. P

    Something a little different

    Found this little guy in one of the tubs https://vimeo.com/156655748 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Nero Egernia

    Show us your Bobtails (Tiliqua rugosa)!

    The title says it all. Show us your Bobtails or Shinglebacks or Sleepy/Lazy/Pine-cone Lizards (phew, this lizard has quite a few names)! I actually know some people who call them goana. But more specifically, the scientific name, Tiliqua rugosa. A few people I know think they're ugly, but these...
  12. baibro

    How do I "re-tame" my captive Shingleback?

    I have had my pet shingleback for a few years now, kept in an inside enclosure. I purchased the lizard of a breeder who had frequently handled the lizard and had it well tamed. For the first 12 months that I had the lizard I would commonly take it out of its enclosure and hold it, or let it walk...
  13. Kit_fox

    keeping Exotic animals in Australia

    Hi guys, one thing that has always really anoyed and confused me is to why we're allowed to keep all sorts of exotic birds and sea creatures, but not one exotic reptile or amphibian (other than axolotls). I mean, it makes perfect sense when people say that exotic imported reptiles and amphibians...
  14. D

    ID please

    After an ID on this little guy please (we can't agree! Tiliqua rugosa rugosa?) , found him on our doorstep after a run in with a cat. Going to take him to the vet in the morning to be checked over. Thanks
  15. B


    Hey guys, I have been keen on wanting to have a pet shingleback for quite some years now and I was wondering whether I should get a breeding pair? I have a 4ftx3ftx2ft enclosure prepared but I haven't decided on how many shinglebacks and if so what gender? If I go with a breeding pair can I...
  16. D

    Keeping multiple shinglebacks?

    Hi guys, I know all the rules and best practise for Blue Tongues, I do and always have kept them separate but the rules for shinglebacks seem to be slightly different, are you able to keep a male and female together in an enclosure say 4x2x2 year round or only over the breeding months? I tried...
  17. K

    Can anyone tells the sex of my shinglebacks?

    I have read some threads and websites about sexing shingleback but i still getting hard to tell the sex of my shingles. Can anyone help me... here is the picture of my two shinglebacks. thanks everyone. Cheeerrsss
  18. C

    Keeping Shinglebacks outdoors in Canberra

    I'm considering keeping a pair of Shinglebacks in my backyard, and as this would be my first time keeping lizards, I'd like to get some answers to questions and some general Shingleback tips. Firstly, there shouldn't be any problems with the climate as wild Shinglebacks are thriving in the...
  19. NickGeee

    Recent Vic Herping

    Some Recent herping within melbourne and the grampians. Pretty common yet pretty cool skink Ctenotus robustus by nickgalereptiles, on Flickr Awesome to see these guys in habitat, Black rock skink. Egenia Saxatillis by nickgalereptiles, on Flickr Another favorite Tiliqua rugosa by...
  20. MrVic

    Wee'ing in self defence?

    Just curious as to your thoughts on the above My newly acquired diamond has a wee each time I take her out to have a hold . She's not aggressive, a little wriggly at the beginning but settles down quickly once she's had a wee. Cheers
  21. ReptiBeck

    Adaptors for reptile bulbs?

    Just wondering if these adaptor things would be suitable for reptile bulbs if anyone knows? Says theyre suitable for LED halogen filament lights etc. and any voltage/wattage but just checking before i buy one. only have one light fitting in my enclosure and need two for my shingleback-one for...
  22. G

    Urgent - seriously injured blue tongue lizard!

    hello all, I am new to the reptile forum. today our 2 large dogs that we were looking after attacked a native blue tongued lizard when we were not looking. I spotted the lizard with 5 dog tooth puncture marks and dog fur in its scales. additionally the lower bodily organs have been forced into...
  23. Native_EWD

    NSW Shingleback Skink Breeding Pair

    Common Name Shingleback Skink Age 3 years Size 30 cms Quantity Available 2 General Description Wanting to sell or trade my 3y/o shingleback breeding pair, Melbourne locale. Cooled over winter. Photos available on request. Will swap for dragons, skinks and monitors especially. Let me...
  24. Native_EWD

    NSW Shingleback breeding pair

    Common Name Shingleback skink Age 3 Sex Breeding pair Size 30 Quantity Available 2 Willing to Trade For Will swap and put money towards monitors. General Description Looking to swap my breeding pair of shinglebacks as I have lost interest in them. Been cooled over winter. Looking to...
  25. A

    GPS tracking bobtails and dugites in Perth

    Hi All, I'm a PhD candidate at Curtin University in WA studying the impacts of urbanisation on reptiles using bobtails (Tiliqua rugosa) and dugites (Pseudonaja affinis) as models. One of my projects is studying how living in backyards and bush remnants in the city affects bobtails and dugites...
  26. Rocket

    2014 so far...

    2014 has been reasonably good to me so far in regards to the herping trips I have been on. I just wanted to show some of them off... although I'm quite the dreadful photographer. Regardless, here they are. Lucasium damaeum - beaded gecko. Nephrurus deleani - Pernatty knob-tailed gecko...
  27. M

    Reptile vet in Sydney Hills district to treat RI

    Hi guys, Anyone know of a vet in the Sydney Hills district or near there who can treat RI? On Tuesday I acquired an adult Stimson who has been quite lethargic since I got him, has the odd head twitch and what I suspect is RI. Small amount of saliva appeared out of his nostril last night as...
  28. B

    NSW 4x Shinglebacks

    4x Shinglebacks Photos added Scientific Name Tiliqua rugosa Common Name Eastern Shingleback Age 3yrs - 5yrs Size Full grown Quantity Available 4 Bred By General Description $400 for a pair who must stay together. Prefer not to sell as singles. Or $600 for all four - 2 female, 2...
  29. StimiLove

    Check this out! :D

    Check out my 8 week old Goldfeilds bobtail. Hoping his parents provide me with many more over the coming years :D
  30. kankryb

    Bluetongue in the sun

    my skinks enjoying the sun
  31. M

    NSW Baby Shingleback SA Locale

    Baby Shingleback SA Locale - Sold Scientific Name Tiliqua Rugosa Common Name Shingleback Age 4 weeks old Size Baby Quantity Available One Bred By Me General Description Very healthy and cute. Eating like a champ, friendly. born 4 weeks ago both parents are...
  32. ReptileGirls

    Why is it so hard to own a blue tongue skink in WA?

    I don't even think it's possible. We are only allowed to keep centralian and Western BTSs in WA. I don't know one person who owns one, and I couldn't find any breeders. I really want a BTS, but I don't know where to get one from or if I can even ever get one... But why don't much people own...
  33. Tigerlily

    Stupid question, but I need to know!

    Why are herp books so expensive in Australia? Is it because herping is considered a niche market so they don't print as many? I just can't wrap my mind around the idea of paying over $100 for a basic husbandry book, especially if I'm buying online and I have no idea whether it's going to...
  34. S

    Full shed/slough (one piece)

    Yesterday one of my BTL's shed in one piece wriggling out through a split in the shed where the cloaca(vent) is, l didn't witness this but the full shed l do have which personally l haven't seen b4. solar 17 ~B~
  35. andynic07

    Crack down on subspecies crosses Queensland

    It appears that the authorities in Queensland are starting to enforce the rules around hybrids as I have heard of someone getting fined and snakes being confiscated. Has anyone else heard of this happening?
  36. B

    Shingleback substrate? For display tank..

    Hi all, going to be setting up a display tank for Shingles, and I am after the most appropriate substrate for them, no newspaper etc. Ive narrowed it down to Aspen or Red desert sand, in the past I have kept them on Newspaper and Breeders choice, but I would like something different and...
  37. Native_EWD

    NSW Baby Shingleback

    Scientific Name Tiliqua rugosa Common Name Shingleback, Bob-tail Age 2 weeks Size 20cm Quantity Available 1 Willing to Trade For Broad range of reptiles, excluding snakes. Let me know what you have. Bred By Myself General Description Baby shingleback born 21/03/14. Comes from a...
  38. Cunninghamskinks

    Why are reptile enthusiasts in Australia not allowed to keep exotic reptiles

    i was just wondering why Cunninghamskinks
  39. V

    Eastern Bearded?

    Are these eastern beardeds or costal??
  40. B


    Hi all, I bought an enclosure recently, the sizing is 1850 long by 60cm wide by 45cm high, my question is what snake could I really put in there? or lizards if I choose to go that way? Thank you
  41. T

    Housing blue tongues together

    Hello all, I'm new to AP but not new to blueys. I've had my bluey for a year and a half. Originally he was housed indoors but have moved him outdoors because tank was too big. His new enclosure is huge and could fit another friend or 2. I'm just trying to get some advice on introducing another...
  42. AllThingsReptile

    Bluetongue "Cross-Breeding"?

    Did a bit of searching and didn't really find that much, so my first question is: Anybody on here owned or seen, cross bred blue tongues (wether or not it actually is cross breeding is debatable i guess), for example an EasternXCentral, CentralXNorthern etc.? Either wild "intergrades" or...
  43. spud_meister

    Shingleback distribution in Victoria?

    So, before today, if I was asked where to find a Shingleback in Victoria, I would've said the closer to the NSW/SA border, the better. However, today I happened to find one at the You Yangs, not far from Geelong. I had no idea they were found that close to the coast, is this a vagrant lizard or...
  44. E

    Shingleback pigmentation loss?

    Hello all, I am writing on the behalf of a friend who's shingleback has loss all the orange pigmentation, turning white over the last 3-4 days. He has reported that the animal is drinking and acting normally, but has been eating a little bit less than usual. Could this be due to stress? Or a...
  45. S

    Shingleback Foot issues

    Hey folks, i'm after some help. Recently I observed that one of my shingleback skinks had four swollen feet, so I took her from her outside pit with all the others (who are all doing fine) and put her in an inside enclosure with a simple newspaper substrate. Her outdoor enclosure has a red sand...
  46. StimiLove

    My Bobtail Pit ...

    Just thought I'd share with you a few pics of my bobtail pit. It currently homes 1 Western Blue Tongue, 2 standard bobtails and 2 goldfields bobtails, with 2 baby goldfields due next month. A couple of li'l skinks have also taken up residency in there too... ..
  47. J

    Is YOUR pygmy bearded good to hold?

    I read myself around in circles with bearded dragons and pygmy dragons and blue tongues and shinglebacks. Finally I have decided to get a dragon over a skink. The purpose of this animal in my collection is to sit beside me when I'm working at night. It will be on a table or my lap. I have...
  48. YayPythons

    Newly Bought Thread

    Hey all, it's getting to the time where everyone is starting to buy new additions so I thought I would make a thread for everyone to put up the fresh purchases. Thanks, YayPythons P.S. Don't have mine just yet, going to hopefully get something in January.
  49. S

    Shingleback Skink. Fighting Vs Mating

    Hey folks, I have an unsexed adult Shingleback (Tiliqua rugosa rugosa). I've recently discovered that it has bite marks from my known male on it's head, tail and on the midline of the back near it's front legs (close on it's shoulders). I have observed the known male mating before, and he is...
  50. J

    Very Sick Woma :( Help Please!

    Experienced people, please help. See attached photos. My Woma is 2 years old. It hasn't eaten for 4 weeks (usually eats large rat weekly). When I presented food to her last night she looked a bit off. Not responding much, and slow movements. Skin looked a little lighter than usual. I picked...