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  1. gigas

    Indonesian/PNG locale Bluetongues

    I've been a lurker on this forum for some time now, but I thought I'd finally sign up recently. I only have two Australian animals, and those are two male Tiliqua scincoides intermedia, Northern BTS. The rest of my collected mainly consists of Tiliqua gigas ssp. keyensis, gigas, and evanescens...
  2. NickGeee

    Mornington Peninsula Herping

    Here are some pics from the past week i took down at the Mornington Peninsula, which is about an hour south east of Melbourne. I had afew species in mind, including the metallic skink, swamp skink and white lipped snake. I had photographed swamp skinks and seen white lips before, but mettalics...
  3. NickGeee

    Recent Herping Pics

    Some pictures from the last month or so, ill try to add some story in with them... I went up to Mt Buller in Victoria with my family for a ski trip earlier last month, and after seeing afew thawed out ski runs, I went to investigate. McCoy’s Skink ( Anepischestosia maccoy) by Nick Gale, on...
  4. NickGeee

    Winter Melbourne Herping (w/ pics)

    I cannot find the Field Herping subforum or whatever so i suppose ill just throw this in here? But anyway, here are some pics from April to about last weekend, which includes trips around my area and around Melbourne, some NSW herps, some North Vic finds, some Grampians Geckos, Some frogs from...
  5. Supra_man87

    Eastern Blue Tongue Babies

    Scientific Name Tiliqua scincoides Common Name Eastern Blue Tongue Skink Age 4 weeks Size Babies Quantity Available 18 Bred By Me General Description Baby Eastern Blue Tongues, from 3 different litters. Feeding great on fruit, egg, puppy meat and Turkey mince. $20ea or $15 for 2+ or $10...
  6. N

    66% Het Albino Blue Tongues

    Scientific Name Tiliqua scincoides Common Name Eastern Blue Tongue Age 2 + 4 Weeks Size Appropriate Quantity Available 14 Bred By Myself General Description For sale are 14 x 66% het Albino blue tongues. All healthy and active and feeding well on snails, mince meat, seafood...
  7. kankryb

    Bluetongue in the sun

    my skinks enjoying the sun
  8. GeckPhotographer

    Kimberley Australia

    So over most of January and February of this year I was staying in the southern Kimberley region of Western Australia. I was here to assist an honours student working on V. panoptes and while this took up most of each day I also managed to get around a little of the local station I was staying...
  9. MathewB

    4x Cunninghams Skinks, 1x Eastern Blue Tongue Skink

    Scientific Name Egernia Cunninghami Tiliqua scincoides scincoides Common Name Cunninghams Skink Eastern Blue Tongue Skink Age Around 5 months Size Cunninghams: Total around 10cm Blue Tongue: 15cm roughly Quantity Available 4x Cunninghams 1x Blue Tongue Bred By Me General...
  10. AllThingsReptile

    Bluetongue "Cross-Breeding"?

    Did a bit of searching and didn't really find that much, so my first question is: Anybody on here owned or seen, cross bred blue tongues (wether or not it actually is cross breeding is debatable i guess), for example an EasternXCentral, CentralXNorthern etc.? Either wild "intergrades" or...
  11. AlexandreRoux

    My stay in Brisbane city

    9 days in Brisbane and I spend some time in some "wild" places so I've met some interesting guys ! I've visited (very quickly) the Mt Coot-tha botanical garden, a nice experience. Dwarf tree frog, Green Tree snake, Cane toad, Asian House gecko, Water dragons, some turtles and some water skinks...
  12. T

    Illawarra Locale Eastern Blue-Tongue Skink

    Scientific Name Tiliqua scincoides scincoides Common Name Eastern Blue-Tongue Age 4 weeks old Size 6 - 8 inches Quantity Available 8 Bred By Myself General Description These Blue-Tongues are the darker golden variety. (I will be breeding both silver and gold next season) Location...
  13. Native_EWD

    Eastern Blue Tongue Skinks

    Scientific Name Tiliqua scincoides Common Name Eastern Blue Tongue Skink Age Week Old Size 10 cms Quantity Available 10 Bred By Me General Description Looking to SELL or SWAP some of this years Blue tongue babies.Born 03/01/14. Feeding well on mixture of meat & veges. Will do a...
  14. C

    What should be done with sibs?

    No one is going to stop the breeding of jags, zebras other cross morphs, so what should be done with the sibs? I personally think that they should be culled, so that these mongrels don't get sold and then passed off as "pure".
  15. D

    Southern Australia Herping

    So, I just did a small trip to SA, I don't like using names, so I'll reintroduce you to the Driver and the Twin. Who were first seen here. http://www.aussiepythons.com/forum/field-herping-reptile-studies-5373/herping-2012-a-199803/ The Driver and I landed in Adelaide late Thursday afternoon...
  16. GeckPhotographer

    First day of spring.

    Ok so these were actually taken the past two days, but I'm posting it today ;) Enjoy. Anyone who wants to find me Delma plebeia in the Hunter, let me know, I don't think they exist. :P Around the garden enjoying spring. Intellegama lesueurii by Stephen Mahony, on Flickr Intellegama...
  17. spud_meister


    Hi, I'm Spud, I've lurked on this place quite a bit and thought I'd sign up. I currently own a Childrens Python called Kirby, and an Eastern Blue-Tongue called Frodo. I'm relatively new to keeping reptiles, I've had Kirby for just under a year, and Frodo for about six months. I'm looking forward...
  18. cheekabee

    More herping pics Melbourne

    More herping pics Melbourne and fish ID These are just a few more recent herping pics from a few days ago to a few weeks ago, enjoy. Skinks Cunningham skink(Egernia cunninghami) by Melbourne herping, on Flickr Bougainville's Skink (Lerista bougainvillii) by Melbourne herping, on Flickr...
  19. Vengeance

    New to Reptiles

    Hi all, I just noticed that there was an introduction sub forum and thought I might as well introduce myself. I'm new to reptile keeping and what can I say? I can't believe I didn't start sooner! I've been interested in reptiles since I was a kid, but wasn't successful in persuading my dad that...
  20. V

    3 x Blue Tongues - $100 LOT

    Scientific Name Tiliqua scincoides Common Name Common Blue Tongue Age 2 x 5 months 1 x 2yrs Size Varies Quantity Available 3 Bred By Bryce Dennett General Description Beautiful 2yr old female Blue Tongue, stunning light colour, very friendly, eats from your hand. 2 x 5 month old standard...
  21. PythonOwner25

    March Herping Melbourne

    Hey all, Have been herping quite a bit around Melbourne recently. Few new species to add to the list which is always nice! Enjoy the photos. :) McCoy's Skink (Nannoscincus maccoyi) by Matt Clancy Wildlife Photography, on Flickr Coventry's Skink (Niveoscincus coventryi) by Matt Clancy...
  22. Skippii

    Expo = New Addition..

    Hey guys! So, like many of you, I made a brief appearance at the Castle Hill Expo today. Man it was hot and sticky in there! Definitely some AMAZING animals though. I was so stoked to get to see the black woma in person, also got to pet a sand monitor which really made my day. Sadly, I didn't...
  23. smileysnake

    ID please

    the guy i bought them off told me they were just blue tongues he didnt know there were different types lol so hope these photos are clear enough thanks guys ....
  24. PythonOwner25

    East Gippsland VIC & South Coast NSW

    Went for a month long trip to the East Gippsland area of Victoria as i do over summer every year, and also ventured a little into south coast Nsw. Found many interesting reptiles as usual and also some stunning frog species. Enjoy :D Eastern Tiger Snake (Notechis scutatus) by Matt Clancy...
  25. Reptiles101

    Show us your blue tongue lizards

    Anyone got any blue tongue pics heres my boy Jinx
  26. Mitella

    ID my blue tongue

    We got her as an adult with her mate(eastern blue tongue) the owners had no idea what they were. I think shes a kimberly blue tongue or a different coloured eastern shes also 53cm p.s sorry about the bad picture thanx:)
  27. lizardjasper

    What did you name your reptiles?

    Wondering what most people name their pet reptiles? Mine are: 4 C Beardies - Jasper, Diego, Cricket and PeterPan 2 E Beardies - Pepsi and Schweps 1 E Water Dragon - Mr. T.Rex 2 Bluetongues - Buffy and Leelo What do you have and what did you call them?
  28. RSPcrazy

    Blue tongue, odd colour question?

    G'day, I was shown this eastern blue tongue today and was amazed by its colours (especially around the back of the neck). Sorry for the poor photos. Its parents are apparently normal brown looking eastern's. where I live (Hawkesbury, NSW), I see a lot of normal brown coloured eastern blue...
  29. GC_Pet_Centre

    Eastern Blue Tongue Skinks

    Scientific Name Tiliqua scincoides Common Name Eastern Blue Tongue Skinks Age 1 month approx 20cm total length Quantity Available 9 General Description We have some young eastern blue tongue skinks available, attractive patterns and colours and all are eating very well on...
  30. M

    Will blue tongues only breed at a certain time?

    Is it possible for blue tongues to breed at any time during they year? or just certain times? also is there a certain age? what is the youngest possible age? - - - Updated - - - anyone?
  31. cheekabee

    Some of this season's finds, Melbourne

    These are just some of this seasons finds around melbourne and its surounds Unfortunately didn't get any good pics of copper heads and tiger snakes although I did see a few. And still haven't encoutered a white lipped snake to photograph. Enjoy, Akash Cunningham skink(Egernia cunninghami)...
  32. Vikingtimbo

    Tiger Snake interacting with Blue-tongue

    Hi, I've filmed a couple of interesting interactions between a Tiger Snake and an Eastern Blue-tongue that live not far from me. They were both quite different and under different circumstances. Anyway I thought people might be interested. This encounter was an accident (actually it was my...
  33. D

    Oeh hurstville reptile ballot

    The Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH) is offering a number of reptiles for disposal through a ballot. The following species have been identified for the Department and are advertised as: 2 x Common Bluetongue (Tiliqua scincoides) Species Code: 2580 Every effort has been...
  34. Colin

    Indonesia remains epicenter for illegal wildlife trade in reptiles and amphibians

    Indonesia remains epicenter for illegal wildlife trade in reptiles and amphibians Indonesia remains epicenter for illegal wildlife trade in reptiles and amphibians By: Liz Kimbrough October 24, 2012 Demand for exotic pets is driving the illegal harvest and trade of herpetofauna (reptiles and...
  35. G

    October AHS Meeting - 24/10/12 - John Mostyn ARP Venom Program

    Please Join us for our October AHS Meeting - 24/10/12 John Mostyn will be presenting on the Venom Program at the Australian Reptile Park. John has put some great video footage together of the great work done at the Park in providing potentially life saving venom that is used in the production...
  36. Scribble_pants

    Blueys, some questions

    I have loads of questions, hopefully everyone can add what they know. first, how many types of blueys are there? how different from each other are they? did I hear about a Tasmanian bluey? What temperatures should they have for what times of the year and seasons and at what age should they...
  37. Jay

    For Sale: 8 month old Eastern Water Dragons and Eastern Blue-tongue Skinks

    Scientific Name Tiliqua scincoides scincoides, Physignathus leseurii Common Name Eastern Blue-tongue Skinks, Eastern Water Dragons Age 8 months Quantity Available 15 each Bred By Me General Description $20 each 3 for $50 7 for $100 Location Newcastle, NSW...
  38. T

    100% het, black melanistic bluetounge

    Scientific Name Common Name bluetounge Age 1 Size Quantity Available 1 Bred By snake ranch General Description 100% het malenistic bluetounge, carrys the gene without showing the colour. bred by snake ranch, easy all-round lizard, all offers considered. Location brisbane...
  39. Goth-Girl

    Blue-Tongue and ?

    Hi Guys and Gals, Please tell me what you think would be a compatible room mate for a 5 yr old Eastern Blue-Tongue..Other than another Eastern blue-tongue.. ..Thanks Guys..Cloe..
  40. Goth-Girl

    My Eastern Blue-Tongue

    Just Got this Boy a couple of days ago.. He is 5 years old and gorgous.. Got him with enclosure and all.. Also got a Stimpson Python Hatchie from Gozz of here. No picks yet but she is Beautiful. ..Thanks Cloe..
  41. Fang101

    Recent pics

    Heres some pics I've taken recently :), first off is afew bird pics.... Podargus strigoides by Fang101, on Flickr Magpie and Galah by Fang101, on Flickr White winged galah by Fang101, on Flickr some lizards shots Tiliqua scincoides by Fang101, on Flickr Tiliqua scincoides by Fang101, on...
  42. D

    OEH ballot I got an email

    * The Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH) is offering reptiles for disposal through a ballot to current licensees with an email address in the NPWS Cumberland North Area. The following species has been identified for the OEH and are advertised as: * X2 Common Bluetongues (Tiliqua...
  43. Supra_man87

    Baby Eastern Blue Tongues

    Scientific Name Tiliqua scincoides scincoides Common Name Eastern Blue Tongue Age 1 Week Size Baby Quantity Available 4 Bred By Me General Description Baby Eastern Blueys. Feeding great on puppy meat, fruit and egg. Location Yass, NSW Willing to Freight? Yes, at buyers expense...
  44. Jay

    For Sale: 4-5 w/old Downs and Eastern beardeds, 8-9 w/old Eastern Blue tongue skinks

    Scientific Name Pogona barbata, Pogona henrylawsoni, Tiliqua scincoides scincoides Common Name Eastern Bearded Dragon, Downs/Black-soiled Bearded Dragon, Eastern blue-tongue skink Age Beardeds are all around 4-5 weeks old, Blue-tongue's are 8-9 weeks old Quantity Available 3...
  45. Jay84

    Baby Eastern Bluetongues

    Scientific Name Tiliqua scincoides scincoides Common Name Common bluetongue Age 5 weeks Size Babies Quantity Available 9 Bred By My mate General Description Advertising on behalf of my housemate. All feeding well on pinkies, cat food and chopped...
  46. Jake007

    Rules of show and tell???

    Is there some rule that u need to do to take a snake in for my brother for his show and tell ?
  47. Vincey

    Show us your Skinks!

    Blue Tongue, Bobtail, any sort of Egernia or other! Really love these guys but want to see some more Egernia in captivity. Post pics or experiences :) Thanks!
  48. T

    Various from Queensland

    Since arriving in Australia 4 months ago, I've had the chance to spend a lot of time herping in and around SE Queensland, and have been lucky enough to be shown some fantastic spots by a mate local to the area. Our time is coming to an end in this area, as we're heading north to Cairns for Xmas...
  49. GeckoRider

    New Bluetongue :D

    Hey guys i just got a BlueTongue for a Steal only $5 And he dropped it off :D He said it is a 18month old female but wasn't 100% Sure on the sex... So when i can find my camera I'll take a pic and you guys can help me i guess lol
  50. Niall

    West Kimberley.

    Hi everyone. Just a few photos of what I came across whiles I was up North. Freshwater Croc Crocodylus johnstoni Plenty of these guys around up North. Had a nice experience with a few whiles my mate and I were walking through the water waist deep around midnight whiles looking for snakes...