1. J

    NSW Wanted, Hatchling Macleay River Turtle

    Hey all, I'm trying to track down any person/breeder who has any Macleay turtles available. I reside in Sydney NSW and am happy to arrange freight if necessary. Cheers for the help Carstairs
  2. W

    Turtle questions

    Hi all. Hoping someone can help with a couple of questions i have. I've been keeping aquariums for about 30 years. I've been wanting to get a turtle for a while now and have finally decided to take the plunge and have decided to get a Macleay River Turtle. I have 4ft planted tank running at the...
  3. S

    Turtle Vet sydney

    Anyone know a good turtle vet in Sydney? I am not convinced by mine and would like a second opinion. Thanks
  4. C

    Macleay River Turtle advice

    Hi guys, I purchased a baby Macleay from Amazing Amazon around 5 years ago, and have followed the care guide from Australian Freshwater Turtles as closely as I could (except the width of her tank is a bit smaller than advised, and she’s the fussiest eater you’ve met). I had great plans for her...
  5. J

    Is my ELN sick?

    Hi Guys, I currently have a baby ELN turtle which I have owned for roughly 3 months. Normally he is very active and always swims to the top of the tank whenever I walk past and is very calm when I take him out of the water for feeding or sunlight. However, for the last few hours he has been...
  6. Mitella

    Recent herping around Darwin, NT.

    G'day everyone, here's a little 8 minute video of herps from around the Top End recently. It was pretty hectic and I definitely recommend to visit there for a herp if you get a chance!
  7. H

    Snails in turtle tank- safe?

    I'm a first-time reptile owner here, and I've recently brought home a wee young Murray River Turtle. Because I want his tank to be as close to natural river conditions as possible, I've added some plant life- nardoo and some elodea. He loves the elodea in particular, and rests on it when...
  8. eipper

    QLD Reptile Apparel

    We love animals. We also love quality. All images in our extensive photo library have been taken by Scott and Tie Eipper and are an accumulation of many years work. All images are copyrighted to Nature 4 You. Images from our vast collection are carefully chosen and edited to produce the clearest...
  9. billygt

    Wobbly Basking area for turtles *suggestions*

    Hey guys, Just need some help with basking areas. the other day i went out and obtained a new floating turtle dock, as my emydura macquari had recently outgrown his/her old magnetic ramp one. when i put the dock in the water it is very wobbly and i think my turtle has trouble getting up it. As...
  10. AndrewspenLL

    Will My Turtle Care be Adequate?

    This would be a long one.. I lived in Indonesia and if you love aquatic turtles or owned them there, you would know how we keep them..<outdoors in ponds or big plastic tubs with barely any filtration or UVB. Since Indonesia is a tropical country, I house them outside with the Sun as the primary...
  11. mrnofear


    Hi I'm looking for any unwanted Reptiles that people might have that they can no longer look after, Maybe ur bored with them or just no longer want them for any reason at all. Willing to take all types of Lizards big n small, Turtles, Crocodiles big or small, Elapids ie: Tigers, browns, Death...
  12. Giles28

    Short Neck Macquarie Turtle +++

    Looking for a good home for my short neck Macquarie turtle and red claw. Turtle is full grown male adult, approx 15-20cm diameter, healthy and happy with his red claw friend. 5 x 2 x 2 ft turtle tank with dry ramp, filter, rocks, accessories and food included but will sell separately if...