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  1. Friller2009

    Bioactive Thick tailed gecko enclosure

    Hi all, I’m back at it again with my crappy natural enclosure and this one is for a thick tailed gecko. I’m still hunting one if these guys down so if you have any for sale, pm me. Alright, the enclosure i’m using is a old aqua one fish tank. It measures roughly 40cmx30cmx30cm. For a...
  2. D

    Thick tailed geckos

    Two hatched today right on there due date just thought I'd share pics . Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. ViperReptiles

    Thick Tailed Gecko Heating?

    Hey everyone, I'm going to be getting a Thick Tailed Gecko later on today so I have been reading up on them for the past few days. The only thing I'm still not 100% on is heating, some places will say they require temperatures between 26-30 whilst other places say that they don't need heating. I...
  4. Z

    Thick Tailed Gecko - Please help!

    I'm new to the reptile world - I have a male/female pair of thick tailed geckos (underwoodisaurus milii) in a 60x45x45cm tank. They have never been aggressive towards each other, and I've had them together for about three months. The male has always been the smaller one, but in the past few days...
  5. NickGeee

    Herping Central & SW Vic.

    Havent made a herping thread in a while! Spent an arvo with afew mates up just North of Melbourne, where I was keen to see some Copperheads. We didnt find any, but we found plenty baby Little Whips!. Little whip snake (Parasuta flagellum) by Nick Gale, on Flickr Pretty cute! Little whip snake...
  6. T

    Newbie- Gecko noise and other reptile suggestions.

    Hi all, Im a newb and looking to get my first reptile. I have been looking into gecko's so far and possibly a thick tailed gecko. But the only problem is i hear they make a lot of noise at night and i wont be allowed to have one if they do! The main reason i am looking at a gecko is because i...
  7. KingsReptiles

    Crossbreeding Questions...

    Hi all, i was wondering if these species can and will crossbreed, as i am making a large outdoor lizard enclosure with a few of these species hoping for them to breed with their same species and sell the babies but i don't want them crossbreeding. Can Blotched Blue Tongues breed with Eastern...
  8. NickGeee

    Grampians Herping - SMALL BROWN SKINKS!!!!

    The Grampians are such an underrated place to herp. With close to every single species of temperate victorian skinks confined to the area, it is absolute paradise. I headed up to the area on the easter weekend for a camping trip with a mate, and when we arrived at the camping ground at Lake...
  9. Jackrabbit

    Heating Barking Geckos

    I was wondering what the best way to heat some U. Miliis is? We will be housing them in a partitioned URS 45 x 45 enclosure with a mesh top. I am not keen on a heat mat since there seems to be so many issues with them burning up. So I was thinking about using a heat rock partially or fully...
  10. Iguana

    Good Gecko for beginner

    I'm looking to get a group of about 3 gecko's not really intending to breed them but if it happens it happens. They will be treated more like pets than breeders so the occasional handling will occur. So what is the best type to get? I'd rather they be a large/meduim size and not too expensive...
  11. GeckPhotographer

    Recent-ish Photos.

    Some pictures from herping and random adventures over the past while I guess. Done a bit of stuff here and there and photos some places and what not. Post is somewhat lengthy already so not much info with each picture. If you want a bit more follow the flickr link and most have a more lengthy...
  12. Stuart

    2016 Calendar Photo Competition

    The Photo Competition to get your photo featured in the 2016 Aussie Pythons and Snakes calendar is now open. It is a simple competition where you can upload up to 3 photos to our Gallery for consideration by a chosen few as well as some independent persons (to avoid favoritism) who will pick the...
  13. BredliFreak

    Guess the reptile!

    Hi all, Inspired by a recent thread by baker, I thought I would make a fun game called guess the reptile. I'll give you five images and you have to name the reptiles! I'll even chuck in some exotics too! Feel free to challenge people with your own ones! Round 1: - - - Updated - - - Good...
  14. S

    Best type of lizard on a basic license

    Hi everyone, I have owned a few marbled geckos for a while now. I am wondering what is the best type of lizard for me that is on the basic license for victoria. My tank is 2 foot by 1 foot and I would much rather a lizard that will be active during the day. Cheers everyone
  15. bluetongue beno

    Herping 2014 - 15 season

    Hey guys, Just a few finds from the season just passed. I apologise for photo quality, all taken with a phone. Antaresia maculosa (spotted python) - Cecil Plains, QLD Cacophis kreftii (southern dwarf crowned snake) - Main Range NP, QLD Parasuta dwyeri (dwyer's snake) - Westmar, QLD...
  16. JDW000

    Day/night thermostat for a 5watt heat mat

    Hey, just wondering if anyone can help me out here. I need a day/night thermostat to control the heat mat for my thick tailed gecko viv. Despite being only 5watt it still gets pretty warm and I want to keep it from going over 30c, and lower the temps at night. I can't seem to find much that will...
  17. B

    Share your collection

    Hey all, Just looking for some inspiration. Wishing to upgrade my current reptile collection, I was wondering whether you could all contribute and tell me yours? Photos would be fantastic My current collection consists of 2x Central Netted Dragons 1x Central Bearded Dragon 2x Smooth Knob...
  18. O

    Gecko day/light cycles

    Hi all. I've been seriously considering getting a gecko the past couple of months. My house is quite small so he/she would have to be in my room. I've got the space and everything, so that much is fine, but I'm worried about messing up it's day and night cycles. I'm a uni student and do my work...
  19. NickGeee

    Melbourne/Victoria herping

    Haven't seen a herping thread on here for a while now, so here we go. As the temperature here is getting colder I decided I would try to get out as much as I could on my holidays and try to find some species I have never photographed yet around my area. Unfortunately I could only get access to...
  20. R

    Looking for a pet Gecko

    Hi I hope I'm posting in the right area here, But I really want a pet gecko, I want something I can handle, I've heard leopard geckos are the best and friendliest to be handled but I live in Australia where they are illegal. Can you recommend a good pet gecko that doesn't mind being handled, and...
  21. O

    Smooth Knob-Tailed Gecko Aggressive

    Hello, I am currently having a problem with my Nephurus Levis Levis. (firstly backstory) When bought from the pet store a few months ago I was advised to refrain from extensive handling as to avoid stressing the gecko, in which I did so. However, the gecko has become aggressive towards me. One...
  22. N

    Best type of beginner lizards

    Ok so you must be getting sick of me now but before I choose and start researching a lizard I can take care of. so i have a 1 foot tank I don't mind if it needs a heat mat, but a heat lamp won't work as I have no space to put it in. so if you could tell me a few species ON THE BASIC LICENSCE...
  23. N

    Rough knob tailed gecko

    Smooth knob tailed gecko Hey guys so I was reading about smooth knob tailed geckos and they look really cool I heard they don't need a heat lamp or mat is this true because if it is I might consider getting a pair cheers
  24. N

    Thick tailed

    I've changed my mind and it would be more suitable to get a thick tailed. do you think a 1 foot old aquarium could house 2-3 thick tails? and I live in Melbourne will they need a heat source?
  25. A


    Hi everyone I'm new and I'm wondering how many crickets I should be feeding my barking gecko and often I should be feeding him.
  26. M

    Australian native vivariums/ My attempt

    Hi all, Im a new kid on the block really. I've been researching with very little luck Australian native vivariums. I've tried to create a native planted viv for my Oedura castelnaui, Underwoodisaurus milii, Christinus marmoratus and Amalosia lesueurii. My set-up is a Exo Terra 90x45x45...
  27. Rocket

    2014 so far...

    2014 has been reasonably good to me so far in regards to the herping trips I have been on. I just wanted to show some of them off... although I'm quite the dreadful photographer. Regardless, here they are. Lucasium damaeum - beaded gecko. Nephrurus deleani - Pernatty knob-tailed gecko...
  28. M

    hiya all

    Hi just a quick hello, Im just new into the hobby and loving it =) So far have 2x Marbled Velvet Gecko/Christinus Marmoratus, 2x Lesueur's Velvet Gecko/Oedura Lesueurii and 4x Thick Tailed Gecko/Nephrurus Milii. Anyway looking forward to learning more and sharing yours and my experiences with...
  29. M

    New to Reptiles :)

    Hi everyone! I'm Moondance... I'm new to the world of reptiles, but years ago I thought about getting some and I've always had a fascination with geckos. Snakes scare the living bejesus out of me, but geckos and lizards are love. My best friend has what I believe is a leaf tailed gecko? Or...
  30. BDkeeper


    Hi all it's a worry and I unluckily have to ask this question. Do you think my thick tailed gecko has MBD? As you might be able see from the photo his top lip is bent down and he's walking really weirdly. Plus on top of all of this his back is in a weird shape as well and another thing on top...
  31. jordanmulder

    This seasons Hauls (Pic heavy)

    So I thought I'd post a thread sharing some of my photo's from this years sightings. I've been able to find a whole heap of new species for me in my local area, a rather broad definition of the word 'local' too. I will start with reptiles from the newcastle-central coast vicinity... Red belly...
  32. F

    Newbie Gecko questions

    Hey there guys, I'm pretty new in the world of reptiles. I'm looking at getting my first reptile & the first species that stuck out to me was the smooth thick-tailed gecko. I have a few questions, they're probably really obvious but anyway... The first thing I haven't really found any proper...
  33. Reptiles101

    Is it suitable?

    Well I was going through my mum's kitchen cupboard and found a newish 7L Sistema tub, and wanted to know if it would be a suitable house for a 14cm thick-tailed gecko? I don't need any heat do I, because I've got Harley without any heat and he's doing fine (eating & pooing regular):)
  34. Reptiles101

    Is Luna hypo or just a good looking thick-tail?

  35. NickGeee

    nasty looking thick tailed gecko

    checking on my female thick tailed this morning i found a frightening looking wound on her head. i have since separated her from the male in a separate enclosure. any ideas on what has caused this? what course of action should i take? thanks.
  36. G

    Gecko type ideas

    Can anyone give me some ideas of what gecko I should keep. I live in Victoria, Australia and I want a small gecko (no larger than 10cm) that's easy to care for. Also if they don't need a large area to live that would be great. All reply's are appreciated.
  37. G

    Gecko help needed!

    I live in Victoria, Australia and my parents have allowed me to get a pet gecko. I need help on the following questions.. How big do these geckos get? How big does the enclosure have to be? Which is the easiest to care for? Do they need UVB lighting or a heat pad? Will I be able to keep one in...
  38. K

    New here

    Hi my name is Kellie. I previously owned a central bearded dragon, unfortunately I had to rehome her :( I'm now looking at getting a thick tailed gecko, so any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  39. Gruni

    New England: Thick Tailed Gecko

    Not specifically an id thread as I wasn't in a position to get a pic but looking for clarification... I was at an abseiling training weekend with the SES in a railway cutting near Deepwater south of Tenterfield. We were descending a granite face and found some loose features on one section that...
  40. reptalica

    2014 Victorian Herpetological Society Show - Royal Melbourne Showgrounds - Feb 22nd.

    Who's going??? Who's not????? I'll be there with bells on......plan to get there at opening unlike last year and missed out on all the good stuff. A year older into the hobby now and a year more experienced so should be able to embrace the experience that much more and hoping to catch up with...
  41. Reptiles101

    another thick-talied gecko

    I've already got a female thick-tailed gecko, but she's under breeding age, I've separated her from my male because he's bigger and was attacking her. I'm really wanting to get another female thick-tailed gecko that's bigger than my male and hopefully be able to breed. Would it be okay to...
  42. T

    breeding thick tailed geckos

    Hey all, just wondering if I could get some information on how to introduce two thick tailed geckos and what I need to do to get them to breed, they are both of breeding age but female is slightly larger, thanks in advance!
  43. richoman_3

    Herp Trip to South Australia

    Well last Tuesday night after watching some epic cricket, matthew (pythonwner or some boring name like that on here) got ready to get up at 4am to get a flight to Adelaide. Arriving at Adelaide we met up with JP from QLD and waited for shawn (rocket) to pick us up. We went to his house and saw...
  44. Ninabuddha

    is there a howling gecko

    hey guys, i was curious... is there a howling gecko or lizard in Australia i know we have the barking gecko but is their anything that has howling in the name by any chance?
  45. A

    barking geckos

    im getting a barking gecko soon and would like to see your setups for them
  46. T

    HELP I've lost my interest in reptiles!!

    I don't know how to start this but its almost been a year since i got my first reptile, a thick tailed gecko. i was really excited and interested in reptiles when i got him and i could not stop researching and watching videos on reptiles. i started thinking of what i would get next but slowly i...
  47. Benskene

    Juvenile Thicktail Gecko

    Common name: Thicktail gecko Scientific name: U. Milli Sex: unknown Age: 1 month Bred by: me Price: $85 Description: great little thicktail. Mum is brown dad is hypo. If I was going to guess I would say he will turn out hypo like dad as he looks to be lightening up. Feeds on x small dusted...
  48. xAshx

    Thick tail gecko questions....

    Hi guys, just wondering how long thick tails are usually gravid for? I'm new to geckos so just wanting to know... Also once eggs are laid, how long usually before they hatch if they are viable? Cheers...
  49. Reptiles101

    Is it female (sexing thick-tailed help)

    So I went out yesterday I bought another Thick-Tailed Gecko to go with my big boy Harley, the pet store told me it was female, so I just want to hear from someone with a bit more gecko experience to tell me it is female or not.
  50. Rocket

    Some Gekkota

    Here are some random photos of some of the lizards (Gekkota) in my collection. They are pretty bad photos... Carphodactylus laevis - chameleon gecko. This male was sleeping under a hide - yes, I am a terrible person for waking him up. Delma tincta - excitable delma. Lialis...