1. C

    QLD 2x Zoo Med ReptiSun 5.0 T5 Reptile UVB Light 54w (120cm)

    BRAND NEW NEVER OPENED $100 2x 120cm 54w 5.0 UVB tubes by reptisun. I accidentally bought these as t5 when I needed t8 ? Pick up Geebung, QLD Delivery is possible also.
  2. A

    Are CFL UVA/UVB lamps still dangerous for turtles?

    I remember many years ago being told to avoid CFL for turtles because it could damage their eyes, is that still valid info or have they gotten better? Currently I use mercury vapor bulb on the basking spot and a 4 foot reptisun T8 10.0 fluro for the rest of the tank (6 foot tank). I've...
  3. D


    Im about to change from a coil Uvb light to a tube light for a new 100cm tank. What strength should I purchase and how long should it be? 60-80cm? Any recommendations? For a pygmy beardie 5 months old.
  4. ajk321

    This is a very classic question about UVB.

    Hi, I'm a humble redneck who raise Ramsayi and Melanocephalus in South Korea. It is not the first time I raise snakes, so I heard snakes don't need UVB lights because they eat their preys whole. What I was curious about is that recent studies and articles here shows that they "DO" needs UVB...
  5. mrnofear


    Hi everyone I'm selling a new range of Brand new 10.0 UVB & heat globe's that r suited for all Reptile's, Frogs ect. ALL GLOBES ARE BRAND NEW IN A BOX These globes r fantastic n provide the right source of UVB lighting for ur Reptiles ect. 10.0 UVB lighting globe's $20 EACH ALL THESE UVB...
  6. B

    Blue tongue essential supplies + questions & queries

    Hey! I'm considering getting myself a blue tongue skink but there's so much conflicting info on care! I had a baby one as a kid (until my mum let him go) & the care seemed so much simpler back then (although I guess I wasn't quite old enough to do my own research). I'm not sure on some of the...
  7. R

    Green tree python lighting and heating.

    So ATM I'm currently converting an old Balinese cabinet into an enclosure for a GTP. The enclosure dimensions are 800 high X 1000 wide X 600 deep. Any suggestions on where to get a heat panel big enough for the enclosure and the best way to supply UV in the cabinet? All while trying to do it as...
  8. Krissy90

    Uvb fixture from Bunnings?

    hey guys! Newbie here! I was just wondering if anyone can tell me if Bunnings has any flurescent fixtures suitable for a 10.0 reptisun uvb. A pre wired one would be ever better! I have had a look on their website (all look the same to me) and googled endlessly but to no avail so any help would...
  9. TRIC0

    UVB for blue tongue

    If I use a 5.0 tropical UVB light how close should it be for my blue tongue to get all what she needs?
  10. K

    Lighting Large Enclosures. Help.

    Hey guys, so long story short I'm getting an enclosure built for me( was getting a custom bed built and figured why not). Anyways it's still being built but ultimately it's 5ft x 4ft x 3ft. It'll be the forever home for my rapidly growing bred little. But my issue currently is. LIGHTING...