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  1. BredliFreak

    Good lizards to own

    hi all, I'm thinking of getting another lizard in the future and I am looking for a good handling and somewhat affectionate, placid animal. I've narrowed down my search a bit to these animals: -Jacky Lizard -Mountain Dragon -cunningham's skink -black rock skink -white's skink -southern water...
  2. Stuart

    Issues requiring resolution

    I am aware of quite a few issues on the site at the moment but if people could add what they can see needs resolving below, that would be much appriciated thanks A list of current issues I am aware of and am working on at the moment are below. Title Image link returns a 404 error -FIXED Links...
  3. B

    Share your collection

    Hey all, Just looking for some inspiration. Wishing to upgrade my current reptile collection, I was wondering whether you could all contribute and tell me yours? Photos would be fantastic My current collection consists of 2x Central Netted Dragons 1x Central Bearded Dragon 2x Smooth Knob...
  4. T

    Ackie question

    Im building a 5 foot cage for my ackie and wantto get a hatchling. Would this be to big for a hatchling? Should i keep him in a smaller enclosire first? If so what would i keep him in? Thanks - - - Updated - - - ?
  5. T

    What wood use for akin enclosure?

    Im getting an ackie and i am building the enclosure. What wood should i use? i heard that melamine absorbs water? thanks
  6. Y

    Lace Monitor Xrays, Why you dont mess with a Lacie..

    Hello, After reading a few posts recently of people wanting big monitors, I thought I would post some xrays of a lace monitor head just to give people an idea of what hides inside. sorry for the poor quality its a photo of the xray screen. Cheers Jacob P.S dont mess with a Lacie
  7. jbest

    Sandfire ackies hatchlings

    Got for sale 3 remaining sandfire locale Ridge tail monitor hatchlings asking 300 no freight the will be going unsexed smashing dusted crickets roaches and pinkies. Feel free to call me on 0430249579
  8. book

    Adult Ridge-tailed Monitor ? dark patterned

    Scientific Name Varanus acanthurus Common Name Spiny-tailed / Ridge-tailed Monitor Age 5 Size 180mm Quantity Available 1 Bred By Unknown General Description Very attractive Ackie. Suspect male purchased from Rob Porter 2 years ago and unable to find a mate to...
  9. book

    Female Ridge-tailed monitor, Mt Isa Form.

    Scientific Name Varanus acanthurus Common Name Spiny-tailed / Ridge-tailed Monitor Age 7 years Size 240mm SVL Quantity Available 1 Bred By Tim Pobjoy General Description Large Mt Isa region female. Naturally cream coloured but kept on red sand when photo was taken...
  10. Pirateherpss

    New baby ridge tailed monitor advice

    I just got a baby ackie, and set up his new enclosure today. I know they entirely different to caring for bear dies (which I'm usually used to) so some advice would be appreciated. I made video because its so much more easy to explain/ show my setup and how i care for him. Its clear for you guys...
  11. T

    Ackie enclosures

    Hi all my reptile brothers from several uncategorized mothers, i was wondering if u could show me pics of ur Ackie enclosures to give me ideas for my enclosure. I'm getting an ackie
  12. T

    Ackie questions.

    g,day lads and lassies, how much moneys would a red ackie cost? I'm thinking about getting one. and iv found lots of info on there day time heat, but what about at night time? should i use a ceramic heat emitter at night? also whats the answer to 3--4-(6+-4)-9? Also doing math homework, should...
  13. RoryBreaker

    400+ species found in feral cats stomachs Some selected paragraphs from the article. "Virtually every reptile, small mammal and bird in Australia is vulnerable to cat predation so they're a really serious threat," he told the SA Late Afternoons program."I've found some amazing...
  14. Q

    preventing rocks from falling on lizards

    I am redoing my ackie enclosures and I am putting in deeper substrate for burrowing during the breeding season, but I am worried about them burrowing under the rocks and squashing them. Is there any methods people have used to prevent this from happening? I was thinking of a shelf to place to...
  15. G

    Getting a stubborn Ackie hatchling to eat

    Hi all, I've got a 6/7 day old Ackie hatchie that hasn't shown any interest in any food yet. It was the only egg to hatch and hatched out very small but had a fat stomach, it sits and basks and runs around the enclosure seemingly ok but has shown no interest in tiny crickets or finely chopped...
  16. Reptiles101

    Ackie & MVB

    Ackie & MVB would a Mercury Vapor Bulb be okay to use with an ackie monitor? or an Exo Terra Intense Basking globe be better? It has to be an screw in type bulb as i am using the Exo Terra porcelain clamp lamp :) - - - Updated - - - Bump
  17. Reptiles101

    Ackie or Bearded dragon enclosure build

    I am wondering is it worth having a crack at building an enclosure? Look into one for an ackie or bearded dragon, and what things would I need?
  18. Reptiles101

    First ever Ackie

    Am getting my first ackie monitor next week or so and can't wait, looks to be female too. She's shedding in the pic but she's a nice caramel colour, can't wait to get her!! Anyone that would like to share some pics of the ackies or setup?
  19. Q

    breeding ackies

    I am hoping to breeding my ridge tails next year, and I have 2 females and 1 male. One of my females and my male were of breeding age this year but my female is highly aggressive to any lizard or monitor and would tolerate his presence for an hour or two but would eventually have a go at him. I...
  20. richoman_3

    Couple herping shots

    Draco sp. (Flying Dragon) by Nick Volpe, on Flickr Northern Ridge-tailed Monitor (Varanus primordius) by Nick Volpe, on Flickr Slaty-grey Snake (Stegonotus cucullatus) by Nick Volpe, on Flickr Roth's Tree Frog (Litoria rothi) by Nick Volpe, on Flickr Saltwater Crocodile (Crocodylus...
  21. Native_EWD

    Species Misidentification and Licensing

    G'day all. Looking for some advice & opinions on how to deal with this matter. Recently I purchased two adult v.acanthus, turns out they are actually V.storri, the bloke I bought them off had them on license as acanthus. Wondering how should I approach this, should I let NSW licensing know...
  22. D

    Darwin to the Kimberly

    Not too long ago, myself and my girlfried, CVHG, umped onto a pressuresed metal tube and flew 2848.54 km / 1538.09 nautical miles to the NT's night life crazy CBD, Darwin. We landed at midnight, with boots, camera equipment, a bag full of field guides and a sleeping bag each. My best...
  23. A

    Ackie and pinkies

    I have an ackie - apparently around 9 months old. The person it was bought from said it was eating pinkies once a week, no problems. I have had the ackie for about 3 months now, and even today, I can't get him interested in trying a pinkie. The only thing it likes to eat are crickets...
  24. blakes

    Ridge tailed monitors (red)

    Ridge tailed monitor hatchies available. These are from a pilbara red male and unknown locale reddish female. All are feeding well on med crix and a bit of roo mince. All are very healthy and have been raised under mvb lighting, growing fast and most currently shedding. Msg me on 0411122090 for...
  25. Blazed


    Hi all I'm thinking about getting my first gecko soon and I will probably end up bulk buying crickets. Obviously though I will need to feed and water them as to keep them alive. Anyone else have an advice or tips or a full set of instructions about cricket care/farming? Thanks
  26. L

    Correct globes?

    Hey there, so I have been looking for 50w floodlight globes for my sand monitor enclosure but I'm struggling to find them, can someone let me know if they know we're to look. I tried bunning and masters but no luck. Or any other recommendations on globes that I should use.thanks
  27. R

    Pommy new to Aussie herp scene

    Hello everyone, My name is Stephen and I am living in Warrnambool,Victoria. I have kept many species of reptiles from the age of 8yrs old (31 now) but have been out the hobby for the last 6 years due to travelling and moving around a fair bit. I am originally from the Uk but have settled here...
  28. N

    How to make a little type of tunnel?

    K so I'm getting a lizard soon and I want to make a few small hides or tunnels that can keep them cool during some any ideas?
  29. 0

    Safe Varieties Of Wood For Enclosure

    Hi there, I'm currently looking at building my own enclosure for my pair of Ridge-Tailed Monitor Lizards or modifying an existing television cabinet for them to live in. Was just wanting to get some insight on which varieties of wood would be safe to use for the enclosure. I know that pine and...
  30. N

    What would this Varanus Acanthurus colouration be identified as?

    Varanus Acanthurus (ackie) colouration help? I'm hoping this is the correct thread to post this in, if I am incorrect, please advise me as to where I can post :D. So, I've been researching a lot about the Acanthurus "ackie" monitors lately as I am getting one in early 2015. There has been...
  31. B

    Female Ackie humping new male

    Hey all, I have had my Female Ridge Tailed Monitor for about 5 months. In that time she has laid infertile eggs so I think its safe to say shes a female. Today I bought her a male friend. Within minutes of being with each others shes all over him mounting him and humping him. Just wondering...
  32. N

    Small monitors?

    Ackies monitors? Hey everyone, for the last couple of years I was interested in monitors, one of the main things that stopped me from getting a monitor was their size. Right now and for at least the next couple of years I won't be able to take care of big reptiles. However, in a reptile expo...
  33. jbest

    Ridge tail monitor (Varanus Acanthurus)

    Scientific Name Varanus Acanthurus Common Name Ridge Tailed Monitor Age Approx 3 Quantity Available 1 General Description Male Ackie for Sale $300 located gold coast will not freight. Eats fine on roaches and pinkys. Only selling as was looking for a girl for him but found a breeding...
  34. Wild~Touch

    How It All Started

    Please share how you got into reptile keeping Always had a fascination A friend kept some reptiles Your kids wanted a snake My son wanted a snake from the time he could talk....LOL saw one in a pet shop in Melbourne and that was it
  35. Amynickid

    Wanting to expand collection

    Okay so I am living at home still, yet wanting to expand collection. How do I lets say.... buy another enclosure, and python and everthing else. and hide it from family ahhahah?
  36. Micksreps

    Lost ridge tail monitor

    Yesterday when I checked his tank I noticed he has escaped, his only 2 months old. I never thought he could fit through the gap of the 1/4 inch square wire mesh that I use on top of his enclosure. i have looked almost everywhere, but he could be anywhere being such a small monitor. i have...
  37. B

    Is This A Yellow Or Red Ackie?

    Hey guys new to this forum, title says it all just wondering if my 3-4 month year old ackie i bought a month ago from a reptile shop is a yellow or red? could someone who knows for sure please answer this. thanks :)
  38. G

    Good first Lizard/ Dragon

    hey guys im getting the itch to get a lizard of late and was wondering what the community would suggest for my first one i currently own a spotted and rough scale python so im not really new to the reptile scene and i know some things that lizards need (covering crickets and stuff in protein...
  39. L

    Monitor handling help

    Hey there, I was just after some advice in regards to handling of monitors.background info- first monitor,have owned beardies and geckos , she is about 6 months old varanus gouldii and I have had her for about 4 weeks. I haven't attempted to hold her yet I wanted to get her comfortable with...
  40. H

    cold weather and ackies

    my ackie has slowed his eating habits dramatically I always thought this was because of the colder whether, he still only a Hatchie and only eats only 4-5days but I've kept the temps the same sine I got him and he used to eat every day. so is this normal for my ackie? P.S sorry for all the noob...
  41. GeckPhotographer

    Kimberley Australia

    So over most of January and February of this year I was staying in the southern Kimberley region of Western Australia. I was here to assist an honours student working on V. panoptes and while this took up most of each day I also managed to get around a little of the local station I was staying...
  42. H

    feeding question

    so my hatchling ackie went off his wood roaches for 5 days, I started to worry so I tried feeding him some chicken pieces from a canned chicken which he smashed, I mixed multivitamin dust in with the chicken in an attempt to get maximum nutritional benefit but I don't think that is enough. Any...
  43. H

    Just wondering

    Just curious can you keep a ackie and bearded dragons in the same enclosure, I've seen many people successfully keep blue tounges and beardeds so why not ackies. Is it something to do with that blues and beardeds are primarily Insectivours (not sure if I spelt that right) and ackies prey more on...
  44. blakes

    Ridge tailed monitor (red)

    Scientific Name Varanus acanthurus Common Name ackie Age 4weeks Size Small Quantity Available 1 Bred By Me General Description Healthy little ackie, last one for the season. Bred from a pilbara red male, and unknown locale red female. Feeding well on small crickets and roo mince...
  45. R

    ridge tail feeding

    whats the best way to feed a ridge tail monitor mince? and whats the best sort of mince to buy, how old should it be before you start introducing it to mince cheers
  46. 0

    Ridge-Tailed Monitor Skittish And Barely Eating

    Hi everyone, I currently have a set-up with two juvenile Ridge-Tailed Monitors, both 11 weeks old. One has no issues, however the other one is extremely skittish, does not bask, rarely comes out to eat and just sits in her log all day. When I first got her she seemed more eager to eat and come...
  47. A

    Black & Gold Jungle Python Yearlings

    Species Common Name Jungle Age Yearlings Length 60cm Quantity Available 4 Bred By ARL Reptiles General Description RPM-Sire Palmerston-Dam Vet sexed & checked Feeding & shedding well Handle fine Buyer must be licensed. Freight at buyers expense. Will swap for ridgetail monitor...
  48. A

    Black and Gold RPM Jungle Yearlings

    Species Common Name Jungle Age Yearling Length 60cm Quantity Available 3 Bred By ARL Reptiles General Description RPM-Sire Palmerston-Dam Vet sexed & checked Feeding & shedding well Handle fine Buyer must be licensed Will swap for ridgetail monitor or similar. Location Cairns...
  49. T

    Thinking about getting a Monitor - Questions...

    Hey everyone, Was thinking about getting a Monitor and just wondering what's good for a beginner? I've done a bit of research and know a basking spot (or two-three) of 50-70c is required. Also that they eat pretty much anything (well, besides greens). Heard differing opinions about UV. Some...
  50. Mooseman

    Ridge Tail Monitor Hatchlings

    Scientific Name Varanus Acantharus Common Name Ridge Tail Monitor Hatchlings Age 2 months Size Age appropriate Quantity Available 8 Bred By A couple of adult ridge tail monitors! :) General Description Hatchling ridge tail monitors feeding well on anything that moves. Location...