varanus brevicauda


  1. E

    WTB Varanus brevicauda

    Looking to buy V. brevicauda pair or hatchings. Cheers, Erich
  2. Imported_tuatara

    looking for small monitors or water skinks

    looking for juvenile dwarf monitors/water skinks, must be under a year old for the dwarf monitors and under 6 months old for the water skink, will pay good money for certain animals, eg gilleni, brevicauda, storri, etc.
  3. Operation-Goanna

    Small Monitors?

    For the last yr or so I've been into monitors, and because of the lack of space I can't get a V.indicus or really anything 2 ft+ so i've made a list of monitors. Black headed monitor (small subspecies) Ridge tailed/acky monitor Pygmy mulga/stripe tailed monitor Short tailed monitor. I live in...
  4. U

    Varanus brevicauda

    Hey all I was wondering if these monitors are hard to come by in queensland or you whether you need a special license to keep them here? Anyone own one of them? Thanks in advance!
  5. Trogdor

    Varanus Brevicauda and other small monitors!

    Hey guys, Just wondering if you know of or can make a table showing monitors and their sizes, Even better if you have any monitors show them off and tell us a bit about them, would be greatly appreciated. Looking at getting one in a few years, but i would like to read a lot about them first...
  6. GeckPhotographer

    Herp pics (warning - pic rich!)

    So this thread is composed of a bunch of reptile pics I've taken since back in October, through to now over a couple different trips. First off was a short night up around Newcastle with a couple of friends. This Rough-scale was one of the few snakes out on the road. Tropidechis carinatus...
  7. J

    can a lizard fit in this enclosure?

    I have an enclosure that is 135CM long / 80cm high / 30cm deep. Because it is so shallow I was wondering if it is useless. I would like to put any type of dragon or monitor in it except a bearded dragon. No geckos. Have I got a dud enclosure?
  8. I

    Monitor growth and sizes?

    Hey guys I,ve been looking into monitor's a fair bit the last few weeks. And wondering whats the smallest monitor for an adult and what would the enclosure requirements be.? THANKS :D
  9. spongebob

    Male Brevie for sale

    I have a spare male Short Tailed Pygmy Monitor for sale - Varanus brevicauda. I've had this guy for around three years. Rarely available this is the worlds smallest varanid. Please PM me if interested. Bob
  10. E

    Monitor poll

    whats your favourite monitor? i wanna know cause im researching about monitors
  11. Kenno

    Varanus Brevicauda

    Pm with details, will happily accommodate most offers
  12. Magpie

    Little goannas

    Hey, so those Varanus brevicauda thingos. They common yet or what? If not, why not?
  13. pretzels

    which lizard??

    i think i may have started a reptile craze in my family. since getting my spotted almost a month ago my brother has since decided that he might like a reptile pet as well. currently he has a rat ( who might i add is possibly the best pet i have ever had the honour of owning) but steve ( yer shes...
  14. jordo

    Central Australia, Oct/Jan

    Central Australia - Pt 1 During the spring/summer I have been up in Alice a few times for my field research, which I will talk about later. Having this great opportunity to spend a decent chunk of time in one of outback Australias best herping locations, I went pretty hard and here are the...
  15. M

    varanus lover

    Hello there everyone im new to this site and was hoping someone would be able to put me in contact with anyone who keeps and breeds varanus brevicauda/kingorium/primordious and storri orcreatus please let me know guys thanks much appreciated regards muzzapygmyz
  16. J

    top 5 smallest monitors

    could someone help me make a list of the top 5 smallest monitors and there sizes. a picture included would be great. number one being the smallest and 5 bigger. for example; 1. varanus brevicauda average total length - 20cm (just guessing here) habitat - ground dwelling, desert, picture-...
  17. J

    Small monitor

    What is the smallest monitor besides akies. I currently have 2 sand goannas in my 4x2x2 tank but I'm getting rid of them because that is obviously to small for them. Oh and the monitor has to love the whole desert, sand, burrow thing because that is what the tank is like and I wouldn't want to...
  18. crl94

    Miniture animals

    My friend and I always wanted a little thing to run around our desk like a miniture animal. Well, it kinda just hit me that my spotted python is like a miniture retic python and my friends blue tongue is like a miniture komodo dragon. Yay for chibi pets and reptiles altogether :D Also would...
  19. raged

    Varanus Brevicauda

    I'm after some varanus brevicauda this season. If anyone has any available please PM me.
  20. mrkos

    new monitor trio

    picked up three of these little guys yesterday not sure what type some form of pygmy something very entertaining just managed to snap an early morning shot before they warm up too much cheers
  21. Jk888

    Varanus brevicauda

    Just wanting to talk to some people who have these pm me please or talk on here please
  22. knobtailedgecko

    which one is better?!?

    im interested in these 4 lizards, monitor,marble velvet gecko,barking gecko and defiantly the knob tailed gecko? which one is the easiest and and is less money for you to waste? cheers,sam
  23. fishead

    varanus brevicauda

    Scientific Name varanus brevicauda Common Name short tailed pygmy monitor Age six weeks Sex unknown Size approx. 7cm Quantity Available 4 Price $800 each Bred By me General Description Active outgoing little brevis feeding on dusted crickets and growing...
  24. tyson001

    coolest lizards in australia

    what do you think are the coolest lizards able to be kept in Australia in these the categories. 1.gecko 2.skink 3.dragon 4.monitor mine are 1. Centralian knob-tailed gecko 2. blotched blue toungue 3.frillneck 4.Mertens water monitor
  25. fishead

    Xmas baby brevis !!!

    These brand new little varanus brevicauda have timed their entrance into the world nicely. They took 87 days to cook at 30 degrees in a perlite mix just a touch drier than 1:1
  26. F

    Exporting Australian Reptiles - A naiv point of view?

    Hello Reptile Keepers in Down Under, i am from Germany and keep Reptiles since i was 15 teen Years old (now i am 38). Many times i see bearded Dragons in our Reptile Shops and Ackie Monitors. Some Day they were different type of Colorforms in one Reptiles Shop the so called Red ackies and the...
  27. Eddie2257

    Short-tail pgymy monitors?

    i went to the reptile park and saw these little monitors, i have done a bit of looking around on the internet and found out what licence you need and everything but couldent find anyone selling then or how much they woud be. if anyone could help me with thins it would be great. thanks eddie.
  28. spongebob

    Young Male Varanus brevicauda

    Scientific Name Varanus brevicauda Common Name Short tailed pygmy monitor Age 8 months Sex Male Size About 11cm -roughly 2/3 adult size Quantity Available One Price $700 Bred By fishead General Description I bought this as a hatchling but it's turned...
  29. Sel

    Lizard Kings

    Theres a good show on ABC1 atm Check it out
  30. fishead

    varanus brevicauda hatchy

    Scientific Name varanus brevicauda Common Name short tailed pygmy monitor Age one month Sex unknown Length about 60mm Quantity Available 1 - plus a couple more incubating Bred By me General Description Healthy little brevi Location Willing to...
  31. ruralreptiles

    Varanus brevicauda

    looking for 1 or 2 hatchie brevicauda.
  32. ruralreptiles

    Varanus brevicauda

    Looking for people who a breeding varanus brevicauda.
  33. dazzarama

    small (bored)

    what is the smallest pygmy python in captivity
  34. Callopistes

    Monitor pictures-Thread

    Hi, I have not a monitor :cry:but I want to see our monitors :Dand the cages of the monitors
  35. walpole_reptiles

    does anyone know where i can get some short tail monitors from

    hello, i am trying to get my hands on some varanus brevicauda. i also have some but they have all turned out the wrong sexes. If anyone could pass me onto someone who will have some it would be much appreciated
  36. geckodan

    Varanus brevicauda

    Scientific Name Varanus brevicauda Common Name Short Tailed Pygmy monitor Age 2 weeks [Length 5 cm TL Quantity Available 2 Bred By mommy and daddy goanna General Description These are WA Laverton origin. They are 30% smaller than your average brevi, adult females...
  37. Saz

    Saltuarius wyberba juveniles

    I have available four Saltuarius wyberba juveniles, bred by Danny Brown. Unsexable, lovely looking species, rare in captivity. Would prefer to sell the four together but will consider separating into unsexed pairs. $350 each. Will freight or pick up from Brisbane. Also consider swap...
  38. English

    Q's about Monitors

    Hi all, can some please give me a list of the smallest monitors and their final adult size, and cage size for a pair please? cant seem to find this on the interweb anywhere...
  39. TWENTY B

    Monitors, adult size, weight, temperement chart..

    After having ackies for a little while as my 1st monitor like most people do, now i've decided i'd like something a bit larger eventually leading up to lacies or perenties. So, I'd like a little help on deciding and i'm sure alot of other people would be interested in also knowing This...
  40. fishead

    brevicauda pics

    Howdy, here's a couple of pics of my varanus brevicauda that I promised rams that I'd post up. They're one of my favourites to sit and watch. They are active, not shy or spooky and I'm sure you'll agree are very beautiful little critters. I used to have glass dividers between those basking...
  41. levis04

    short tailed monitors

    After some short tailed monitors (Varanus brevicauda) any age, pm me if ya have any to off load. will pay good money.
  42. Kirby

    central netted pricing.

    is it just me or is the price range of central netted dragons rediculous. for a dragon who has a very short life span, and simple up keep. wouldnt you think they would be a little cheaper then $100-150. they are cute and all, but.. $100 ???? they live like 3 yrs dont they? $40-50...
  43. varanophile

    WTB adult Varanus brevicauda

    Hi, I would like to add to my collection of brevi's. In particular I am after an adult male, but any will be considered. Thanks in advance for any help.
  44. jimbo

    From class 1 - 2?

    For NSW peoples eyes only..or any others that know the answer. Just a question about going from a class 1 to a class 2 licence; I have just turned 18 and i want to upgrade my licence from class1 to class 2 so i can get some Varanus brevicauda (around this time next year), but i have not kept...
  45. G

    care sheets needed asap

    does anyone know any GD LINKS to care sheets on spencers monitors, i cnt seem to find anything usefull at all cheers chris
  46. Kratos

    Adult Male Brevie

    Wanted Adult Male Short Tailed Monitor ( Varanus Brevicauda). Contact on 0401811442 or email to [email protected] Cheers, Jason
  47. S

    Small Monitor SPecies

    Gday Can someone tell me the name of a small monitor species? and roughly how big the species gets? Thank you v much
  48. fishead

    varanus brevicauda

    Howdy, I'd like some of these critters please :D Bye, Steve.
  49. Kratos

    Varanus Brevicauda

    Finally got my trio of Short Tailed Pygmy Monitors today. I gave them some crickets and they eat just like my sand monitor, so funny to watch. Anyways here are some pics Cheers, Jason
  50. Chris.j

    Blue Mountains

    From the blue mountains, west of Sydney. Been reading the threads for a while now and thought I'd become a member. Chris.