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  1. WeirdzandBeardz

    Care and Husbandry of Varanus kingorum and Varanus storri

    Mitchell Hodgson V1 10/02/2021 V2 19/02/2022 Introduction: The Storrs monitor (Varanus storri storri and Varanus storri ocreatus) and Kings Rock Monitor (Varanus kingorum) are two of best pet varanids you can get! These lizards inhabit the rock outcrops across tropical Australia. These two...
  2. Imported_tuatara

    looking for small monitors or water skinks

    looking for juvenile dwarf monitors/water skinks, must be under a year old for the dwarf monitors and under 6 months old for the water skink, will pay good money for certain animals, eg gilleni, brevicauda, storri, etc.
  3. RoryBreaker

    Poached WA reptiles found in Vic
  4. HerpNthusiast

    Best Lizard to Handle

    Hey guys i started a thread to look in depth into the care of a central netted dragon but thinking back i also would like to know what lizard is a good handler i will most likely get a netted i know they are a mostly look but don't touch animal. Anyway below is the three lizards i've chosen to...
  5. C

    Monitor lizards!

    Just thought I would start "show of your monitors thread" so photos please! :lol: :D :P My three! Old photo of my Varanus Mertensi when he was young. My 2 juvenile Varanus Storri
  6. book

    Adult Ridge-tailed Monitor ? dark patterned

    Scientific Name Varanus acanthurus Common Name Spiny-tailed / Ridge-tailed Monitor Age 5 Size 180mm Quantity Available 1 Bred By Unknown General Description Very attractive Ackie. Suspect male purchased from Rob Porter 2 years ago and unable to find a mate to...
  7. book

    Female Ridge-tailed monitor, Mt Isa Form.

    Scientific Name Varanus acanthurus Common Name Spiny-tailed / Ridge-tailed Monitor Age 7 years Size 240mm SVL Quantity Available 1 Bred By Tim Pobjoy General Description Large Mt Isa region female. Naturally cream coloured but kept on red sand when photo was taken...
  8. C

    VHS purchases

    I would like to share what did purchase from VHS :) So what I bring home was mainly food, products and business cards however I also bought home this lovely pair of baby Varanus storri (Storr's monitors). Hopefully I will be breeding these when they mature. I believe these are male and female...
  9. richoman_3

    Couple herping shots

    Draco sp. (Flying Dragon) by Nick Volpe, on Flickr Northern Ridge-tailed Monitor (Varanus primordius) by Nick Volpe, on Flickr Slaty-grey Snake (Stegonotus cucullatus) by Nick Volpe, on Flickr Roth's Tree Frog (Litoria rothi) by Nick Volpe, on Flickr Saltwater Crocodile (Crocodylus...
  10. Native_EWD

    Species Misidentification and Licensing

    G'day all. Looking for some advice & opinions on how to deal with this matter. Recently I purchased two adult v.acanthus, turns out they are actually V.storri, the bloke I bought them off had them on license as acanthus. Wondering how should I approach this, should I let NSW licensing know...
  11. 0

    Safe Varieties Of Wood For Enclosure

    Hi there, I'm currently looking at building my own enclosure for my pair of Ridge-Tailed Monitor Lizards or modifying an existing television cabinet for them to live in. Was just wanting to get some insight on which varieties of wood would be safe to use for the enclosure. I know that pine and...
  12. N

    Small monitors?

    Ackies monitors? Hey everyone, for the last couple of years I was interested in monitors, one of the main things that stopped me from getting a monitor was their size. Right now and for at least the next couple of years I won't be able to take care of big reptiles. However, in a reptile expo...
  13. Amynickid

    Wanting to expand collection

    Okay so I am living at home still, yet wanting to expand collection. How do I lets say.... buy another enclosure, and python and everthing else. and hide it from family ahhahah?
  14. C

    V.indicus and V.indicus "blue phase"

    Hi guys, just after you opinions here. Do you think V.indicus and V.indicus "blue phase" should be classed as a different species like V.storri and V.storri ocreatus or do you think they need to be classed as just 2 different colour variations like red V.acanthurus and normal full pattern...
  15. 0

    Ridge-Tailed Monitor Skittish And Barely Eating

    Hi everyone, I currently have a set-up with two juvenile Ridge-Tailed Monitors, both 11 weeks old. One has no issues, however the other one is extremely skittish, does not bask, rarely comes out to eat and just sits in her log all day. When I first got her she seemed more eager to eat and come...
  16. Robo1

    Pilbara Ridge-tailed monitor hatchlings

    Scientific Name Varanus acanthurus Common Name Ridge-tailed monitor Age 1.5 months Size 12 cm Quantity Available 6 Bred By Myself General Description Young ackies from highly coloured Pilbara locality parents. Feeding well on medium woodies dusted with calcium and...
  17. ReptiBeck

    New Ackie-feeding help

    Hey guys I am proudly the new temporary owner of a Ridge-tailed monitor! She is blind in one eye due to a cataract and has had the tip of her tail nipped off as a bub, so isn't perfect looking but she is Mt Isa form/locale and very pretty. A little flighty when shes in her enclosure as I've...
  18. DaReptileBoy

    Ackie Monitor

    Hey Guys/Girls I want to get an ackie monitor but I was just wondering what size enclosure do they need when full grown and also can they eat crickets or should I feed them mice etc. Any Info on Them Would be Great Cheers DRB or they are known as a ridge tailed monitor
  19. Robo1

    Yearling Pilbara Ridge-Tailed Monitor

    Scientific Name Varanus acanthurus Common Name Ridge-Tailed Monitor Age 1 Size 150 mm SVL Quantity Available 1 Bred By Myself General Description Healthy yearling male ackie. Feeds well on insects (prefers them to rodents). No missing toes/nails or tail tip. Parents...
  20. Robo1

    Pilbara Ridge-tailed monitor hatchlings

    Scientific Name Varanus acanthurus Common Name Ridge-tailed monitor Age Hatched late Feb 2013 Quantity Available 11 Bred By Myself General Description Healthy active little ackie hatchies. All are feeding well and have put on some good size. No missing toes or tail tips. Parents are...
  21. phatty

    Varanus acanthurus vs Varanus storri

    can some one please tell me the difference between these to species i have noticed that the ridge tail has 2 black stripes on it face and the storr's only has one is that corect or is there a better way of identifying the too species.
  22. Robo1

    Pilbara Ridge-tailed monitor hatchlings

    Scientific Name Varanus acanthurus Common Name Ridge-tailed monitor Age Hatched early Feb 2013 Quantity Available 8 Bred By Myself General Description Healthy active little ackie hatchies. All are feeding well and have put on some good size. No missing toes or tail tips. Parents...
  23. Maseface

    What should i put in this?

    Hey guys, this is my almost fully set up tank. Just waiting on some fake plants to arrive for the cool end. Its a 4ft Tank. I made the rock wall myself and found the drift wood. You cant really see it well, but on the hot end there is a 1.5 inch black granite tile sitting on the ground behind...
  24. manimal

    New Storrs Monitors.

    I finally sold all my hatchling bds and with the proceeds from them I purchased a double enclosure and two beautiful little Storrs monitors. I know it is very difficult to pick sexes when they are very young, but I picked out one that had a big broad head and one that was less colorful and with...
  25. Levold

    What did you get today at the VHS Expo?

    I got some rats and a possible female kimberly phase norrhern bluey. Kind of glad I didnt splurge on an albino darwin hatchy. Sent from my GT-I9300T using Tapatalk 2
  26. S

    lace monitor noob

    hi guys im looking at getting a lace monitor but i need to know everything first anything i should know about them befor i get one also im looking at ideas for a enclosure an wee to get my lace monitor from in melbourne any ideeas???
  27. Klaery

    Varanus storri pair

    Six year old proven breeding pair of Varanus storri. Very active and healthy and eating roaches, crickets and occasionally pinkie mice. Female has a lump on one foot where she has lost toes but she has had this for a long time and it does not affect her at all. Pics to come $500 for the pair...
  28. P

    Juvenile Ridge-Tailed Monitors

    Wanted - Juvenile Ridge-Tailed Monitors I am interested in purchasing any juvenile Ridge-Tailed Monitors anyone could have for sale. They need to be 6-10 months of age or 20-30cm in length. Also, would prefer a decent price - nothing overly expensive. Reason - looking for partner(s) for my...
  29. Tiliqua

    Macherps April: Varanus baritji talk

    Hi guys, this evening we have James Watkins with a presentation on Varanus baritji, the Yellow-spotted Ridge-Tailed Monitor. James has been successful in keeping and breeding this monitor species for a few years now and also ran an article in Scales and Tails magazine on this species. Sausage...
  30. spongebob

    Yellow "Mount Isa" Ridge-tailed Monitor hatchlings

    I've got some yellow ackies available. Hatched on 30/1/12 they are powering along on crickets and woodies. Father Mother Hatchling $250 each, $450 for 2, $200 each for 3 or more. I'd prefer local buyers (I'm in Ryde Sydney), but I will consider freighting by AAE. If you...
  31. J

    top 5 smallest monitors

    could someone help me make a list of the top 5 smallest monitors and there sizes. a picture included would be great. number one being the smallest and 5 bigger. for example; 1. varanus brevicauda average total length - 20cm (just guessing here) habitat - ground dwelling, desert, picture-...
  32. Klaery

    New monitor enclosures

    I am in the process of moving on all my other animals and focusing on my small monitors. Because of this I thought I would make a bank of monitor runs/enclosures to keep the collection nice/neat/easily viewed and easy to care for. Personally with monitors I hate glass fronted enclosures and so...
  33. tarafritz2011

    Ridge-tailed Monitor

    So I'm picking up an ackie tomorrow as a surprise for my Dad.. I have been researching for a while now and have the basics down pact, but find that I absorb information better if it is laid out plain and simple in front of me, rather than digging through different webistes for information. I...
  34. Robo1

    Pilbara Ridge-tailed monitor hatchlings

    Scientific Name Varanus acanthurus Common Name Ridge-tailed monitor Age Hatched mid November 2011 Quantity Available 2 General Description Two active little critters from nicely coloured Pilbara parents. Both shedding well, no missing extremities. Eating dusted woodies and...
  35. J

    my collection and what do i get next

    hey guys im relativly new to this forum but have had reptile for some time i currently the only reptile i have is just have hypo bredli python however i do also have 2 salamanders and 5 scorpions in the past i have had a blue tongue , a beardie and a turtle but had to sell due to moving and...
  36. P

    Young ridge-tailed monitor

    Hi guys, I'm after a young Ackie, preferably younger than 6 months of age. This will be my first monitor, so I'm wanting to watch it grow up. I'm based in Townsville, so if freight is necessary and doesn't blow the price out too far, I'll happily pay for it. Will also happily pick it up if...
  37. Rocket

    Pygopods, Varanids and Agamids

    In need of a number of animals if anyone can help me out. I am located in Adelaide, SA and will pay any associated freighting/ shipping costs. If you can help, please PM me here. 1x male western hooded scaly-foot (Pygopus nigriceps). Must be P.nigriceps and NOT P.schraderi. 1x male...
  38. A

    Ridge Tailed monitors

    Hey everybody i am new to this website and the reptile world, i have currently got 2 bluetounges but am now really starting to love reptiles and get into them my next pets i want are 2 ridge tailed monitors hopfully getting them for christmas this year but need to know if there are breeders on...
  39. Robo1

    Pilbara Ridge-tailed monitor

    Scientific Name Varanus acanthurus Common Name Ridge-tailed monitor Age 1 Size 160mm SVL (~420mm TL) Quantity Available 1 Bred By Me General Description Good looking male from from nicely coloured Pilbara parents. Showing some nice red. Happy to be fed from tweezers, but doesn't...
  40. troycoop

    ridge-tailed monitor

    sold PRICE ​$200 ono Common Name ridge-tailed monitor Age 1 Size 15cm Quantity Available 1 Bred By tony harrison General Description nice little monitors eats everything from crickets to pinkie mice never bitten Location gold coast Willing to Freight? yes at buyers expence...
  41. Snakester

    Ridge-tailed monitor (Ackie)

    Unfortunately we recently lost our female red Ackie. So we are after a replacement - Female Ackie aged from 0-3 years. Red form. Cash or swap for pythons. PM if interested. Cheers Chris & Desiree
  42. Bel03

    Wondering what other pets people have....

    I thought i would just see what different kinds of 'babies' you all have...... In our home we have 2 dogs, (a staffy named Brocky & a maltese x shi tzu named Bruce) 3 cats, (Bella, Benny & Marli) 2 cockatiles, (Star & Thunder) 2 guinea pigs, (pebbles & bam bam) a desert scorpion, (aussie) a...
  43. snake_freak

    Ackies - Ridge-tailed monitors

    Scientific Name Varanus acanthurus Age 5 months Quantity Available 4 Bred By Me General Description $120ea if you can pick up before 21 July. Will consider swaps for other goannas, elapids and scrub or olive pythons only. Location Gawler or...
  44. njames

    Ridge-Tailed Monitor

    Scientific Name Varanus acanthurus Common Name Ridge-Tailed Monitor Age Approx. 8 Months Size Approx. 20cm Quantity Available One General Description Happy, healthy Ridge-Tailed Monitor! Typical Monitor attitude and voracious appetite! Unfortunately is missing many of its front toes...
  45. Adele

    Ridge-tailed Monitor

    Scientific Name Varanus Common Name Ackie Age 18 months Size 12 cm svl approx Quantity Available1 Bred By Mr Mertens General Description Healthy, active,inquisitive, all toes and tail. Location Qld Willing to Freight? Yes at buyers expence. Contact Details PM...
  46. R

    Pair of Ridge-tailed Monitors

    Scientific Name Varanus acanthurus Common Name Ridge-tailed Monitors Age 4 Size Adult (35 - 40cm) Quantity Available 2 (Pair) General Description For sale is my bonded pair of Ridge-tailed Monitors Location Melton, VIC Willing to Freight? Yes Contact Details 0448 822 857...
  47. 666PYTHON

    hatchi ridge-tailed monitor

    hey everyone im intrested in a hatchi ridge-tailed monitor wonting to swap for a bredli python. please pm me:) cheers jake bump bump bump
  48. AirCooled

    Cane toads threaten iconic king brown snake

    Cane toads may be putting the iconic king brown snake on the endangered list in the Northern Territory. In the past, the Environment Department describe the highly venomous species as being common in the rural areas of Darwin and Alice Springs. Dane Trembath, a research associate with the...
  49. Torah

    R1 License Species List - hmm what to get

    I want something abit different , I have all pythons atm. Criteria- small , handleable, non-venomous....Wouldnt mind a small monitor.... Any suggestions ?? Heres the list : Red-Throated Cool-Skink Jacky Lashtail Nobbi Lashtail Short-Necked Worm-Skink Three-Clawed Worm-Skink Eastern...
  50. mightymike

    URGENT SALE Jungle, Murray darling & Ackie need new home

    I am sadly parting with my 3 reptiles as i no longer have room or time to keep them and would like to send them to a better home. Im selling a Tully Jungle Python who is roughly 5ft Murray Darling Python who is roughly 3-4ft and a Ridge-Tailed Monitor otherwise known as an Ackie. They all live...