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  1. Klaery

    WTB Varanus tristis tristis (alice springs male)

    Let me know if you have one available. I was contacted a few months ago by somebody with 2 but I am sorry I have lost your number so if you are reading this make sure to give me a call. Dan - 0421387892 or pm me on here.
  2. D

    WTB Black-headed Monitor

    I'm looking to buy a hatchling or a juvie Black-head, but in a Jan. I'm starting building of a tank on the 21st, and I'll probably finish by the 28th or the 30th of this month. PM me with a price.
  3. TrevorJ

    Spotted Python Kills What Lizard

    And seriously, are its eyes way to big for its belly? It's going to take a while to digest that. I went to check out what it was heaps of birds were making a fuss about out in the paddock. At first I couldn't see anything then the lizard head appeared amongst the grass. At that stage I didn't...
  4. antaresia_boy

    Magnetic Island Reptiles

    Hey all, I'm going on holiday with the family to magnetic island in a few weeks and I'm wondering if anyone here has any suggestions about where I'm likely to find reptiles there. A few websites I have found mentioned spotted pythons and it would be amazing if I could see one in the wild, I...
  5. XKiller

    WTB Black-Headed Monitors

    I'm after some (Adult) varanus tristis tristis, PM me if you have any you'd like to sell with pic's and price.or Pm or Email me [email protected] No freight Cheers Shane
  6. nico77

    enclosure and jungle pics

    I thought i would put up some pics of the enclosure i am in progress of making and a few of my new arivals . The enclosure is made from 2 pallets i scored at work , i used the ply tops from them and the back ground foam came from fruit and veg shops (free) the only money spent so far was on 2...
  7. nephrurus01

    varanus tristis

    can anyone sex these tristis - please:) animal no 1 photos below
  8. chondro09

    Varanus tristis orientalis

    Varanus tristis orientalis any size or sex,
  9. geckodan

    Varanus tristis

    Scientific Name V. tristis tristis Common Name Black Headed Monitor Age 4 years Sex male Size 70 cm Quantity Available 1 Price $400 General Description Stunning large male, quiet settled pic of actual animal here...
  10. contos

    some unusual captives?

    i keep seeing people posting photos of their new beardie or water dragon but does anyone keep any "unusual" captives like chameleon dragons or ornate dragons? pics would be mad :)
  11. PhilK

    Which Monitor Next?

    Hey all, I have that 'no new herp' void in my life at the moment.. Went over to my mate's place last night and saw his brand new rough scale python babies... His two BHPs he ordered weren't ready so he got given roughies instead... damn him. Anyway the whole thing really made me want new...
  12. jimmyd

    Road Kill BHP / Monitor

    Came across these two near Doomadgee NWQ, not far from where i found the Olive Python in my previous post. It appears the the BHP has been struck by a car after just having eaten the monitor. THe result being the monitor has exploded out of the stomach of the BHP. You can see the tail is...
  13. V

    Latest hatchies

    These guys hatched two days ago thought I would share the photos
  14. Reptile_Boy

    Keeping Lizards together

    wondering what lizards people keep together keep bluetounges beardies waterdragons etc together but wondering what other combinations people have out there. i know some one who keeps perenti with beardies etc . anybody had expeirence with ackies and beardies together or any other small...
  15. B

    various gex

    1:1:0 Cyrtodactylus louisiadensis $499pr 0:0:4 Cyrtodactylus louisiadensis $150ea 4:4:0 Oedura robusta $250pr 6:0:4 Oedura marmorata...
  16. affroalex

    varanus tristis orientalis

    hi i am after a pair of varanus tristis orientalis of any size and age. will pay for freight. pm me if you have anything
  17. Tristis

    varanus tristis orientalis juvs

    Scientific Name varanus tristis orientalis Common Name black tailed monitors Age 1-2 months Sex unkown Length 25cm Quantity Available 3 Bred By me General Description varanus tristis orientalis juvs feed well on crickets. price is $1200 for the 3. pics to...
  18. camt44

    First monitor...

    Hey, I've still got an empty 4x2x2 which needs something in it! I have made up my mind and I want a monitor, probably just 1. I am looking at one of the following: varanus tristis tristis varanus tristis orientalis varanus gilleni varanus storri I know everyone will say accies, but I'm really...
  19. M

    SW QLD Herping Trip Part 1 - Dragons & Monitors

    Over the past 10 days, 5290km and 72 cans of solo - Dan (DanTheMan) and myself have been on a whirlwind herping trip throughout South-Western Queensland. Due to flash flooding the trip didn't really go to plan as the original idea was to go out to Windorah than to Birdsville and into the...
  20. Jdsixtyone

    Black Headed Monitor

    Hi guys, Im looking at buying a Black Headed Monitor. I found a old melamine toy box in storage. It measures 96cmL x 56cmW x 40cmH. I am going to transfer the box into an enclosure. What wattage should the light be? How hot does the basking spot need to be? And any other info on feeding and...
  21. WombleHerp

    Varanus baritji?

    Ok so a friend of myne is giving me a 4ft fish tank with a crack in it. Since he can't keep his fish in it anymore as it won't hold water, he asked if I could put any of my reptiles in it. Being the hoarder that I am I jumped at the chance of losing more money on herps :rolleyes::lol: Anyways...
  22. blakehose


    Hi all, Since getting my second python, I have decided that I would like to get a monitor as my third and final herp until I move out of home. Though it is a tough decision as I don't have a whole lot of knowledge as to which species would be suitable, housing requirements etc. I would like...
  23. B

    juvi sandie enclosure

    i pick up my 3 month old sandie 2moro. i wanted to show you guys the setup i have put together and get some advice on it. the log and rocks are all on the base of the enclosure and are surrounded by a 50/50 mis of red sand and brickies sand. the basking spot has a 50W downlight about 20cm from...
  24. geckos_are_great

    small monitor breeders in victoria

    hi im just wondering if there is any small monitor breeders in victoria and if so hwta do you breed and what are your prices?? pm me or just reply

    S.I.M. Incubation method!

    We are excited to anounce that we are the sole distributor of the S.I.M. Incubation Container by Squamata Concepts in Australia!!! The S.I.M. stands for Suspension Incubation Method relating to how the eggs are incubated on a grid off the substrate. This prohibits direct contact with a wet...
  26. sarah_m

    Pygmy stimson's python

    I saw an ad rescently on Herptrader for Pygmy Stimsons pythons and i was wondering if anyone can tell me if these are a recognised sub species or if there is a particular locale that these smaller stimsons originate from? Any info would be much appreciated, Google got me nowhere. Ta, Sarah
  27. Callopistes

    Monitor pictures-Thread

    Hi, I have not a monitor :cry:but I want to see our monitors :Dand the cages of the monitors
  28. whity

    First monitor

    Hi I am thinking of getting a monitor. I can’t make up my mind what one to get I was thinking of a sand monitor or black headed monitor any info or help would be appreciated thanks.
  29. geckodan

    Varanus tristis WA locale

    Scientific Name: V tristis tristis Common Name: Black Headed Monitor Age: 2 weeks Quantity Available: 2 Breeder: me Description: Feeding well on crickets and roaches Genuine WA locale tristis Willing to Freight?: yes Contact Information: [email protected]
  30. Palex134

    A Few From This Weekend's Hike & Dead Varanid ID?

    Went for a quick, 6 hour, day hike on Saturday. Couldn't go for much longer due to Tropical Cyclone Hamish. Wasn't a herping trip, but I did manage a little luck. Saw some amphibs and some Carlia skinks, along with the herps pictured. Found this specimen floating face down in a steam. Wasn't...
  31. moloch05

    Pics from South Australia Trip 4 (final) -- Arkaroola

    The following are photos of my trip into the Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary and Resort. This privately operated reserve is located in some of South Australia's most scenic but inhospitable country. The reserve is situated at the northeastern end of the Flinder's Ranges. Access is via a 120km...
  32. B

    Varanus tristis care?

    If one was to get one or three hatchling varanus tristis how would one look after the hatchlings ___enclosure dimensions,? type of enclosure>?set up?,heat? light?,substrate? feeding? etc____ And how fast do they grow and what size enclosure is suitable for an adult trio? anyhelp would be good...
  33. TWENTY B

    Monitors, adult size, weight, temperement chart..

    After having ackies for a little while as my 1st monitor like most people do, now i've decided i'd like something a bit larger eventually leading up to lacies or perenties. So, I'd like a little help on deciding and i'm sure alot of other people would be interested in also knowing This...
  34. Mrs I

    Spencers - Tips Hints ??

    Looks like i will be getting a Spencers Monitor in the next few weeks, i cant seem to find much information abou them except for the temp side of things. (really cooking) He/she will only be ab out 1 month old. What sorts of things can i feed it? Crickets, roaches, small pinkies, what...
  35. jimbo

    Varanus tristis orientalis

    Hi guys, hopefully next year some time i will be looking at getting some hatchling orientalis. If anyone can point me in the right direction to a breeder please let me know. - [email protected] Thanks
  36. Australis

    Season start - Brigalow Belt QLD

    Seeing as i moaned and complained at the lack of a field forum here on this website - i should at least contribute something to it. Season start - Brigalow Belt QLD After a bitterly cold winter here in the Brigalow Belt with many sub-zero nights the warmer weather has been a long time...
  37. moloch05

    Far North Queensland 1 -- Mt. Elliot

    One morning while staying at Mission Beach, QLD, I got up at 3:30 am and drove south for three hours to Mt. Elliot in Bowling Green National Park. This park is situated a little to the south of Townsville. I wanted to arrive soon after sunrise since lizards at that time of the day tend to bask...
  38. M

    Attention all monitor keepers.. help wanted!

    Hi i am currently in the debate of which monitor i should get and im going to make the cage at school, so i am desperate to find out some recommended info. before i fall behind. i am thinking of keeping either an ackie or a Black tailed (varanus tristis). can you guys please gve me some...
  39. paleoherp

    Black-headed Monitor

    Scientific Name Varanus tristis Common Name Black-headed Monitor Age Approx. 18months/2yrs Sex unconfirmed Length snout to vent approx. 16cm Quantity Available 1 Bred By unknown General Description Feeding on pinky rats and mice Location Victoria - SE Melbourne Willing...
  40. moloch05

    pics from Karijini NP, WA

    My son and I visited Karijini National Park in the Pilbara of Western Australia for several days in November, 2005. This park is famous for its beautiful red rock gorges. Some of these gorges have permanent water and of course, where there is water, there is abundant life. Here are a few...
  41. V

    Varanus tristis

    wanted, i need to find a female tristis and a female orientalis will pay good money for the right ones, please send photo and price or if you know anyone breeding them this year
  42. Tim.Arm

    Varanus tristis tristis

    If you's dont allready know there is a add on reptiles down under. For sale is 4 juvenile Black headed monitors (Kimberley locale) for sale. I know there is a couple of members that would like to get there hands on these awsome monitors and so would i. So get in quick before thay go.:)
  43. Driake

    Varanus Tristis Tristis

    Hi Everyone, Ive been on the lookout for some Black-Headed Monitors and cant seem to find anyone who currently has any that are breeding. So was hoping to hear from those that do, That could shed some light on what there like in captivity. Also it seems they will be hard to come by so...
  44. smacdonald

    The Pilbara, WA

    Hi all, This the final installment from my WA trip. Earlier episodes: The Pinnacles and Lesueur National Park Numbat alert! Perth Zoo Tiger snakes Into the Rat's nest Shark Bay Monkey Mia and Hamelin Pool Cape Range National Park and Exmouth In this exciting...
  45. sweetangel

    Pygmy Mulga or Ridgetail Monitor??

    Hi every one!! I'm had my diamond python now for about a month. So now i'm on the prowl for another reptile!! ( i have caught the disease:D) I was thinking either a Pygmy mulga or ridgetail monitor??? Which would be better for a beginner with monitors/ most friendly and tame. I like...
  46. moloch05

    pics from Mutawintji NP, NSW

    In October, 2006, I went on a quick trip to far western New South Wales. While there, I spent a couple of nights at Mutawintji National Park. This park is located north of the Barrier Highway between Wilcannia and Broken Hill. Mutawintji is a beautiful park that protects rugged gorges some of...
  47. hornet

    Monitor id

    Dad just showed me pics of this young monitor he rescued. From gladstone and was about 20cm long, i'm thinking a semiremex but tristis are also found in the area.
  48. Hsut77

    Aus Reptile Park, Toronga or Syd Wildlife World??

    Hi All, The Wife and I will be visiting Sydney on the Anzac day long weekend. We are tring to figure out where to go as most of our time will be taken up by business. We have from 10am to 7pm on the Saturday free and are tossing up between Toronga, Aus Rep Park and Sydney Wildlife World. We...
  49. nephrurus01

    Varanus tristis - locality PLEASE :-)

    do have a pair of V. tristis for sometime now, can anyone help me to determine locality of this form - I suspect it might be Alice Springs form but am not really sure about it, as never been to Alice to determine it myself attached is a photo of my female - If anyone have photos of diferent...
  50. Morelia_Hunter

    Hybrids, against or for it? Read this!

    Just an interesting piece of reading material. I like the way this author puts it. I copied it off Question: (Outside of Australia) Should captive propagation of Morelia spilota subspecies be limited to pure individuals of a given subspecies? In short, the answer is no...