varanus varius

  1. Foozil

    Lace monitor

    A nice Lace Monitor (Varanus varius) at Bomaderry, NSW last September :)
  2. benc63

    Footprints in the sand

    Footprints in the sand Come for a walk with me. We will start out on the beach at sunrise and head out for the day, explore and delight at the wonders along the way. Pied cormorants stalk the tidal shelves and pools where a pretty Rose Petal Bubble shell glides amongst the kelp. A...
  3. Stompsy

    Kimberley Rock Monitors

    Hi Guys, So, I'm pretty clueless when it comes to the politics of having certain species added to keepers lists, however I have fallen head over heals with Kimberley Rock Monitors but alas, they are not available to keep in Victoria. So, my question is.... what is the process to have any given...
  4. I

    New additions!

    Had these hatch out last month:). KI locale.
  5. snakegirlie

    Taming a lace monitor

    Got my first Lacey on Friday and was wondering what is the best way to get them used to handling. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. B

    What do you do with uneaten rodents?

    Unthawed a pair of rat fuzzies and a mouse for my two snake- the older one is a consistent feeder and just shed last week and already taken one feed the day after. The other snake I got a week ago and thought it would be best to feed him. well imagine my suprise when I noticed my older snakes...
  7. M

    Stimson python tub size?

    I am going to the Reptile Expo at Gosford Showground this sunday, and i am strongly considering getting a stimmie hatchling. Just wondering what size tub you'd reccomend to keep it in for its whole life? I figured i'd get the large tub and keep the hatchling in a smaller container inside the...
  8. NickGeee

    Grampians Herping - SMALL BROWN SKINKS!!!!

    The Grampians are such an underrated place to herp. With close to every single species of temperate victorian skinks confined to the area, it is absolute paradise. I headed up to the area on the easter weekend for a camping trip with a mate, and when we arrived at the camping ground at Lake...
  9. H

    Juvenile lace monitor feeding?!

    Hi guys, i have recently purchased a juvenile lace monitor (6 months old) and she does have a MASSIVE appetite. since wednesday to today (5 days) she has eaten approx 8 fuzzy mice, fresh bird eggs (pigeon and chicken) as well as minced chicken. Her gut is pretty huge and full of all this food...
  10. NickGeee

    Recent Herping Pics, NSW & VIC

    Some recent pics from NSW I didnt include in the other post... Black Rock Skink (Egernia saxatillis intermedia) by Nick Gale, on Flickr Only got one shot before it got away ;( Lesueur's frog (Litoria lesueurii) by Nick Gale, on Flickr Goanna tucking in Lace Monitor (Varanus varius) by Nick...
  11. W

    Lake Cathie

    I have been staying around Lake Cathie for the Christmas break and got to play with my new lens, a Tamron 150-600mm, and had some fun with it. Not many reptiles but this thread may be added to. Eastern Water Dragon (Intellagama lesueurii) Lace Monitor (Varanus varius) I have found two of...
  12. Herpo

    Maleny so Far...

    God I love this place, The people are so friendly, and it is just a beautiful place overall. Visiting the market, we bought some delicious homemade jams and relishes and some wood burnt art from a very talented elderly woman. But, I wanted herps, and so far, I have a few, but no photos. I was...
  13. A

    Juvenile Lace Monitor Sexing

    Hi guys Recently got my first Lacey. He's around a month old and owner wasn't able to confirm sex. I'm hoping for male but any way to tell for sure at this point? Here's a couple pics if it helps. Cheers.
  14. GeckPhotographer

    Recent-ish Photos.

    Some pictures from herping and random adventures over the past while I guess. Done a bit of stuff here and there and photos some places and what not. Post is somewhat lengthy already so not much info with each picture. If you want a bit more follow the flickr link and most have a more lengthy...
  15. T

    Bring back the Good Old Stuff

    So I really liked the reading in that old thread Crocodoc Vs IaninOz and it got me thinking. All you guys that have been on here for a while probably remember a bunch of old threads that were a great read. Threads that were interesting, informative and entertaining. Would really appreciate if...
  16. T

    universal rock backgrounds?

    Hi, building an ackie cage and was thinking of getting a 3d ledge background from universal rocks. They look pretty good on there website, especially soon as you can get them in bendy stuff rather than foam. anyone used these backgrounds before? what are ur thoughts on them?
  17. ronhalling

    What is the matter with everyone

    As the title suggests, what has happened to our community ???, Since the forum was forced to shut down temporarily there has been very little activity within the tomes of our little group, especially in this general reptile discussion section, is it because new people do not like hearing the...
  18. C

    SA Lace Monitor [Hatchling]

    Listed on RDU, photo & details available via link below.
  19. C

    Monitor lizards!

    Just thought I would start "show of your monitors thread" so photos please! :lol: :D :P My three! Old photo of my Varanus Mertensi when he was young. My 2 juvenile Varanus Storri
  20. pirate_reps

    Feeding lacey: Lace monitor throws egg at the camera Have a watch if you feel like it... pretty funny little guy
  21. Cunninghamskinks

    Thinking of getting another monitor what species

    Hey Guys what monitor should i get next. i have a ackie and im looking to get another.... advice needed>>>>
  22. M

    Breeding a Stimmy to a Spotted

    Hi, has anyone tried it? Is there any reason why we don't see many of these around? Cheers
  23. pirate_reps

    Building or buying Aviary?- WHAT'S CHEAPER?

    So now its warming up, I need to put my lacey in an outdoor aviary. Just wondering if its cheaper to build a basic DIY job with materials from bunnings... or just to go out and buy a huge bird aviary? Has anyone built one themselves? .. could you please send me pictures of a DIY aviary for...
  24. NickGeee

    Winter Melbourne Herping (w/ pics)

    I cannot find the Field Herping subforum or whatever so i suppose ill just throw this in here? But anyway, here are some pics from April to about last weekend, which includes trips around my area and around Melbourne, some NSW herps, some North Vic finds, some Grampians Geckos, Some frogs from...
  25. Supra_man87

    NSW Lace Monitor Hatchlings

    Scientific Name Varanus varius Common Name Lace Monitor Age 3 weeks Size Hatchling Quantity Available 4 Bred By Me General Description Normal phase Lace Monitor Hatchlings. Bred from a Bells x Normal pairing. Growing fast. Feeding on egg, chopped up meat and insects. Location Yass...
  26. Pirateherpss

    Story Time- WORST LUCK EVER!

    The other day I decided to set up a water dragon terrarium/aquarium. I drove out to west-sydney to pick up 3 little gippsland water dragon hatchlings. I got home and put them in a box in my room (where all my other reptiles are.).. left the house to pick up aquarium supplies from my local shop...
  27. Pirateherpss

    Lace monitor feeding scedule

    Im in need of an Lace monitors feeding schedule/ dietary requirements... I have a few questions that need to be answered... + What would be a recommended feeding schedule for a lace monitor?.. based on feeds for the week - This is how things are running for my lacey at the moment: Every second...
  28. Pirateherpss

    Lace monitor throws an egg at the camera! Haha i guess he didn't like being filmed...
  29. Pirateherpss

    New Lace monitor help

    Recently I got a new lace monitor. It is very obvious that it was kept in poor conditions from its previous owner. I did not realise this at the time as I didn't check him out properly beforehand. My bad. Only really saw pictures and saw him through a cage door in a box. I believe he was kept in...
  30. Y

    Lace Monitor Xrays, Why you dont mess with a Lacie..

    Hello, After reading a few posts recently of people wanting big monitors, I thought I would post some xrays of a lace monitor head just to give people an idea of what hides inside. sorry for the poor quality its a photo of the xray screen. Cheers Jacob P.S dont mess with a Lacie
  31. K

    Recovering from week long winter blackout

    My poor skinks and beardies all lost their heat and UV for the duration (from Monday afternoon - Friday morning) and our house was freezing . Essentially they all went to sleep and only one sturring was my water skink who had regular drinks and changed spots a few times a day. Had them all out...
  32. NickGeee

    SE nsw herping.

    Headed up to Pambula in southern New South Wales for afew weeks in January. Behind many of the residential houses the area was cleared with many fallen logs. this made good habitat for many lizards, snakes and frogs. first reptile i flipped, not a bad start. Cryptophis nigrescens by...
  33. shano

    Recent camping trip and found these guys

    Just got back from a camping trip to Goomburra, around 2.5 hrs SW of Brisbane. It was up near Main Range national park at around 500m altitude so quite a cold environment. Found this guy on the side of a dirt track. Around 1.1m. Not too sure of the species...? And these guys were...
  34. M

    Varanus sp. at Whitsunday Islands: ID please!

    Hello everybody, can anyone ID this Varanus sp.? Found on Whitsunday Islands on May 4th, 2010. Thanks in advance and best regards, Mario
  35. M

    Varanus sp. on Fraser Island: ID please!

    Hello everybody, I found this Varanus sp. on Fraser Island on May 10th, 2010. Can anyone ID the species? Thanks in advance and best regards, Mario
  36. Native_EWD

    Lacie's & Wire

    G'day all, I have recently moved my lace monitor from one aviary to another (upgrade) two days ago, the new aviary being fully covered in wire mesh, the old only one face of the aviary covered, rest was colorbond. I noticed he is rubbing his nose along the wire a lot, almost constant. Ive...
  37. B

    Monitor ID: Heath or Lace?

    Hey guys, I found this monitor today in bushland around Lucas Heights. This monitor was much smaller than the typical large Lace Monitors and I was wondering if it was a Heath Monitor? Also could you tell me how to differentiate the two. I did notice heaps of termite mounds about in the area so...
  38. M

    Pet for 8 year old boy???

    Hi guys & girls I'm thinking of a lizard or lizards as a pet for my 8 year old son. We have a 10 month old Stimson and albino Darwin pythons and my 8 year old is mad keen on something of his own. he loves the pythons he is a little scared by them more unshore of them then scared. He tends to...
  39. RoryBreaker

    Escaped pet lizard causes 3 car pile up.

  40. bruce34

    QLD Female lace monitor

    Scientific Name Varanus Varius Common Name Lace Monitor Age 5yrs Size 1.2m Quantity Available 1 Bred By David Kirshner General Description Beautifully coloured lizard. Reluctant sale due to change of circumstances. Will throw in about 100 adult mice N/C Location Boonah area...
  41. ssnakeboyy

    Lace Monitor (pic heavy)

    A lace Monitor decided to cruse through my yard today in Chandler. I have never seen any monitors around here before but have heard of stories of Lacies near the swimming plantation. I managed a few shots in the hour i was following him and now i want one :) here are a few shots (shame i dont...
  42. Dr-Zoidberg

    Eastern brown

    An eastern brown I moved on from work last week, there's a lot of rats around the port. Not the biggest I've seen but had a lot of girth to it. The brown was hiding in the water main box, glad I look first before sticking my hands in there. Not the best picture, it wasn't very cooperative lol...
  43. T

    Lace monitor skin problem

    Hi guys. My lace monitor has some random irritations on his back. I will try and get a photos asap but any idea what it could be? Burns? They look like grazes sought of and look like they have been weeping a bit. Thanks
  44. RSPcrazy

    MBD Lacie made it into Danny Browns "Big Book"!

    My "Big Book" by Dr Danny Brown turned up today! It is MASSIVE! 3.5kg of book according to my scales. Lacey (my lace monitor with MBD, caused by the previous owner) got a couple of photos in it too. It's good to see photos of her, after her unfortunate and sudden passing :( We had a...
  45. N

    Small monitors?

    Ackies monitors? Hey everyone, for the last couple of years I was interested in monitors, one of the main things that stopped me from getting a monitor was their size. Right now and for at least the next couple of years I won't be able to take care of big reptiles. However, in a reptile expo...
  46. S

    New Varanus varius aka "Lace Monitor"

    Hi there, here are a few pictures my my little guy/girl, approx 20-25cm. Enclosure Size: 120cm High x 70cm Wide x 44cm Deep.
  47. lucaroselli123

    shovels, lizard and kids involved, and the children were in danger

    L lizard
  48. cheekabee

    Recent Herping around Victoria

    I went for a short trip to far east Gippsland and ticked off a few cool species of frogs and managed to get a couple shots of some cool reptiles. Untitled by Akash Samuel Melbourne, on Flickr Victorian Smooth Froglet (Geocrinia victoriana) by Akash Samuel Melbourne, on Flickr Victorian Smooth...
  49. K

    NSW breeding pair of lace monitors

    Scientific Name Common Name Lace monitors Age 2yrs Size 1.5 m Quantity Available 2 Bred By General Description I have a breedin pair of lacey beautiful markings and very placid easy to handle they liked to b walked on lead regreatful sale to good home only canbe hand feed them...
  50. 666PYTHON

    QLD Lace monitor

    Scientific Name Varanus varius Common Name Lace monitor Age 2 Size 3-4 foot Quantity Available 1 Bred By Guy on this site General Description Great Lacey really don't won't to get rid of it but due to lack of time to spend with it I'm selling it. 2 years old roughly great colours...