wollumbinia latisternum


  1. AlexandreRoux

    My stay in Brisbane city

    9 days in Brisbane and I spend some time in some "wild" places so I've met some interesting guys ! I've visited (very quickly) the Mt Coot-tha botanical garden, a nice experience. Dwarf tree frog, Green Tree snake, Cane toad, Asian House gecko, Water dragons, some turtles and some water skinks...
  2. AlexandreRoux

    New herper in Brisbane needs helpi

    Hi everybody ! I'm now arrived in Brisbane and this place is all new for me that's why I will be really pleased to meet some people and to herp with them. I'm with a Working Holiday Visa, I think I'm going to live next to Norman Park and I don't have any car so you understand... Of course if...
  3. A

    Saw-shelled turtle care

    Hi, I have 2 small (4-5cm) saw-shelled turtles and i purchase from my local reptile expo. i only have basic knowledge about their care but i have a few questions if anyone can help??? 1. i have gravel in the bottom and i use a calcium block from pet shop once a month. should i be replacing the...
  4. A

    Turtle ID

    Hello, I'm new here and I hop you can help me. I live in Germany and I visited Australia for taking pictures of reptiles and amphibians. Now I am identifying my photos to write a trip report and I don't know every Australian animal ;-) So my first question: is this a Wollumbinia latisternum? It...
  5. Ally04

    Anyone know what sort of turtle this is?

    Does anyone know what sort of turtle this is? It has been living in my mum and dads pond for about 12 years now. Also if they decided to move could you put it in a tank? Or would it be to used to being outside?
  6. craig.a.c

    QLD licencing system.

    I'm moving to Townsville in a couple of weeks and was trying to find a link or something that outlines what pythons I can keep in QLD on a standard licence. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers - Craig.
  7. hornet

    Turtle growth rate

    Just wondering what the normal growth rate for a turtle is, how old is normal for approx 20cm shell?
  8. redbellybite

    FOR DEN .....your BHP pic at Ippy HA HA HA

    At the festival my son took a pic of that gorgeous BHP and put it on his face book with this little write up underneath the pic ...so I copied /pasted his little piece .. "This is a black-headed python (Aspidites melanocephalus). Note that the black head is not actually scales but leather...
  9. T

    turtle keeps shaking his leg

    Hey just wondering if there is anything wrong with my turtle as he tends to go stand on his drift wood under the water and starts shaking his back right leg he doesn't do it to the left one and he only does this on some occasions. I have only seen him do it about 5 times.. He is a QLD...
  10. D

    DECCW - reptile ballot

    The Department of Environment, Climate Change and Water (DECCW) is offering a number of reptiles for disposal through a ballot. The following species have been identified for the Department and are advertised as: 2 Eastern Small-blotched Python (Antaresia maculosa) (juvenile) 1 Jacky Dragon...
  11. D

    DECCW - reptile ballot

    COFFS HARBOUR REPTILE BALLOT The Department of Environment, Climate Change and Water (DECCW) is offering a number of reptiles for disposal through a ballot. The reptiles will be available for collection from the Department’s Coffs Harbour office. The following species have been...
  12. moloch05

    Tropical Queensland, Mt. Elliot

    Gus kindly took me to Bowling Green National Park near Townsville to see another of the leaf-tails with a tiny distribution. This species, Phyllurus amnicola, is only known from Mt. Elliot. Gus visited the site a few months back and was able to locate the geckos. The walk to the site is a...
  13. dottyback

    VIC WTB: Northern snapping turtle and/or saw shell turtles.

    I am after: Elseya dentata and/or Wollumbinia latisternum send pm cheers!
  14. Jhan50

    Turtle differences?

    Hello just wondering, whats the difference between a macquarie saw shelled turtle and a Murray short neck turtle?
  15. salebrosus

    Mt Walsh National Park

    Went to Mt Walsh on the weekend but had to return with face mask and snorkel today to retrieve my partners ring (my xmas pressie to him) which slipped of his finger while trying to pull himself out of the waterhole. We took the camera today and retrieved the ring only to find the resident...
  16. moloch05

    Far North Queensland 2 -- Mission Beach, Lacey Creek area

    My wife and I spent most of our recent holiday (early Sep) at Mission Beach, Qld. Mission Beach is about a 90 minute drive south of Cairns. While at Mission Beach, I visited Lacey Creek almost every day. Lacey Creek flows through rainforest that was damaged by Cyclone Larry a few years ago...
  17. N

    WTB Saw-shelled turtles

    Anyone breed saw-shelled turtles in Nsw that may be willing to freight if there far away???? Looking for a hatchie or something small.
  18. K

    Saw shelled turtle - appears to be an infection, need help

    Alright, so i cant afford the vet costs right now unfortunately and am almost at the point where i'll just give the turtle away. His shell has slowly turned kind of redish around the bottom of his shell (see pics) The shell was a little bit softer today and the vet said it might be an...
  19. DanTheReptileMan

    Turtle ID

    I found this little guy in my creek, on the sunshine coast, im thinking Kreft's? thanks
  20. dintony

    Turtle ID please?

    I only ever see Kreffts around here..... Found this one at the Dam wall (we have minor flooding going on at the moment...)_
  21. E

    EIS submission- Traveston Dam AFTCRA's submission

    What started out as being my intended maximum of 4 pages ended up being 17 pages. It was also a lot less dribble than the QLD State Governments 1600 pages of mistakes. Below is AFTCRA's submission for the Environmental Impact Statement on the Traveston Dam that had to be delivered by 14th...
  22. M

    Brisbane River Turtle

    I was just wondering if anyone keeps Brisbane River Turtles (E.m. signata)? Was thinking about getting some but not sure how common they are?
  23. tfor2

    What are these turtles

    Just wondering if anyone can tell me what species are these turtles? The two pics at the bottom are the same turtle. Photos arent that great..
  24. crush the turtle

    turtle ID

    thier has been some talk if this turtle is a short neck or a saw shelled it wwas sold to me as a short neck. ill try get some better shoots tomoza thnaks
  25. croc_hunter_penny

    Tiny Turtle

    Dean and I went out fishing last night (didn't catch a thing! :lol: ) and as I was walking along the shoreline I came across this little guy :) paddling around in the murky low tide water, this little guy was smaller than a 50c piece! aww just look at...
  26. M

    keeping wild caught

    if you know some is getting wild caught reptiles should you report them or name and shame them on here
  27. S

    paying very good money for herps

    hey all i am after saw sheled turtles any age or size pm me if you have any for sale will pay very good money (eg more than they are worth)
  28. crush the turtle

    post turtle pics :) lol

    lol well sence their are post ur snake pics, n lizared pics ill do post ur turtle pics :D:D
  29. noidea

    Funny Reptile Stories

    So I have just been reading some funny reptile stories, one that was hilarious was a guy waking up in the middle of the night thinking somebody had broken in but it was his huge snake that had got out and had the cat bailed up on top of the fridge. Just wondering if anyone on here had funny...
  30. Princey85

    Whats Ur Snake Called

    What have you named your snake and/or other herps??
  31. hornet

    Saw-shelled turtle

    just got a couple of pics of my biggest saw shelled and thought i would post them, enjoy
  32. hornet

    what can you tell me about saw-shelled turtles

    hey, i love the look of saw shelled turtles and just wanted to know what you guys can tell me bout em
  33. T

    Incorrect reptile values?

    So Im wondering through my local supermarket complex, and considering its not very big I get very excited when I see a few tables set up with some Australian reptiles on display... green tree frogs, swordshell turtles (thats what I heard when I asked...not sure if thats a breed..they were so...
  34. E

    Turtle egg comparison

    Hi, for those of you interested in turtles below is a photo of a few different species of turtle's eggs showing size comparison and also how a fertile egg 'bands' up starting with a small white spot in the middle of the egg which spreads outwards towards the sides and ends of the egg. This only...
  35. P

    turtle feeding

    hey all, i was wondering what is the easiest and best method of feeding turts cause i just got a little eatan lonmg neck for my lil brother fo christmas and he doesnt seem to be going for the floating aquatic turtle feed i give him. cheer's, jeremy ps: answer ASAP as i dont have the net...