1. K

    VIC Looking for Woma Hatchling

    Located in VIC 2 hours from Melbourne. Looking for a hatchling woma, not fussed on sex, eg. Thanks!
  2. razorbill

    Aspidites ramsayi beginner questions

    Hello! I am a novice keeper and will be getting a hatchling Woma next month. Have tried to review as much information as I could independently before asking, but still have a few questions: Brumation/feeding/temperature - In SImon Stone's care guide that was recommended on here he wrote that...
  3. L

    QLD Proven Breeding Pair Of Tanami Woma Pythons (Aspidites ramsayi) For Sale

    13 year-old breeding pair of Tanami woma pythons for sale. This is a regrettable sale as I have decided to downsize my collection. Both animals are awesome feeders and have a typical woma temperament, i.e. they only have one thing on their mind when in the enclosure but are good handlers once...
  4. L

    SOLD Adult Pilbara Woma Python Pair

    Adult Locality Specific Pilbara Woma Python Pair for sale Male was originally wild caught on permit (2011), and the female was first generation captive bred (2009). Both are good feeders on thawed rodents. Both snakes can be flighty, and the female is food oriented. WILLING TO FREIGHT AT...
  5. 4

    NSW Female woma for breeding

    Hi, My ten year old son wants to breed our 5-year old male Woma. I'm looking to buy/rent/borrow a female. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Adam
  6. Wynona_Jane

    VIC Looking for granite morph spotted python breeders and/or woma python breeders

    Hello! Title explains it all, just wanted to look for breeders as the breeding season starts, thanks!
  7. E

    Male Woma Python interesting behaviour HELP!

    Hi all, I have recently acquired a 5 yr old male woma and have noticed an odd behaviour. I've researched the hell out of it and can't find anything that matches it. Basically, when I pick him up out of his enclosures he will start almost uncontrollably trembling (like if you were to tense your...
  8. T

    NSW Wanted - Woma hatchling

    Hi, New to snake keeping and have been advised that a Woma is a good beginner's python. I live in the Northern Rivers so am wondering if there are any reputable breeders in the area...
  9. Zer0tonin

    Sydney Humidity

    Hey guys, with all the heavy rains the last few days around the Sydney area, the humidity around my house has spiked to 80-85%. I have a woma and a bredli, and I’m worried that this is not going to do them any favours. I can’t afford to run my air conditioner for more than a few minutes at a...
  10. Flexxx

    Displsay Encloure Ideas?

    Who has a flash display enclosure that they want to show off? Im going to move a bank of BHP/Woma enclosures and a couple of SW carpet enclosures from my reptile room to my bar/man cave and want to redo them to look more naturalistic. More of a jungle theme for the carpets and more desert theme...
  11. Jessicatt1

    Heat sources

    I’m looking at getting a snake, potentially a woma python currently. After doing some research I’ve found articles recommending lamps from above but noticed in the Facebook groups heat mats are more so recommended. Can you please tell me what the contributing factors are when choosing a heat...
  12. miki_k8

    QLD Woma Python

    Hi there, looking to buy a young woma python (pref. under 3 years old). Located in Brisbane but happy to travel for the right python. Thanks!
  13. S

    Breeding Woma pythons

    Hi, I am looking into possibly breeding Woma Pythons, and cant find anything about captive breeding online. Any information would be appreciated, My understanding is they only mix with black head pythons but I cant even find anything about that either. I may just resort to Bredlis, Darwins, and...
  14. Woody's Pythons

    NSW Tanami Woma Hatchlings (Aspidites Ramseyi) $220ea

    Hi All, Up for Sale are our 2 gorgeous Tanami Woma Hatchlings (Aspidites ramsayi). Perfect for a first Reptile Pet, or first breeding pair/project. We have 1 Male and 1 Female for $220 Each. - Hatched in Late October 2018 - Feeding Regularly on Fuzzy Rats with no issues at all. - Shedding...
  15. BrettJ

    Question of possible Impaction noob help please.

    Ok, I recently bought a 2(ish) yr old Woma, fantastic specimen, I could not let it pass. I am concerned about her ingesting desert sand substrate, on he first feed I fed her in the enclosure, which has sand substrate. Being a great feeder she constricted the medium rat, rolled through a large...
  16. drake84

    QLD Adult Woma for sale

    Hi all, I have a beautiful adult male Woma for sale. 7 years old, very placid natured. I don't handle him a lot but when I do he's fine. Can sometimes be a little food obsessive but I've never had an issue with that personally, but that may be because I don't handle him much & know his...
  17. miki_k8

    Woma Size

    Hey, looking to get a woma sometime later this year, however I'm needing a little more information. When researching them, there seems to be a considerable size difference quoted as the max size (between 1.5m and 2.5m). From what I can gather, the size is related to the original locale of the...
  18. S

    Grumpy Woma Python

    Hey all, I was hoping to get some help with my Woma. Cuddles is my second snake, my first is a super amazing Childrens Python who is the most lovable snake I have ever met. I bought Cuddles as an adult and he was pretty great to hold and seemed calm but since living with me he's been quite...
  19. R

    Woma python eating

    Hey guys picked up a woma about a month ago now, just a question out of curiosity I hear these snakes are really food driven and aggressive eaters etc yet mine is so chilled and placid even with food around it will just slowly start swallowing it I can't get him to strike or anything, it's not...
  20. Jafar

    Yesterday I obtained a Woma python! (Unboxing video)

    Hello guys, hello from Greece, this is me unboxing a Woma python! Fascinating and really unique species... Hope you enjoy, have fun, visit my YouTube channel if you like :P
  21. Cjwooster

    Set Up Help

    Hey guys, I have a 900mm(W) x 400mm(H) x 400mm(D) enclosure that I am going to set up for my little woma python. He isn't ready to move out of the click clack yet, but it won't be too long now. How do I set this up? I was told to use a heat cord, what wattage heat cord do I use and how do I put...
  22. Cjwooster

    Woma Set Up

    I'm getting a woma hatchy, originally was going to get a black headed python but have since decided on the woma. Got the click clack ready to go, just waiting for a few things to arrive in the post to complete it. Once hes out of the click clack, he will be put in the appropriate size vivarium...