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1 Caramel Jungle Jaguar Python and 1 Diamond Python for sale in Central Queensland

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Mar 7, 2020
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We have a 6+ year old male Caramel Jungle Jaguar python for sale, he's 2.5m+ long and a beautiful example of this breed. He is very easy to handle and eats well.
We also have a 5+ year old male Diamond Python for sale, he's slightly longer than the CJJ above and a very handsome snake. He's also very easy to handle and eats well.
They were both our daughters pets, we've had them for just over 3 years but unfortunately as teenagers do, they have lost interest in them and they deserve a good home with someone who will handle them constantly.
If you are interested in either one or both please send me a text message and I will send you photos. Rick - 0401 856 854

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